Monday, 29 February 2016

Monday 29th February 2016 to Sunday 6th March 2016

Monday 29th February 2016
Up early at 5:50 but not early enough it would seem.  Pooch on go slow so got Phil to get Lucy up at 6:30 so she could catch up on homework that she's had all weekend.  Watched missus open her presents good stuff then into the office for 8am  (including a stop for petrol).  All good stuff.   Another really busy day then back home for 6pm.   Missus and little un went out to Alvaston.  Me and Phil got busy with swapping the extractor fan in the shower - wahey the bugger works.   Bit of a fiddle now as you have to turn off the solar inverter and what have but still only took about ten minutes and now we've got a working extractor fan.  Ace.  For reference it's a Manrose MG100T 20W Gold Standard Axial BathroomExtractor Fan w/Timer  - I think as the wiring has been done so that 'live always' is really 'live switched' (or certainly appears to be)  the w/timer bit is superfluous but who cares it works!!   Also got me heated propogator down from the attic at the same time as switching the inverter off so all good stuff I reckon!!!

Tuesday 1st March 2016
Up early.   Chucked it down all night so me and pooch were lucky to get a walk done in very light drizzle.  Well pleased with that and have started getting rid of tons of change when I buy papers - that should make me right popular!   Quickly watered stuff in the greenhouse then off to the office before 8am.

Wednesday 2nd March 2016
Am too busy is what it is.  Updating this on a Friday and all.  Got missus a copy of the new paper thing that's been launched not sure it's worth having.   Group after work, another pound gone so still ticking along in the right direction.  Went to Waitrose in the evening - got a load of coffee grounds to add to compost, bosskat bought something as well so I got a free coffee.  Very nice!!

Thursday 3rd March 2016
Up early.  Dog walked,  Into office for 7.45 all good stuff.   Long day got home 6.30.    Missus let me set up heated propogator so have got a load of tomatos in.     All good stuff - more dog walks etc.

Friday 4th March 2015
Up even earlier!   5.40am.  Dog walked, people woken up for 6.30, bosskat for 7am.  Into office for 7.50.  Everything on rails.  Footie tomorrow.  Nipped to Aldi with Lucy to get mothering sunday stuff sorted out.

Saturday 5th March 2015
Up early.   Dog walked, papers fetched.  Farm sale at Cheddleton with Phil at 7:30am - field like the Somme.

 Did a bit in the greenhouse.   Lift with the neighbour to bus stop.  On the Swifty bus for 11.25 and into Derby about 12.15.  In the Alex by 12.30!!!   Watched Derby beat Huddersfield 2-0 - very poor game but a win is a win is a win.    Sat in West stand with Jason which was more fun that I expected if I'm honest, normally like to sit in East stand but things seem a bit less frenzhied over in the West Stand Upper!

A pint in the Alex on the way back then back home for about 7.30pm.  Chippie tea when I got off the bus, magic!!

Sunday 6th March 2015
Slight headache!  Dog walked right round the meadow.  Nipped to Lottie for a short while got the tops off me water butt.  Mothering sunday carvery at the Cross.  I really enjoyed, boss kat less impressed - took some beef home for the little dog and she blooming loved it!!    Big walk up the golf course with Lucy and bed early.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Monday 22nd February 2016 to Sunday 28th February 2016

Monday 22nd February 2016
Up early doors.  Woke Lucy at 6am.  Dog walked, papers fetched into the office by 7.50am  Back home a bit after 6pm - got a ton done.  Watched episode 2 of Vinyl it's definitely odd telly.

Tuesday 23rd February 2016
Up early.  Woke poor Lucy up again at 6am.  She's wearing herself out but doing great at group, bless her.    Dog walked, papers fetched and into the office by 8am  all on rails so far.  Loads of work on, which is good.  Back home a bit after 6pm.  Not getting a lot done at home though!  Lots of dog walks and bed a bit after 9pm!

Wednesday 24th February 2016
Up earlier than ever.  Dog walked and back by 6.35am. Into office before 8am.  Went to group after work after a very lean day and scraped a pound and a half loss!   Still it's progress.  Back home, tea and a dog walk.  All good stuff, bed quite early (soon as final whistle blown after Derby beat Blackburn 1-0) - a bit too toasty had to switch leccy blanket off!!

Thursday 25th February 2016
Up a bit later - 6am!!!  Dog walked, papers fetched - have noticed it's getting lighter on the way back now which is good as I forgot the torch this morning and couldn't see where poocher had done her business until I was on way home!!

Full moon amongst the trees - getting lighter at 6.40am as well, come on spring. 

Friday 26th February 2016
The usual.  Got some stuff for the missus' birthday. Took a load of stock to a supplier who we're trialling.  Got home, tired,  Sorted him  a Now TV box with six months entertainment on it for £25 - you can't go wrong really.  Dog walks and bed.

