Monday, 31 December 2007

Goals for 2008

  • Be a better person. I’m rubbish at being. Need to be better.
  • Stop drinking full stop or learn how to moderate it which I don’t think I can so am going to stop drinking. Should help with the above.
  • Run a half marathon – am thinking about the Great North Run which is Sunday October 5th and gives me plenty of time to do proper training. Most of the other Great Runs are 10k which is easily doable for me right now so while I might do one of those instead I think it’d be a copout. <<Achieved distance 19/01/2008>>
  • Do a sixty plus mile bike ride. Have been asked by one of our neighbours Jenny to do a sponsored bike ride for Charity – am kind of wondering how much ground I could cover in a weekend? Perhaps get on a train to somewhere and cycle back?
  • Get weight to under 14 stone.
  • Continue not smoking.
  • Learn how to play golf properly instead of putting up with a crap swing and a good short game.
  • Read more - get at least a book every other month read!

Review of 2007 Post

Review of 2007 Post
My 40th year on the planet has been one of the best in many ways. Technically I think I’m fittest, thinnest, strongest I’ve ever been which has to be good. Enough waffle though here’s my good and bad list:-


Addressed my weight problem a bit. Since 19th February lost in excess of 4 stones and then some. Discovered that didn’t have to be massively overweight and that I can manage weight if I choose to. It took a question from Slimming World m.d. Caryl Richards to turn me round but if she hadn’t been as ace as she is I’d almost certainly be in excess of 19 stone coming up to 40 rather than under fifteen which I am at the minute. There’s still work to be done to be sure, but at least I now know it’s possible. Thank you muchly Slimming World and especially to all the folks in the group – they know who they are and they’re all bloody brilliant.

Tell you what I really like most about weight loss though –the extremes of comments from the “Didn’t recognise you”s to one on bonfire night up Ashbourne from one of Janette’s mates that was “F**kin ell, I know you said he’d lost weight”. Not dazzling repartee admittedly but the way she said it you know it was meant and it’s the kind of re-affirming stuff which I do need because I still look in the mirror and know there’s plenty of distance to go yet….

Discovered exercise in a big way – never would have dreamed of running 10 miles back in February. Now it’s no big deal. Even enjoy gym to an extent. What more can you say. Still find it hard to get going some days. Don’t know why that is. Once am on road it’s no problem and I really enjoy it but getting going can be a problem?

Discovered cycling big style this year! Since April have done over 3351 miles on various bikes and there’s some mileage not even accounted for on hols in Spain. Have a top road bike on order which if it ever arrives will account for more miles still next year!

Had best time in Mallorca. Was lucky to borrow a pair of bikes from Margaret while in Spain and it was just the most fun have had there. Saw beautiful scenery at my own pace – Calvia, Santa Ponsa, Illetes, all over the shop and even though it was August it wasn’t too hot to get out there. Great fun, highly recommended.

Not Smoking
Stopped Smoking. Wow! – not as hard as I expected. Have almost stopped moaning about it. Anyway it’s been almost six months since I stopped and am almost over thinking about it!!! Just a quick word on the stopping smoking I used the Nicquitin Patches for about five weeks and it worked for me, especially coupled with the government making it really hard work to be able to smoke in any degree of comfort.

Derby County in Premier League
Derby County – rocked briefly. Against all odds we got promoted and was at Wembley to see Billy Davies’ black and white army see off a better equipped West Brom side.

Bit of the old Magic
Played drums a couple of times in a hastily put together combo with two of the management team at work Alan (Information Systems) and David (Financial Director) and had a blast. We did a bit of a stint on the last day with four songs in the Conference Room at work and the drum sound was absolutely magic – tons of natural bottom end. Loved it.

Not a great deal but there be some:

Lack of Reading
I don’t know whether I can blame the increase in exercise for it entirely but am just not getting any reading done. Have started loads of books but not really finished many this year. Weird. I used to do a book a week?

Derby County in Premier League
We can’t hack it, we got here on a wing and a prayer and we’re just don’t have the strength in depth. Am hoping we don’t spend tons in January and regret it. We will be one of the strongest sides in the Championship next season with an excellent chance of bouncing straight back up.

Things I like in 2007

My Chemical Romance – although have discovered it a bit late, the Black Parade album has been a staple on the Ipod this year – just an all round brilliant record (in my view).

Food Optimising – Slimming World eating plan that’s added years to my life expectancy – if you want to lose/maintain weight and eat loads do Food Optimising.

Heaven and Hell – Sabbath with Dio, wish I’d gone to see them but have had them in Ipod, particularly when was in Spain and most enjoyable it’s been to hear them again.

Russell Brand – Russ, Matt and Mr G’s podcasts have got me through many a happy gym session. Highly recommended if a wee bit quirky. Pin pin.

Ipod Shuffle – has been a top tool and has helped no end on long runs and rides.

Garmin Edge – has made keeping my cycle stats so much easier. Great piece of kit that I’m using about 30% of it’s functionality!

Things I don’t like

Governments taking away people’s civil liberties. Yes, you Mr Brown.

