Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Quick post - Be thin to Avoid Cancer Article

Quick post before I go for my lunchtime walk - have just seen an article on the BBC: Be Thin to Avoid Cancer

Sort of gutted - latest research apparently says that to avoid cancer you have to be as thin as possible without being overweight – which is okay I can accept that – they go on to say that means a bmi in the range 18.5 – 25 and preferably as close to low end as you can. Well am stuck at the low 26 point so am in a bit of a jam there. But I can take that am still aiming for 13st 11lbs even if not getting there very quickly.

However, I can’t take another of the recommendations which is “Thou shalt not eat bacon” (funnily enough the article says something like "these are not commandments" but that's how they'll be perceived.). Limit red meat as well – that’s also problematic for me. Am going to end up being very healhy if I’m not careful and I’m damned near killing myself with exercise as it is!!

On the up side it says “From a cancer perspective, all alcohol should be avoided, although researchers accepted drinking small amounts could have protective benefits for other diseases. “ Well I’m pretty much there on that score – have a drink now only if I’m on holiday which has masses of benefits for me.

Anyway, I reckon this could be another opportunity coming out of a problem. Have never liked eating white meat now I need to consider the risk of eating red meat and maybe give manky chicken a go!!!

Wednesday Post

Things ticking along nicely got another 15 miler done this morning and a further 7 miles on the bike last night after a 45 minute gym session. Have 57 miles on the clock for the week so am well on schedule for the hundred which with increased gym activity is as much as I want to be doing on the slow mountain bike gear. Although the average is going to be down because of the hill climbing ride around Carsington on Sunday the last few rides I've done have all been exceeding 13mph which is not bad for the low-geared incognito - Am beginning to like that bike. Have also been having a 'comment' conversation with an anonymouse poster about what bike to have at Xmas and am now considering these Cyclo-cross bikes - am going to do some research and will no doubt post on that later.

Have now done two thirty minute 10.5km/h runs with no breaks so am beginning to make that a habit. Have brought gym kit with me again to make going to the gym a habit too. Janette is taking kids to a Hallowe'en disco so can do a full-on gym session tonight to make up for the slightly shortened one yesterday.

I mentioned the other day that had started doing a 20 minute walk at lunchtimes to top up the overall exercise. I didn't mention that was after some pedals for the Incognito bike and some mudguards - had emailed a fella on Ebay and said "you've got both items I'm after listed how much cheaper would it be if you combine postage". The cheeky beggar sent me a money request with a whole 50p knocked off the £7 postage so I thought "sod you" and haven't done anything with it. Anyway to get back to the 20 minute walk, first one I did on Monday what should I find by the side of the road but a pedal (I only needed a pedal on the right hand side and would you believe it but it's a right hand pedal (thread goes the other way on a left hand pedal so they're not interchangeable)). So how's that for serendipity??? Okay, it's not the latest Shimano whizz kid pedal but I don't need that so it's utterly ace in my view!!

A pedal salvaged from the side of the road!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Tuesday Post

Legs were absolutely knackered last night so didn't put any further mileage in on the bike. Did a solid 16 miles this morning though on the slow bike so that's good. Am going to finish off fitting the Giant out tonight with a front light and then I'll be able to put some serious mileage in this week. Am all set up for another session in Gym tonight am going to go for doing the thirty minutes at 10.5km/h with no breaks again. Gym was dead busy last night so ended up using a different running machine which took a bit of rapid learning - I think it was a better surface in a wierd way. Am also going for the twenty minute walk at lunchtime as well. Weight was 14st 10lbs this morning so two pounds gone since yesterday. Is 3.5lbs in three days possible though?? - we shall see.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Monday - Good and Bad

Great Zeus' Beard!! As Ron Burgundy, anchorman would say. Today had some ups and downs you could say. Got to work and found had put 5.5lbs on since Thursday - nightmare but got what I deserved as have been doing everything wrong over the weekend on the food front so what will be will be.

On the good front it's made me ramp up the exercise or at least look for more opportunities to imcrease it. So went a walk for twenty minutes at lunchtime as well as 12 miles on the bike first thing as well as a really good gym session - did 2000m on rower in under 8min 30sec, did 30 minutes running all the way on a different running machine (partly because I didn't know how to change the program on it!). But it was 5km+ and 500 calories plus. Did about the same on the weights but messed about with the weights at different settings so perhaps not as good.

