Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Monday 28th September to Saturday 3rd October

Saturday 3rd October
Golf in a gale-force wind. Played pretty well in terms of ball striking but couldn't get the ball in the hole - chipping and putting were blooming terrible. Finished off Ian Rankin's new book 'The Complaints' which was excellent as usual. Me and Lucy went to see if we could find some chestnuts which we did. About a week or so too early mind.

Friday 2nd October
Backlash of not sleeping properly at Sunderland meant I couldn't get up in the morning. 6.15 before out of bed, managed to run up town and back in the most direct route to fetch papers and back in time to get kids up which was okay. Am a half pound of losing half a stone in three weeks which I should be happy with and today is 2 years and three months since I last had a smoke so that's good too.

Reasons to be happy are many!

Thursday 1st October
Another month passes by. Woke up in Sunderland - stopped as a Premier Inns hotel but didn't sleep all that well (don't believe that Lenny Henry). Anyway went for a walk at 6am then off to observe a super group in Sunderland. Got back around 4pm in Alfreton.

Went to Janet's group and lost another 1.5lb Not quite as much as I'd hoped but better than might have been expected after all that food and drink at the weekend!

Got home after 6pm to find out that have not been successful in the ballot to run the London Marathon next year which is a bit of a disappointment BUT it was less 4-1 against getting into it so was at least half expecting it!!!

Wednesday 30th
Four mile (I think) run first thing, a good start, getting my legs to remember the miles again!! Gym at lunch time all being well then off to sunny Sunderland to visit another group of the year!

Tuesday 29th
Got up early, ran the best part of four miles so that's on the up and up. Have got a trip up to Sunderland on Wednesday night which will interfere a little with the plans but hey-ho, that's life. 40 minutes in gym after work, all going well.

Monday 28th
Didn't get back home til 9:30 last night after a very strenuous couple of days so was impressed at getting up at 6:15 and out on the bike. Finished the day off with a 40 minute session in the gym and according to the scale haven't put any weight on over the weekend which has me worried - I reckon there's a delayed reaction coming but we'll see!!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th Stuff!!

This was the Rockers team after cleaningout the Rhino house at Knowsley Safari Park (I kid you not).

Mr Middleton with his new friend. Did you know these poor creatures are being decimated by our overuse of anti-biotics - no?? You do now.

Had a walk around the grounds on the Sunday - what a plot of land.

Me and the missus are deffo gonna put an offer in for it. It'd do us nicely I reckon.

Guess where I was at the weekend!!!

Not got time to update just yet and need to get me pictures in order.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sunday 20th September to Saturday 26th September

Friday 25th September
Didn't get to bed til nearly 1am so not surprised at it being a struggle to get out of bed. Still got on the bike and fetched papers from up town which was better than nothing. Will definitely get to gym later on.

Thursday 24th September
Ran up town and back again which is the new longer run. Next week make it a bit longer again by going down Watery Lane to Mayfield road which will add a mile every day. In a month I'm intending on being back to the daily five-miler. Went to group on way home, only lost a pound but it's still in the right direction even if the distance isn't great.

At night time went to see It Bites at the FlowerPot, Derby - it was awesome. The Genius of it All.

Wednesday 23rd September
Didn't do anything after got back from London, I reckon lugging two laptops around London counts as exercise at some level and seeing as I didn't eat anything bad all day I reckoned that was enough. Wednesday morning I got up 6am'ish knackered but decided I'd run up town and back which is a bit further than have been doing maybe 2.5 miles so a little step up. So not a bad start to the day.

Slimming World's Head Office 40th Birthday party today, stopped for 45 minutes then had to get back to the gym and did a solid 40 minutes in dedication. All good - only had a diet coke when red wine offer which I think was pretty darned good!!

Tuesday 22nd September
2 mile run again first thing - am so unfit it's untrue. Then 7 holes of golf which could have been nine holes if Liz had told me the correct time of the train to London this morning which was 10:18 not 10:00. Hey ho. Anyway she got firstclass tickets for only £27 which I think is very good.

Monday 21st September
Good stuff thus far - 2 mile run then up town and back on bike. A bit nippy but at least ran okay, no stops and a steady pace. Still pleased at improving golf swing last night - more I think about it the more obvious it seems.

Sunday 20th September
Started off with roadwork - a 2 mile run, not much but all I'm good for at the minute. Then went to paintwork - undercoat on two doors, a coat of gloss would come later. Then had kids for day while missus went shop, shop. In evening did a few holes of golf which was a ton better than yesterday when I was pitiful at best. Improved things by taking club back much straighter, I've been rotating too much and getting the club back far too much on the inside. When got back me and Lucy went for a little spin on the bike which was alreet in the last of the sunshine.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Sunday 13th September to Sat 19th

Saturday 19th September
Have updated the Sky Fantasy Football team. Had to drop Adebayor as he's suspended (bloomin liability he is) and have brought Andy Reid into the midfield (he'll probably get injured in the warm up today with my luck). Drogba has been slotted into replace Adebayor. Who am I most diappointed with? Almunia should be doing much better but Arsenal are just rubbish this season.

Me and Lucy have been up town to fetch newspapers and get breakfast at the mighty Busy Bees cafe near the bus station.

