Monday, 30 December 2013

Sunday 29th December 2013 to Saturday 4th January 2014

Sunday 29th December 2013
Not much to report.  Up early.  Dog walked.  Went to lotty - took all rubbish to tip. Put the last panel on the IBC cover.  Fixed the missus' throne.  Took greenhouse down (shutting stable door after horse has bolted a bit).   Dug the other half at the bottom.  Still plenty to do.

Took lil dog a big walk.  Listened to football results - Derby win again - eight out of nine games I think.  All good stuff.

Monday 30th December 2013
Up at 4am.  Got Phil up.  Got up proper at 5:30.  Took dog walk, fetched papers. In the office for 8.15 all good.

Tuesday 31st December 2013
Up early. Dog walked. Papers fetched.  Day off work.  Birthday.  Went to Stepping Stones for Lunch.  Long wait and other jip.  Never again.

Wednesday 1st January 2014
Up at the crack of dawn (went to bed at 9.30! Party pooper).  Dog walked. Hacking it down with rain all day.  Took Lily on a 1.5 mile walk in afternoon before over to me mums for new years day tea which was very nice.  Bit of a hoo-har at it that will take a lot of getting over.  Such is life.  Went to bed early again - woke up to watch Sherlock at 9pm but too tired so back to bed!

Thursday 2nd Janaury 2014
Up early.  Dog walked. Over to Darley Dale to pick phone up that I'd forgotten (halfwit).   Into office for 8.30 though all good stuff.  Went to group after work rather than Friday morning - managed to scrape a maintain which will have to do for now!  Xmas drinking will be coming to an end real soon!

Friday 3rd January 2014
Got up at the crack of dawn.  Got Phil up.  Went back to bed, got up at 5.45, let the pooch out then off up town to fetch papers and give the Lil dog a mile or so of early morning walking.  Weather much better than forecast so that's good.   Food optimising breakfast of weetabix, banana and yogurt then off to work.  All good - back in control perhaps.  100 days to London Marathon - think I need to start making every one of them count!  Porridge for lunch - 3 apples, 2 bananas during the day.  Zero alcohol.

Saturday 4th January 2013
Up early.  Didn't walk far first thing as was so wet the dog turned back.  Can't fault her.  99 days to London Marathon.  Found out early that golf was cancelled so that was marvellous.  Took Dog lots of walks.  Went and did a little tiny bit down at the allotment.  Went to Hangar 4 and got an 8 x 2 loft flooring board to see if we could get it up into the attic.  The good news is that yes, we got it in the attic.  So now going to get the attic semi-floored before the solar guys come.  Zero alcohol.


Monday, 23 December 2013

Sunday 22nd December 2013 to Saturday 28th Decembeer 2013

Sunday 22nd December 2013
Damn tired so I am.  Up at 4am to make sure Phil got up.  Up at 5am when panicked that Phil hadn't gone to work but it turned out to be Lucy in the loo.   Finally up proper at 6.40 and took the pooch out.  Tired though.  Did a slow slow run (full of cold and out of shape) round Mappleton and back.  Just under 6 miles in about two weeks I think.  Popped over to have a look at the lotty in the afternoon.  IBC filling up nicely.

Over to me mum and dad's for tea.  Very nice.  Bit tiddly when all done but such is life and it is Christmas after all.  "Get dressed ye merry gentlemen" as they'd say on Cabin Pressure.   Took dog a walk while over in Darley as well.  All good stuff.

Monday 23rd December 2013
Up at 5:30, dog walked nice and early.  Into the office for 8am for a early reheasal but nothing achieved until 9am as bass player was late. AAAgggh.  Never mind. Last day madness at work.  Soon be all done and dusted.  Set list was Disco 2000 (Pulp), Under Pressure (Queen) going into Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice) with a slight tempo slowdown, Acoustic version of Somewhere only we know (Keane) then Merry Christmas Everyone (Shakin Stevens) before finishing off with Merry Christmas Everybody (Slade). We had to do the last two a second time as we'd only got what we'd got.

Tuesday 24th December 2013
Couldn't get out of bed. 6am before I got going.  Dog walked, off to work by 7.20am.  In Aldi at 8am in the office by 8.30.  Bedlam in Aldi.  Never mind.  Taking kit down first thing.   Kit all packed away and stored until next year.   Got stuff down ready for Xmas dinner out of t'attic.

Wednesday 25th December 2013
It's Christmas..... Up early doors as usual to take dog out.  Kids up eventually.  Pressies opened.  Got a wonderful hat and lots of other cracking good stuff.  Little dog got a jumper:

Fetched Janette's brother, mum and dad came - everything went tickety boo.

Thursday 26th December 2013
Didn't do much.  Got up dead early, took pooch a walk.  Fetched papers.   Did very little for rest of day. Took Lily on her longest walk yet for got to take phone so mapped it on MapMyRun as being 1.93 miles.

Friday 28th December 2013
Pleased with myself for going and facing the music.  5lbs on at group.  Has to be done.  Did a top day's work then took the family to Stepping Stones - had a top tea.  All good stuff.  Took Dog walks but nothing good to report other than that.

Saturday 29th December 2013
Up early.  Dog walked.  Jobs done.  Made brekko for Lucy.  Went to do golf.   Played rubbish again and got beat.  Got back with an hour of light and a nice day so went to allotment to do some measuring.


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sunday 15th December 2013 to Saturday 21st December 2013

Sunday 15th December 2013
Woke up full of cold.  Great.  Took dog walk.  Down the Lotty with Phil getting IBC finished off, dug a load of the plot as well.