Hills, they’re rubbish apart from coming down the other side of em which is okay.

The wind and rain – severely gets in the way of outdoor exercise.
The demon booze – somewhere on me there’s a little label that says “Instant Idiot – Just add alcohol” – am going to cut out the alcohol except on special occasions next year so the label won’t apply.

Must not drink at parties...

I must not drink at parties
I must not drink at parties
I must not drink at parties
I must not drink at parties
I must not drink at parties

Blimey, had a surprise (sort of) party yesterday. I sort of knew it was coming as I wasn't allowed to go to the Derby vs Blackburn match which means I saw precisely zero of the Derby matches over Chrismtas but hey-ho, at least I didn't see them lose.

Me mum, dad, Aunty Joan, Uncle Michael, Janette and the kids (and probably loads of other folks knowing how our family works) put on a brilliant do with awesome food and more than enough entertainment supplied by the mighty Big Lix, thanks Guys you rock mightily!!

Even managed to do a couple of tunes meself before getting ever so slightly massively drunk. Rip's kit fully rocks with just the best double pedal and brill sounding drums. Great to see all the folks there - we even had all of Amethyst in the same room which I reckon is the first time in more than ten years, 25 year ago almost to the day Roj, Ed and Steve got me hammered at the Northwood club before depositing me back at home, the things folks won't let you forget eh!!

Good stuff and Eddy Brid even did a song with the band which was well cool, he ain't lost it. No end of other folks there from work, bands, family and what have - utterly bamboozled was I and mighty pleased to see one and all. Thanks massively to all involved you're all so much better than I deserve!!

Apologies to anyone who I gave stick to about supporting Newcastle -when you support Derby you have to find someone in a similiar pickle with relegation looming. So big apologies to the Derbyshire based contingent of the Toon Army, please forgive the mutterings of drunken rams fan - not like we know anything about football at the minute!

Now have to work out why I do the stupid drinking thing. Some sort of defense mechanism that makes me head hurt in a morning!!

Still am up early doors - think am going to have to go for a run as have left helmet 20 odd miles in a Darley Dale direction like a fool (cycled over there before the party yesterday!).

Run Update
Only ran up to paper shop and back about two and a half/three miles . Realised have got no GPS, no bag for carrying stuff in (like papers) ! Bugger

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Onwards and upwards...

Ten miles this morning on old Giant bike. Would have gone out on slow but comfy but the bloomin light had no power in it. You have to recharge it everytime if you switch it on, it doesn't matter that you've switched it off it seems to leak charge somewhere. A right old pain in the butt.

Did a bit of golf practice in the field as well after yesterday's crap performance. Trying to make sure I don't let the clubhead get behind me as much. Making the swing a bit more up and down and bit less round the body.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Tick Tock

Tick tock, two days til 40...
Time is counting away towards imminent 40-ness and if I'm honest am not overly happy about it. It's even affecting my blood pressure which has rocketed in the last 2 days, something over 90 yesterday and 146 over 100 this morning. Not happy at all.

On the plus side though have just read Robert Crampton's column in the times who is someone I've always had time for (no pun intended) and in his annual stats he's only done 2600 miles on his bike over the year. I know I've got at least 3200 in the bag (full stats to be updated for big Birthday post). So that's one up on Crampton. Only thing is that he does a lot of football so there is a balancing point. Anyway don't think I'd have compared my exertions to his at all 12 months ago so that's got to be good.

Am off to golf shortly, did a few miles on bike this morning but didn't get up til nearly 7am so not much time to put a lot of mileage is and am generally being lazy at the moment. Am going to have a mad rush come the new year. Have some new goals that are achievable if I work hard. And I can work hard. Wait for the big post.

Golf Update
First loss of the winter season to Max Lee and his partner Paul Harrison. They played well, I didn't even turn up really. Had a few pars going round but I also lost three balls on 8th, 9th and 12th and generally played absolutely crap which was a real shame cause John played really well for much of the round. Felt like a 28 handicap hacker out there today - it's this 40 thing I tell ya!

Cycling Update.
Have got 8 more miles to do to meet the 70 mile goal. Have got slow but comfy bike out and lubed the chain as it's not been on the road since before Xmas day but the bloomin rain has started pouring so am waiting for a gap and then am going to tick that one off for the week. Have done no running but did two good gym sessions. Am also doing loads of press-ups at home too. Generally am pleased on the exercise front if not on the golf front.

Cycling Update 2

Went out and did the eight miles. Was a right old pain as half the time was riding into a bloomin gale which I can tell you is damned hard work. Never mind it got the job done. So 1 goal out of three done.

Friday, 28 December 2007

Slimming World Impulse Buy

Did a 7.5 miler this morning on the old Giant (note the Old prefix being used as a new one is all but imminent!). Got to paper shop and made an impulse buy - Only Slimming World head office featured in Derbyshire Life and Countryside magazine!! Top stuff eh! A major coup for the Publicity Dept in that it's probably the best recruitment ad we've ever had. Pictures of Margaret and Caryl on first couple of pages, Geoff the Head Chef, Receptionist Sue and Sarah, pics of the restaurant, the gym (my favourite place of pain!), the posh loos, the works. There's no wonder we keep taking on more and more staff, I'll bet there's a waiting list. Have just noticed that the pics are credited to Graeme Simpson who's one of the guys in the design team - top stuff Grimbo!

