Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Monday 26th December 2016 to Sunday 1st January 2017

Monday 26th December 2016
The usual routine of getting the papers and dog walking continues!   Did a load of drum tuning with a new gadget what I got - I don't know that I've got the hang of it yet but we keep trying!!

Tuesday 27th December 2016
The usual again.  A bit more tuning mullarky with an old snare drum.  Derby County beating Birmingham a nice little bonus.   Took pooch up the fields near the golf course dropped reet cold.

Wednesday 28th December 2016
Up at 5:30 am getting like Jack Reacher (?) in that haven;t used an alarm clock in months and months.  Fetched papers early doors, got ready and off to work to arrive for 8am.  All good stuff.

Thursday 29th December 2016
In the office again for another day of fun!   Got all the music gear put away so that needed doing  also brought me dums from 32 year ago home.   Will get them up in the attic at the weekend.   Tuned up the 10 and 12" tama toms again - watched a guy on t'interweb doing it and they sounded mint.    Watched some more Wayward Pines - one episode to go of this quality stuff!

Friday 30th December 2016
Up at 4am due to going to bed early last night, I think.  Lay awake until 5:20 then took dog out.  Got to be done.   Into the office for 7.45 after stopping off at Tesco for Rhys' birthday stuff.     Bought me Xmas present from off the internet some recording gear for me DrumAttic - will be in trouble with the missus no doubt but she did okay some of the expenditure...

Saturday 31st December 2016
Bloomin heck - last day of year, me birthday no less, counting backwards from here on in.   Ordered some recording stuff from Gear4Music yesterday at 10:25, picking it up at MSR paper shop following day before lunchtime - for £2.99 delivery charge no less - you can't beat it!

Monday, 19 December 2016

Monday 19th December 2016 to Sunday 25th December 2016

Monday 19th December 2016
Hell's teeth it's nearly Christmas and I've done next to naff all (I've been told).   Up early, dog walked. Papers fetched.  Into office for 8am.

Thursday 23rd December 2016
My last day in the office and the the usual work shindig which went okay in the end given the limited amount of practice!!  Finished about 4:30pm back home for 5:30pm.   Christmas can begin!

Sunday 25th December 2016
All the stress comes to a head on Christmas day but once it's done it's done!    Got some ace prezzies and had too much to drink and eat as always!!  Never mind.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Monday 12th December 2016 to Sunday 18th December 2016

Monday 12th December 2016
Hell's teeth, Christmas is coming at a rate of knots not done any shopping really yet.  Never mind have ordered fancy dress costume for last day so that is something.   Tired though.  Up early, dog walked papers fetched.  Doing a bit of practice at work.  Home for about 8pm, dog walked.  Bit of web work for then off to bed when missus got back.

Tuesday 13th December 2016
Up at the crack.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Off to work early got petrol on the way all good stuff.

Wednesday 14th December 2016
Band practice.

Thursday 15th December 2016
Longish day at work then back home a bit early.  Tea then off to speech day at QEGS - Lucy got an award for IT, fantastic music and a really good evening was had by all.
Lucy receiving an award and a £20 cheque - whoop whoop.

Friday 17th December 2016
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched, moved a ton of band stuff about.  All good stuff.   Went to Burton to get some stuff for the works band - totally stuck in traffic - hours of fun.    Never mind back home for 6pm.   Watched Die Hard 4.0 - better than I expected!!

Saturday 18th December 2016
Up early, the usual.   Did some fetching down of stuff for Xmas plus trips to recycling centre - moved Lucy's chest of drawers - got her computer desk in place - needs a new chair as we have got one that is too tall!   Such is life.  9 holes of average golf.   Off to see Jonny Bigland's DC d DC tribute band in ear drum imploding fashion!

Sunday 18th December 2016
Up early   slight hangover.  Lots of Xmas preparation and trips up t'attic again.  Trips to tip.  Lunch at Cross still slightly hungover.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Monday 5th December 2016 to Sunday 11th December 2016

Monday 5th December 2016
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.  Car loaded with drums transported into the office.  All okay so far.   After work waited until 7:15pm for DMs to go then gave it up as a bad job.