Anyway, am going to keep hard at it and hopefully get rid of a few pounds before Thursday to soften the blow a bit!!

Also on the good front, last September I was diabetic (borderline) and advised to attend the Diabetic clinic which was a three session educational thing at which you were encourage to set goals to help manage your Diabetes. I found the document this afternoon while looking for something else:-

1). Keep alcohol consumption to 20 units or less. 10 pints in a week and not a drop more.
2). Drink 2 litres of water every day.
3). Have five pieces of fruit every day.
4). Cycle or walk five miles at least three times a week.
5). To be less than 17st at age 40 (31/12/2007).
6). Attend gym once a week.

Through Caryl asking me to join the Slimming World group in Feb of this year I've pretty much smashed the lot of them - bloomin great!!!!!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Sunday Post - Carsington Reservoir Trek!

Got up sort of early - takes me a week or two to know whether it's early or not when the clocks get mucked about with! Played golf with Dave, Doug and John yesterday and we did okay in a texas scramble social comp - I hit a three wood onto the Par 5 eighth hole to get us on in two which was nice! We ended up three under which with handicap allowance of 12.3 meant we ended up with 56.7 I think which isn't quite good enough but was a good attempt!

Anyway, speaking to Dave I found out he was a bit of a mountain biker and he mentioned Carsinton Reservoir as being his track of choice. So went up to Carsington this morning in the poxy rain and did a trek round. It was bloomin good fun and I wished I'd done it more in the summer but there you go. Took me a good fifty minutes to do the eight miles but it was really enjoyable and am going to do it again soon - might even go round it anti-clockwise next week!!

Be warned if you're thinking about doing it to make sure you go round in good light and be aware that there's some steep little hills around it too - on the positive side you go through a bit of a pine wood with squirrels, pheasants and all sorts and in summer I bet the views of the reservoir would be cracking.

In the afternoon I've had to suffer a really poor performance by Derby. Billy Davies is looking bad with some of the decisions he's making, really bad. He brings on two strikers in the second half - good choice we're two-nil down, but then he pulls Kenny Miller back into defence - what's that all about?? On saying that he probably ought to start with a ten man defence as the one we got is just not good enough. Not impressed.

GoogleEarth Image of my trip round Carsington Reservoir this morning. Click to zoom in.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Save the planet and all that.

Over the past few years green issues have really come to the fore. Janette went shopping in Sainsbury's this morning and came back with a free energy-saver bulb which was nice. Came back with a leaflet that said various ways of saving energy and it was interesting to see how many have come into one's consciousness (posh eh!) in recent times. Have been using the bag-for-lifes for about a year now, but we've also got I reckojn 95% of lights powered by energy-savers for example.

Have posted link to Sainsbury's site but if you don't go to it one thing I didn't know for sure but half suspected (and this can be harmful to slimming so be warned!) is that a half full fridge or freezer uses more power than a full one. You might have learned something reading my blog for a change!!!


Saturday Post - Cycling Stats

Got the hundred miles up this morning so that's one target met!! Cycling stats including last week's below:

Got golf later but am generally taking it easy today!

Friday, 26 October 2007

Friday Post

Everything ticking over nicely now, did 10 miles last night and 11 and a bit this morning so mileage standing at 82 miles so can get away with 10 miles tonight and 8 miles tomorrow morning and that will do for the hundred. Am going to do another gym session tonight as am still aiming for this 30 min non-stop run (wierd thing is that I could do it when I fetched the paper from up Ashbourne the other day when the bike light wasn't working but can't seem to do it at 10kmh on the tread-mill). Still it's something to aim for. Am dead pleased with weight loss this week although have gone a bit off plan this morning - had the normal yogurt/weetabix/banana mix and then when got back from biking added to it with a bacon sandwich (cut off all visible fat though as per the Slimming World way!!). Never mind am aiming for another 1/2lb loss next week - the week is for a weight of 14st 6lbs or better.

Later the same day .... did another gym session - 4.5km on the runner, tried to do the full half hour but got a bit zonked after 17 minutes so walked a bit, 430 kcal overall. Did 2000m in 8mins 48 on the rower which is quite good I reckon. Did a bit less on the weights but in general quite pleased.

9pm - went out for another ride on t'bike and got 9 and a bit miles added on. Only 9 miles needed for the hundred. Bit of cycling in the morning then golf at 12:20, ttfn

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Week 35 Weigh-in; even a cruise can't make a dent!

