Monday, 31 March 2008

Tired Legs Slow Run - Plans afoot

Final note - another alcohol free day, 8 days running now, 92 to go.... maybe ...

Evening update - left office a bit before 5.30 and got to golf course for about 6.10, did a good 35 mins of practice at least and got home at 7.00. Good stuff, have slowed my backswing right down and and that's seemed to improve things somewhat. Still hoiking it left a bit but will work that out with time. Been out on a run as well, total miles today is 8.65 which ain't bad at all although me pace is a bit down on normal. Went to brother-in-law to fetch Morrisons low-fat sausages which I think are Syn-free on the Slimming World eating plan (I'm 89.43% sure they are and am usually averagely right).

Me legs were knackered from golf yesterday which was odd. Was saying to Doug that I can run five miles every morning and not feel any great pain, five miles carrying a golf bag and my legs is knackered though? Wierd. Don't like waking up to darkness at 5:30 again, doesn't start coming light til 6am. Rubbish.

Anyway, this morning's time reflected with very slow miles at 9:35 but am not disappointed, got back for 7am. Saw one of my two cousins driving a white lorry as well, think it was Brian but might have been Gary, lorry was nearly past me before I'd looked up, will no doubt found out in due course.

5.06 miles in 48mins 35 seconds. Slowcoach on the move.

Plans afoot now that the clocks have gone forward, more daylight, ha ha, less rubbish. First golf medal coming up on Sunday and am going to practice at least three nights this week. Am also thinking of cycling to work one day as well, this week.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sunday, Golf on Sunday

Afternoon update: Golf wasn't so bad - it was a Texas Scramble format so my crap shots weren't so noticeable. Played average enough the four of us, Doug, Dave, John and myself didn't drop any shots and made two birdies which should have been three really - we cocked up on the eighth a wee bit. 57.7 was final score after handicap allowance but apparently there's a 51 in the clubhouse so six shots off the pace in a way.

Family went to the Cross at Cauldon Low for lunch again - we're damn near regulars getting there, I think we've been three times in the last six weeks or so. Anyway only drank diet cola so control being demonstrated again on the alcohol front.

Took Lucy for a spin on the bike, we did a slow three miles to Mayfield and back but it was okay got her out in the fresh air and all that.

Ye gods, golf in about half an hour. Am rubbish at golf at the minute, 15 handicap, lucky if I break 100. Never mind, such is life eh.

Safely navigated Saturday with zero alcohol so the weekend is pretty much dealt with now, which I'm pleased about. Last beer was on Easter Sunday at the Cross, Cauldon Low. So tomorrow morning will see a week's worth of abstinence. Had a run of 99 days off the juice last year, be nice to go one day better but I'll need to be more committed than I feel right now...

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Week 57 Weighin / 8.5 mile run

Ebay Voucher helps Drumset Restoration Program
For some reason I've got s £25 off voucher for any ebay purchase over £50 bought with Paypal. Either everyone else has got one - which seems wierd or because I've not done any business on Ebay for some time (been damn busy). Don't know, don't care spent it anyway have got a set of Remo Pinstripe heads coming which were £52.99 but with £25 off, came to £27 which for a set of pinstripes is a bloomin reet good deal. Anyway look out for the pics when have got them, it'll look the business!!

Solid Saturday 8.5 mile run

Weighin Week 57 - half pound on 14st 13.5lbs - panic ye not
Put on half a pound last week which wasn't bad when you consider it had Easter eggs, whisky and stella involved in it. This week have committed to keep off the alcohol and thus far have negotiated friday night successfully. Am not going to football this afternoon so Saturday should be okay (Derby'll probably win as well with a bit of luck) and if I play golf tomorrow I should be okay there as I tend to have a coffee after a round rather than a beer anyway so am hoping to see a good weight loss next week.

PC Recycling
Last night I recycled a computer from work that was destined for recycling. Am doing some work on the WEEE directive (Waste disposal of Electronic and Electrical Equipment) for work. One of the questions I asked was "why do we we throw things away that could be recycled/repaired", the simple answer is it takes a lot of man-hours to get things repaired even if you have access to the parts (it's taken a good two weeks to get this beggar going and Phil says it had a thermal shutdown event this morning so maybe not quite there yet either (praps needs a bigger fan chucking in it). Another reason there's a WEEE problem is that often in the case of a printers it costs £180 for a new set of rollers to get it going again (typical problem after a few years) and to get a new printer costs £200 - bit of a no-brainer and in my view one of the root causes of the problem. Anyway hey-ho such is life. Anyway P.J. got an old new PC and Slimming World's SMILEs charity getting a donation come Monday.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Quick blast on Slow but Comfy

Hammering it down with rain first thing, so did a bit of work putting a bracket on for the Edge and getting tyres pumped up on Slow but Comfy bike. did a quick five miles in rain then back home.