Tuesday 6th December 2016
Up at 5.20am.  Dog walked papers fetched, into office for a bit after 8am

Wednesday 7th December 2016
Bit of a practice with t'band

Thursday 8th December 2016
Went to council meeting to have a bit of a rant - found out 3 minutes is soon over!!

Friday 9th December 2016
Busy day at work - an hour or two of rehearsal after work then went to Ilkeston to see Bill and Craig who used to be in a band with 25/30 years ago play with their band Steam Kittens for the first time in 21 years - rate good.

Saturday 10th December 2016
Up early.  Took pooch for grooming, Morrison's breakfast and a tiny bit of shopping for drum stuff (least said).  Then back home - 9 holes of golf.   Then out with Paula and Darren at the Coach and Horses, Fenny Bentley - very nice.  Late to bed though.

Sunday 11th December 2016
Up early.  Dog walked.  On Bus for Derby  - in pub for 10am with Mr Richard Doar - several drinks later and at the match just in time!   90 minutes of pain for Forest and then force marching to catch
the 2:30 bus which I just managed!!

 Ace Day.   Bed at 5pm to catch up - got up at 9pm, walked dog, back to bed that's livin alright!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Monday 28th November 2016 to Sunday 4th December 2016

Monday 28th November 2016
Cripes last week of November already!   Kept waking up all neet.  Up at 5am.  Dog walked, papers fetched, woke Lucy at 6am.  Into the office for 7.45am  All good stuff.  Got home tinkered with getting this damned Alesis IO 26 working

Tuesday 30th November 2016 
Up at the crack.  Minus 5 this morning!  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Set off at 7.20am to take Lucy and her mate Aiofe (pronounced Ether) to Wolverhampton University for two lectures on animation.   Had them in the reception for 9.20 so ten minutes ahead of schedule but traffic was a nightmare.

 Drove back home for four hours - pottered about in greenhouse, tinkered with computer.  Went back to fetch them setting off at 2.30, got there in loads of time, parked in Asda car park, waited for them in Uni reception, brought 'em home.  All good stuff.

Wednesday 31st November 2016
Up at 5am.  Dog walked, minus five again.  Into the office for 7.45am

Thursday 1st December 2016
Funny sort of a day, up at the crack, got Lucy up, got into office dead early 7.30ish.  Supposed to have a practice but it got called off due to a lorry fire on the A38 slowing traffic down.   Borrowed a Mac Book Pro off Liz to try and make the Alesis gadget work - it wouldn't so I'm sending the damn thing back.

Friday 2nd December 2016
Over laid, up at 5:35.  Went and got papers with little dog - no Derby Telegraphs which got me into trouble a little.   Introduced Phil to the film Die Hard - now, it's Xmas

Saturday 3rd December 2016
Up okay.  Dog walked papers fetched.  Shopping in Uttox with the missus.  Did a bit at the lotty.  Gig at the Black Horse, Endon as a three piece - survived it - all good,  Car crash outside the pub but not in it which is always a bonus in my book!!

Sunday 4th December 2016
Up at 7:30.  Dog walked.  Down Lotty for a bit more.

 Footie with Lucy for a bit - right cold up at Osmaston though.   Bed a bit earlier but not really early enough.  Watched a rubbish film recommended by Phil called The Squeeze.  Not up to much in my view,

Monday, 21 November 2016

Monday 20th November 2016 to Sunday 26th November 2016

Monday 21st November 2016
Up at the crack of dawn 5:10am.  Dog walked and papers fetched by 5:45.  Showered and ready for work by 6:15 - Lucy woken at 6am.  Everything on rails, into the office for 7.45am

Cripes lost another week!!

Tuesday 22nd November 2016
Went through the floods to drop something off me mum and dads.  What a nightmare.

Wednesday  23rd November 2016
3rd(?) Rehearsal with works band - got a crack in windscreen for me troubles.