Saturday 27th February 2016
Up early.  Dog walked. Papers fetched.  Phil fetched me breakfast for a change (although I did pay for it but you can't have everything). Got a partition set up in the lotty so the heater shouldn't have to work overtime.    Golf with Doug and John, shot a very steady 86 which included 3 three-putts and finishing the 18th with an eight so pleased with that.   Watched a bit of Rugby when got back, early to bed again.  Very tired at the moment.

Sunday 28th February 2016
Up early.  Dog walked.  Plenty of running around to get missus' prezzies for her birthday.  Took her to Doveleys Garden Centre - not overly impressed then lunch at Darley Dale which was ace.  Very nice.  Back home after popping up to mum and dad's for about 5.15/5:30.  Still light so took pooch up gold course - found four balls and let pooch have a run once I was at least half a mile away from all roads!  She was good as gold really so pleased with that.    Have got a book at home so am going to learn how to do recall with her.   Bed early after polishing shoes and getting everything ready.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Monday 15th February 2016 to Sunday 21st February 2016

Monday 15th February 2016
Up early.  Dog walked.  Papers Fetched.  Into office for 7.40.  Busy investigative day.  Back home for 6.15.  Tea. Multiple dog walks, not much else to report.   According to Rhydwun Facebook page Storm Imogen has stripped all sand off the beach:
Where's the sand gone?

Tuesday 16th February 2016
Up early (5.45), dog walked, paper fetched (left most of money on the chair at home).  Into the office for 7.40am.  Did a stock run for a project I'm involved with and got home early.   Purchased some guttering and stuff to do more peas with.  All good.  Bosskat got me another Iain Rankin book - The Impossible Dead which is going to be interesting.   Multiple small dog walks and then off to bed early.

Wednesday 17th February 2016
Up at 5.55am - got Lucy up early.  Took dog up town in pouring rain to get papers.  What a crap day after all these sunny solar generating ones we've had.

Thursday 18th February 2016
Got stone award last night so pleased with that.   Missus poorly so left work early.  Made tea for the kids - ace!

Friday 19th February 2016
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.  Into office early.   Got bulletin out, bit of jip with it.  Home early to do kids tea.

Satruday 20th February 2016
Up early, the usual.  Down to lotty to help with planting hedge.  No-one there for first hour so took rubbish to tip.  All good stuff.  Cam away at 11:30 but golf cancelled due to rain.  No big deal.  Did a load of fishing rigs in the afternoon and various other jobs.  Fetched tea, lottery and nipped to Compton garage to get some paraffin.

Sunday 21st February 2016 
Up early. Dog walked.  Lots of greenhouse stuff done and other odd jobs.   The Ketch for lunch.  Walk up golf course in afternoon - half a dozen decent balls found.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Monday 8th February 2016 to Sunday 14th February 2016

Monday 8th February 2016
Wind blew all night and kept us awake through the night as Storm Imogen hit the island.  Took pooch for a walk but she wanted to go nowhere near sea so walked down meself and had a look.  Spray coming up the slipway a good 50 foot about sea level.  Awesome sight.   We set off for home about 11:30 and got back in good time.  One stop at Holywell on the way home - about an hour quicker than going as well.

Tuesday 9th February 2016
Up early.  Dog walked, paper fetched.  Off to me mum and dads to do a few jobs.  Cleaned the solar panels, conservatory, did a bit of roof repair on the shed that's been there since I was a nipper, had a fire.  In general really enjoyed meself.  Got back in the afternoon.  Took pooch another walk, tea and then went to bed early, got up briefly to take dog a walk then back to bed.

Wednesday 10th February 2016
Up early.  Dog walked, paper fetched.  Got a text saying golf at 9:30 if still on holiday so allotment plans cancelled!!    Good round as well - parred first, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh and only bogied the other two so a steady 21 points in stableford format.  Golf course is a bit wet but another grand day for golf and nice to play well for a change.

39 for front nine and 21 points scored - pleased with that. 

New water hazard on the eighth!

Got home and as weather was nice did a ton of stuff in the greenhouse - need to get me paraffin heater going really as it's looking like it's going to be cold over next few days.   Took pooch a big walk up the golf course and got half a dozen balls before it went dark,  Then loaded the oven and fetched Lucy and bosskat from up town.  About 5.00 dozens of downards started appearing so bosskat whizzed off to see it being goaled.  Went to bed early as very tired again.  All in all a darned good day I reckon. 

Thursday 11th February 2016
Back into work.  All good stuff. 

Friday 12th February 2016 
Early to work again.  Took three developers to visit Hollies' group. Put on a pound and a half according to the scales - am putting this down to not being good and weighing in the   

Saturday 13th February 2016
Up early.  Dog walk, papers fetched.  Nipped up town to get missus some strawberries in a heart shaped box from Co-op.   Nipped down to lotty and chopped the raspberry canes down. 