Knackered and feeling like death warmed up. Grand

Monday 16th December 2013
Up at 4am to make sure Phil got off to work.  Still not feeling good at all but have rehearsal at work so got to go in.  Went in and found out rehearsal cancelled due to someone not being well.  Great.  Such is life.  Dog walked when got home.  

Tuesday 17th December 2013
Up at 4am again. All good stuff.  Still feeling rough. Dog walked. Into the office for 8.15 so not bad. Lot to do and dentist appointment later.  When got there the Dentist was bare - sorry, closed due to a power cut. Marvellous, couldn't even get me hair cut as the barbers is on the same side of the street and all that side was out. 

Wednesday 18th December 2013
Up at the crack of dawn.  Dog walked. Into the office before 8.30.  Still full of cold. Such is life.  Rehearsal after work for the works do.   All done and dusted now - it will be okay, confidence is high. 

Thursday 19th December 2013
Up early, dog walked, into the office early.  Skipped the XW meeting as didn't want to infect anyone and had some words to sort out for a press release on a project I'm involved with.   All good stuff.  Diabetes clinic after work.  Everything fine - cholesterol good, blood pressure good 134/70, blood sugar good 5.8 (I think - probably remembered that wrong).  Anyway if the doctor's happy I'm happy.    Me and Phil put a new blind up when got home - that was a lot of fun with supervision from she who must be obeyed. 

Friday 20th December 2013
The usual in the morning.  Up early door, dog walked.  Wrote some more Xmas cards.  Went to Hollie's group in Belper.   A pound on this week which considering I've not been running due to cold but have been whisky tasting on an industrial scale due to cold  - I am more than happy with.   Into office for 9:30, final rehearsal tonight.  All good stuff. 

Monday, 9 December 2013

Sunday 8th December 2013 to Saturday 14th December 2013

Sunday 8th December 2013
Up early as always Phil gone to work bless him. Back to bed.  Dog walking at 6:30 all good stuff.

Did a 3 mile run in 35 minutes out of shape and protecting right knee a bit never mind.

Cut up wood for IBC we're one piece short but getting there.  Bit of work on the lotty getting there gradually.  We've got a roof over it.  Wind has moved shed a fraction so the door's a bugger to open now.

Monday 9th December 2013
Up at 5:40.  Dog let out and walked by 6:40  In the office by 8am.  All running sweet. Rehearsal with the Xmas special band after work.  All good stuff.

Tuesday 10th December 2013
Up at 5:40: Dog walked by  6:45.  Run two miles (it's a start 2.05 in 22m 29s) by 7:10 in office by 8:30.  Bosskat going to see Westzone at Nottingham Arena so home from work early.  Sorted PJs godparent's computer - malware stopping IE working but not Chrome.   Dog walked some more. All good stuff.

Wednesday 11th December 2013
Up at 5.40 (habit).  Dog walked by 6.50.  Run two miles (2.09 in 22m 33s).  In office for 8.30 everything ticking over nicely.  Visited Lynn SW group up in Eckington - mega busy at 3pm!  Went to Hollie's SW group for weighin on way home from work in Belper.  Lost 4lbs from Fridays very poor starting point!

Thursday 12th December 2013
Up at 5.40 (deffo habit).  Dog walked. Run two miles (22:27 getting fractionally quicker each day!).  In Alfreton for 8.30 before shop even opened - got missus an Xmas present nice and early.  All ticking over nicely.   In office for 8.45, bit later than usual but you can't be everywhere all the time can you!  Saw an old work colleague, Alan,  after work which was nice.  Must make more of an effort to keep in touch. Trouble with life is there's so little time.  Back home for 9.30, fasting for blood test in the morning.

Friday 13th December 2013
Got up at guess what time.  Yes, it's habit.  Took lil dog for nearly mile and a half, bless her.  Back home in time to get Phil up. Blood test at 8.40 so did another 2miler in 22m 17s - see getting quicker all the time.  Doctors and bloods took then off to work.  Things to fix again.

Saturday 14th December 2013
Up early. Dog walked.  Golf at Lunchtime - very windy, very average.  Down the lotty doing guttering on IBC before dark.  More dog walking.  All good stuff.


Sunday 1st December 2013 to Saturday 7th December 2013

Sunday 1st December 2013 to Saturday 7th December 2013
This is entered a week late.  Did a bit of work on the lotty.  Found out we had to move the IBC which didn't go down well with Phil.  Still we get on with it.
Went to mum and dads' for tea.  Lots of dog walks the usual stuff.

Friday 6th December 2013
Back to group for first time in four weeks.  Not surprised to have put 5lbs on.  In the time the brother-in-law went in to hospital (five weeks) have put on half a stone.  Got to change - got to get ready for London Marathon in April.  So stopped the booze.

Saturday 7th December 2013
Up early.  Got Phil up (but he was already up). Dog walked.   Had another solar quote - much better and happier with supplier - very thorough and much more cost-effective.  Golf at lunch time - slow and did 14 holes before we called it a day.  Nice coffee in the clubhouse then back home.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Sunday 24th November 2013 to Saturday 30th November 2013

Sunday 24th November 2013
Took the dog a walk first thing then lots of little jobs.  Got rid of some garden waste - nistertians and sweet peas now frost has had em.   Washed both cars.  Tidied up the little mini-greenhouses.   Did some work on IBC with young Phil.   Walked dog another two times.  Bath.  Bed early.  All good stuff but no run.

Monday 25th November 2013
Up at crack of dawn. Dog walked, paper's fetched and back home for 6:40.  Just in time to get the boy off to work.  Got into work for 7.45 - best for a while.

Tuesday 26th November 2013
In Manchester for training.  Made the mistake of going by train from Buxton to avoid the traffic - it took days both ways.  Although it was rather cool to see Picadilly. Did all the walking stuff so good stuff as well.   Cracking course on E-crime and social media.  Found some good stuff out.

