Friday, 10 August 2007

Blog Update: Friday 10th Aug

Blog Update: Friday 10th Aug – managed to get some bandwidth yesterday so was able to do an update on the blog and read my emails. Two of which were from folks telling me not to get down about the weight gain gain, you’re on holiday, loosen up. Thank you for the support, people, I do appreciate it.

I do lose perspective sometimes but it’s natural, I guess – have come a long way with the weight loss and since stopping smoking the weight loss has been slower and feels hard fought for, so to bang on 3.5lbs in a heartbeat and wipe out all of July’s loss and a bit of June was a bit crushing.

3.5 is also a bit of a magic number in the sense that it’s quarter of a stone, you don’t ever want to be putting on a quarter of a stone do you?

Positive ending : still not smoking even though the ciggies are cheap here (have now lasted 5 weeks and 4 days). Am not even using the patches at the moment – they’re useless with sun tan lotion it seems!!


Unknown said...

Hi Paul,
Forgot to tell you that there's a brand new bike in our garage and it needs christening! Once it's down the mountain we'll find a spot to keep it so you don't have to get it back up the mountain! Actually there's two bikes, one male and one female. (Now there's a thought - there were only 2 bikes last time I looked but better check again - might be a baby bike there now!) Anyway, they were a birthday present, wanted but not used yet. Things have been a bit hectic this year but that's no excuse (slapping my own wrist as we speak!) Paul, everyone is right about the weight gain, it's no big deal, you are on holiday! It's mainly a fluid bounce - this isn't the dreaded fat cells being reborn! In real terms it's probably a pound so chill - you are doing fabulously well. Oceans of love and see you soon - Mike the bike is waiting for you!

Paul said...
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Paul said...

You were right about the fluid bounce!! Am almost back to normal and will be next week. The bikes were brilliant, by the way, thanks ever so. In fact, so good that my bike feels too heavy now - am going to suggest to Janette getting me a new one for my 40th Birthday this December!!!!

Thanks for everything
Paul x

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