Saturday, 18 August 2007

180707 Illa Del Torro Cycle Ride

Went out for a possibly final bike ride here in Spain. Still didn’t get to Cap de Cala Figuera which is irritating as it should be accessible I just couldn’t find the road to it. Did get to a place to view Illa Del Torro. There is a marine reserve here with a couple of tiny islands at the end of a peninsula. Took a couple of pics on the phone and borrowed Janette’s camera so will update this posting with decent pictures when I get back to the UK. Took about an hour and a half at pottering about speed – some slopes to get up but mainly easy going. Certainly easier than the Casino route yesterday!

Link for Reserva Marina Del Torro –
Not sure what it's all about as it's a bit Spanish-heavy!!

The Route Taken (not necessarily planned!).

Paul at Illa Del Torro

Illa Del Torro, Mallorca

Marine Reserve Sign.

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