Christmas starting for me now as am off for a couple of work days (not back til Wednesday). Top stuff.

Cover of Derbyshire Life - click to zoom

First couple of pages of article

Last two pages of article

Thursday, 27 December 2007

No more booze for me! Weigh-in 44

No more booze - not never!!
Managed to get meself absolutely anihalated on the booze yesterday (hacked off that Liverpool managed to steal points away from us - particularly if Gerrard handballed prior to the goal) but made the mistake of not eating anything to go with it. Consequently was up till the small hours with chronic stomach cramps. So that's the end of the booze run for me - am getting back on the plan and back on the diet coke!

Managed a bit of a cycle this morning. Was testing my new bike lights out and they're darned bright if a bit heavy (sealed lead acid sort of thing).

Week 44 Weigh-in
Weighed in this week with a gain of 2.5lbs but am not overly surprised at that. All the alcohol, over-eating, chocolate and general lack of control means that it was almost inevitable. Anyway am 14st 11lbs which is down on a few weeks ago but is not what I want. Am going to go hard at it in the new year. Am going to do my big review post in a few days and set some new goals for 2008 as well. We'll see how committed I am then!! Just for reference total loss from starting point in February is currently bang on 4st - I never got to 4.5stone loss (got within half a pound) so in a way I'm not far off track, 6.5lbs off my best this year.

Gym Session

Didn't really want to go to gym deep down inside! However, forced meself to go and quite enjoyed it once I got going. Had to cop out after 2km on the treadmill - think I had the speed on too fast. Did solid 2.5km on rower which was jolly good in 10:39.9 but made myself do extra weights to make up for the rubbish running. Did 4 reps of 10 on the bicep curl and triceps pushdown. Am not really into weights so that should teach me a lesson!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day

Very tired - have drunk tons this christmas which was very stupid. Woke up deal early and did a few miles on bike then had a walk up golf course and found a few balls which was good. Janettew has gone to Derby game with next door neighbours kid who is a Liverpool fan. Derby 1-0 down but you never know. Would be funny if they could nick a goal and get a point against the merseyside millionaires.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Happy Xmas

Happy Chrimbo !!
Did a 20 miler over to my parents today. Janette made it more fun by locking keys in boot of car but hey ho thats the way it goes! Green flag no doubt appreciated being called out to get it open for us!

Got Russell brand's book for Xmas which is making interesting reading also had his podcast in my ears for the ride over to Darley before he ran out and was replaced by a Hendrix compilation, can't get over how good Mitch Mitchell is in those tracks. Excellent stuff.

Solid 20 miler.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

Xmas Eve - Reduced Cycling
Got a very humble 7 miles done this morning but have got loads on at the moment so that's my excuse and am sticking to it!!

Big Review of 2007 Post on the Horizon
Have decided am going to do a big post on me birthday about all the good stuff in 2007. However, have been on scales this morning and am half a pound off 15 stone so need to get some focus in again - that's after four days of being in Xmas mode!! Xmas is cancelled - not really but am going to need to get some sort of focus. Am going to cycle over to my parents' tomorrow and if I think it's necessary will cycle back as well!

Top of the League again at t'golf Club
Ken Bainbridge and his partner lost last weekend so we're now at the top on our own. Good eh!

Good Gym Session
Did a good thrash in the gym today. Rich from design team was there and he's a bit faster than me on treadmills but I don't care he's probably getting on for ten years younger too. Still did 30 minutes at 10.7km/h for a total of 5.5km. Did 2500 metre on rower in 10:54 which was a bit slower than normal but am a bit tired!!! Did tricep push downs and bicep curls to finish on weights which was okay 3 reps of 12 each at setting of 9. All okay really.

Final Weigh
Before came home was 14st 10lbs which is 3.5lbs less than at start of day - I reckon weight evaporates off me during the day somehow? Wierd? (It's not going to the loo either before some smart-alec emails me).

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Sunday Post

Finished off cycling goal last night with a quick spin. Did a solid ride today that would have been about fifteen miles if I could have waited for the gps to lock in. Think it was all the fog that made it struggle to get locked in. When I'd climbed all the hills up to Stanton where it was beautiful sunshine! Wierd weather in this county eh!!

Quick ride up through stanton and down throug Bloore - get a load of that gradient profile!!! Some hill to climb eh!!

Cycling goal achieved - not all tiny little rides - that's what a cold and Christmas does for you!!

We managed to skank a draw with Newcastle but a point is worth next to nowt really. If we had a just slightly better defence we might be in a much better position that we are but you just know every time you watch the Rams that we are going to concede a stupid goal at some point and we managed it twice yesterday. Am just hoping we don't make any stupid buys in January that we have to let go for next to nothing at the end of the season.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

All razzed out... but back to winning ways!