Friday 18th September
Aaaaagh, up late again so just up town and back on bike. Didn't get to gym - v busy today.

Just downloaded Rainbow Anthology off Amazon for 79p! 28 tracks for 79p Can't beat that for value!

Finished this week's book - "The Poet" by Michael Connelly, a not bad FBI serial killer thriller diller.

Thursday 17th September
Got up late, so just biked up town and back steady. Weigh in day later so am hoping a couple of pounds gone. Gym record looks like it'll stop at 9 working days in a row - no chance of getting in there today but it was a good run while it lasted! Start again tomorrow.

Went to group - week 1 weighin 4lb loss. Acceptable. Read the Ashbourne stunner and got a bit miffed as it said It Bites were at Derby Assembly rooms tonight but it's wrong it's next Thursday. Yay. If can talk missus out of going shopping I reckon I'll go. The last album 'The Tall Ships' is ace.

Wednesday 16th September
Ursula's group last night in St Neots was excellent as always, an inspiring Slimming World Consultant, she is for sure. Anyway, had diabetes clinic this morning at 9:30 so went out and played nine holes of golf before going up town for the clinic. Parred 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th but lost three balls on the other holes so still plenty of work to be done! Health checkup was darned good - 146/70 for the blood pressure, 5.9 on the blood sugar, all the other tests checked out super only one letting me down is Cholesterol which is up but you can't have everything. Another forty minutes in the gym - all bike but was drenched at end of it so it must be good. Nine in a row.

Tuesday 15th Sept
Ran a couple of miles and then biked up town and back. Good start. Going to one of our flagship groups in St Neots tonight to see Ursula so am going to get into Gym at lunchtime. Did gym at lunchtime - the record is increasing.... 40 minutes - 25 on bike, 15 on rower.

Monday 14th Sept
Brilliant night's sleep for a change. Struggled to get up in morning but got on bike and did a long ride through Mayfield, Okeover Park round Mappleton, into Ashbourne and back for 7 or 8 miles. Not a bad start. Haven't touched a drop of alcohol for over a week now which is also progress, bit miffed that no progress on the scales but it'll come. 40 minutes in the gym again. 7 business days running now - every day a new Sid record.

Sunday 13th Sept
Bit of cycling with Lucy in the morning maybe five miles, then Festival of Transport at Darley Dale, then 2 mile run at night which I struggled with.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Sunday 6th September to Saturday 12th September

Saturday 12 September
Busy bee today. Missus and kids gone to Skeggy on a day trip so whole day to mesen! Hoovered through. Got two tubs of blackberries picked, fixed yesterdays puncture, fetched papers then up t'hill for 18 holes of golf. Not bad stuff either - didn't lose a ball but found half a dozen played steady in one of those four-ball better-ball bogey comps where you play against the course - if you win a hole by birdying the hole (after handicap taken off) then you get a plus, if you par then it's zero, if bogey or worse then you get a minus. We ended up with +2 which was okay but both John and mesen had three putted when we should have had pars which would have made us at least two better. Plus when we cocked up a hole we both seemed to cock the same holes up. Never mind. I got a two on the 6th which means a couple of quid back from the twos' pool which is worth mentioning. Parred the first, seventh, thirteenth, fourteenth, sixteenth as well which was steady.

Book this week was "A Darkness more then Night" by Michael Connelly which was good, new author for me.

The only bad thing about today was the bloomin lawnmowers conked. Bloody thing.

Friday 11th September
Slipped up today, couldn't get out bed until 6:15 so that was first thing, went out on bike, puncture up town, pumped it up and had just enough pressure in it to limp home second thing, crappy Derby papers weren't in was third thing. Not a great start to the day. Still pleased at getting back to group now there's another good habit. Another 40 minutes in the gym - six working days on the trot now. Good.

Thursday 10th September
Same again barman, got up before 6am, set off for a run and then rode up town and back. Habit almost. Run was better as have been banging weight on since running marathon in April and have lapsed going to group. All this needs to change.

Got into gym and did another forty minutes worth then hightailed it to Janet's new group in Alfreton. Couldn't stop long as it's shopping night but at least I've drawn a line in the sand. Just got to get back on plan again now!!!

Wednesday 9th September
Up at ten to six, missus wants waking at 6:30 so got to box clever this morning so went run for a couple of miles, got back, woke missus then cycled up town and back on a loop that came back along watery lane. Good stuff. 40 minutes on bike in gym, absolutely drenched good. In evening me and Lucy did a ride around the farm loop.

Tuesday 8th September
Up at 6am which is a slight improvement, lots to do today with kids back at school. Should have polished shoes last night really but not to worry. Road up town the long way, picked up daily paper (crappy Derby paper not in yet) then got back. All's well so far. Gym again for another forty minutes, one more day and it'll be almost habit. We'll see.

Monday 7th September
Couldn't get out of bed again, so only whizzed up town and back on the bike. Did 40 minutes in gym before coming home then took Lucy on a little bike ride down to the end of watery lane and back.

Sunday 6th September
Not much to report, walked up golf course to get even more blackberries with Lucy, then cycled a bit from Longcliffe to Darley Dale.

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