Well pleased! Half pound loss this week since last weigh-in on Tuesday 16th in Redditch (kept shoes on for normality's sake). Half pound doesn't sound like much to be pleased with really but... last week was on a P&O cruise which meant lager, wine, whisky, gorgeous food and limited exercise opportunities! However, this week have done gym three times, been back on zero-alcohol, run 4.5 miles one morning, not as much but some cycling (done another ten miles tonight to make total mileage so far to 70 miles so 100 for the week is definitely on).

Gym session tonight wasn't a full bore one as Thursday is shopping night so couldn't be too late. Did 30 mins on runner (4.8km, 460kcal - getting better) with a 1 minute break to talk to Glen, then did some weights (upped the reps on the weights), missed the rower but made up for it with ten miles on the bike tonight. Am worried that I might be addicted to exercise now!! Don't think it'll be a hard habit to break!!!!

Disaster - overlaid!!

Blimey, didn't manage to drag myself out of bed until 6:10 this morning which was a bloomin hour late!! Think the four and half mile run combined with the proper gym session (a proper gym session being one with n'owt taken owt!) did me in.

As a result of that late start and of Lucy getting up at 6:20 (had to do her some toast) meant that I didn't get out until gone 6:35 which meant only a poxy 4 miles done on the bike this morning (needed to be at home for 7am and in office for 8:15 as had regular Thursday morning meeting at 8:30).

So not a good start, but hey-ho such is life. Am going to go to gym at 4:30 this afternoon and then maybe do some miles tonight. Am currently standing at very mediocre 60 miles for the week on the bike but am not overly worried - with luck I should be able to complete the mileage by Saturday night and have done a ton of other exercise this week so am happy with what I've done so far.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Another gym session - getting better

Running machine - 30 mins, bay run 10-11mph most of time, three rests of about a minute apiece, 440kcals and 4.5km covered, got ticker up to 142 at one rest.

Weights 20 x setting 9 on horizontal rower/bench press machine thing - will see what it's proper name is - made a mental note that it's by a company called Hoist

Did 2000m on rower at top setting in 9mins 9secs which is good cause I was jiggered on top of running 4.5miles (near as damnit in the morning)

Also upped the reps for the bicep curl and tricep pushdown to 5 reps of 6 at 10 setting. Very good it was too. So am going home now - no more exercise for today I think - weigh in day tomorrow.

In every problem an opportunity exists...

Got up early doors as usual - got to bike and lovely jubbly, no front light working - all charge gone. Disheartened? A little maybe, but not stopped!! Went back in house took off helmet put on woolly hat and did a run instead - have run it through and it's about 4.5 miles give or take - took a good hour and my calve muscles know they've done it but it's also proved that I don't have to do interval runs on the running machine in the gym - might as well just run continuously! Am going to do a gym session later as well - was going last night but a lot of folks in so gave it a miss.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Gym Session 22-10-07

Monday 22/10/07 Gym Session

Didn’t get done at work as soon as I’d hoped so didn’t get in the gym until 6:30. I did a full half hour on the running maching set on bay run at about 10.5 km/h for the most part (gave myself 1 minute breaks about every 7 minutes – better than the 1:2 program I normally do). I then did three reps of 6 on the triceps pushdown and the biceps curls but set at the higher weight loading of 10 which equates to 104lbs rather than 91lbs. Not too much of a problem and by Xmas I’m aiming to be on setting 12. Did 4.4km on the runner and burnt off something like 430 calories (not that I’m counting).

Not a full session but best I could do with the time available.

Biking stats to come - week so far

Just realised I didn't do an update for last weeks biking stats which stuttered to a halt with only 71 miles which means I got work cut out for next couple of weeks to make em up. I only got about 11 miles in yesterday due to another bloomin puncture. I've done 14 miles this morning though, which is cool. Went up (and it is 'up' for a good part of the way - see gradient profile below) Tissington Trail in pitch black (5:40am!) and then down to Tissington Ford and back through Fenny Bentley into Ashbourne.


