Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Yog Surprise is Dead, Long Live Sultana Bran!

Oh dear, it could be the end of one of my staples - Yogurt Surprise. This culinary masterpiece made using Optifit Yogurt (syn-free), 2 weetabix (1 Healthy B) and a banana (syn-free) is under threat from a new kid in town! Was having a look at the list of Healthy Extras on LifelineOnline today (see the 'Eat and Slim' section)and noticed a couple of Aldi cereals that qualify as Healthy Extras. (Aldi is my favourite thrifty shop in case you didn't know!!)
So picked up a box of SultanaBran (£1.19 for 500g box) and straight away it's my new favourite. T'is sweet in the sultanas and good for you in a fibre'y way with the bran flakes (and the box says fortified with 7 vitamins and iron, you can't beat that!).

Worth noting however, I also bought 4 optifit yogurts at the same time so there's a high likelihood of Yogurt surprise making an appearance tomorrow morning!!! Also changed my plan in terms of biking to and from work tomorrow. Legs ached a bit at work today so am going to take bike on roof rack to work tomorrow morning, ride home tomorrow night and then ride back to work on Thursday morning. Have done almost exactly 20miles today with a morning and evening ride (upto 52.5 miles for the week should have 100 target done by Thursday morning).
Finally: Purchased some lemon sole and pepper goujons that looked interesting for dinner tomorrow night. Looking at Syns Online they should be 8 syns so with some tasty SynFree chips that should get my syns to be 16 same as most days it seems!

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