Went out on the razz last night intending to get thoroughly razzed up. However, it were busy and it were noisy and I got golf this morning so came home at 11 o'clock not really razzed at all!! Which is good - question is whether I'm doing this sub-consciously or making a conscious decision not to get hammered? Don't know but am happy not to have a hangover from hell this morning and was out on bike at 6am, am two miles short of my cycling goal but have done diddly running and only one gym session. Been a funny week leading up to Xmas break and with a nasty cold and the weather being so cruddy it's been hard to get going.

Back to the Attack!
Played Colin and Jim at winter league golf today, we played pretty good but not spectacular to secure a 6 and 4 win which was okey dokey. Job done 5.5 out of 6 so far which should keep us top of the league!

Friday, 21 December 2007

Friday and feeling forty!

Coming out the other side of the cold now. Did 6 miles this morning which would have been more but had loads to do. Have been rehearsing with David and Alan at work and today was our big gig! We had a p.a. system in and had a blast with 170 people in what was effectively a captive audience. Ha Ha the best sort. John and Sean compered the whole thing as smashie and nicey off the Harry Enfield show and it all went down a storm. Set list was Johnny B Goode, Caroline by the mighty Quo!, 500 Miles, our piece de resistance 'Come up and See me' with additional backing vox and moves from Lisa, Liz, Sharon and Rebecca who did a stunning job bless em - stars of the show.

However, there was also a birthday presentation for yours truly that involved video footage of me, David, Alan and Tony doing the full monty at a Slimming World Woman of the Year show about eight years ago or something like. Embarassment isn't exactly the right word it's more extreme than that but at least balanced a bit in the fact that it was a different me in a different time who was quite a bit bigger!!

Anyway no-one died in the process so everything's alright!

Thursday, 20 December 2007


Feel as ill as anything, only did four miles this morning, couldn't find me hat, me ears were freezing and me face literally aches.

On bright side lost another pound so things moving along in right direction. Total of 4st 2.5lbs, still about 3lbs on the top side of my lowest but I know what need to do to get things right. Struggling at the moment with this cold and Christmas but it'll be right soon and have had two weeks in the right direction.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Wednesday - Party Survival and all

Went to Xmas party, drank nowt but h20 and diet coke, well pleased. Loads of compliments and didn't recognise yous from load of folks so obviously haven't put as much back on as I think perhaps. Most enjoyable and no bad head in the morning.

Got up at 5:55am! and got on road for about 8.5 miles I think. Am full of cold so no great pace or inclination to do big distances at the minute - will sort it out in a week or two.

45 miles on the clock so far so target will be met this week. Gym session planned for tonight.

Gym session may gave been planned but didn't happen!! Am full of cold so didn't bother in the end. Went out for a spin on bike but was achy all over so only did five miles. Pitiful but that's how it is at the moment. Am thinking about doing a run tomorrow morning but we'll see..

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Knackered but light at the end of the tunnel!

Whoops pm/am, whatever...
Slight cock up on the getting up front. Set the alarm for 5:45 only problem being that I'd set it to 5:45pm!! Never mind got up at 6:10 did quick papers and back run for 5 miles (a little exercise being better than none at all). Have got works Xmas do tonight in Nottingham so rather than going all the way back to Ashbourne to come all the way back to Nottingham am going to Gym first and then party next! Cool eh, an unexpected gym session and less driving about madly!

Did ten miles on bike last night which was quite good. Was going to do gym but we had a rehearsal with the band which was okay.

Golf - Still on top, just...

Evening Gym Session
As Janette is going to her own works do in Ashbourne on same night as I'm going to our works do in Nottingham I've done a gym session this evening (so good chance of meeting the 3 gym sessions a week goal). Did 30 mins on treadmill at 10.5km/h for 5.41km and about the same number of kcals and did 2500 metres on Concept2 Rower in just under 11mins which was a bit slower than the norm but then I have got a bit of a cold!

Going to be a different one this year as am going to be sober as a judge when I leave tonight!

Monday, 17 December 2007

Funny old day and a bit of justice

Funny old day at the office! First had to do a bit of a funny skit at a presentation of Christmas Presents to our Chairman and Founder and C.E.O. Was in best Tommy Cooper mode although only the Fez would have given you any hint of it!!!

Damn, I almost look thin in this picture!!

Bashing posh glass (but not really with a 2lb lump hammer)

Alan and Marie, top co-stars in this joint endeavour!

Telegraph Apology
A week or two ago I moaned about the Daily Telegraph printing a load of cobblers without checking their facts. Today they printed an apology - a bit late and they'll have knocked some folks' confidence in Slimming World for their lack of journalistic integrity and not doing any checking. But better late than never as they say, this was the apology they printed:

Slimming World

Last Updated: 2:56am GMT 17/12/2007

Our report (Nov 27) of Brenda Tolley's claims of unfair dismissal and age discrimination against Slimming World did not include either the company's response or the outcome.