Week 34 - Weight record & confessional

Last Tuesday (16/10/2007) before went on cruise I attended a group in Redditch and weighed in. Took my shoes off as I thought a gain was possible and didn't want someone from Head Office looking like they couldn't food optimise!!! Anyway this made a weight of 14st 5lbs which is probably more accurate in a way but isn't in the spirit of things so I've adjusted it back by the 2lbs my big heavy shoes weigh to 14st 7lbs.
Am expecting to get weight back to 14st 7lbs by Thursday and have decided that my original target of 13st 11lbs is what I'm going for not 14st 7lbs just because it's easy. Am going to graft at it until Xmas and see where I am then.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Oriana - life on board

Life on board a P&O Cruiseship like Oriana is bloomin great. They have loads of places to eat and drink for all sorts of diets and tastes - have to hold hands up and say I have not been food optimising at all on this cruise. I've partaken of delightful beer of three (pint of Stella Artois was £2.50 at time of writing - better than my local). I've partaken of food that normally I wouldn't be eating - in fact it's fair to say that on the cruise if there was a sensible choice to take I pretty much avoided it!!! But you gotta have a break every once in a while.
There's loads of facilities to entertain - shows, comedians, quizzes, music, art - everything you can imagine. There's a number of swimming pools and sun-decks (weather not ideal on this trip!), there's a gym, badminton courts, basketball, there's hair and beauty facilities and massages and all sorts.

There's quoits and shuffleboard which is worth mentioning. Bumped into John on Friday who said he fancied a go at quoits and I'd overheard David mention an interest so we all got together and gave it go. I was paired up with John's partner Chris, David was partnered up with another guest, John was partnered up with the Entertainment officer to make the numbers up. Janette was partnered up with a gentleman called Gordon, and David's wife Sarah was partnered with another guest. Anyway to cut a long story short (well it's going on a bit I must admit) the final in the shuffleboard competition came down to Janette and Gordon taking on John and Dom (Entertainment Officer). And guess what? Janette took the honours and is unofficial Shuffleboard champion of Autumn Getaway cruise 2007!!

Janette - unofficial Shuffleboard champion 2007

Utter concentration as John stares shuffleboard defeat in the face...

Gordon, half of the team that beat John!!!

Friday 19th October - Bruges

It's friday, it must be Belgum! Friday saw us dock in Zeebruge and then visit Bruges. Let me tell you why you should consider living in Bruges - they have architecture (didn't see much in Amsterdamto compare with the prominent neo-gothic style - apart from the concert hall which the guide told us only about ten times that everyone in Bruges hates!!). Also they have loads and load of breweries and beer they love - we had a tour of the Half Moon Brewery museum which finished in sampling the produce, which was nice. Also the Belgians can't be touched for chocolate production - there are literally hundreds of chocolate shops in Bruge - how cool is that. Finaly you can cycle everywhere - only downside is that any golf courses would be very boring!

Back to the day, we toured Bruge by Canal first in a great long boat and then by foot culminating in the trip to the brewery. The boat tour highlighted the many bridges around the town while the tour on foot gave us an opportunity to see the town centre and it's many shops, restaurants and bars. We also saw the Old St Johns Hospital which our guide made numerous mentions of Hospital and Hospitality as apparently only ten per cent of people staying there were patients, most of the others were pilgrims staying there.

I've sort of counted the brewery trip as exercise as it involved climbing over 230 stairs!! However, it was darned informative too, we saw the basic ingredients, the brewing process and were really entertained by the Brewing Museums guide who was a bit of a card. We ended up at one point out on the roof so I took a few pics from up there. A couple of beers were taken before heading back to the Oriana. The previous day getting back from Amsterdam took ages, such is the amount of traffic hitting the port but it was a smooth trip back fromm Bruge.

Links:- Half Moon Brewery.

View from top of the Half Moon brewery.

Another view from top of Half Moon Brewery

Tour of Bruge by boat. Note - stepped gable ends - big in Bruge!

A wooden construction building which were at one time very typical in Bruge.

The Cathedral - built over 200 years by five generations of masons from bricks - puts the rapid construction times of the modern day into perspective.

Look at all the folks on bikes again - it's the only way to travel in cities I tell you!

Two of the many bridges of Bruge

Look at the dreamy spires in the distance

Those spires close up!

Thursday 18th October - Rotterdam / Amsterdam

Cruising's ace, but have to admit Amsterdam wouldn't be in my top 10 places to visit. It's interesting but comes second to Bruges in terms of where we went last week. We had a riot though. The scenario was that the our Financial Director had been kidnapped and while in Amsterdam we had to raise €50,000 to pay the ransom so this involved various japes in the town including big-money cards, a crime re-construction (see pic below and bear in mind I'm playing the part of our financial director who always dresses this way).

