Monday, 30 January 2012

Sunday 29th January 2012 to Saturday 4th February 2012

Friday 3rd February 2012
-6 degrees celsius this morning.  No running again, in work early though!

Thursday 2nd February 2012
-3 degrees celsius this morning.  Bottled out of running.

Wednesday 1st February 2012
Run up town and back after doing some prep for DMs meeting presentation

Tuesday 31st January 2012
They've changed blogger's user interface so I've just lost a load of changes this morning!
Run up town and back

Monday 30th January 2012
Knackered again but up just after 5pm. Finished off reading Stephen King's 'Bag of Bones' last night which was really good, ought to keep a record of what I'm reading. Also read Ford County Stories by Grisham in January - that was okily dokily too. Anyway, got the missus up and then a slow run up town and back.

Sunday 29th January 2012
Tired as seems usual. Wanted to do a big run but could only manage a slow 9 miles.
Sorting out a BT Fon connection issue for brother-in-law Jimmy took a fair bit of time but turned out to be a weak receiver in his Laptop really. Said I'd have a look for a booster thing I've got somewhere.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday 22nd January 2012 to Saturday 28th January 2012

Saturday 28th January 2012
Up at 4:00 ahead of the spangler. Took him to work as his moped is dicky. Played thirteen holes of golf then off to bed early.

Friday 27th January 2012
Tired from Badminton last night. Played with Russell who is very good, probably 10 years younger than me. We beat some of the best whipper-snappers there so that was good. Anyway, up at 5am, an hour of good work then bit of a walk then off to work. All good.

Thursday 26th January 2012
Slow sort of a run round - I've got really slow this last month when I'd hoped to be getting better. Very worrying!

Wednesday 25th January 2012
Up at 5am - did a load of work - am liking this 5am thing get more done in an hour than I can do in a morning at work. Most useful. Woke missus up at 6:20 then off for a run up town and back. All good, bit slow but didn't stop the clock when went into paper shop.

Tuesday 24th January 2012
Got up at 5am. Have been upgrading computers and wanted a 500gb drive out of one of the old PCs. Which got done. Then went quick run up town and back in the blasted run. Got home a bit late due to trouble with the Bullet at work as she is known to me. Had tea, went a walk for a couple of miles. All good.

Monday 23rd January 2012
Up at 5am, worked for an hour, then walked up town and back - still got a touch of stomach ache but am hoping to be sorted tomorrow.

Went a bit of a walk after tea. Couple of mile looking up at the stars. Marvellous.

Sunday 22nd January 2012
Got up early but couldn`t get going. Went a bit of a run with stomach ache before I even set off. not to mention feeling knackered. anyhoo 13.2 miles and probably getting on for three hours later I was jiggered. will post details monday.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday 15th January 2012 to Saturday 21st January 2012

Tuesday 17th January 2012
Got up early and got out on the road not long after 6am. Did five miles and back for just before 7. Thought it felt a bit better but still only averaging 10:45 miles. It'll get better though. First night of alcohol free nights this week last night so that's one out the way! Also did a 2 mile walk round last night as well looking at the stars before watching the rather good Stargazing Live which had the last chap to walk on the moon on it and such a nice bloke he was too.

Monday 16th January 2012
Watched the excellent Sherlock til 10:30 so not up bright and breezy decided I walk up town and back after doing the big run yesterday. Didn't explain the two section approach to the run - I tried to split it into two halves so could stop and have a drink halfway - 500ml of finest lucozade sport to be precise. Getting old I am, you know!

Sunday 15th January 2012
Got up pretty early (mind you went to bed about 8pm as well). Damned Watch crashed and was stuck at 6:40 so had to go run without Garmin assistance so had to manually map out how far I'd gone. The intention was to do 12 miles but I was having to guesstimate and ended up coming a little under three quarters of a mile short having done 6.51 miles in part two of the run and 4.78 miles in part 1 of the run. I had a two section strategy in mind from the off - with home being the start/end point in both case I did the first five mile'ish run around town so it was street-lit not that it was really needed as it was well frostily moonlit this morning. Then did the nice run round Mappleton in early sunlight - was unbelievably cold but that's what it should be this time of year. No idea of pace - still rubbish so if was to put money on it I'd say I was averaging 11 minute miles which as keep saying is okay at my age and weight!

