Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday 26th February 2012 to Saturday 3rd March 2012

Saturday 3rd March 2012
Run up town and back
Golfing - v average

Friday 2nd March 2012
Day off

Thursday 1st March 2012
Run up town and back

Wednesday 29th February 2012
Missus' birthday stuff. Went to Cherry Tree Farm near Burton for lunch it was a bit much really.

Tuesday 28th February 2012
Monday 27th February 2012

Sunday 26th February 2012
Gutted, me little dog's gone back to her owners, never mind.  Been out on the bike for 7 miles this morning and do I know it!   Around about 12 mph average I think so some fitness work to be done for sure.
Off to Costco in a minute to get the boss's birthday cake.
Bike Ride:

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sunday 19th February 2012 to Saturday 25th February 2012

Saturday 25th February 2012
Missus went to London I think.  Didn't do much on the Garmin anyway!

Friday 24th February 2012
Golf on a friday!  Whizzed round in 2:45 me and John did, played all the holes just not necessarily in the right order!!!

Thursday 23rd February
Dog walking.  Went up and put flowers on Uncle Peter's memorial, went over Darley Dale done jobs.

Wednesday 22nd February 2012
Pipster Walk

Tuesday 21st February 2012
Pipster walk

Monday 20th February 2012 
Dog walk first thing.  In to work to do traininter g

Sunday 19th February 2012 to Saturday 25th February 2012
Nothing much to report.  Went to work Monday and Tuesday to do recruitment training.
Took the Pipster hound many many walks and picked up many many shats as you do with small dogs.
Played golf with John on Friday went out in 40 and came back a bit worse at 45 but 85's a score I can live with!!  Went shopping to Uttoxeter on Wednesday and Burton on Friday - love shopping.  Oh yeah.
All good not really done much exercise as the Pipster took over.
Dog walk

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunday 12th February 2012 to Saturday 18th February 2012

Saturday February 18th 2012 
Bit of a walk with Pipster I think?

Friday 17th February 2012
Tired but up earlyish.   Good job too Will rang from the farm to ask if Phil could come in early as someone had rung in sick.  So woke the spangler up and sent him off. Ace fun.   
Ran up town and back in my useless way.  Not very quick and forgot to start watch up after getting papers but still did the distance none-the-less.

Thursday 16th February 2012
Didn't get to bed til silly o'clock last night so up at 6am this morning.  Problems with XpressWeigh meant getting into work early.   No run but badminton tonight. 

Wednesday 15th February 2012
Up early!  Run up town and back
Took missus and friends to see Wanted in Nottingham - sat in car waiting for em then took em home again. 

Tuesday 14th February 2012
Up early - quick run up town and back. 

Monday 13th February 2012
Got up at crack of dawn 5:15 to check that damned laptop would work. It did. Good.   Tramped up town and back - full of cold - chest hurting - must be flippin mad.

Stopped at work till 7pm trying to sort out problems with America.

Sunday 12th February 2012
Got up at crack of dawn, fell to sleep on sofa last night at 8pm so went bed early as usual.   Worked on someone's grandson's laptop took all day to get it connecting to the internet - at 10pm ish I found out it was bloody Norton Internet Security so totally uninstalled it.  Sort of tramped a five miles very slowly at 7pm - am full of cold at the minute.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday 5th February 2012 to Saturday 11th February 2012

Saturday 11th February 2012 
Sort of ran up town and back.
Started sorting someone laptop out.  Went to Costco - no cheaper than anywhere else you know (excluding Harrods where everywhere else is less expensive.

Monday 6th  - Friday 10th February 2012 
Not much to report on. Busy as hell at work getting up early doing an hour going to work.  Getting a bollocking for booking time off when there's training going on. Cancelling time off. Getting phoned up from work at 10:30 at night, working til 2:30am and not getting thanked for it - the usual really.  Not bitter. Not a bit bitter. Wednesday slow run 

 Sunday 5th February 2012
Well, yesterday was fun and games.  Golf cancelled, John thought it too cold and I reckon he wasn't far wrong there.  So went over Darley Dale with one of them battery booster things to get mums car going.  It got it going but unfortunately not well enough.  In my wisdom I thought take it for a spin and charge the battery up.  It was too far gone unfortunately and gave up on me on Moor Lane.  So left it there overnight, brought the battery back to sunny Ashbourne and got the beggar on charge.  So to Sunday, 4" of snow overnight didn't look like a running day that's for sure.

So sledging in order I thought to start with, coupled with lots of snow-shifting; clearing the snow over at school and on the drive. Loads of fun, and then some.    Then when it looked okay, drove over to Darley put the re-charged the battery in mums car and got the beggar back home. Cripes what a weekend.  DCFC v Forest was supposed to be on telly but got postponed due to snow outside the stadium.

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