Monday, 29 November 2010

Sunday 28th November 2010 to Saturday 4th December 2010


Thursday 2nd December 2010
Up with the lark. Not snowing which was nice so cleared a load of snow off the road so I could get off the cul-de-sac. Spent a bit of time making a right good job of it then did a dry run up town and back - roads much better today so off to work at 7.10am and there around 8am - not bad at all. Sent home around 2.30pm as it was snowing like no man's business at work but not too bad at home. So no group and badminton off as leisure centre shut early afternoon. Ashes is back on tonight at 11pm which should be great!!!

Wednesday 1st December 2010
Was supposed to be doing interviews this afternoon - not going to happen. Weather is god awful. 6am I dug the drive out but no good couldn't get to work as lorries stuck all over the place, A52 at Brailsford, A38 at Alfreton etc. Fed up with it. Anyroad working from home. Trying to find some drum bits but can't find em anywhere.

Tuesday 30th November 2010
Went for a walk round the block for a couple of miles last night, got up early to walk up town and back to get papers. Loaded car up with bloody drums, fed up with em. Out of work early cause of crappy snow, walked up to M&S to get come Caster Sugar - notice on door that they were closing at 6pm due to bad weather but in actual fact they closed at 5:58pm the wretches. Will write a letter of complaint perhaps. Anyway - I carried on and walked up to Sainsbury's - put stuff through on self-service till - they're getting better and no mistake. So overall about 5 miles of walking done even if not planned.

Monday 29th November 2010
Did next to nowt yesterday recovering from Saturdays silliness. Took Lucy for a wee bit of Sledging in the afternoon, did a bit of baking, that was it. Sick of snow already. This morning was like an ice rink in places, have decided am not risking injury at my age so just a 2.5 mile walk up town and back.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday 21st November 2010 to Saturday 27th November 2010

Saturday 27th November 2010
Was supposed to be playing golf at Ramsdale Golf Centre however the bloody weather put paid to that. A long story but ended up at work clearing the car park out with a bunch of lads from stock and facilities - all good fun then down to Nottingham Belfry for a Blues Brothers Themed Charity Ball that was different. Three inches of snow on ground meant a walk up town and back was all I managed.

Friday 26th November 2010
Knackered all day yesterday so off to bed at 9pm last night. Got up at four am though and just caught the fifth wicket going down. 147-5 at one point shame they managed to move it onto 220-5 but not a complete disaster. Anyway when they went off at 6:20 I set off up town and back for a quick run in shorts as I couldn't find me tracky bottoms - it was alright though.

Thursday 25th November 2010
Bloomin eck payday again. Blimey. Anyway, went bed at 1:45am after watching start to ashes, got up at 4:30 watched England collapse after getting it together - think if Cook had continued to a hundred we'd have no worries but hey-ho. Anyway watched Ashes til 6:20 then straight up and down run to get papers. Long day at work but quite good anyway. 9:47 average pace which isn't brill but you get what you get. Missed badminton as well last night as Lucy doing a coffee evening. Details of run here.

Wednesday 24th November 2010
Got the teeth mangling out of the way yesterday, with the scary trip to dentist and hygenist now done and dusted for another six months. So that cheered me up a bit and as missus was late getting back from helping out at school we ended up at the stepping stones for tea which was not the best move in the world. Am so far off the SW eating plan at the moment it's untrue - am going to start getting my head together soon as I'm planning to do the Grindleford Gallop again next March so need to lose a stone and start getting some big runs under my belt I reckon. Not rocket science. Anyway, this morning in the freezing cold I got another five miles done, third decent distance run in three consecqutive days. Not a mega pace but sort of a better run than of late.

Tuesday 23rd November 2010
Really slow run today - legs jiggered and right knee not happy for some reason. Anyway five miles done so can't be bad!

Went and did a computer job last night so didn't get much done. Went to a chaps to sort out his email and his Broadband had the princely speed of 120 kbs ? - ridiculously slow.

Monday 22nd November 2010
Slowish five miler to start the week. Details to follow.

Sunday 21st November 2010
Not much to report - baking, getting up early to take Phil to work. Sorting out fishing tackle boxes.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday 14th November 2010 to Saturday 21st November 2010

Saturday 20th November 2010
Rubbish at golf today. four putted the par five 17th after getting on in three. Rubbish. Missed eight or nine short putts at least. Rubbish. Rubbish. Rubbish.