Wednesday 27th November 2013 
Up at 5:20, dog walked, papers fetched, in to office for 7:45am.  Good.

Thursday 28th November 2013
Same sort of stuff.  Brother-in-law out of hospital hopefully stuff get back to normal now!
Band practice for xmas madness - all good stuff.

Friday 29th November 2013
More of the same stuff.  Very tired.

Saturday 30th November 2013
Fur and feather at golf club but not allowed to play it on my membership.  Shame as me and John racked up 40 points which would have been quite handy.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Solar Project

Looking into getting some quotes for Solar Panels.  Dad has just had em fitted and you can get cash back on what's known as a feed in tariff.

It only takes a couple of weeks and you become an expert in all things solar.  We've got a great quote for Panasonic Hybrid panels which are a bit smaller than standard ones so should fit really easily on our roof.   The invertor will go in the attic.  We've had a new meter fitted already which is a backstop meter apparently so we prepd for that.  Next we need an EPC doing which is where someone comes and tells you how efficient your house is we have double glazing throughout, cavity wall insulation, roof insulation, low power lights so it should be a formality all being well. 

Feed in tarriff is what you get paid for generating your own leccy - you get 14.9p for every killowatt hour you produce you also get an extra 5p for half the kilowatt hours you produce which is what the power company estimates you feed into the grid.  This is the first interesting thing - it's not metered so ideally you want to use every bit you can generate. 

In winter there won't be much but come summer it will be time to make hay!

Saturday 14th December 2013
Have sent cheque off for deposit.  The system we will have installed is a 16 panel 3.84KW panasonic Hybrid panel which will go on the ESE roof - which isn't ideal but I can't see the missus letting me rotate the house to suit.  It'll be about 12% less efficient that facing due south but we are where we are. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Sunday 17th November 2013 to Saturday 23rd November 2013

Sunday 17th November 2013
Didn't get up til nearly 8am!  Took pooch a walk.  Did a few jobs, made Lucy Breakfast.  Finally when Phil was risen we took the IBC stand down to the Allotment and got that done.

Bottom layer of IBC support on two 3 x 2' paver which are a smidge too small, really.

IBC stand and IBC in place - pretty damn solid all in all 
Monday 18th November 2013
Up at 4am to get Phil up (must stop doing this).  Up at 5:45 proper, dog walked and papers fetched nice and early, tired though!  In to the office before 8am all's well with the world.

Tuesday 19th November 2013
Up early.  Dog walked.  Work.  Home early.  Kids sorted.

Wednesday 20th November 2013
Up early.  Dog walked.  Work.  Home early.  Kids sorted.

Thursday 21st November 2013
Up early.  Dog walked.  Work.  Rehearsal for Xmas do after work. Went really well all things considered..

Friday 22nd November 2013
Up early.  Dog walked.  Training at work - interest stuff.

Saturday 23rd November 2013
Up early.  Dog walked.  Nipped to Allotment to get PTFE tape out of shed.  Took a couple of bags of rubbish to tip.  Golf at lunch time - five pars, one birdie on S.I. 3 ninth hole.   If had parred the 16th (missed greent and chipped to about five feet I'd have parred or better all the par three holes on the course.  Missed some daft putts.  Was at side of the par five 2nd hole in three shots then took five more to get it into the damned hole.  Happens a lot with Winter golf that.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Sunday 10th November 2013 to Saturday 16th November 2013

Sunday 10th November 2013
Up at 5:30!  Shaved, showered, packed and ready to go.  Quick walk to take some stuff back to the car and then breakfast at 6.40.  On the road and back home for 8:10am.  Six mile run 45 minutes later!

Did some jobs and bits and bobs then at 4pm had a reheasal for the Big Lix 21st Anniversary gig this coming Saturday!  It all went surprisingly well all things considered so am not as apprehensive as I was and am quite looking forward to it!

Monday 11th November 2013
Up at crack of dawn (well 5:30) got some jobs done, shoes polished, Dog walked, papers fetched.  Got into office a fraction after 8am so all good stuff so far.   Got home to make kids' tea did some bits and bobs. Walked dog. 

Tuesday 12th November 2013
Up at 5:30.  Did some jobs. Took dog walk.  Got to work early. Bloody tired though I can tell you. 

Wednesday 13th November 2013
Up early. Dog walked early. Off to work early. Back home early.  Kids fed on time.  Off to Buxton Opera House to see Reginald D Hunter. 

Am convinced I saw Nigel Clough in the audience but it's possible I may be mistake.

Home a bit late but such is life. 

Thursday 14th November 2013
Up real early to get Phil up. Dog walked Early.  In to work earyl.  Tons of good stuff done during work. Very pleased. Rehearsal after group only two of us but a start none-the-less. Back home for a bit after 7pm.  Dog walked again - all good.  Bed earlier than has been the case most often so that's good. 

Friday 15th November 2013
Up at crack of dawn.  Baked two loaves for IT Depts bake auction thing.  All good stuff.  In to office for just after 8am all going well. 

Saturday 16th November 2013
Up early.  Walked dog, fetched papers.  Fetched Piccy B. Did some working on the IBC platform - tomorrow it will be done.   Helped Phil with initial re-roofing of his shed(s).  Golf - some not too bad stuff and some rubbish as usual, think had three pars on front and four pars on back nine so not too bad considering hadn't played for a week or three!