Weigh-in day today and not looking forward to it!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Quick Thursday Post

The Cymbal Saga Continues
Spoke to a top guy about the cymbal we saved from the rubbish tip (see earlier posts but to cut to the chase - a 20" Paiste Formula 602 Ride Cymbal worth quite a few quid!).

He told me all sorts of details - shouldn't accept anything less than £100 which is great. He also said sit on it until the dollar gets some value back as it will appeal to US buyers. He also gave me this top tip if the serial number is at 6 o'clock and the stamped logo is at 12 o'clock then at three o'clock there will be a classification - it might not be easy to see sometimes you have to catch it exactly right in the sunlight and he's right.

Had a look at it in the sunshine and can see it's a medium ride. Which is a shame in a way as the medium rides are the most common of the 20" cymbals. Anyway if you want to buy great classic and new cymbals I'd recommend getting in touch with Julian at Ecymbals; link and telephone numbers as per logo below. He's also a drum tutor of some renoun see

So am not selling it quite so quickly now! It's a smashing cymbal anyway so might not sell it anyway - am a bit of a hoarder as Janette would tell you!

Late to bed last night messin with drums an stuff. Bit slow this morning 9.01 pace for five miles, got papers back home for 7:00, in office for 8:20 everything now ticking over quite nicely. Weight is up though. Not looking good for weigh-in tomorrow!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Steady Run - Blood Test

Evening update...
Been cleaning up me new treasure! This baby should pay for the drum set just acquired and then some am hoping. Gogin to take a bit more work to clean her up but it'll be worth it. How could you throw it away though, folks are just mad.

Paiste 602 cleaning up nicely

Underside - still awaiting a good cleaning!

Only detriment - this bit of keyholing.

How on earth could you chuck this out? It was only short of a tension rod and I've found one of them for it!

Got a blood test this morning so not allowed to eat anything for another hour or two. Bit of a bugger, done me run with no nana and no omega three fish oil for my joints, hey ho such is life. diabetic clinic next week so will see how things have progressed over the recent months.

Another bit out of the Premier Drums catalogue from 1975 - Premier endorsers include The Faces, Genesis, Procul Harum and possibly most important of all ... the Grumbleweeds. Rock on.

Steady run - five miles, sub nine minute miles is good for me.

b.p. 143/92/54 Not good

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Back on the Giant FCR1 / Recycling gone wrong

Power of T'internet!!!
Found a 1975 Premier Drums catalog at What an ace resource! Turns out to be a B303 kit and it deffo is a 2000 snare drum which I've always wanted - it's got this parallel snare strainer action that was dead good in it's day and still is. Dead responsive too - Carl Palmer (Asia, ELP etc) was a big fan and that's good enough for me! It's not complete in terms of hardware - only got the snare and two cymbal stands in Lokfast but it's not end of the world. Phil will freak out when he gets back from his mates - have set it up in dining room, ha ha.

What's also a bit wierd is the toms - 12", 14", 16". Odd, everything rock now is 12",13",16". There's a tension rod missing from the 14" tom but I've got one somewhere in the shed

Late afternoon things are on the well up. As we got back from dropping PJ off at his mate David's house, JAS is off to take a load of recycling - she rings up and gives me the details of some stuff at the recycling centre and comes back with an old set of premier drums and a ride cymbal that's a Paiste Formula 602 and although slightly keyholed I reckon must be worth £80/£90 on it's own. The snare is possibly a Premier 2000 as used by Carl Palmer and others but can't be sure - it's old stuff - slot tensioners etc. but what do you want for fifty notes??

So a load of cans, cardboard, bottles, paper etc. recycled, one set of drums recycled too. Only problem is even less space at home!!

Recycled Premier Kit - 60s/70s???

Paiste Formula 602 20" Ride stamp - worth a few quid this beggar I reckon.

Paiste Formula 602 20" Ride Serial No?

Middle of the day got tortured by having to sit through "Alvin and the Chipmunks" possibly gritted my teeth down to nothing watching it's unadulterated awefulness aaagggh. Worse thing about it is that it's got the guy from "My name is Earl" starring in it and now his street cred rating is about the same as if Lemmy started doing Stanna Stairlift adverts...

