Monday, 20 August 2007

200807 Better Than Expected

Just had a quick check on the scales at work - 14st 9.5lbs. So have only put three pounds on, I think.

Will have a look later and see what it does, got up at 5:30 this morning and walked/ran for and hour and a quarter. Made a bit of a cockup in the planning department due to not doing much walking as prefer to cycle given choice I found I was a good mile and half from home with only fifteen minutes left of exercise time so had to run the last bit. I put the route into to see how far it was - it came out walked at 7.58 kilometers or 4.71 miles which in an hour and ten minutes is not too bad

Route put together using

Am going to check out FrankKinlan's tutorial on doing courses later this week am still getting my head round the software.

Coming home update - had a quick weigh before I came out - weight down to 14st 8lbs so now the damage is about a pound and a half! Am unbelievably pleased! In a week or so I'll be back to where I was pre-hols which is grand!

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