Part 2 summary and map the nice countryside bit:

Part 1 map and summary: the steet lit bit.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Sunday 8th January 2012 to Saturday 14th January 2012

Saturday 14th January 2012
Went bed at 8pm slept til 7:30am - must be getting old!! Anyway just a bit of golf to report on today and a bit of diy in the afternoon putting up mirrors etc.

Friday 13th January 2012
Walked up town and back as was quate knackarred after badminton and 4.5 miles previous day.
Such is life

Thursday 12th January 2012
Struggled to get out of bed, but did so. 4.5 miles run this morning - slow but what the hell, 4.5 miles on a work day morning. That'll do for me damnit.

Wednesday 11th January 2012
Bloody tired again - went bed about 9pm up 5:45. Went run 6:10 ish I think and did 3.76 miles at about 10:45 pace which is a bit rubbish but at least it's more than have been doing.

Tuesday 10th January 2012
Did a wee bit of a run - 3.2 miles - pace was terrible but felt better than the computer says. Such is life. Day two of zero alcohol - also went bed at 9pm, knackered!

Monday 9th January 2012
Feeling it this morning so a mainly walk, little bit of running up town and back just so don't seize up completed. Anyway 2.7 miles covered and better than doing nowt at all.

Walked over to Mr Parker's and back in the evening 2.2 miles clocked up. All good.

Sunday 8th January 2012
Was told I needed to do a ten miler at the weekend for doing Grindleford Gallop in March. Mission accomplished although very tired. 10min 53s miles which was acceptable all things considered.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sunday 1st January 2012 to Saturday 7th January 2012

Saturday 7th January 2012
Saw Phil go first thing then back to bed. 15 holes at lunch time at 10 over, really good front nine at just four over finishing par, par, par, birdie which was solid but lost a bit of momentum on the back nine.

Friday 6th January 2012
Went to bed dead early last night so got up super early this morning. Watched Phil go, there was a concern about Frost but it was okay so he went on his ped. Wind had dropped too. Going to be putting things right tomorrow morning - there's stuff blown over all over the spot at the moment. Did a just short of three mile run this morning which was okay - still not sure bout the new trainers maybe they need bedding in.

Thursday 5th January 2012
Up early watched Paul go in the howling gale bless im. Had to drop my parents off for a flight out of Manchester Airport so got into the office for just after 7am so I could leave early. No run - wasn't fit to with the wind and rain so wasn't too bothered about not running. Was knackered at the end of the day - went to bed about 8pm! Wierd, must be getting old!!!!

Wednesday 4th January 2012
Up early again, got some bits and bobs done. 3.5 mile super slow run, battery ran out on watch which was my fault - something to sort out later.

Tuesday 3rd January 2012
Up early, saw Phil set off for work at 4:30, went back to bed, stayed there. Back is giving me hell today wityh the rain as well I decided to leave it.

Monday 2nd January 2012
Up with the lark at 5am got some bits done - could have gone a bigger run I suppose but didnae. Anyway, 3.33 is a magic number and that's the number of miles I did. So more than I generally ran last year but lordy were my legs tired? Am not sure bout the new shoes I have to say but will give them a few more miles before deciding whether they're not for running in.

Sunday 1st January 2012
Start as you mean to go on. Up a bit later than usual but not to worry, it's a Sunday. 6 miles - just under 11min/mile pace. Yes, it's slow but two factors to consider - a. alcohol over xmas and b. breaking in some new birthday present shoes - Saucony ProGrid Guide 2's - will see how get on with them I had some ProGrid Omnis a few years back and they were excellent so hope these will be similiar.

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