I been out on the super cool Giant FCR1 this morning. Very cold so didn't go overly fast also found am looking out for potholes rather more than before the accident which spoils things a bit. I rode up to the golf club and back as part of a cunning plan I have to incorporate fitness goals with getting better at golf goal. Am going to fasten a 5,7 and 9-iron to crossbar of slow but comfy, chuck golf shoes and a few balls in me rucksack and then cycle the 2.5 miles up to the golf club, do half hours practice, ride back and pick newspapers up on the way of a morning. That's the plan anyway.

You can't tell just how gorgeous this bike is from this picture. It's the dog's ding dangs, honest it is.

8.5 miles this morning, very slow but it was very cold and that included walking a short cut off the bypass onto the wyaston road.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Bit further on t'bike

Biking again...

Went out again on slow but comfy, did a steady sort of a ride over six and a half miles. Have had a whacko few days on the dieting front will take some doing to just maintain but hey-ho such is life when you're supposed to be losing weight!!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Sunday, now with added snow...

Been for a walk up the golf course. Bloomin cold but not as cold as it was playing on it yesterday. Played rubbish again, parred a few holes but not enough for a supposed 15 handicapper. John played really well though. Season starts in a few weeks so am going to have to get doing something to improve quite smartish.

Eighth green at Ashbourne - more white than green you'd have to say though

Dovedale looking out from 5th Fairway at Ashbourne Golf Club, Easter Sunday

Aw, look a the poor cold daffodils in the snow, they're not happy you know.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter - Return to Two Wheels

Snowing outside, perfect conditions for getting back into biking. Took 'slow but comfy' out for four and a bit miles. Hard work into the wind but at least I didn't fall off which I'm looking at as being a bit of a bonus!!!

Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday? We'll see...

Good Friday? Not too bad Friday perhaps.
1.5lbs off back to 14st 13lbs so not too bad considering intake of Stella on Saturday night. Anyway it's the right side of the 210lbs line again. Am not setting myself any daft targets any progress is good for me at the moment.

Didn't want to go run today, wind and rain kept me awake last night and wanted another hour in bed but it's weigh day and I've been committed this week so thought I'd better. As it is I did an ok 5 miles - for some reason Motionbased has got the pace wrong wheres it's right on training center? Wierd. Will see if it's a good friday or not after been weighed - ought to be at least a lb.

Note: difference in pace on training center 8:59/mile which was right as opposed to Motionbased's 9:28 which was wrong.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Thursday reduced mileage - early morning meeting

Have meeting at 8:30 so only done 5 miles - was a wee bit tired from doing ten miles yesterday in total.

BP 142/91/53

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Wednesday - keeping focussed

Another 8 miles this morning. Legs kept going for me all the way as well which was nice. Pace better as well, a little bit quicker and I'd be doing 9 minute miles over bigger distances which would be nice!

BP 113/78/53

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

More mileage - knees knackered - Running Record

Running Stats Updated

Increase in avg speed over time, note this week am running longer distances so average down a fraction.

Running Record

This mornings run - getting on for 8 miles but felt it towards the end.

7.81 miles, knees had had it for the last three quarters though. A bit worrying but not bad pace over that distance for an old timer like me.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Monday morning more mileage

Went to bed at 8pm last night to get some credit in the sleep bank. Got up 5:20 went running 5:45. Did a steady 7.25 miles at under 10mins/miles. Good start to the week. Not decided whether am going gym tonight or not yet. If I do it'll probably be rower and weights as legs are feeling it a bit this morning. Ran in three quarter shorts and t-shirt again this morning - summer definitely just round the corner - most of the run was in good light too!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sunday - on the road again

Managed to break a valve on the Giant, p*ssed off a bit about it - need to get a proper bike pump for the racer. Have got the Raleigh going again just about did a few laps round the block might use it to fetch papers tomorrow morning after have done a bit of a run.

Golf was terrible - 23 points off 18 holes - diabolical but you could say the same of the greens.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Saturday - tired

Derby County Nil
Apparently Derby are being referred to as Derby County Nil on Radio Derby which is no surpise I suppose and there's going to be a massacre at Pride Park later, no doubt. Am really hacked off with Paul Jewell. It's all the teams fault, he doesn't ever mention his own responsibility as manager to motivate and direct the team on the field and I find it rather arrogant. He comes across as honest and the fans pal but when's he going to put his hands up and say I should be getting more out of the team I've got. Have not heard that once...