Big Lix 21st Anniversary reunion gig in the evening.  Played four or five songs - I remember Rock'n'Roll Damnation - AC/DC, Movin On - Bad Company, Rock'n'Me - Steve Miller and Alright Now - Free - Phil said I did five though so not sure what I'm missing?   Anyway it went really well, it was great to see Ray Hirst, Rip Hirst, Jon Bigland, Rich Mellor, Andy Smith, Neil Burgess, Jason Callear and all the friends and family and folks not seen in a hundred years!  Good stuff. Didn't leave til gone midnight - very tired. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Sunday 3rd November 2013 to Saturday 9th November 2013

Sunday 3rd November 2013
Up early.  Dog walked. Fetched more pavers with Phil.  Went to Allotment took one 2x2' on trolley but it's too soft by far.   We brought base from IBM back home.  Phil set about making a stand for the IBC - I need to get two 3x2' slabs up to the plot for the IBC base. Over to mums for tea.   Back home for 7:30.  Bed early.

Monday 4th November 2013
Up early.  Got Phil up for 4.25.  Got up at 6am took dog out, fetched papers, shower then straight off to work.  Need to leave early to get back home for Lucy.  Bosskat not going to be back from Derby City Hospital until late.

Tuesday 5th November 2013
More of the same, in early out early, dog walkings. etc.etc.

Wednesday 6th November 2013
More of the same but went to ATP Tour Finale at O2 arena incorporating a meeting with Barclaycard so all good stuff , Think we saw David Ferrer vs Someone Berdych.  Got home at 2.15am!  A wee bit late for me.

Thursday 7th November 2013

Friday 8th November 2013
Up early to get Phil up at the crack of dawn.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Three mile run done (first of November - life is a bit mixed up at present).  Popped in on Hollie at Belper - 1.5lb on - not good but that's what you get when you're not focussed.

Plenty of getting ready for the big Slimming World Woman of the Year awards at the NICC at Birmingham. Got me hair cut on way home.   All set.

Saturday 9th November 2013
Up at the crack of dawn as usual - got Phil up at 4am.  Got papers at 6am, got off to Birmingham at 8.30 there in good time for doing the business with the shop at the awards.  Lunch in the Slug and Lettuce - not bad and good value for money I did think.  Shop in the afternoon.  Do in the evening, in bed for 10:30.

Gormless Selfie

A good sleep then off for home in the morning I reckon.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Sunday 27th October 2013 to Saturday 2nd October 2013

Sunday 27th October 2013
Up early.  Dog walked (more nuts - see below)

Six mile run at 10:17 pace - slow but rainy so not to worry. More garden tidying up - getting there slowly.

Lunch at Stepping Stones.  Showed me mum the wonder of Facebook (there's a group called Bakewell of Yesteryear on it which got a lot of "aahs" and "eh look"s! )  All good.

Monday 28th October 2013
Up at 6am after going to be at 8:20pm so loads of sleep.  Took dog out.  Fetched papers. Got stuff ready for the monday of the week and off to work early.  Got first report of the day done by 9:30! Cool. Got away from office about 5:30 back home for 6.15 all good stuff.  Tea then took dog walk.  All a bit so-so today.

Tuesday 29th October 2013
Up early.  Got dressed let the pooch out.  Had a shave.  Went to fetch papers.  But roof bars on the car in prep for weekend.  Got the emptied metre squared cleaned up a bit.

Wednesday 30th October 2013
Nothing much to report.  Walked dog.  Work early.  Group visit in Eckington took all afternoon visiting supplier Kinspeed on the way there (and back for that matter).   Went to Hollie Majthenyi's Belper group on way home - have never been so happy to have only put on a pound and a half after so long with hardly any running and a lot of alcohol.  November will be the month of getting it all together!
Back home took dog out - watched the remake of Total Recall, bed late again.

Thursday 31st October 2013
Up early.  Took dog up Snelston hill to get some more nuts - not many about but it was only just getting light so that may have something to do with it. In to work just after 8am.

Friday 1st November 2013
Day off work.  Brother-in-law back in Hospital madness begins again. Dog walked.  Shopping with missus in afternoon.

Saturday 2nd November 2013
Up early as always took Lily a walk early doors.  Fetched papers. Fetched Lunch. Fetched some pavers. Fetched tea for kids and next-door.  Fetched missus back from Derby City Hospital.  Fetched tea for me and missus. Bed.


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday 20th October 2013 to Saturday 26th October 2013

Sunday 20th October 2013
Tired but got up at 6:30.  Took wee dog out.  Got some chestnuts.

Took Sylv to take over from Janette at 10am.  Back home for 11:30.  Cleaned the IBC up and then Phil took it over to the allotment for me.  Me and the boy then humped it up to the allotment.

Have put it behind the shed for now but we shall be making a good solid base for it in due course.  It will holed 1000 litres of water so with that and the butts we can hold 1600 litres of water come Summer 2014.  Got some more raspberries which I think the boss has frozen.

After bosskat had a kip I took the family to pub for lunch about 4:00pm!  Dropped boss and Lucy off at home then went down allotment to do a wee bit of measuring.   Took JAS to Derby City Hospital to take over from Sylv.

Monday 21st October 2013
Got Phil up at 4am.  Got meself up at 6am.  Took dog up town.  Got papers.  Got Lucy up and off to school.  Got to work.  Exercise is off at the moment while missus is at hospital.  Got to work on time.  Left early at 3.30.  Did Lucy's and Phil's tea.  Went to hospital to see missus and take her some stuff.

Tuesday 22nd October 2013
Got Phil up at 4am.  Got mesen up at 6am. Chucking it down with rain so did stuff round house.  Got Lucy up, give her breakfast, fetched papers.  Hoovered.  Washed up.  Went to work.  Got home, took the boss to the hospital brought boss' sister back.  Watched a bit of telly, helped Lucy with maths homework.  Went bed.