Thursday 24th November 2016
- nowt to report

Friday 25th November 2016
Left work half an hour early.   Pub quiz Netty's Knockers came second

Saturday 26th November 2016
No gig! ? !  Never mind.  Very average golf 13 holes played - greens are a right mess

Sunday 27th November 2016
Up early.  Dog walked.  Did an hour down the lotty.  Buxton for footie, we could only stop til half time as we had a meal booked at the Ketch for 4pm which we would have made easy if we were at Osmaston which was where the game was supposed to be.   Never mind, top tea.   Bed early.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Monday 14th November 2016 to Sunday 20th November 2016

Monday 14th November 2016
Absolutely knackered this morning - up at 5:20am, took pooch a walk, got papers, into the office for 8:05am.  Very, very tired...

Funny Week - not had anything of note to report.  Did a bit of IT Support for me dad Tuesday night,  Played in goal to help with training at Ashbourne ladies on Wednesday night.  Watched too much telly, walked the dog a lot as usual and that's about it!

Saturday 19th November 2016
Up early. Dog walked.  Did a bit of getting drum stuff ready for gig tonight.   9 holes of golf in the afternoon.

The third green at Ashbourne - get that view - shame about the bare trees. 

Chippie tea then set off for gig at the Navigation, Burton-on-Trent which went okay but still one or two songs are a bit rusty.   It'll come and we went down a storm and got a repeat booking so all good stuff.

Sunday 20th November 2016
Up at 7:30 (after going to bed at 3am!!) - dog walked then did a ton of stuff getting me greenhouse sorted out. Next year my automatic watering system will work like an absolute dream so it will.   Also fixed me expensive home computer that I gave up on a couple of years ago - not sure quite what fixed it but took the expensive graphics card out, connected it up with the on-board graphics adaptor - that didn't work so I put the expensive card back in and hey presto, the bugger starts working properly again - work that out!!?!!??!!   Anyway - dead happy to see that going again as am going to need it in a few weeks for the next project!!!    Missus was doing a tombola up town so took Lucy up and had a few quid on that - managed to win some shaving balm and some new shinpads for Lucy so all good stuff there!!
Not the missus (Sharon fomt Ashbourne Ladies)  but t'is the missus' tombola barrel thing that went down brill!!
Got home had a play on me fixed pc and bed at 9:30pm to catch up a bit on the old sleep!

Monday, 7 November 2016

Monday 7th November 2016 to Sunday 13th November 2016

Monday 7th November 2016

Up at 5:10 after hearing Phil go about 4am.   Dog walked, papers fetched.  Into office for 7:50am, got some cymbals from behind Ruby Room so all good stuff.   Funny day in the office but aren't they all. Home for 6:30.  Tea.  Dog walked.  Bit of tippety, tappety, bit of telly, all good stuff bed at 11pm!!!

Tuesday 8th November 2016
Up at 4:50, paper fetched and dog walked early doors - had to scrape car, it was -3 this morning. Proper cold.    Someone posted a bit from the Matlock Mercury on FB apparently the paper was published before the poster was born!   I can't even remember ever playing the Northwood with Big Lix which seems strange.

Wednesday 9th November 2016
Up early, dog walked, bit of grief at work.  Home for about 6pm, Lucy practice at 6:30.   Played in Goal for last ten minutes and was whooped on a regular basis!   Never mind.

Thursday 10th November 2016
Up early.  Dog walked papers fetched.  Usual gip at work.  Practice after in Pleasley.  It will be alright on the night one hopes!!

Friday 11th November 2016
Up a bit late at 5:20!!  Phil gone gritting already - can always tell by the amount of lights left on downstairs.  Dog walked papers fetched into the office for 8am.  All good stuff.  Missus out and about in the evening so got an hour of practice done up in the drum attic.

Saturday 13th November 2016
Up early dog walked, papers fetched.  Piccy B brekko.  9 holes of golf mid-afternoon on me tod.  Gig in Long Eaton, back home 2:00am Bed an hour later!