Running Record Week ending 15/4/08
A steady 25 miles this week as have missed a couple of mornings when weather's been bad. Ran 7 miles this morning in shorts for first time this year which was good. Average pace of 9:17 am pleased with too. Even though not happy with weight gain am well pleased with measurable improvements in fitness.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Sport Relief Day and a new sort of weighin

Not so Indestructible?
Got a letter this morning from Derby Royal Infirmary A+E. It says "As you know we initially thought your X-ray was normal, however we now have the final X-ray report back and the X-ray Doctor thinks that there is a small break in the bone." Marvellous eh, I felt dead guilty for having the missus and youngest child sat in A+E for three hours and then being told 'you're alright Mr Siddall, take some paracetemol and you'll be right as rain in no time" (or words to that effect) and then five weeks later I find out it was broke after all. As it is I reckon it's fully healed as I've gone like a train on the rower at lunch time.

2lbs on - Kick up the Ar*e Time.
As you can see from the graph below action has been long overdue. Two pounds on has taken me the wrong side of 15st. Not happy but have made my bed so have to lie in it. Have been messing about for far too long. Earlier in the week I bumped into Caryl she said three things you might try - 1. SAS Log, 2. Food Diary or 3. Come along to the new group on Friday. Chose the last, the pressure will do me good. See how things change next week!

Sports Relief Rower Challenge
Did a personal best on the rower, 2000m in 7:37.5 Half an hour later and my lungs are still on fire!! Great. Found out later that I won the rower comp and overall we came second out of seven teams in the company. The competitive spirt of the company was great - our team captain Ed decided it was gladatorial and all tactical emails ended with the words 'Strength and Honour'. Well cool. Remember, it's not the taking part that counts it's the winning!!!

Little Run
Only did 3.5 miles this morning (at a steady 9 minute mile pace) as have the Slimming World Sport Relief rower challenge later today and didn't want to burn mesen out too soon!!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Wahey Spring's a coming

Did a five miler this morning, set off at about 6:10 and it was light!! Not only that but the hedges are coming into bud so it must be spring. Ace.

Did another gym session last night for the third night running. Am doing the rower challenge in our company Sport Relief Sports Day on Friday so thought I'd better check me wrists could take it. Which although a bit achy as it's only a 2000m sprint I think they'll be okay.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Raining Again

Gale blowing and rain coming down so skipped running again due to inclement conditions. Bit naffed off about that but hey-ho. Got into Gym again last night (it was empty monday night but absolutley chocca last night - how does that work?). Am intending going again tonight but a little bit earlier.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Wahey Stopped Raining!

Solid Five Miler - Ran nine minute miles again this morning (only just but hey-ho it's nine minute miles). Am thinking of working out a route for six miles soon and starting off at five to six. Have been going to bed pre-9pm the last couple of nights due to jiggered-ness so should have money in the sleep-bank to get up a bit earlier.

Stopped Raining
so am off for a run shortly. Did forty minutes in GYM, 30 mins on treadmill and then usual weights (well the usual about two months ago!), could do everything fine apart from biceps curls which were rather painful on the wrists. Wasn't looking forward to gym but was good to be back in a way!!

B.P. 137/87/53

Guardian Eat Right/Ediets/Tesco
Was on Guardian's website yesterday and saw this health thing - enter your weight etc and we'll send you a free profile so did it out of interest. Wish I hadn't they say my healthy weight is actually 12 and a half stone which is ludicrous. It'd bl**dy kill me, the only thing about it is it's made me think more about my actual target of 13st 11lbs which people say is not doable anyway. It bloomin must be doable if the Guardian reckons I should be 12 and a half stone, blimey. Mind you, if you look at their sample eating plan it might be possible - looks like naff-all calories and something you could stick with for, what? maybe a couple of days.

When you look at all the detail though, it's not even Guardian doing it really, it's EDiets who also do Tesco's diets (wouldn't surprise me if Tesco don't own Ediets). Anyroad I don't think I'll be paying em £2.99 to starve mesen to death thank you very much.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Monday - bl**dy raining...

Nothing to report – weather hammering it down this morning so didn’t get out running. Bit baffed off about that so am going back to the gym tonight. Which, if truth be known, I’ve not been missing greatly, in fact, I’ve quite enjoyed the running and have got the five miler down on autopilot pretty much now. But there you go. Golf is feeling doable again now and am going to be back on the bike real soon so all things will be possible again shortly. Good.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday Rugby and Stuff

Played 13 holes of golf yesterday, much better, left wrist isn't perfect but at least was hitting shots with a bit of distance. Parred three holes but should have been more, greens have been scarified so were a bit of a pain in the butt to putt on. Overall a bit happier about that.