The company's managing director told the Reading employment tribunal that Mrs Tolley had tendered her resignation following a meeting to address concerns about her performance in developing team groups that were unrelated to her age or appearance.

The tribunal dismissed Mrs Tolley's application on the basis that she was a self employed franchisee rather than an employee of the company and had not mentioned her grievance about age discrimination within a legally defined period.

We apologise to Slimming World for not including these matters in our report.

Slimming World has asked us to point out that they choose all staff for their compassion and ability to help others succeed in losing weight and that they do not practise discrimination of any kind.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Cocked up at Golf!

Winter League Golf
Me and John played a pair called Mark and Dave today and got to 17th tee, 2-up with just two holes to play. We couldn't lose and only had to half one hole to win. So what did we do? Lost both of em! Still, we're undefeated this winter league with 4.5 out of 5 so that's not too bad and I'd hazard a bet that we're still top of the league come tomorrow. In terms of conditions I hit one or two shots to be proud of, they'd hit the green bounce twenty foot up in the air and then disappear over the other side of the green so it's not easy to play golf sometimes in winter but that said we still should have won. Pah.

Ashbourne to Darley Dale on Slow and Comfy Bike
I got straight off after golf and cycled 18 miles to me mum and dads on slow and comfy bike which was something like 1200 calories worth - will check it for real when I connect the Garmin up to a computer. Took an hour and a half and a bit to do 18 miles so just under 12mph average I think which isn't bad on slow but comfy with all them hills between Ashbourne and Darley Dale.

Image from showing Paul Siddall and John Hitchcock being the new leaders !! Not going to last long so good idea to take a screen shot I thought!!!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Week Ending 15/12/2007 Stats Catchup

Haven't been keeping my exercise stats up to date for a week or two. Am definitely slacking (in exercise as well as publishing stats!!!). Did 60 out of the 70 requisite miles this week which is more than I thought and if I'd checked I probably could have rattled off the final ten miles but am just fed up of riding in the cold and tonight don't seem to be much warmer so am going to bed earlier instead!!!

Running was better got 20 miles near as damnit which is five miles better than my original target at a pace of 10mins 44seconds per mile. Have added the pace, distance and averageMPH to my weekly stats spreadsheet. Am expecting improvement with time. Certainly seeing it in the Gym. Although haven't put gym stuff on spreadsheet - goal is three 40+ minutes sessions per week which am achieving in spades so no worries there.

15/12/2007 Cycling Stats

Running stats - ignore the 9.85 mileage it doesn't count the mileage through the railway tunnel in Ashbourne which takes it past the 10 miles that was my must do before 40 years old goal.

New overall stats thing.

Still not totally happy with it - am thinking about doing something with Gym stats but it is a but dull I suppose.?

Really disappointed with Derby County. They didn't play bad but there's no cutting edge upfront like we seemed to have last season. There was nothing they could do to stop Middlesboroughs goal, a volley from a cross into the top corner is pretty much unstoppable so today was no disgrace but also no more points. Hey ho that's football.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Oh bugger - new golf clubs!!

On Ebay I've got a load of favorite searches one of which looks out for a set of Taylormade X-03 Irons. These were a very expensive set put on the Asian market in 2004 that retailed for over a grand. Anyway a nice-looking set came up the other day and I bid £106 ish which was the minimum bid plus six quid and got them! Didn't expect to win as I'd bid on these irons before and never got anywhere near winning them but there you go.

Friday post - Breathalysed?

Blimey have had a funny day. Did ten miles or so on bike this morning - couldn't really get going as it was a bit cold. I did a great session in the gym this evening notched the treadmill up a tenth to 11.3km.h for 25 minutes (sort of struggled a bit but still did it). Did 2500 metres on bike in just under 10mins 30secs which was nice.

And then it got wierd. Had a shower, set off for home, got pulled up and breathalysed!! Did you know you have a headlight out said the nice copper, I need to check the rest of your lights. Fair enugh I thought, then bad cop (who tells me his name is Matt when he decides I'm not George Best's old drinking buddy) say driving with a headlight is a road traffic offence and as such I can ask you to take a breathalyser test, which I'm going to. He then does the reading of my rights if you don't do the test you're nicked etc.etc. and then gets the breathalyser kit which as you'd expect comes up negative.

He finished off saying my name's matt and tell your mates we'll be stood in our big yellow coats pulling folks up all over Xmas so put the message about we're breathalysing people so don't even think about drinking and driving. Which was fair enough I suppose but it all kind of came over surreal.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Week 42 Weigh-in / Ten Mile Run Goal Achieved

Week 42 Weighin

Good news on the weight front!! 2.5lb loss this week means am out of 14st double figures and back into 14st single figures (and a half) which is great! Am doing some planning ahead now – next week is Head Office Party and I ain’t drinking. It’s in Nottingham anyway so am going to be pretty damned good and try to make sure nothing goes too far astray over the next week.

Not sure what I’m going to do about the running now have got the ten miles done. Am wanting to be able to do a half marathon distance by next April so maybe it’s a case of adding a mile on each month up til March? Anyway am well-chuffed with progress so might even do it quicker!!