Sunday 13 November 2016 
Up at 7:30.  Dog walked, bit of snap then off to Darley Dale to move a table at mum and dads. A bit more snap!!  Back home.  Did a bit in the greenhouse getting insulation sorted.  Quite a mild day.  Ran the line in the afternoon - only made one cockup but never mind - no-one else is volunteering to do it.  Two minutes silence at start of game.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Monday 31st October 2016 to Saturday 6th November 2016

Monday 31st October 2016
Up early.  Dog walked, Gave Lucy a lift to school.  Full on day - lots of interviews all good stuff.   Back home for 6pm.  Lucy and Boss went to group, I had a look at the D4 and whether the backlighting on the display could be fixed - it can't so going to get some sort of a reading light to overcome that problem - not paying £40 to put a new display on it when it's only the backlighting not working.

Tuesday 1st November 2016
Up early dog walked, papers fetched.  Not much to speak of today.  More interviews etc.

Wednesday 2nd November 2016
Up early doors.  Dog walked papers fetched.  Busy day at office, review meeting and one interview who was a no-show.  Have lost me reading glasses and it's driving me mad.

Thursday 3rd November 2016
Am ordering some reading glasses so I am.   No option - going to get two pairs!  As soon as they arrive the old pair will no doubt turn up but can't be helped. First Xmas band rehearsal tonight.  Very interesting - an old battered kit but a very expensive double pedal and snare drum - makes no sense at all!!

Friday 4th November 2016
Up super early due to Phil not knowing where his driving license is at 4:30 in the ruddy morning. Never mind.  Dog walked - had to do a second pass as papers hadn't even been delivered when we were up town.  Got into office at 7.30, left a bit after 4pm.

Saturday 5th November 2016
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched the usual.  Did a load of work in the greenhouse getting rid of all the tomato plants.  Also got some L brackets drilled a bit bigger to I can fasten them to the greenhouse - have put a long pipe to hang the insulating bubble wrap over which I'm hoping will make it much easier going forward to move up and down.

Then dropped off a card for niece-in-law, Donna, got some petrol, got the missus some bananas as you do.   Then went to the closing down Doveleys Garden Centre - got eight 50l bags of compost for £20 ready for next year.   No golf but walked up to the clubhouse and gave em £165 for Winter golf/.   Got the wee dog a 2 mile walk into the process.  All good.   Didn't do a great deal after that - fetched tea at about 6pm then spent most of the night trying to keep the dog calm.  Hours of fun. Missus gone to see Bastille at Nottingham, stayed up til she got back at 00:30!

Sunday 6th November 2016
Up early, walked pooch.  Did a bit more in the greenhouse emptying more pots - talk a load of dead compost to the recycling centre then went and did a bit at the lotty until 11:30 when it started raining.  Lucy got football at Matlock (third time this season - saw the Daltons again - all good stuff) - ended up losing 1-0 but deserved better.

 Back home for about 4:30 - right tired - had a drink or two then fell asleep on sofa!!   Never mind.  Phil ill in the night bless him.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Monday 24th October 2016 to Sunday 30th October 2016

Monday 24th October 2016
Bloomin' eck its almost Hall'o'ween time - crikey blimey O'Reilly.  Up at the crack of dawn.  Dog walked, papers fetched, into the office for 8am.  All on rails as usual.   Home for 6pm ish.  Tea.  Dog Walk.  Put some stuff up into the attic for the missus and did a bit of drum practice too, all good stuff. Watched a couple of Casting Agency's and a couple of Have I got News' then up to bed with new Rebus Book even Dogs in the Wild.

Tuesday 25th October 2016
Bit late getting up at 5.45am, never mind, papers got, dog walked, into office for 8am.  Going to a DDDC Forum thing tonight so will be seeing what the good folks in the council have done for us lately and asking a few questions.

Wednesday 26th October 2016
Last day at work before a short break.  Helping out with loads of interviews.  Rush of a day.

Thursday 27th October 2016
Off to Wales wahey.   Three stops on the way - Congleton McDs, Jeppos Cafe (in the middle of nowhere) then Valley and then we got to Church Bay.