Finished off the Stella last night. It's been loitering round the house since Christmas but it ain't loitering no more.

Off for a run shortly then Lucy's doing rugby in Belper. Then lunch out and about after the hassle last week on mothering sunday...

Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Weekend Begins...

Well pleased, I ran a really good five miles this morning -(normal sort of run - up park and back), but using the excellent prep of drinking much stella the previous night I ran a little bit faster than yesterday with an average speed of 6.8 mph and pace of 8:45, bloomin great!

Me and Lucy been on our first project photo shoot taking pictures of Victorian Buildings in Ashbourne. Good fun.

Golf at lunchtime, weather don't look too promising. Wrists are feeling pretty darned good so am hoping will play a bit better this week.

Am intending running four miles this morning as soon as everyone's up. That should take my total for the week just over 40 miles, all of which have been either 10 minute miles or better and yesterday there was the sub 9 minute mile run which I'm reet proud of at the minute!

Friday, 7 March 2008

More improvements in running department

Week 54 Weighin - Maintained
Well, just for a change have stayed the same this week which is a small miracle considering how much alcohol I had last weekend. Am going to be better this week and then get a pound off for next week. Note in chart below the 210lb line is 15 stone - that's the line I must not cross! On the positive side look further down this post for the awesome running pace - 8:47/mile - brillo!

5.3 Miles at 8:47/mile!!!

For first time today have run sub nine minute miles over more than five miles. Well pleased. Did 3.5 miles last night as well which wasn't bad as was expecting Thursday to be exercise free.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Thursday - off to the smoke

London trip was very interesting - some new server technology from HP.

Did a difficult sudoku going down and a fiendish one coming back up. Fiendish one for some reason was much easier than the difficult one? Work that out? Don't normally have time to Sudoku so it was a good bit of fun, that.

Another pic of them Herons.

No exercise this morning - off to London to a seminar. Didn't do any last night either but did get my compensation form completed.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Field of Herons
T'other day I mentioned a field full of Herons which I thought wierd because they're supposed to be a solitary bird? Well, apparently it's something that happens when they're breeding - Janette got me a picture of the field on way to work - she said most of them had flown off by time she was out of car so doesn't quite give you an idea of the spectacle but still quite impressive - might go out on bike on Sunday and get a pic.

Herons in nearby field

Went to sort out Nephew's internet connection last night - mentioned it before but have found getting him onto Tiscali with their technical support to be a bit of a problem! Anyway in the end it's all sorted and tickety boo. It did mean thought that I only got the five mile run done in the morning. Am in London tomorrow so there'll be no mileage at all tomoz. Off for the usual five miler in ten minutes although with the big blister am debating making it a three-miler!

bp 135/90/60 v poor

Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Did the 'usual' steady five mile run this morning; 9:30/mile, 6.3mph. Wrists feeling better. Am thinking about a return to cycling soon, now it's getting lighter of a morning.

BP 134/93/58 Rubbish

Monday, 3 March 2008

Solid five mile run

Solid five mile run this morning.

Doing bike claim tonight.

In training at work so different start to the week.

Wierd thing this morning. Took Janette to work as her car in for fixing, passed a field on way to Norbury with dozens of Herons. I thought they were supposed to be solitary birds. Sort of got a picture on mobile phone but too rubbish to post. Might see if I can tweak it a bit?

Did another three miles tonight, blister on left foot has reappeared and is twice the size now. What a pain. Not stopping for it though, big plaster on it, and in morning business will continue as usual...

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Back on the road again

No Post yesterday, am definitely slacking. Went to Derby v Sunderland, they were rubbish, we were worse. Nuff said.

Swans in field behind ours.

Pics of swans swimming on a sea of green on fields behind our house. Ashbourne Golf Club in distance.

Did zero exercise as well yesterday which was poor especially as had a few shandies during the match.

This morning(Sunday) made up a bit with a 6.5mile run at 6.1mph into a bloomin gale for much of the time. Then did a couple of miles walking while Lucy was playing rugby on Ashbourne Rec. She did grand today, bless her.

Walking Round Ashbourne Rec while Lucy does Rugby Practice worth a coupla miles

Get the wind speed on this eh and still did better than ten minute miles

Lucy with rugby ball playing tag rugby in Ashbourne.

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