Got up at 4:55 after ignoring the alarm clock for the first ten minutes, then got out on road. Damned GPS took ages to get it's bearing so although it say 10.37 miles above it should have been more!! The Garmin Training center record is always less when I go through railway tunnel up Ashbourne so expect a difference on the overall stats.

Any way have got ten miles done, got back a fraction after 7am but got into work for 8:15 so quick turnaround too. Also because I was only at nephew Bens at 6:45 and quite a way left to go and determined to get ten miles done I had to run a lot faster for the last bit of the run. Which was good and has made my average up to 5.8 mph which is fastest yet over distance so am quite pleased with that too!
Links for run:

Weigh-in day as well so am expecting to have put some of last week's damage right!!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Cold = Slacking

Too Cold To Bike!!! Like bloomin Siberia!
Didn't go out last night - was too cold so just did pressups and ab crunching cycle exercise thing I found in October. Couldn't get up this morning - must be backlash from yesterdays run so didn't get on road til nearly 6:15. Consequently just a very poor 7.5 miles on the cycle clock today. But it's so darned cold, all I could think about was getting home and into a hot shower. Normally I have my best ideas when on the road but this morning it was way too cold, couldn't feel my fingertips and that's with gloves on! Whether that's a sign of impending 40 year-old-ness or perhaps a symptom of the type 2 diabetes that I think I'm out of I don't know. Have a check up at the next diabetic clinic in February anyway, it's not like I'm ignoring it totally and I don't have the same unquenchable thirst I once had when I had the high blood sugar reading so we'll see what will be. Am planning on breaking 10 miles running tomorrow, have set alarm clock for 4:45 and will be on the road at 5am so can almost guarantee achieving it as long as I don't ignore the alarm clock like this morning.

Gym Update
Did a solid 45 minute gym session, upped the pace again on the treadmill 25 minutes at 11.2km/h for 4.88km, 2500 metres again on the rower in 10:42 and some weights before setting off for home. Quite pleased - more improvements. Am thinking that if the weather is going to be cold like this for a few weeks I'm going to do more inside in the gym where it's nice and warm!!

Thanks to Sven for the comments today. All good feedback always welcome!

Sustrans Wins
Chuffed to bits for Sustrans winning the 50 million people's lottery funding. A great cause to support and just goes to show that people power can get it right! Sustrans as mentioned previously support Sustainable Transport Initiatives have a look at their website for more info.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Tuesday post

Monday - missed post!!
Forgot to post yesterday, did 15 miles on bike in the morning and a very solid gym session - did 25mins at 11lm/h on treadmill for 4.8km, and 2500 metres on rower in 10:34, did quite a bit of weights too but don't really enjoy em.

Damn near 10 Mile Run

This morning though got up a minute before 5am and was on road for 5:15 which was not bad considering I'd not really got organised and I adjusted timer on the Xmas Tree lights as they didn't come on yesterday morning. In the end I ran a fraction under ten miles which is a bit irritating. So still haven't cracked the running 10 mile target and only 20 days to go. Ran for 9.99 miles this morning which is a bit of a pain in the ass, another 100 yards more somewhere or other and then I could have ticked it off, never mind will crack it. Average 5.6mph but that's okay over an hour and three quarters!!!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Only happy when it rains??

Only happy when it rains??
I don't think so. Sick to me back teeth of rain. Golf cancelled, Lucy's rugby cancelled, have managed to put Xmas lights on tree outside during a brief respite but am not well-pleased at the minute.

Xmas Lights All Up
When got lights up I realised there weren't enough of em so went back to Uttoxeter and got anothe pack - 480 leds on tree outside - ace eh!

A Gap in the Weather
Seemed to be staying dryish this afternoon so went for a bit of a ride out on Slow but Comfy. Computer says 18 miles but it should be well over twenty, I couldn't be botherered to wait for the GPS to get its bearings so the start point is about a mile from home and there was a point when I rang Janette to say I'd be later than planned but then forgot to start the timer which makes it look like I rode in a dead straight line for about three miles which of course I didn't - went through Blore and down into Mappleton which was a nice nippy windy road - good fun but the start was all hills - check the elevation chart on the image below. Anway at least got out on the bike for a bit so am a bit happier now! Wish I'd took a camera with me as the view from above Blore was absolutely brilliant. Might have to do it again in a week or two and take a camera with me!

Above is route fed into - an excellent tool

On it looks likes 18.3 miles because of not starting/stopping/starting timer properly.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Responsibilities of the press?

A couple of weeks ago Slimming World was in my view defamed by an ex-Consultant who took Slimming World to a tribunal saying the Company had been sizeist and ageist essentially. The Mail, Telegraph and metro picked up the story and printed it without doing any real amount of research. They then went to press with the article saying the 'tribunal continues' when as far as I can tell it had already been thrown out.