 Took the boss and the pooch to The Black Lion at Llanfaethlu for tea - very nice.  Went and did a bit of fishing caught nowt.

Friday 28th October 2016
Still in Wales wahey.  Me and missus went to Moelfre and then Bull Bay.

Had a BBQ in the afternoon!!

Missus went to the Lobster Pot for tea with Linda, I had the pooch and then went for a bit of a fish later on - caught nowt!!

Saturday 29th October 2016
Got to go back home

Got a gig with Breaking Poynt at Parwich - bit of a last minute job but what can you do!  Gig went well - am falling back into it slowly.

Video of one tune - first time I played it with Breaking Poynt - cheated all over the shop but got away with it - nice comment at about 50 second mark if you listen carefully!!!

Got in at 2am, bed for 3am, up again at 6am

Sunday 30th October 2016
Up early doors.  Dog walked.  Down lotty for a couple of hours.  Dug a bed out brought a load of stuff back for the missus.  Dog mucked up so gave her a shower while Missus and Lucy went to get some stuff from Uttoxeter.  Football at Buxton with Lucy.  Dog managed to roll in fox muck so a load of grief for that and then another shower for the stinky dog.  Top tea at mum and dad's back home about 7pm - slept most of way home then off to bed early.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Monday 17th October 2016 to Sunday 23rd October 2016

Monday 17th October 2016
Up early, dog walked and paper fetched, into the office for 7.45,   Home for about 6.30 due to something cracking off on the A38 south of Derby.   Never mind. Tea, dog walked, did a bit of tippety tappety, watched a bit of telly went to bed about 10.30 very tired.

Tuesday 18th October 2016
Up at 5:30.  Dog walked in the rain. Cycle2work deffo cancelled!  I into office for 8am.  busy day, got home for a bit after 6pm.  Tea. Dog walk.  Watched a load of tat called Quantico - watched four episodes of it though so it can't have been that rubbish!!  Bed for 10pm

Wednesday 19th October 2016
Up at 5:20, dog walked, papers fetched back home for 6am to get Lucy up. Into office for 6.45am.  Tired before I even start!!!

Friday 21st October 2016
Got Lucy up early as they are finishing early at school on the last day before breaking up for half-term - can't fault 'em i would too.   Funny day in the office loads to do, and

Saturday 22nd October 2016
Cripes lost Thursday!!   Can't imagine I did a great deal different!  Took pooch for haircut at 9am in Belper.  Dip a quick shop with missus - all good fun.  Back home for about 11am.

Found out I'm definitely playing drums for a local band called Breaking Poynt with me old mucker Rich Mellor so that's great - need raise my game a bit now.   Game of golf with John at 12:30 - took forever so we went down 15 instead of the 10th.   Never mind.   Got down to the lotty and got everything mowed which needed doing desperately.

Sunday 23rd October 2016
Up early.  Dog walked.  Weather gone miserable so did a bit of web work for JJC Sporting Guns fixing some picture links that had gone AWOL.  Lucy footballing at Alfreton so was damn near back as work on a Sunday afternoon!!   Lost again but at least Ashbourne got a couple of goals.

Got home for a bit after 4pm. Took pooch a walk after tea to see if could get any sweet chestnuts - only got a few from the easy tree - I reckon if I can find a bit of time to get some more on Thursday morning should be laughing.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Monday 10th October 2016 to Sunday 16th October 2016

Monday 10th October 2016
Up at 5.20am before alarm went off which had set as a precaution in case natural alarm didn't work after having only four hours sleep Sunday morning.   Papers fetched, back home for 6.10am, got Lucy up.  Into office for 7.45 and back to business.  Back home about 6pm which wasn't bad.  Tea and Dog walk.  Got stuff ready for biking to work Tuesday!  Watched Hooten and the Lady and a film called Continuum as well practicing paradiddle diddles (try saying that when you're drunk).

