Friday, 24 August 2007

More Weight Loss Content Coming Soon!!!

A great friend Margaret posted a comment on my blog this morning that's made me think the blog is getting a bit too much bike orientated (Margaret didn't say that but I was thinking it already) and is losing a bit of the weight loss focus. I've pasted the comment at the bottom but just to give you a flavour of what to expect I've been doing a food diary with syn values today and everything for the pretty much the first time ever properly (bloomin syn values are worrying let me tell you!!!!!)

Obviously I can't possibly post that food diary until tomorrow (I might succomb to digestive temptation) so in the meantime why not check out Margaret's own blog at:-

Margaret's comment to my posting about biking from Clifton to Somercotes was:-

Margaret said...
I'm so impressed Paul. I didn't even know there was a 0430! What time do you go to bed? With all this exercise, (and I know you eat loads and loads of Free Food) but how many Syns do you allow yourself each day? We all want to know these details please? Can you keep us updated on your food diary, or is this asking too much? You could take photographs of the food too! For some people it's as fascinating as those glorious green fields of my homeland of Derbyshire. Seriously though, the pictures you take just make your blog so great and I for one want to thank you. Great job in so many ways Paul. x

>> All answers to follow in the next few days!!!

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