Wednesday 23rd October 2013
Up at crack of dawn to get Phil up, back to bed.  Up again at 6:15, let pooch out, had shave, did Lucy's packed lunch. Got Lucy up.  Did her breakfast. Went and fetched papers.  Got ready for work, went to work. Got home, fed Lucy and Phil.  Took Lucy to Football.  Missus still in hospital - am I using this as an excuse not to run?  If I were properly committed I'd make time.  Tomorrow must make time.

Thursday 24th October 2013
Up early to get Phil going - will ask him if he's okay getting up on his own tonight - ridiculous when he's 18.  Got Lucy up at 7am after doing some tidying up, shaving, make Lucy's lunch, made her breakfast then took Lily dog with me to get papers, parking in Leisure Centre car park and walking to MRS.  Bought a mirror today as it's got a £5 voucher off at Aldi which is good.  A cheaper bottle of scotch or a free bottle of wine whichever way you looks at it.   Team meeting this afternoon so have been up town to Birds for some buns.  Good stuff (any excuse).  While up town I nipped into Wilko quick.  Got 18 litre of John Innes potting compost for £1.25 (it said £2.50 on the shelf but went through the till at £1.25 - so put it in back of car and went and got a couple more - going to use some straight away for sweet peas and store rest of it for next spring.

Friday 25th October 2013
Up early to get Phil up, back to bed a bit then up again about 6am.  Phil rang up to tell me I'd got a flat tyre so there was all that to sort out before getting into the office for 11:30.  Made some calls while waiting for tyres to be replaced so not end of the world.  Brother-in-law came out of hospital as well so that's making life a bit easier thank heavens.  Nothing to report on exercise front but a bit of dog walking's better than nowt.  Missed group for a second week running - need to get this resolved.

Saturday 26th October 2013
Up early for the boy.  Dog walked - got more sweet chestnuts - need to do this while they're there.   Golf at lunch time.  Slow going - another society in front to make it nice and slow so we only played 13 holes diverting from the 10th to the 15th on the back nine. Think I parred about five holes on the front nine but only one on the back

Helping me make me mind up not to renew next year.   Did a load of smaller gardening jobs.  Have decommissioned a metre square. Emptied the compost tumber etc.etc.

This is what came out of the tumble composter - looks spot on for mulching, digging in. 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Sunday 13th October 2013 to Saturday 19th October 2013

Sunday 13th October 2013
Well, woke up at 10:30 still feeling hammered.  Back to bed at about noon and woke up at 3pm so lost a day pretty much.  Still had a great time at the school reunion, drank way too much as I often do and that's the price you pay for it.  I'm pleased that golf got cancelled and I did the six mile run yesterday now!  Went over to mum and dad's for tea which was grand.  Sorted me dad's computer out while was there - bloody malware infected Google Chrome which I thought was good for keeping that sort of rubbish away but obviously not!

Monday 14th October 2013
Up at 6am, took little dog for a walk up town. Off to work early - banana and porridge for brekko. Great day in the office found a number of ip infringers including one overseas.  All good stuff.  Back home for 6.30, took the wee dog a walk got off to bed early.  Dryathloning from now until next do which will probably be the awards do although I might even keep off the booze for that one!  Bed for 10pm

Tuesday 15th October 2013
Had a plan in mind when went to bed that went like this.  Got up at crack of dawn (well 5.55) took dog up town to fetch papers but parked near Dove Services Station so a longer walk for the little dog of about 1.2 miles.   Got home for 7am easy, but instead of high-tailing it to work went for a three mile run! Day one of Marathon training is how I'm looking at it.  Knee feels fine today as well - all good. Be good if I could do it every day.  Watched England beat Poland 2-0 and get through to Brazil next year!  Good Stuff.

Wednesday 16th October 2013
Got up at 5:55, took the little dog out for a walk.  Then got home for 7am.  Went for another 3 mile run! Making it habit again!  Into the office for 8.40 be having some porridge in a wee bit all being well.

Thursday 17th October 2013
Up at 5.55 again.  Took pooch a walk up town - saw an A-Frame advertising a new Slimming World group at the Empire Ballroom in town!  Cool, we must have three of four groups in Ashbourne now!

Got back home for 6.45.  Out for a run at 7am - habit is forming again.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Sunday 6th October 2013 to Saturday 12th October 2013

Sunday 6th October 2013
Up early.  Took dog walk.  Did 6.5 mile run - very slow but it wasn't race so who cares!
Few jobs in garden. Mum and dad came over.  Took em over to see the allotment.  Well impressed they were.  Took the beanpoles down as they want covering up over Winter.  Did a bit of weeding where the bean poles were which couldn't get to before.  All good stuff.   Got back home and with a few hours to spare til setting off for Ellie Goulding Wolverhampton gig so mowed lawns and outside for hopefully the last time in 2013 - it's October for heaven's sake!

We set off for Wolverhampton about 5pm which was a bit too early in some ways but good that we were parked on bottom level of Civic Centre car park.  We walked into town a bit and had a coffee at the KFC.  Walked back about 6:45 queued for yonks - the trick with Civic Hall is to walk to the entrances on the right hand side not the ones on the left.  Once we got there we were soon in.  Seats were pretty good - left balcony, front row A113 - A115.  Good view but not much leg room.    The support bands were Chasing Grace and Lulu James - both very good. In fact, all three had really good bands, the standard is very high these days.

Did a very good solo Guns and Horses with just an acoustic guitar from accompaniment - pretty good guitarist too.

We left before the final encore and were home just before midnight - all in all a successful operation took an hour and ten minutes ish both ways really.  Lorra Lorra roundabouts.