What's cool about Amsterdam and Bruges for that matter is that everyone rides a bike - there's a multistorey bike park in Amsterdam for heaven's sake! This must have an impact on the health of the dutch and belgian people (am going to look at the stats that the media are always quoting I reckon). Another thing I found intersting from a biking perspective is that while I must have seen thousands on bikes there, I saw exactly one person wearing a helmet. They don't even seem to wear them on moped scooters??? Wierd eh? but then, these are the folks that legalised the sale of cannabis in the bars, mind!!!

It was a right old pain getting back to Rotterdam because of sheer level of traffic into the port. But when got back I made use of the Gym facilities on the Oriana. They got a gym that's kind of as good as the one we have at work - in some ways better, in some ways worse - the running machines they got have sky tv on them which is great and a real computerised display rather than LCD but they don't have the space for as many weights machines as we have. I also found out that the settings and measurements I'm recording in the gym are actually kilometers rather than miles as Frank Kinlan has pointed out in a comment on a previous post (link to Frank's site)

Anyway spent damn near an hour in the gym which was great (listended to the entire Black Parade album by My Chemical Romance apart from the hidden track).

They do this apparently when cruise ships come into port - we weren't even on fire.

This pic is of a multi-level cycle park! They mighty keen on cycling in Amsterdam.

My impersonation of our Financial Director, "uncanny" folks who know him would say. Think it's the hat that makes it. Our performance got a round of applause from nearby Dutch builders, that's how good it was!

Windmill in Rotterdam

Coming into the port

One of the many herons you see in Amsterdam - very tame they seem to be.

17th to 19th October - Autumn Getaway Cruise

My regular reader may notice that a gap existed from Wednesday to Friday last week which I've not had opportunity to post on yet. Me and the missus were on the P&O Cruiseship Oriana for a few days on a manager's trip with work. Not really thought about how am going to get the detail right for these few postings so I'm going to start off with a pic of me and the missus onboard last week and then put a picture of me and the missus from 2006 trip to show the difference Slimming World has made (bear in mind I didn't start until CR asked me in February, bless her cotton socks!). Links:

Paul and Janette onboard the Oriana, Oct 2007 (note to self - get jeans with right leg measurement in future, you muppet)

Paul and Janette in Mallorca, Oct 2006 (note to self - get chinos with right leg measurement in future, you muppet)

30 Miler Up The Trail

Had to be back at 10:30 so only did 30 miles today after setting off at 8am. Went from home, onto Tissington Trail up to Parsley Hay and back again - the bloomin Edge ran out of battery after about 11miles so had to get up to Parsley to see the sign back for Ashbourne which said 13.5 miles so I reckon that makes 30 miles in all. Cold as anything to start off with but got better as sun came up so got some nice pics of Autumnal Derbyshire.

Parsley Hay on Tissington Trail (High Peak Trail to left)

Derbyshire in Autumn - can't beat it...

This shot has Minninglow in the distance on the horizon (see previous posts)

High Peak and Tissington trails come together at Parsley Hay

An Autumnal Derbyshire from the Tissington Trail

Good weather for a Balloon ride.

Another shot of Derbyshire (over Fenny Bentley area I think).

Sign says 13.5 miles to Ashbourne (add a bit more for Clifton to get approx 30 miles)!!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Post that wasn't posted before European conquest!!

Note: this post was written on the wednesday but only published on the saturday!!! Technical issues and all that!!

Not been too bad so far - weighed in at 14st 5lbs last night at the Redditch group (Note: had shoes on so really 14st 7lbs!). The Consultant Paula had diving weights that you could pick up to see what a stone was - let me tell you it's bl**dy heavy is what a stone is!! So that was good. This morning not so bloomin good got on road for 6:00 and was getting off it with a puncture at 6:30 only 7 miles to the good! 63.7 miles on the clock for the week leaving a balance of 37 miles to finish off. It's about doable.

Off to Europe shortly so no post for a day or two... (no kids either!! ha ha ha, manic laughter again.....).

