Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sunday 28th July 2013 to Sunday 4th August 2013

Sunday 28th July 2013
Woke up in Anglesey.  It rained a bit in the night but morning was beautiful just like the thunderstorms that the BBC had predicted.  Got warmer and warmer as day went on.  We took the Big Game kayak out for a bit of a paddle - it was a bit rough for fishing really so just had a tootle about.   Took little dog a walk.  Packed up.  Took tent down and let it dry for a bit then into the car and off.  Straight forward drive home no great delays.

Monday 29th July 2013
Nothing to report really.  Went to work. Busy as hell.  Got home.  Had tea.  Took pooch out. Went to bed.

Tuesday 30th July 2013
Up early.  Took dog a walk.  Didn't fetch papers as missus is going up town.  Loaded the MTB into the car.  Cycled2Work from Belper.  Damn good fun.   The MTB means I can take a lot of shortcuts that aren't available to the road bike so might even be a bit quicker than the road bike on the way home.  We'll see.

Wednesday 31st July 2013
Not much to report.  A bit of dog walking.  Tons of work.  Tea and a bit more dog walking.  Let her off the lead round the cricket pitch. To finish day off though, leaving us all feeling a bit sick the dog fell funny and hurt her leg - seemed better when she went to bed though hopefully she'll be okay.

Thursday 1st August 2013
Up early.  Let dog out and she's seeming better.  I think Janette will take her to vets anyway but she's much improved.  Biked in to work - feckin endomondo didn't work again.  Bugger.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Sunday 21st July 2013 to Saturday 27th July 2013

Sunday 21st July 2013
Up early, feeling knackered.  Took pooch out.  Went for a ten and half mile run at about 8:30 - stayed cool so no worries.   Took Phil's old bed and some more old tat to the recycling.  Various gardening jobs then bbq tea with me mum and dad coming over.

Monday 22nd July 2013
Up early.  Took Phil to fetch a tractor as he'd left his keys at work on Sunday (genius).  Took pooch up town to fetch papers.  Loaded bike up and went to Cycle2Work.  Endomondo didn't start unfortunately (my fault for not being patient).  In the office and at my desk for 8:30 though so good going in my view!  Fecking Blackberry paused endomondo pretty much as soon as I set off which is a real shame as I came home a different way finding a neat little route that misses out most of the crappy traffic that clogs up Somercotes - instead of turning off Birchwood Way I go right to the end of it (not the best surface but such is life) then take a little path that joins up to Birchwood Lane. I also went down past Butterley Reservoir and made the mistake of going down Butterley Lane which is not really good enough for a road bike.  Went through Heage on the way back and had a climb to the top of Belper then loads of braking into Belper - still need to find a more gradual decline on the way back - think the A610 is going to be the answer!

Tuesday 23rd July 2013
Up at 5am - thunder and lightening.  Thought Lily would be freaked out but she's been pretty okay with it all, really.   Fetched papers - supposed to be playing golf with Mike at work but think it's likely to be cancelled!!!  Sure enough no golf mullarky.  Such is life.  Got some stuff ready for Friday - all good.

Wednesday 24th July 2013
Up early to get Phil up.  Took dog out.  Got dressed, took little dog up town to get papers.  Put her in her cage.  Got bike loaded up and then road in from Belper as I like to do.  Really pleased this morning as did it in 45 minutes which is quickest I've ever done it.  Super Cool.
Got up the Pentrich Hill in just over six minutes as well so pleased with that!

Uploaded it to Strava and it showed 4 PBs on various segments:

Back home pretty much the usual way - just went round Bichwood Way and up the little path to avoid much of the traffic that crawls along between B&Q and the little roundabout in Somercotes.

Thursday 25th July 2013
Up early.  Got Phil up.  Took dog out.  Got off to work.  nothing to report. 

