Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Got back, a bit slower than last time but enjoyed the view

Cycled home from work again. A bit slower - 12.6mph on average. Into a bit of a wind today and stopped to take some pics along the way so not surprised it wasn't as quick. A beautiful late summer evening it seemed daft to break my neck riding like a mad 'un. Had to have lights on for last twenty minutes which is a sign of summer's end, seems to have flown by this year.

One noticeable improvement, however, was that I rode all the way up one of the hills that I had to push on up til now. Between Blackbrook and Cowerslane there's a good mile of hill that rises 200 feet which don't sound like a lot but tell that to your knees when you get to the top! I've still not cracked the hill up through Turnditch but maybe when I'm a bit lighter and a bit fitter I'll give it a go. Am already wondering whether there's time left for one last go at it next week!

The Big Bad Hill at Blackbrook

Gradient Profile of said hill!

A balloon takes flight over Ambergate

View from the car park of the Tiger at Turnditch

A view somewhere between Pentrich and Fritchley

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