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Tuesday Post

Tuesday post – got 14 and a half miles done this morning and did 2 reps of 20 of the ab crunching cycle exercise before going to work. Weight is slightly up at 14st 5.5lbs this morning but hey it was 14st 3.5lbs last night and I saw it with my very own eyes!! Am working at a group in Redditch tonight so am going to get weighed there later I reckon so I’ve at least got a record for this week before the onslaught of the mini-hols coming up on Wednesday, not bothered about what the scales say tonight I’ve seen lightness this week and I’ll have more of it before I’m done you see if I’m wrong ha ha ha ha ... manic laughter….

Link: to practice run this morning

Monday, 15 October 2007

Freak out! Unofficial 14st 3.5lbs!!!

Done another hours worth in the gym again tonight. Did the same as Saturday but a little more so (slightly more weights) or a little bit faster (running machine - 425calories, 4.3miles) or a little bit slower (9.10 seconds on Concept 2 Rower) so all good stuff - think the rower was slower (bit of a poet, who don't even know it) because I'd done ten mile on the bike this morning and the thirty plus miles yesterday.

Anyhoo, found out a couple of good things today - 1)'s mileage is more accurate than Training Center - Garmin doesn't count mileage when the GPS loses it's signal which always happens going through the disused railway tunnel in Ashbourne (so am doing even more miles than I think).

Secondly, got on the scales after the Gym session - 14st 3.5lbs !!!! That'd mean a total of 4st 7.5lbs loss - four and a half bloomin stone!!!! Awesome.

Only problem is - group is on Thursday and I'll be out of the country, chances are fairly high that I'll put a bit of weight on over the weekend, still 14st 3.5lbs even it's only tonight is bloomin magic and a new world record weight for me!!!!!!!

Awesome!!! Got to go do some packing now - working in Redditch tomorrow night then down to Southampton on Wednesday morning. It's all bloomin go round here folks!!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Offroading = f.o.c.mudbath = back to the road again next week!!

Took the restored Raleigh Incognito out again today. We did 30 miles according to MotionBased and in the process got absolutey shat* up to high heaven. I mentioned planning to go on National Cycle Route 54A from Tissington Ford up to Bradbourne and over to Brassington then down round Carsington. As it was, I was darned unimpressed with Route 54A - have passed it no end of times and it looked really interesting down the bit near Tissington Ford heading over towards Bradbourne

But when I got on it it just takes you in a big loop and puts you on the road that if you turned left just before crossing the road you'd be on anyway, the other downside of it is that it's too steep - you can ride it but it's damned hard to keep the front wheel down it's that steep. Thirdly, there's too many rotten gates on it. Other than that it's spot on.

Never mind, when I got to Brassington I had a change of plan and instead of turning right for Carsington I went left and got on the High Peak Trail at Longcliffe. I went along the trail because the previous week when I was moaning about the signage at Ballidon I noticed this circle on the satellite view on googlemaps (see pic below of click on this link to see what I mean).

An aerial view of Minninglow - notice how round it is! You can see it on Satellite imagery even at a tiny scale.

Anyway last week didn't know what it was, asked Alan and Dave who I work with who also didn't know what it was but my Dad said 'It's Minninglow, you can see it for miles - it's a sort of ancient burial mound thing like Arbor Low and what have you.' - He's right and all, it looks flat on the aerial photo but in reality is something like the shot below (what I took earlier!).

And you can see it for miles and miles - this is a picture from somewhere near Tissington

Note the two big copses of trees on the horizon - between them many miles away is Mininglow

Can you make it out?

Anyway have got bike cleaned down and ready for business again tomorrow. Back on the bloomin road again I reckon though - much cleaner!

Check out the ever so slightly ruined trainers and cycling trousers!

* Shat, A popular word round our way much used by a certain Mr Chapman "meaning soiled in a big way".

Links: Some stuff on Mininglow
The full route on Motionbased

Sunday Post

Thought I'd put in the weeks where Janette was in Gran Canaria - am going to put the missing Mallorca weeks in as well and aim to get 100miles plus for every week of the year by end of December!!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Saturday Cycling

Wasn't happy that the bike computer wasn't saying 100+ miles for the week so I did another 10 miles tonight to get it looking right (7 miles before kick-off, another 3 at half time but missed first 6 minutes of second-half - massive result for England though think it'll be a hell of a result if they can beat South Africa - on saying that they owe them one). There's another load of miles that aren't recorded when I'd not got the computer on the new bike and when the batteries ran out on the Edge so tomorrow am going to work everything out properly.