Tuesday 11th October 2016 
Up at 5.20am.  Dog walked and got daft Lucy up at 6.10am.  Cripes.  Cycled into work 10 miles - have got to about 12 on Thursday I think so thought I'd better have a bit of a practice.  Cycled back in about 48 minutes which is okay - need that sort of pace for fifteen miles on Thursday morning - will have to see how that goes!!!  Watched some tat called "Seventh Son" on Now TV - crikey that's a film for Tammy Constance if ever there was one.

Wednesday 12th October 2016
Up at 5:30, dog walked paper fetched. Cleaned car out and went to work - car swap day.  Car swapped.  Back home for 6pm.  Tea then went to footie practice with Lucy and Boss Kat.   Watched Westworld when got home - top programme that is.  Bed before 10pm as just a bit tired, leccy blanket on - luxury!!

Thursday 13th October 2016
Up at 5.20.  dog walked, paper fetched.   Took missus' car to Pentagon Vauxhall in Derby then cycled rest of way to Alfreton - 15.72 miles in total,

 Got to work for about 9.15am, shower then interview at 9:30.  Bish bosh.   Should be easier on way back I'm hoping.   Well, it was way easier going home thought it felt more uphill in the morning than in the evening and so it proved to be the case,

1hr 26minutes in the morning 1hr 12minutes going home so all good stuff I reckon.

Watched a bit of telly in the evening but god what I tired.   Bed about 10pm can't remember head hitting pillow!

Friday 14th October 2016
Overlaid!  Up at 6am.  Dog walked.  Into office for a bit after 8am - all good stuff.

Saturday 15th October 2016
Up first thing, dog walked, papers fetched.  Off to Swadlincote to fetch 3 Hard Case drum cases which I got off eBay for £50 - an absolute bargain.  The bloke I bought them off is the drummer for a Kate Bush Tribute band called Red Shoes and he buys and sells drums - his workshop is like an Aladdin's cave of drums.   Excellent.  Got back and started tidying garden up a bit - pulled all the sunflowers up, got rid of some of the tomatoes.   Then we lopped the lilac tree with me dad's tree lopping tool which worked an absolute treat but my arms are really aching now!   Got all the mowing done so the green bin is all nice and full for Thursday!  No golf but went to a do in that Derby in the evening.  A little bit tipsy by time the night was through.

Sunday 16th October 2016
Played a round at Brailsford with Darren who we know from Wales.  Quite enjoyed it - greens are much better than I remember and the three new holes make it a good two hours worth of golf for just £14.

One of the new holes - a par three over water

This one is the new par 3 fourth hole - like the trees lining the approach

The last hole (12th) - it had stopped raining for about ten minutes at this point!
At 11:45 it was off to Ilkeston for Lucy's football which saw an improved performance but another defeat - only a matter of time.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Monday 3rd October 2016 to Sunday 9th October 2016

Monday 3rd October 2016 
Up early - t'is first frost of autumn, winter is coming!

Dog walked, papers fetched.  Into work in good time.

25th anniversary of joining the company - instead of a watch I got some drum microphones - I've got a secret plan I'm working on dontcha know!!

Got home had to take some pictures for Lucy's art projects - bumped into Sam Harrison who was Sam Greatorex when I was at school in the 80's - turns out she's lived a stone's throw away from our house for 15 years and knows the missus - as usual I'm the last to know!!!

Tuesday 4th October 2016
Up early, no frost, good.  Dog walked papers etc.etc.

Gave Lucy a lift into school early as they had an early start.

Got home from work and got everything mowed before it got dark - green bin day on Thursday.   Well pleased with that.

Wednesday 5th October 2016
Up early pooch walked, Papers fetched.  Good day in the office.  Bit of drum practice up in the attic.

Thursday 6th October 2016
Work early.  Got home 6.15 took el pooch out as was getting dark.  Missus going to flicks so watched a load of telly!!!  Oh yes.  Westworld and some rubbish with Elves in it.

Friday 7th October 2016
Up early.  Dog walked in the drizzle. Took Lucy to School again as she had a big art folder with her.
Nipped to Wilko at lunchtime got two bags of seed and cutting compost for a shiny pound and also got some onions for planting.