Where the raspbobs will be in August time!

The canes - Ray lard has suggested using em for pea stick??

 All good stuff.   Golf at 12:30.  Steady but nothing like as good as Wednesday when I won the 9 hole stablefore ha ha - 3 balls to the good.   Home about 4pm after a coffee in the clubhouse.  

Sunday 14th February 2016
Up at 7:30!!!  Dog walked.  In greenhouse got little heater going after seeing how well Harry Seed's worked. Got me peas started off in two little bits of guttering that should be easier to transport. Sorted the security light that had stopped working - the trip switch had gone that supplied electricity to Phil's shed.  So had to clear out a load of tat from my shed to get to it.  During which tidying I found a tenner in an old rucksack that I used for trail running - Rugby Rover, Grindleford gallop etc.etc.   All good stuff.  Took a load of cardboard and various tat down to recycling which was a good move.  While tidying up the shed I got the bike out and did a few miles - backside is feeling it now though I must admit.  Over to me mum and dad's for tea, Jubbly. Back home and in bed for 9pm!   Helicopter circling over golf course was intriguing.   

Monday, 1 February 2016

Monday 1st February 2016 to Sunday 6th February 2016

Monday 1st February 2016
Up at 5:55.  Woke the boy then off out with the pooch.  Paper fetched and into office for 7.50 - all good stuff.

Tuesday 2nd February 2016
Up at 5:40.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Into office for 7.45,  Load of stuff done.  Set off for Dentists at 1.45.   Two fillings, teeth proper mangled and home for 15:30.   Next appointment not til end of August which suits me down to the ground. Some brand protection work that looks a bit iffy,   We shall see,

Wednesday 3rd February 2016
Up at 5:30.  Dog walked,  Snowing so not much fun. Into office for 7.45.   All good stuff.  Group on the way home another 3.5lbs gone.  Next week 2.5 further lbs would mean a stone gone in a month however, am going to Wales this weekend and have a bottle of Grants with my name on it (as well as Grant's obviously - what to do?  Don;t know.  We'll see.  Six nations on telly this weekend as well.

Thursday 4th February 2016
Up at 5.30.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Into the office for 7.55am - you cannot rely on the traffic.  Never mind, plenty done and new work accumulated such is life.   Back home for 6.15 steady stuff,  Dog walk, tea, Aldi trip

Friday 5th February 2016
Up at 5;30.  Mini walk round the block with the wee dog.  Then back at 6am to wake Lucy up, then up town to get papers with said dog.  Back home shave, shower and then off to work.  Into the office for 7.45am    Some good stuff today intellectual property theft on two fronts.  eBay work.  Ticking over nicely.  Got to Wales!

Friday night – fished Church Bay Beach, an hour up and an hour down – 1 whiting between me and Darren and I didn’t blank! Big sea when we got down to the beach, all calmed down as the tide turned. Weather report:  dry!  (High Tide 20:20 4.9m)

Saturday 6th February 2016 
Saturday morning up early, quick dog walk then  down on the beach with Darren, el blanko - back up for brekkie by 9:30

Saturday night – fished Cemlyn Beach almost out the back of the car – cracking venue - must fish again sometime.  Caught about eight whiting between me and Darren, no  blanks for either of us. Weather report: dry but damn windy! (Holyhead High tide 21:05 5.2m)

One of many whiting - good spot to fish though

  Special thank you to Telboy of Telboy’s Tackle for the bait and tackle bits and for doing two rod repairs while we waited!  Check his shop in Amlwch out – a little Aladdins cave and he will always recommend where to fish and what to use for bait.

Sunday 7th February 2016
Quick walk with pooch, nipped down to fish the beach with Darren - a bit weedy and no bites.  So off to fish Amlwch Breakwater – more whiting and Darren also got a solitary dab, but mainly Whiting!  There’s a shag (it's a kind of bird, your filthy mind) that hangs about the breakwater and tries to take your fish off your hook for you as you bring it in – so be warned.  I gave it a ruck of leftover sprats I had and that kept it quiet for a bit. Weather report: Dry, sunny and still windy! high tide 09:25 5.5m)

Friendly Shag with sprat!

Amlwch Port with Father Ted Crilly's house in the distance

Sunday Night/Monday Morning – weather report Storm Imogen – fishing postponed!

The reason  I mentioned the weather is that the BBC forecast said it would rain pretty much constantly all weekend – Telboy says the island has its own weather system and I reckon he knows better than the BBC on this -  I wonder if the BBC gives you just a general North Wales forecast when you type in Holyhead as all our sessions were dry but blustery?   

So not a bad weekend for fishing if you like whiting.  Will try a few more venues next time I’m on the Island.

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