Shot a steady 86 on the golf course this afternoon but putted woefully again. Funny old game had four pars in the first five wholes and then didn't get another until the 9th.

Big biking stats to be added to this post in the morning. Am darned tired today with gym, hgolf and a bit of biking!!! Might even lie in till 6:30am tomorrow!!!

Weekend Post - Early Gym Session

Got up at 6:10 and cause I get up at 5am in the week it feels like a lie-in (no, really!!). Got to work and into the Gym for 7:20 and had my best and longest session yet, get this:-

Started off with a full half hour on the runnng machines doing 1:2 walk:run program set at 5/10mph which meant a total of 4.1 in distance (think it must be miles??) which according to the readout burnt up 398.5 calories (wonder if you do enough of this sort of excercise you get a feel for what a calory's worth of energy output actually is??).

Then did 3 reps of 10 on the following:-

Seated Mid Row set at 10 (93lbs)
Vertical Bench Press set at 10 (83lbs)
Triceps Pushdown set at 9 (91lbs)
Biceps Curl set at 9 (91lbs)

Finished off with 2000 metres on the Concept2 proper rower set at 10 and there was quite an improvement on the other day's time 8 minutes 24 seconds which I reckon is fastest yet. Total of a full hour with next to nothing in the way of breaks so am well pleased with that!!

Anyway am going to tag all the Gym posts so I can keep an eye on my performance. Expect great things says I!!!

Friday, 12 October 2007

Have put the Edge Bike computer on the 'new'old bike tonight and gone out and done ten miles on it. I noiw know it's a bit slower than the Giant, it's also a bit comfier and it'll do off-road which I think is what it's designed for (definitely lower gear ratios than the Giant). So it's okay and am going to take it off-road Sunday I think although not decided just where as yet!!

Did 15 miles on it this morning and six miles last night to try it out without the Edge so reckon I'm good for 110+ miles already. I also had a ride out in the week when the bike computer batteries were flat due to using a duff mini-usb so I could add another ten miles there but not bovvered that much, I know am getting the exercise in so it's all cool.

Am in work tomorrow morning to show one of the trainers a new training room layout so am going into the gym for an hour first. Mixing it up as mentioned earlier in the week!!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

A costly mistake

Blimey, have I made a mistake or what. This is the bike that has resulted from the frame that Phil rescued from being chucked on the dustcart. Great you say, looks good (apologies for the dark photo - it was nighttime), not so good says I, parts were £60 and there was 9 hours of labout to add to it. Which Lumbards bless em did at a vedry competive rate but blimey I almost wish Phil had missed the frame and it had got slightly crushed!!!

Anyway, it is what it is, and am going to make the best of it. Have fitted lights to it and am going to get some miles done on it tonight. At the weekend am going to try the cycle route 54a between Tissington and Carsington which you need mtb tyres for so this should be ideal! Am also considering going up the Tissington Trail then picking up the High Peak Trail to Wirksworth then coming back down the Carsington Road to Ashbourne? Not made me mind up yet but will have by Saturday!!!

Week 33 Weighin - happy with a gain???

Another slight gain this week - but not bovvered. Not bovvered at all, reason being I've not really been food optimising well this week at all. Reason for that - Phil is doing Food Technology classes (same as "Domestic Science" in my day, or "Home Economics" in my mum's day,"cooking lessons" in my Grandma's day probably!!). Anyway he's doing these lessons and thus far his homework has been flapjack, swiss roll, pineapple upside pudding and an all-in-one cake (picture down below). Anyway he's doing all this cooking and bringing stuff home that is gorgeous and absolutely loaded in Syns (loaded, I tell you) and it'd crush his confidence if I didn't partake in his education so I've had to partake in family consumption of said items. I'm not joking if it wasn't for the lack of cursing and obnoxiousness you'd think you had Gordon Ramsey in the house the cookings that good!!!

Anyway next week I'm away on a trip so next weigh-in will be in two weeks time. I'm going on a cruise but I've checked that there's a gym so am going to be doing some serious exercise as well as some serious dining!! Anyway 14st 7lbs is my sort of unofficial target (it's unofficial cause am not really happy with it but body seems to be just happy at this weight), if I could stay at this weight til Xmas without too much hard work maintaining it I'm going to make it my official target.

An example of Phil's handiwork - he's good, honest he is!!, just a bit over the top in the chocolate application department!!!

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