It's great to see that the matter is being reported factually now:

To say the company is sizeist when it's been employing me for nearly 17 years and I know I was seriously obese for 16+ of those years and to say the company is ageist when there are Consultants in their 70s (I believe that's right apologies if the two I'm thinking of aren't - not like I'm going to reveal their names anyway - a gentleman would never do that) is beyond preposterous. The company doesn't prescribe staff to be of a certain age or weight, never has. Slimmers don't care who is running a group as long as they get results and the support they need - size, age, colour, creed, height, weight should never come into it. And the fact is Slimming World's food optimising gets results and our Consultants and members give each other the support they need. If you don't believe it, try it, it worked for me...

Anyway the case was thrown out, no doubt it won't appear in the press so it's good to see it appearing on the Web.

Saturday Post - Cycling Goal Missed!

25 Cycle Miles only!!
Been a poor week on the cycling as well as weight front! Only got bikes back on Thursday night and bad weather on Thursday and Friday night meant didn't get as much mileage as I would have liked done. Still got running and gym goals done so it's not all bad!! Did a good run yesterday morning with loads of hills that not that many months ago I'd have got off and pushed, breezed up them though, and now am getting used to the SPD pedals the hills are even easier!

Pitiful 25 miles!

Liked this route - loads of loops inside Ashbourne - good fun

Flicks later in more ways than one!

Janette gone to York shopping today so have kids all day. We're going to see Ratatouille this morning and then this afternoon we're going to put 240 LED outdoor Christmas tree lights on the big tree outside. I cut the top off it earlier in the year as it was getting too close to the electric lines for comfort so we're going to be a bit creative in getting it to look right. Picture to follow no doubt.

Rat in me kitchen...

Been to see Ratatouille this afternoon. Not the funniest film, or best plot but the graphics and sound are super! The textures and the way they've animated Paris are stupendous. The sound, well there's a bit when the rat runs away from Linguini and goes sort of out of shot (is there a'shot' when it's animation??) but off-screen anyway. When it happens the rats footsteps appear behind you and there's a bit in the old ladies house where the tv is on in the background and I thought it was someone talking behind me. They really used surround sound or dolby 5.1 surround or whatever the technology they used very well in my opinion!!!

Hammering it down with rain so not much chance of Xmas lights going up at the mo...

Friday, 7 December 2007

Friday Post - Gettin on with it!

Sustrans Phone Voting

Have mentioned before that the lottery is giving 50 million GBP to just one worthy cause which is a bit of a crass way of doing stuff but hey-ho it gets the lottery and Camelot publicity so it can't all be bad eh?

Anyway SUSTRANS works towards making safer trails and routes for cycling and walking which makes the nation healthier, the roads less congested and makes the environment better, it's a win, win, win situation so vote, vote, vote for Sustrans.

Call 0870 24 24 602 now to vote for Sustrans' Connect2Please be reassured that this is not a premium rate phone line, and calls from a BT landline will cost no more than 10p. Calls from mobiles and other operators may be higher.

All voting closes at 12 noon on Monday 10th December, so if you haven't already voted online please do before Monday. The winner of the £50 million will be announced on 12th December.
Thank you so much for your support of Connect2 - we really do need every vote because we are up against strong competition and advertising by some competitors. Please do pass on the phone and online voting details to everyone you know.

Note you can also vote online at although registration is a bit of a kerfuffle if truth be known.

Am over it (mostly!!)
Am over the weight gain now. Been to an old friend's funeral this morning and had nothing but nice comments about weight loss and folks not recognising me so it's not the end of the world and it's not like I've put it all back on. Also had an email from Frank Kinlan this morning telling me essentially to be realistic - check Frank's site if you want weight loss inspiration - he's lost 8 stone (near as damnit) through exercise and diet which is exactly what I'm trying to do!

I just need to get my act together and focus a bit better. Have done about 15 miles this morning on Slow and Comfy bike up some right hills so I know I'm fitter. Am getting over it!!!

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Thursday Post - Early Gym Session

Week 41 Weigh-in Gutted.
Felt like I’d been pretty good this week something gong wrong BIG style (had a drink on Friday night might have something to do with it) but still, to put 3lbs on in a bloody week is crushing, absolutely crushing.

I can honestly say I’ve never, ever been fitter - am shifting bigger weights, running further, faster, rowing quicker, doing pressups aplenty and it seems putting weight on like no-ones business to boot . Well hacked off today. Not the end of the world but pretty close. On positive side have got the bikes back so if the bloody rain ever stops I’ll get out and put some bike miles on the clock. Naffed off right now though.

Look at the damned incline - it all feels a bit uphill at the moment.

Three Gym sessions completed
Phoned Lumbards yesterday and both bikes ready so am hoping to pick them up after work. With that in mind and an old friend's funeral tomorrow it looked as if I'd not get the three gym sessions done this week. However, as I don't need to fetch papers on a Thursday I came into the Gym at 6:40 ace. What's even acer about it though is that I did 30 mins at 10.6 which is faster than ever before and a little bit longer. And found that at 10.6 the kcals burned is slightly better than distance covered (it irritates me) i.e. 4.5km = 460kcal not 4.5km = 448kcal sort of thing - actually did 5.45 this morning which again I think is a Siddall world record.