Friday 19th November 2010
Still in bold. Can't get rid til next week. Maintained last night which was sort of impressive given the awards and drink and having been out three times this last week. Als got me self done in at Badminton - did two step sprints where you go from one cone to another as many times as you can in 60 seconds then rest 60 seconds, as many times as you can in 30 seconds then rest 30 seconds, then same for fifteen seconds - only problem was I was only getting 30 seconds rest and 60 seconds doing and fifteen seconds rest after 30 seconds but did alright. Knew about it a few minutes later with hamstring tightening up and then this morning aches and pains all over. That's getting old that is.
Anyway cause it's children in need day at head office was up at 5am to make bread so knackered to start with then a shortish 2.5 mile run up town and back aching like a bad un. All I could do. Slow and all. Details
Thursday 18th November 2010
Took Phil to Haper Adams University College yesterday, very good it was too, quate impressive. Think it's shocked Phil a bit into realising that getting good grades might be important. Good. That'll teach him. Anyway went out and di dfive miles this morning - sub 10 min miles overall so not too bad - Details. Apologies if this is all in bold - blogger's gone made and there's nowt I can do about it.
Wednesday 17th November 2010
Well am off work today so like an idiot i had a beer or two last night and consequently didn't get up any time early. Missus winged at me about not having papers so ran straight up and pretty much straight back at 9:30/pace. Which was okay. Details here. Taking the trainee Bovine Technician (Phil) to Harper Adams University College where they'll no doubt see his green thumbs and red face and welcome him with open arms. If me and missus time it right I reckon we can leave him there.

Tuesday 16th November 2010

Bloomin freezin fog this morning so slip sliding round at an average of 10:14 which was okay all things considered. Managed to stay on me feet all the way round with although the learning points are stay on the road as much as poss and avoid the pavement, shawcroft car park is too slippy as is the walkway from Compton to Sainsbury's both of which would keep Torville and Dean entertained for hours. Anyway it's another five miles done. Details.

Monday 15th November 2010
Mixed walking and golfin last night - steady walk up golf course resulting in recovery of three balls for the collection (like I've not got enough already!!). This morning up nice and early then a steady five miles round Ashbourne averaging around 10 min miles - not brill but carrying too much weight at the mo. And you get what you get. Details

Sunday 14th November Was at the mighty fine Slimming World Woman of the Year awards last night at Birmingham - we did a sort of show and tell with Slimming World Consultants showing them future developments for our IT Project XpressWeigh. Anyway the winner was something else and for the first time in many, many years we guessed the winner - who I'm no doubt will be in the papers tomorrow so I'll link to one of them tomorrow!!

Anywas, up early doors, breaky and on the road for 8am. Fetched kids back from me mum and dad's house and then back to the homestead. All good stuff. Feelin a bit tired so not sure whether to go run or bike or walk or golf. Certainly ought to do something!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sunday 7th November 2010 to Saturday 13th November 2010

Saturday 13th November 2010
Up early doors, big Slimming World do in Brummyland tonight so will be on road before 9am. Did a three miler - not very quick - legs have got no go in them whatsoever? Don't know why - anyway averaged under 10 min miles which was okay and papers (well the Times in particular) were dead heavy this morning - John Lewis catalogue and other assorted Christmas tat in the magazine not helping in that department. Details

Friday 12th November 2010
Got wiped out at badminton last night - the problem is the kids know I can't get from back of court to the net quick enough so they'll hit a big clear and follow it with a straight drop, I'll just get a bit of racquet on it but inevitably I'll end up lifting it for them to smash. Not good. Anyway late up this morning so only got a straight 2.6 miler up town and back. Details

Thursday 11th November 2010
Getting hacked off with this bloody weather. Was up at 5:20 (went bed dead early) put head out the door and got blown back in, wet. So nothing good to report as yet. Might have to resort to gym if I can get some time out to do it.

Wednesday 10th November 2010
Five miles, v cold and pretty slow. Never mind. Details

Tuesday 9th November 2010
Still bloody raining but done a five miler anyway; pace was 10:09 which looks slow but in the wind and rain I think it's acceptable. I hate winter - it's indisputably cak. Run info here

Monday 8th November 2010
Got up early doors as usual, had a look out the window went back to bed. Lord knows where the exercise is going to come from today. Think it'll have to be a late night run.

Sunday 7th November 2010

Tired this morning! Up at 4:10 to take Phil to work. He's knackered, bless im but won't get to bed early. You can't tell em, they don't listen. Made me laugh yesterday, we played with a father and son in the winter league golf - the lad was the better player, hit a beaut of a driver and was going for the par five fifteenth in two with a three wood. I could see it wasn't enough, his dad knew it wasn't enough and tried to tell him - "you can tee up, take your driver". Course, the lad's not going to listen, took the three wood, he ended up thirty yards short just right of the bunker. I said to his dad, Frank after; "you should have said take your three wood son, good choice - reverse psycology whould have meant he'd have to swap to the driver!!". Hey ho.

