Friday, 24 August 2007

Blimey, A week to find some rhythm!

Went up town tonight on the bike, had to post off another package - two in same day! Sort of bumped into Jon Bigland who was the guitarist in the band I was in for many years and whom I hold responsible for the deafness I got in one ear - Big Lix.

It's JB's 40th Bash next Saturday and he's getting all the old bands back together, I was in a band with Jon 25 years ago called Amethyst so it's going to be interesting to see all the old guys back together again.

The band 25 years ago - we rocked, I think I was 15 but may well have been 12!!!!

Paul in 1982!!

Only downside to this is that I've got to learn how to play drums again in a hurry - never mind should be just like riding a bike - and am getting dead good at that!!!

JB aged about 15 at Turnditch Village Hall

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