Monday, 21 December 2009

Sunday 20th December to Saturday 26th December

Wednesday 23rd December
Better running this morning although only three miles it was a non-stop, bugger the weather type of a run which was good, helps to set off late. Have end of year mini gig thing for work today, setlist:
Your Christmas Quiz is to work out what they are by the end of the day when I'll update em anyway.

Tuesday 22nd December
Hurrah, days will start getting longer from today, soon be summer. Ran up town and back (well walked in places - bit slippy dontcha know). Need to be doing more but busy as flip at the moment.

Monday 21st December
Well, mighty pleased that RATM beat the cruddy X Factor tat for the Christmas Number 1 spot. Excellent. Did a little run up town and back - frosty as owt so ran on road mainly when possible.

Sunday 20th December
Didn't do a whole lot of anything useful in an exercise fashion - golf cancelled due to snowy rubbish weather. Did some decoratingy stuff, replaced a light fitting on the landing, took missus shopping in icy Uttoxeter and watched England get a very close draw with South Africa. All good.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Sunday Dec 13th to Saturday 19th December

Saturday 19th December
Up before dawn cracked to take Phil to work for 6:30 start. Then walked up town and back in about 8 layers. Lord knows what golf'll be like tomorrow -8 it was this morning according to the lady at the till in Sainsbobs. Done a million trips to recycling centre this morning and put outside lights up (have lost a psu since last year so another trip up into the attic beckons I think).

Friday 18th December 2009
Hell's teeth it's cold. Got togged up nice and warm and walked up town and back. Too cold for running

Thursday 17th December 2009 Evening Update

Didn't get to badminton but did get to group, another half pound gone so still progressing in the right direction, could really do with another 2lbs by next Tuesday but that's not likely to happen, still, what will be will be. It'd be good to say have shifted a stone since September but as long as progressing in a downwards direction, that'll do!

Thursday 17th December
Dragged meself out of bed at 5:40am and got another five miler done and then got into office for 8:10am so far, so good. Google map of route below - think it took about 55 minutes including stopping for paper so pace is more or less what it was before I got all unfit. Won't be long before am galloping round it. Hoping to get a badminton court booked tonight now that the course has finished.

Wednesday 16th December
Blew it this morning. Didn't get up til 6:30 so no time to do nowt. Bugger.

Tuesday 15th December
Good stuff today, set off a tad earlier and did the old five mile run. Progress. Needed to do plenty of stretching after it but that's okay at my age.

Monday 14th December
Ran up town and back, everything going nicely. Best run for a while. Shape of things to come hopefully.

Sunday 13th December
Golf - me and John played John Mabbott and Mick Beech who were always beating us pretty much, we were three down after eight holes but we pulled it back and I sank the final point to halve the match on the 18th green. Super cool and technically if I'd sunk a shortish putt at the fifteenth we'd have won it.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sunday 6th December to Saturday 12th December

Saturday 12th December
Walked up town and back first thing. Am going to start training again proper tomorrow. Always used to run on a Sunday morning when was gearing up for the marathon so that's the plan. Off to work for kid's party.

Friday 11th December
Absolutely freezin so not overly impressed with that. 2.5 miles up town and back some run, some walk. Am now only about four pounds off where I was in marathon training so can start pushing for fitness again. Left work early to have swine and normal flu jabs which didn't hurt at the time but my left arm is now aching like a bad 'un and have got the sniffles again. Such is life.

Thursday 10th December
Same up town and back as normal but ran most of it this morning. Not perfect as breathing through mouth most of time which isn't ideal, but it is what it is for the time being. It's an improvement of sorts for sure!

Anyroad up, weigh in after work, another half a pound gone. Badmo with Lucy at the Leisure Centre got put on a court with three young whipper-snappers. They nearly killed me so they did but Ben, whose the young lad that plays for the county has shown me how to serve proper so that's another lil feather for me bow.

Wednesday 9th December
Two and a half miles up town and back this morning. Still a long way of 100% but wanting to get back to running soon. Got to work 8:25 feeling a wee bit hacked off, not sure why.

Tuesday 8th December
Coming out the other side today, feeling a bit better, back to running tomorrow hopefully. 2.5 miler up town walking this morning.

Monday 7th December
Still feeling rubbish but a bit better overall. Walked up town and back, then into office for 8:20 Shazza brought me half a dozen eggs which is ace!

Sunday 6th December
Up at crack of dawn to take Phil to work, absolutely scything it down with rain. Hoping to get a game of badmo booked at leisure centre for later. Badmo denied - leisure centre fully booked. Damn. Took Lucy to the Christingle at Clifton Church which was very sweet, bless em. Then Lucy's homework and Fred Clause on Sky. Quality end to the weekend.

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