Anyway ran about 6.5 miles - had a bit of jip with gps - the bits that are dead straight were when GPs stopped work but i know the route is somewhere between 6.5 and miles. Had to walk a couple of times am definitely not fit enough at the minute. Can work on it though.

Listened to Desert Island Discs while I was running. The guy on it was Ian McMillan a poet who was so entertaining talking about his parents and their favourite songs as much as his own. Was dead impressed he picked a Captain Beefheart track as he likes stuff that unlistenable and Philip Glass 4mins 33secs of silence - he say everytime you listen to it you hear something you don't expect and it's true. I heard my feet pounding through my in-ear headphones. Grand. Anyway check his website and in particular his "In the end, it's hope" which sums up the English over-expectation of the national football side.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Sunday 31st October 2010 to Saturday 6th November 2010


Saturday 6th November 2010
Funny day really, up at 4:10, took Phil to work at 4:33 (that's Phil's desired set-off time, don't ask). Came back, got a couple of hours sleep. Golf at 10:45. First of 2010/2011 Winter League at Ashbourne Golf club. A shame that this year it's a four ball better ball format instead of matchplay - basically it's your eight best cards from twelve. Me and John started off steady rather than pulling up any trees with a level par 71 off three-quarter handicaps. I played okay but couldn't putt for the life of me missing 6 or 7 five foot or less putts, it was getting to the stage where the carbite putter I was using was looking a likely candidate for sleeping with the fishes in the pond by the 18th but lucky for it, I dropped a four footer in at the last for par so it lived to putt another day. Other highlights were the three wood into the 17th which was absolutely pure after duffing my second shot, of course, I'd then follow that with a three-putt as I'd been doing most of the round. Also got a two on the six which was nice and I think the only birdie of the day for our group. We played with Frank Marshall and his son Max, both were pretty hot and got a round of 65 in - very solid play, the lad has come down from 22 to 11 in a single season and has a really smooth swing and a great short game - he'll go far!

Friday 5th November 2010
Hurt my foot at Badminton on Thursday night so not pleased about that. Was pleased to have maintained at group though that was a surprise considering the amount of booze and other badness at Anglesey the week before. Anyway, did a couple of miles on the foot, which was okay considering. Going to do a decent run on Sunday all being well. We'll see.

Thursday 4th November 2010
Bloody raining this morning. Finished off like a drowned rat but at least another five miles covered. When watch sorts itself it out (it was like a drowned watch as well) I should be able to download the details but I think the overall avg pace was around 10:20 mainly due to coat coming off after a mile then needing to go straight back on a minute later when it really started to lash it down. Such is life. Back to group tonight. Expecting a gain but not bothered am getting my head together again. Fixed Phil's tripod bag last night with a bit of assistance from the man himself and his angle grinder. Quate pleased so I am.

Wednesday 3rd November 2010
Putting the clocks back is helping. got up nice and early, on the road before 6am, struggled a bit first mile was 10:18, third mile was 10:something but got it back to under 9:50 overall. Wierd that. Will be interesting if I can maintain sub 10 min miles tomorrow. We'll have to wait and see. Gonna be doing some work on Phil's tripod bag tonight and then might make some rigs up for next fishing trip - looking at doing East Yorkshire in next few weeks - targeting the cod. Oh yeah. Details on run here.

Tuesday 2nd November 2010
Third day running (pardon the pun) I've done five miles or more. Getting better by the day at the minute - this morning averaging 9:43. Details

Monday 1st November 2010
November already? Blimey o'Reilley. anyway am on a mission now so last night I got everything readfy for running this morning and hit road almost bang on 6am. Five miles later and jobs a good un. Just under 10 minute miles was okay. Details here

Sunday 31st October 2010
Can't believe it's hallow'een already, where's the year gone. Any way up nice and early - clocks going back makes no odds to me. Out on road before 7am and a nice steady 6 miler done. Details here - ten and half minute miles not great but walked up that hill after you cross hanging bridge so not whoplly unexpected. Details here

Did a load of odd jobs too - cleaned both cars, baked cakes, fixed Phil's tripod case that I broke (poorly put together so I've improved it greatly!), put a load of stuff up in the attic.

Holding Page Sunday 24th October to Sat 30th October 2010

Stuff to come here - was on me hols.

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