Friday 26th July 2013
Up early.  Getting roofbox on the motor.  Took dog out.  Took missus car' over to Stoke on Trent for 8am service.  Mooched round Stoke a bit.  Got home too missus, lucy and the pooch to Wales for a weekend of camping.  Good weather, well behaved hound ace, and we're going back next week - can't wait!

Saturday 27th July 2013
Funny night's sleep in the tent but such is life.  Breakfast, walking the pooch.  Went to Penhros Country Park for a good walk with the dog.  Should have gone kayaking - it was like a millpond but that's the way it goes!

Love this picture - Lily's King Canute moment

Lily trotting along by the sea

Lily in flight - playing fetch

Get those ears!

Keeping a wary eye on anyone who dares to infringe Siddall airspace!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sunday 14th July 2013 to Saturday 20th July 2013

Sunday 14th July 2013
Up early, took dog out.  Kids in tent - all quiet - should be they were chopsing til 3am!  Went out for a near nine mile run before it got too hot.  Was dry as a bone by time I got done but at least have got the miles done.

Finished off by taking little dog a walk round the block.  We let her off the lead on the old railway line and she was fine. Planted some more lettuces and raddishes on the bosses instructions.

Monday 15th July 2013
Up early - Cycled2Work again - took 54m 04s going and 46m 15s coming back - that's what the hill up to and through Pentrich does to your times!  Back home for about 6:30 so the Cycle2Working is going just fine.   Took Lily for a walk round the block again, let her off her lead - fine again!  Went and did a  bit of golf - really need to work on getting a proper swing.

Tuesday 16th July 2013 
Up at 6:15 halfwit wouldn't wake.  Blamed me when he finally did get up, the little toad.  Took Lily with me to fetch papers - all went well.  Unexpectedly had opportunity to Cycle2work so I did.  Took 53 minutes dead on to get to work this morning so knocked a minute off yesterday and I had to stop at two sets of lights along the way as well.   All good. Experimented a bit on the way back - not a complete success however I reckon there's a better way to get in to Swanwick.  Watered everything then took the pooch on the little loop letting her have a run off the lead.

Wednesday 17th July 2013
Up at 4am to get Phil up for an early.  Got up at 6am, took pooch out, fed her but she's not eating that much at the moment,   Off to work not biking as got some jip about it.  Home early to fetch a bed for PJ.  Then off to Costco to get a load of stuff for PJ's 18th.  Took dog for a little walk as it was getting dark, watered everything and that's about your lot!

Thursday 18th July 2013
Up at 4am to get PJ up.  Back to bed then up at 6am.  Opened up the shop, let the lil dog out she did her business, fed the little beggar.   Got everyone up at 7am. Had a slice of toast and cup of coffee then loaded up the road bike for a Cycle2work experience.  The road bike will get me to the office five minutes quicker than the Urban Mountain Bike so it's bloomin marvellous in my view.  Am still rather unfit so more work needed!

Friday 19th July 2013
No cycling today - Phil's birthday so all sorts of getting readiness on top of doing work and stuff.

Saturday 20th July 2013
Continued Phil madness - put him a new bed in.  18 holes of very average golf - have become the king of the three-putt unfortunately.


Monday, 8 July 2013

Sunday 7th July 2013 to Saturday 13th July 2013

Sunday 7th July 2013
Up with the lark.  Did a load of tidying up.  Coffee and toasted tea cakes for breakfast - marvellous.   Got some stuff packed away, ready for a quick exit after going out on the yak.  The blackberry tosspot phone had run out of charge at lunchtime on Saturday so no pictures but it was perfect conditions for the yaks - millpondesque.   Think we did a couple of miles paddling down the coast and back again.   All good stuff.   Got everything put away, tent down, bottom dried, packed away on the road for 12.30 back in time to see most of the last set of the tennis.  Well done Andy Murray - what a performance to beat Dvojovic.   Awesome.