Monday 7th October 2013
Up at 4am - got the lad up.  Back to bed and then up at 6am.  Took pooch up town to get papers.  Off to work - interesting day.  Left about 5.10 stopped at the lotty on the way home and did a bit - all good stuff.
Took dog a walk.  Watched half of a movie with Lucy - need to fast forward to 1hr 11mins to watch last forty minutes today.

Tuesday 8th October 2013
Up at 4am got the lad up.  Back to bed then up at 6am.  Papers with pooch.  Have taken the decision to have breakfast at work for a few days so I  give the dog less titbits so was in the office for just after 8am.
Brief stop at the lotty on way home - dug out the brassicas bit - think this bit and the bit where the courgettes are currently sitting will the be non-manured bit of the garden reserved for root crops next year.  When got home  had tea, walked dog.  Regripped my driver in readiness for Saturday - it goes well but the grip was a bit slippy it must be said.

Wednesday 9th October 2013
Up as usual.  Dog walked. Breakfast at work for dog weight management.  Back home.  Tea. Dog walked. Allotment planning.  Bed.

Thursday 10th October 2013
Up at 4am.  Dog walked. Work. Did an expert chat with Slimming World USA that was hampered with technical difficulties - hopefully will get another chance.   Got home for 8pm took dog a walk.  Read a bit then bed.

Friday 11th October 2013
Up at 4am - same drill as the rest of the week!  Took lil dog up town.  Then thought I'd do a run so 3.2 miles at 10min/mile pace for a change.

Group visit at 9am.  Lost a pound which is not what I'd expected.  Need to be getting back into the running habit and then things will get easier again.  Knee is not hurting after 3 miles which is good news.   See where we are after the big run on Sunday!

Saturday 12th October 2013
Got Phil up at 4am.  Got up at 6:30 to take Lily out, bless her!  Pottering about clearing the metre square gardens gradually.  Went up to golf but it was cancelled so went a six mile run.  A bit slow as my knee locked up after Mappleton (3.5 miles in) so some stretches and was able to finish - am not going to worry about it just keep on running as Steve Perry would say!


Monday, 30 September 2013

Running - Training Rankings

Been looking into stuff as have got big run next April to worry about now.   Fetcheveryone have got a ranking system for senior runners such as myself called WAVa so have been feeding my runs into them to see what they mean.

This is the WAVA score for the Great North Run half-marathon on 15th September. 

This is the WAVA score for Sunday's Great Yorkshire Run 10K

This is the WAVA score for 2010 London Marathon

There's a link for the WAVA calculator here:

And some gumfph on what it means here:

Sunday 29th September 2013: BUPA Great Yorkshire Run to Saturday 5th October 2013

Sunday 29th September 2013: BUPA Great Yorkshire Run

Up at 6am, everything sorted out night before - number pinned on shirt, timing chip on shoes, jelly beans, drink, flapjack for after.  Took dog for a walk then set off at about 7:15.  Had done all the planning on where to park and ended up parking on Wellington Street Car Park - loads of space - could probably have left it until 8am to set off.  At 10:07 did the daft warm-up (which in fairness probably works) then got off for the run. Bloody watch lost satellite reception right at the start so missed a few hundred yards off which meant I didn't get the 10K p.b. award on Endomondo.  Anyway after manually calculating it I ran the 6.213 miles on average at 9m 5s pace throughout so am pleased with that overall.  If you're thinking about doing Sheffield be warned it's as boring a run as you can do. Set off from ArundelGate near the Town Hall - run 3 miles down a dual carriage-way to Hillsborough, turn round and come back and finishes up a bloody hill!  Anways, pleased with my time overall.

Number pinned on ready to go.
Anyway all done, probably won't do that one again!

In the top third of results so happy with that and 9m 5s miles to boot.

This was at the front of the Green Wave - you can see how downhill it's going to start and how uphill it will finish!
What could be better on a Sunday morning than running up and down a dual carriageway!!!

Pleased with how flat the pace is - good fifth and sixth miles too!

Got back home after dropping in on me mum and dad.  Down the allotment for an hour - another tub of raspberrries. Then back home, chill out, took dog a walk, had a drink or two.  Off to bed about 9:30 after waiting for Phil to get home.

Monday 30th September 2013
Last day of September and still wearing shorts when I take the dog out for a walk - bloody marvellous! Woke up at 4am but didn't really need to as Phil was on lates, so got him up at 6am.   Took dog walk up town and got papers.  Nigel Clough has been sacked by crikey.  What a daft time to do that, never mind.   In to work early doors all good. Went to Sue Rutter's Crich group for a special project in the evening then back home. Tea and dog walk bit of telly then off to bed.

Tuesday 1st October 2013
Blimey O'Reilly - we're into October already.  Up at 6am - got Phil up (I woke up at 4am as well but thought "no, stop here, Lad"). Anyway, got up.  Walked the pooch and fetched papers (still in shorts, bugger off Winter!).  Showered, shaved, a food optimising breakfast of weetabix, mullerlite and chopped up banana.  Off to Sue Rutter's Leabrooks group to help with the project!
Have devised a 10K Training Route - bit hilly but it's 6.21 miles and that's the bit that counts!
In the office for 10am.   Meeting at 11.30.  Everything ticking over nicely.

Stopped off at Allotment on way home to get a few more raspberries for the missus.  We're nearly at the end of them unfortunately but we've done very well with them I can't help thinking.

Took dog for a walk, watched New Tricks, got off to bed.

Wednesday 2nd October 2013
Up at 6.15 - no mad rush today Phil going to a ploughing match somewhere so didn't get him up until gone 7am.   Took Dog to fetch papers, just drizzle so could have been worse.  Took an hour and ten minutes to get to work apparently due to accidents on the M1 blocking up the A38 - marvellous.