Gym member of the month - November 07
As if all that wasn't enough I got member of the month at the gym and my picture on the board for fourteen attendances (1 short of gold award, bugger). Which was good!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Slacking on the exercise front

Slacking on the Exercise front...
Partly due to an extended meeting with the delightful Liz and charming Mr Chapman I didn't get to the gym last night as planned. And as it was hammering it down at 5:20 this morning I went back to bed and din't get up til 6:20, had a short walk from the leisure centre around town and that was it. So zero exercise thus far. Am going to get into Gym tonight and am also going to remeber to ring Lumbards up to check on progress with bikes - blimey did I ever cock-up putting both of them in for repair at the same time!!!

2nd Gym Session OK

Got best part of an hour done in gym - have upped the weights a bit and did 25 minutes at 10.5km/h on runner again. 8:34 on the rower - steady - must have been on something the other day!!!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Tuesday Post - Running Goal Done already!!

Running Goal Completed

In absence of bikes (both in repair shop at same time, doh - won't do that again in a hurry) am doing running as 'at home' exercise this week. As I got 9 miles done last night I set alarm to 5:15 and had a bit of a lie-in!! Did 7 miles at 5.6mph which is okay on drop dead legs, let me tell you. Any way 15 miles goal is done and dusted on Tuesday morning. Am wondering about doing nothing but running all week just to see if it has any effect on weight loss - might be interesting to see?


Monday, 3 December 2007

Come hell or high water...

Got just about zero exercise (although a little bit of Xmas shopping done so not a total waste) done yesterday. 60 press-ups in afternoon but naff-all else. So come hell or high water this morning I was going out running in the rain. Got biggest one yet done this morning, damn near nine miles at a respectable (for me) 5.6mph, one hour 35 minutes. I reckon in order to get a ten miler in (which is the goal by 31/12/2007 and impending 40ness) I've got to get up at a quarter to five and be on the road at no later than 5:10am to do it. I also reckon I'll have done it by the end of this week, so there you go!

From there on in it's only three and bit miles more to have got to half marathon distance which will be next spring's goal. Who knows, maybe a full marathon is within twelve months of progress.

Gym - everything on the up and up!!

Got to the gym after work and put in a well-good performance! Even though I'd been walking round on dead legs most of the day I thought "sod it" let's get a gym sesh in, so that's what I did. Did 25 mins at 10.5kmh on the treadmill for a total of just over 4.5km and on the rower I just went like a bloomin train - did the old 2000 metre challenge for old times sake (and as I'd done an extra five minutes on the treadmill) in 7:54:07!!! Considering a few weeks ago I was happy if I broke 9 minutes I reckon that's some improvement!! And pounding along for an extra five minutes at 10.5 when I was struggling at 9.2 not long ago is real progress. Well pleased.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Sunday Post - Weather to match the mood

Bloomin Weather
Been peeing it down with rain all night and no sign of it stopping yet. Had everything ready for a big run but am not setting out with rain bucketing down - not that daft yet. Am taking kids over to my mum and dads while Janette out shopping so I might just nip to gym for an hour so day's not a complete loss (from an exercise front).

Gutted about Derby
It sounded like Derby were giving it a real go yesterday with new manager Paul Jewell in charge so it's a bitter disappointment for them to lose in injury time after they'd had the better of the match at times (certainly sounded like we were running them ragged after the restart). Kind of seals our fate as that game was definitely a six pointer and now Sunderland have moved further away - we're beginning to lose touch with the rest of the league. Never mind only poxy Man Utd next week, three points in the bag!!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

First of December Already?? I don't believe it...

Impending Older-ness Beckoning
Blimey, less than a month and I'll be bloomin 40. Don't believe that either.

Bike-less but Cycling Goal Met
Never mind, have done something a bit silly this morning both bikes are in for repair. Want the left-hand pedal taking off the Incognito and need to get rear derailleir fixed on the Giant so I can get past third gear!! Have met the revised Cycling goal which means a full house of exercise goal achievement this week - finished three gym attendances last night - 20 mins at 10.5 again which comes out about 3.5km, couldn't do much on rower as it was working right but did loads of weights instead which is good cause I don't really enjoy weights if truth be told.

Running looks the likely Solution
In absence of bikes I reckon that am going to be doing a bit more running over next couple of days. Hopefully Lumbards will have at least one of the bikes fixed early next week, certainly hope so.

Golf - Fur and Feather - Xmas Fayre Comp - 38 points okish
Said it'd all go wrong after so much good stuff in Winter League! We did 17 points on front nine which was poor but a steady 21 points on the back nine off a three quarter handicap better ball format. So 38 points at the end wasn't bad. Just a shame we didn't do a bit better on the front nine and we ought to have finished off with a par on the last hole after both of us got on in regulation and then three-putted. Anyway in a few weeks we'll know what we got! Terry and George the guys we played with got 36 points and someone in the clubhouse said they got less than par so it might be better than we think! We play Terry and George next Saturday in winter league.

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