Got home in good time.  Watched even more telly - Bridge of Spies - excellent and Grandma which was less so but not bad all the same.

Saturday 8th October 2016
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.  Off to Derby to get bait for fishing!   Got mackerel, squid (dear stuff) mussels and prawns.

Did a bit at the lotty - got me garlic and onions into that bed I set up last week.   Still a bit of space to put a few more in so I might do that next weekend - we'll see!

Onions going in with help of a bit of plastic fence netting for spacing - small dog keeping guard in background. 

Reasonable haul for October

At 2.45 set off for Skeg Vegas - took ages to get there as first postcode me brother gave me took me into Skeg and the mark was a bit north of Chapel St Leaonard.

The mark - correct postcode PE25 5XJ !!! don't get the X and the J the wrong way round!!!

Went past a caravan site we had a holiday at when I was about 5 years old so nice to see it was still there.

Turn off for Robin Hood now called Golden Palm Resort but old sign still there!!!

Got to the car park of the mark at about 6pm just after it had rained on Andrew and his mate, Carl.   Anyway onto the fishing which can be summarised as - spent a fortune on bait, travelled 250 miles caught nowt!!   Proper full on mad.   Carl did manage a single flatfish but it was probably just a bit too rough.

Saw a beautiful owl on the way home so something good from it.  Also know where to get cheap frozen bait that will do at a push - prawns from Aldi, Mackerel fillets from Iceland and local if you can get it should be the mantra!  Bed at about 3am

Sunday 9th October 2016
Up at 7am.  Dog walked, then off to Car Boot at Bakewell.  Got a non-slip mat for a tenner that should be about perfect for putting a drum kit.   At about 12 noon we set off for football at Cavendish Fields.  I got roped in to being linesman again - one day I might even do a half decent job of it - who knows?

Running the line at Matlock vs Ashbourne ladies match

After footie went ovet to me mum and dad's for tea which was very nice indeed.  Did a bit more conservatory windows cleaning and did the solar panels too - me dad has got a top gadget sort of an extendable broom thing that has water running through it - must borrow it to do mine.  Ever so slightly fell asleep after tea and went home with Phil nodding off a bit until he hit his air-horns (the miserable so and so and so).   Took pooch for a walk about 8.15pm and then off to bed.   V. Tired

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Monday 26th September 2016 to Sunday 2nd October 2016

Monday 26th September 2016
Up early, dog walked paper's fetched.  Funny day in the office - has managed to cock something up on Friday like an eejit.  Never mind.  Home, tea, dog walk,  Bit of drum practice up in the attic.

Tuesday 27th September 2016
Up early'ish, dog walked

Got home, had me tea, replaced the bulb in the outside light.  

Went to lotty with the missus - brought back red cabbage, courgettes, butternut squashes, a punnet of raspberries - all good stuff and a beautiful sunset to boot.

Went up in attic and did a bit of practice - am trying to learn how to do paradiddle-diddles RLRRLL sticking and it is utterly defeating me.   Never mind.

Wednesday 28th September  2016
Woke up late - 5.45!  Yikes, quick dog walk, papers fetched   Into office for 7.50am though so not bad going me owd.  Funny day communicating with my friends at the council.  I feel a rocket approaching them in the near future.    Got home about 6pm.  Tea then got Phil to drop me and el pooch up town so could go watch Lucy training with Ashbourne Ladies FC, lift back with the missus.  All good stuff.  No drum practicing for a night!!  Cancelled Sky - it took 29 minutes including 12 minutes on hold.

Thursday 29th September 2016
Up early, dog walked, Office for 7:54am

Saturday 1st October 2016
Up early.  Dog walk.  Did a bit at lotty.  Weeding and getting a bed ready for onions and what have you to go in.

Golf at 12:09.   Only did 14 holes as slow as anything with a society in front and greens were rubbish as they'd been hollow tined.  In evening me and missus went to see Jonny B's band DC done Dirt Cheap - very good.