Monday 8th - Thursday 11th July 2013
Work, work work.  Nowt else to mention!  Went to see Ursula's group in St Neots on Tuesday other than that not much to report at all.  Did a bit of work in the garden but yikes it's way too hot!!

Friday 12th July 2013
Up early.  Dog business.  Cycle2Work after visiting Hollie's group in Belper.  Didn't weigh this week as I've been real bad for ages! Cycled back home then began the process of putting the big tent up for Lucy's weekend camping stopover for her birthday.

Saturday 13th July 2013
Lucy's birthday bash big tent all set up - beds blown up, sleeping bags at the ready, chairs up etc.etc.  Went and played some average golf in the baking sun - lost two balls in the jungle.

Wasn't too bad tee to green but couldn't chip and putt to save me life - this is what you get when you don't play for five weeks!


Monday, 1 July 2013

Sunday 1st July to Saturday 6th July 2013

Sunday 1st July 2013
Bit of door and radiator painting.  Went up to car boot at Alstonefield but we were a bit too late really.  Took missus and Phil to Stepping Stones - probably be the last time as there was quite a delay before getting any food and the boss don't like that. Gardening and slabs down. Few more drinkies. Dear of  dear.  Also put a new ring on my penn 13 foot sea rod - still need a new tip ring for it but at least I'm getting there!!!

Monday 2nd July 2013
Up at 4am - got Phil up.  Up again at 6am - woke the dog, took her out, fed her.  She wanted to go back to sleep so let her and took advantage of the time to paint the door again as it wasn't good enough!!!  Off to work all good!!!

Got back from work did a six mile run - bit slow averaging 10:22 miles but that's due to the recent alcohol intake increase since we lost Pip three months ago!!!

Tuesday 3rd July 2013
Got Phil up at 4am.  Got up proper at 6am. Let dog out, fed her.   Put a coat of varnish on the beachcaster repair.   Got to Belper.  Got the new bike out.  Rode to Work - took four minutes off last week's time and that included stopping at lights in Belper, Ambergate, Sawmills and the Excavator Turn so not unhappy with that.  It's geared quite a bit higher so the climb up to Pentrich felt a lot harder but that will get easier if I can get fitter (and I need to by August!!).

Averaged 12.1 mph with all those stops (also pulled over outside of Belper to check had my wallet!) and at the top of Swanick to take me coat off - well hot I was!!

Road back and the weather turned on me - rained pretty much all the way home.  Got to Belper in about 45 minutes so not end of the world I suppose, pesky rain.

Wednesday 3rd July 2013
Got Phil up at 5am - he's off to some agricultural show at the NEC will no doubt come back with loads of free samples of bailing twine.  Got Dog up at 5.45 and fed her - she only had half her food which was unusual but bosskat wormed her the day before so perhaps that's what caused it. 

Thursday 4th July 2013
Not much to report - work work work - big pilot gone live this morning!

Friday 5th July 2013
Up early, watering everything that even marginally green before off to the big blue shiny thing! So an interesting day to say the least.  Went to work early to get some work done on a new project - got away a bit after ten am.  Went home, got car loaded up set off for Wales.  Phone call at 11.30 to say brother's car engine blown so nipped back to pick up a bbq and some bits and pieces.   12.30 set off again.  Got to the island got a hand from Vic to get the tent up.  Got settled in.  Got some bait dug.  Had a beer.  Went fishing - caught nowt. 

Saturday 6th July 2013
Up with the lark as usual.  Ran about 6 miles in 1hr 10 - will have to map it out.  Not great running with a hangover but it certainly clears your head.  Then had some breakfast and drove into Holyhead Breakwater park to climb the Holyhead Mountain.  Took well under an hour and the views were brilliant.

Looking at the Breakwater on the way back down

South Stack Lighthouse from up on high!

At the summit there's one of those trigpoints but this on tells you what you can see in the distance.

Dug some bait in the afternoon.  BBQ for tea then down onto the cafe beach for fishing. 3 dogfish between us but nice to be out. 

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