Thursday 3rd October 2013
Up at 5:30 - got everything done a bit earlier cause was off to that London. Went to a conference saw some interesting stuff - got a load of work done on train.  All good stuff.  Back home for about 6:30 so not bad at that side either.  Took pooch a walk but did very little else - must get back to training - haven't retired yet!

Friday 4th October 2013
Up at 6am.  Dog walked and what have you.  Off to group in Belper then work.  Head down all day only drunk two coffees in the office.   Put 1.5lb on at Belper meant to mention that - that's what happens when you're not doing the training.

Saturday 5th October 2013
Up early.  Dog walked.  Down allotment for an hour.  Another five barrows of muck moved onto plot.  Half a punnet of raspberries picked (where do they keep coming from?).  Laddo rang so fetched him breakfast and had a little one meself.   Pulled up all the sunflowers and took the canes etc down.  Golf at lunchtime - a very solid 88 just pipped John by a point at the end with a par at the last - marvellous!


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday 23rd September 2013 to Saturday 29th September 2013

Sunday 23rd September 2013
Up early.  Intended to get up and go running straight away but dog whining soon changed my plans.  Took dog a bit of a walk.  Janette got up so went for a run a bit later.  Did 5.81 miles very slowly but never mind it wasn't a race.  Went to Bakewell Showground car boot met up with some folks from Anglesey.  Bacon and sausage cob at the little cafe in the Agricultural centre - bit dear but never mind.   Bought a fork from the car boot for t'allotment.  When we got home I did perhaps an hour in the allotment.  Pulled up most of the brassicas that had gone to seed.   Picked more raspberries.  Took all the cak to the recycling centre and also took old bbq so we now have just the one gas-powered BBQ!  Over to mum and dad's for tea, very nice - didn't have a drink again!!  One week and counting - amazing what seeing a photo of yourself can change!

We had film night when we got back - watched The Campaign with Will Ferrell - terrible it was.  N'er mind - bed at 9:30

Monday 24th September 2013
Got up at 4am to get Phil up.  Got up proper at 6:15 - took dog up town and fetched papers.  Got back home loaded car up and off to Belper for a Cycle2Work - bloomin cold all things considered.  No other biked in the bike shelter first thing - straight into shower with no queue! Yay.  Cycled back from work - bloomin Garmin playing up - I've not downloaded the ride yet but I reckon it's not worked.   Took little dog for a walk late on.  Soon going dark now.

Tuesday 25th September 2013
Had to get to Emma Matthews' group with some kit early doors so in office before 8am.  Had taken dog for a good walk round town while picking papers up.

Opened the box to find out I'd got the wrong kit!  Such is life. Whizzed back to the office picked up the right bit of kit then back down to Emma's.   Showed social team how to use it, stopped through pay before setting off back to the office.   All good stuff.  Got home.  Did tea for Lucy and myself. Bosskat got back from covering at Clifton School went down to allotment.  Got some raspberries move the raspberry plant that was right in the middle of one of the beds.  So the bottom of the plot next to where the brassicas were is now totally clear.     The raspberry bush is now in a big tub - will go and have a look at it tomorrow perhaps see if it's alright.  Have set up a blog to keep progress on the Allotment -

Took Lily a walk a mile or so.
Went to bed early.  Still no alcohol!

Wednesday 26th September 2013
Up at 4am to get Phil up.  Got up proper at 6.25am - took pooch up town to get papers -   Had a good walk round town with her.  Back home for 7:05, brekko, shower and off to work (in that order), in the office for 8.25am.  Went to visit Tanya Tuck's lovely group at Big Barn Methodist Church.  Very good, back home for 6:45.  Took Dog a little walk and that was about it.

Thursday 27th September 2013
Up at 4am to get Phil up.  Very tired. Got up proper at 6:05 - went a walk with the hound up town and got papers.  Dropped Lucy off at school as she's going on a trip, bless her.  Got to work for 8.55 as a consequence!  Got a phone call from Janette at noon to say I'm in the London Marathon so proper training is about to begin I reckon.

Went to Janine Hulme's group in Rocester, stayed the same but never mind - not done much to deserve it except not have a drink for 10 days.  Anyway, thought I'd have a couple last night to celebrate(!) getting into London 2014.   Took little dog a walk as well when got back from Rocester.

Friday 27th September 2013
Same routine of getting up at crack of dawn to get Phil up.  Then up at 5:30 making bread for Macmillan Cancer Care Coffee Morning.  All of it sold straight away when got to work - hope it's edible.   Have booked a weekend in London for the missus' Birthday. Hope mum and dad can have Lucy will see them on Sunday morning after the BUPA Great Yorkshire Run.

Saturday 28th September 2013
Up at crack of dawn to get the boy up. Back to bed, dog whining at 6am, papers fetched by 7am. Down allotment by 8am, ten barrow loads of grade A manure shifted to plot. Tub of raspberries picked - they just keep coming.  Netting taken down, 3 courgettes picked, celery pulled up too.  Put three strawberry plants into the top bit that's sheltered a bit.

Am fit to shovel $hit manure from one place to another.

Golf at lunchtime - played reasonably well - particularly pleased with 11th hole - stroke index 3 - hit three-wood off the tee then three-wood to the green on a hole that was originally classed as a par five.  Damn fine shots.  Also parred a number of holes going round so was pleased overall but the speed of the round was diabolical so we came off after the fourteenth hole which was a bit of a shame.  Never mind.  