Got home at 12.30 very. very tired.  Never mind.

Sunday 2nd October 2016
Up a bit later than usual.  Dog walked and what have you.  Did a few jobs in the greenhouse moving three of the xmas potatoes in - which would prove to be very clever I reckon as frost came on Monday!!  Lucy football at Belper and then over to me mum and dad's for tea which was excellent as usual.   Had a got at cleaning the conservatory that was semi-successful!!!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Monday 19th September 2016 to Sunday 25th September 2016

Monday 19th September 2016
Got up early.  Walked dog, got papers back home for 6:10.  Showered and got shaving kit upstairs so Lucy could have a very early shower.  All good stuff.  Into the office for 7.50am.  Good day in the office.  Got home, tea, dog walk, the usual.  Had a look see if a Tama starcast would go on a Premier single tom mount.  Nope it don't.  Never mind.    Got a box that fits the missus tombola barrel perfectly (don't ask) so got that packed up and into the attic.   Did a good hour and a half practicing mainly Kansas but the odd other tune beside.  Cracking piece of kit the DM6 is and got it for a song!
Watched a little bit of telly when came down (Jools Holland thing with Sting and Kings of Leon on it).  Bed a bit late really.

Tuesday 20th September 2016
Up at 5am.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Shaved, bit of brekkie then off to Belper to CycleToWork.
Took 52 minutes this morning which is much better.  Hell of a day made a bit of a ruddy cockup with an email suffice it to say - felt sick ever since.  Cycled back to Belper a bit after 5pm - got there in no time on the Giant - hell of a bike that is, fairly flies it does.

 Had tea, took pooch a walk.  Did an hour or so of Drum practice up in the attic.  Came down, watched some Telly went to bed after another walk for el pooch.

Wednesday 21st September 2016
Up at 5am.  Dog walked and papers fetched in plenty good time as had to wake Lucy at 6am which was a waste of time as she went back to sleep.

Thursday 22nd September 2016
Up at the crack of dawn.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Came out of the office ten minutes early to make sure was back home in time for the missus and Lucy to go see Ronan Keating in Nottingham.

Tea and dog walk.   Then some drum work while it was still light - fitted a port to one of the bass drums (P.J. did the work really) and then polished up an old Premier 2000 snare drum that the missus rescued for me at the recycling centre some years back - bit of moongel for damping on it I think it should be fine with a bit of tweaking.

Did about an hour of practice - think it's gonna be okay!!!

Friday 23rd September 2016
Up late (but then I went to bed late after watching end of Star Wars and then an episode of Black Books).  Dog walked, papers fetched, into the office for 8.15am which was later than normal but acceptable all things considered - ruddy traffic lights everywhere at the moment.  Have been doing some research into affiliate advertising at work so have made a page to see how it works exactly.

Saturday 24th September 2016
Up early doors, Dog walked, papers fetched.  Nipped to lotty and got some Raspbobs and a sweetcorn for t'missus.

Missus took Lucy to Derby so I did a few jobs getting gear ready for the gig.

Golf as 12:12.  Couldn't live with John's handicap - he'd got 22 points on front nine and I was five adrift after a couple of three putts - a further four 3 putts on back nine didn;t help but I got a few pars and a birdie going round and the weather was very pleasant indeed.

Cjuppy tea then picked up at 6.45 for the gig at the Charles Cotton, Hartington.  Which went down very well but meant getting back home at 2am which didn't go down so well with the missus.   Ho hum Such is life.

Sunday 25th September 2016
Up early, dog walked, a bit damp but not too bad.  Missus off to car boot with stuff we loaded up the day before.  Got drums packed up and stuff moved around here and there.

Got some more stuff out of my damp shed and up into the attic.

I was taking Lucy and Grace and her mum to the football match at Ilkeston Town FC's group.   As no-one else would do it I ended up running the line which was an experience I can tell you.  Only gave two offsides and got involved in a handball decision which was interesting.

Back home about 4.30pm, tea at Stepping Stones which was a bit of fun as well.  Never mind.

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