Monday, 16 September 2013

BUPA Great North Run Sunday 15th September 2013 to Saturday 21st September 2013

Sunday 15th September 2013 : Great North Run 2013

Well the day of reckoning finally arrived and I wasn't found wanting! In fact I'd go as far as to say I surpassed any expectations I could have had for the day. We stopped at the Holiday Inn and enjoyed it in almost every way. They made breakfast available at 6:30 in the morning so we were down there pretty early (there were half a dozen tables taken already).  We were packed and ready to go as the advice is to get to the start line early.  We parked at the Stadium of Light Metro station at Sunderland and had a good sit down to Haymarket.  It wasn't long before the train was pretty busy and this was at 7:30 in the morning.  We walked from Hay Market to the start and then from the start to the Green Pen which felt like a further kilometer on.  I went into the Pen pretty early - there were maybe only 20 other runners in at that point so was fairly close to front of the Green Pen (I section). Then the long wait began and eventually the male elite athletes were off.  Janette was at the start at that point and got a picture of Mo Farrah which I'll post up in due course.

Me and my little girl at the start line
This is the back of Green Pen I - a good half a kilometre or more from the start!
This is from BBC's footage - directly to the left of GUNBY's bib, looking over the BUPA banner is lil Lucy Siddall!

The masses set off at 10:40, the Green Pen (I section) finally got over the start line at 11:11 accords to my Garmin.   I'd read an alternative strategy for the Great North Run that said to divide it into four different stages basically a five miler with a climb to start off with (5 milers are no problem you've done loads), then three miles downhill (can let rip a bit here and get some fast miles in), then three uphill (dig deep it'll soon be over), then a little two miler downhill to finish with.
The link for it in full is here:

Anyway, to me it felt like it was all uphill but the Garmin Gradient profile below concurs with the four stage strategy.  I set off with a fairly fast first mile and kept telling myself to slow down but my legs weren't listening properly (six of the first seven miles were under ten minutes).  That said, thinking about the strategy and waiting for the downhill bits did seem to work and in the final mile I'd still got loads in the tank and went as fast as I could - unfortunately the congestions was worse at the end than ever so a 9:20 mile was the best I could do.   Anyway 2 hours 12 minutes for first half-marathon is bloody magic!

Red Arrows flying over at the Finish

Me and Lucy at the finish
Paid Marathon Photos a small fortune (£27) for their digital pictures:

Almost there!

Smiling - it's over soon

Catching flies

I met a chap I shared a locker with at secondary school at the end.  Huw Thomas is a leading scientist at Cancer Research UK - hadn't seen him for thirty years.  He's not changed a bit (apart from his accent, like). Wish could say the same for myself.

Getting out was a swine.  The South Shields Metro is a fair way from the finishing point and when we got to it the rain was pouring and the queue was a good hour to get on.  So we persisted and eventually got on the train, back to Sunderland, on the road and home for 8pm.  A good day spoiled by a bit of weather but on the whole a good day.

Monday 16th September 2013
Woke up at 6am and got Phil up.  Took the dog up town, got the papers.  Right knee is not happy with the experience it must be said.  Off to Uttoxeter to fetch Phil's suit.  Off to Sheffield for work then back to the office. All good stuff.  Took it easy when got home - took dog a mini walk - rain!.  Took Phil down to Norbury as he was going to a do in a suit!  Watched Men in Black III on the TalkTalk NOW TV Box thang - very impressed with it.  Must do a bandwidth check when I get a minute.  Zero Alcohol

Tuesday 17th September 2013
Up at 4am to switch the alarm off on Phil's phone.  He got in a bit after midnight, bless him.   Got him up at 6.20 after slightly over-sleeping.  Took dog up town and got papers. Got off to work early as have got to get off at 4.30pm this afternoon.  Went to see Pad over at Swadlincote.  Got back - took dog a walk.  Watched a bit of footie but didn't think ManU would have any troubles so left it at that.   Bed for just gone 10.  Zero alcohol.  Downloaded Count Arthur Strong Radio Show Series 3  fro £4.74 from t'Amazon.

Wednesday 18th September 2013
Woke Phil up at 4am (although in fairness he was up before me).  Got up at 6am.  Let Dog out. Up town to get papers with the hound.  All good stuff.  Into office for £8.20.  Paid £27 to Marathon Photo - thieving bleeders they are.  Went to visit Janine Hulmes group to support her in a new project - all went well.

Thursday 19th September 2013
Got Phil up at 4am.  Made sure he was up at 4.25am. Went back to bed til 6.25am.  Took pooch out for a walk. Shave, shower, breakfast, work....   Like a machine.  Knee is improving am getting ready to run again at the weekend.  Went to Sarah Cann's last group in Rocester and weighed in.  Two pounds lighter which is a bit disappointing after a 13 mile run at the weekend!  The way to look at it is I'm a stone and a bit lighter than I was in October 2012 but still not very impressed with my weight at the moment.

Friday 20th September 2013
Up at 4am.  Got Phil up.  Back to bed.  Up at 6.25am - took Dog up town for a walk and to fetch papers.  Off to work nice and early.  Home about 6:30, tea, took dog out for a mile and a half.

Saturday 21st September 2013
Up at crack of dawn, well 6.45!  Took Lily for a walk up town, got papers got a mile done.   Bit of piccy B Brekko.  Down to Allotment, measured up the growing area 42' by 18' with raspberry bushed impinging a bit on the width at the top end near the shed.   Got another punnet of Raspberries while down there but drizzle and the missus needing the motor meant I spent only 45 minutes on the allotment!

Golf at 12:50, suddenly it's lovely and sunny - couldn't be more different from the morning.  Anyway played some iffy golf along the way but played back nine pretty solidly.  All good stuff.

Apart from Sunday night had no alcohol this week.  Pleased with myself on that score.


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