Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas 2011 to Saturday 31st December 2011

Christmas 2011

Apologies for the lack of updates - have been busy doing naff-all for too long. Not much to report over the Xmas break went a couple of walks but did no running nor any golf nor any cycling. Did a bit more decorating but that doesn't really count! Sorted out Itunes on my old pc so that we could load up the missus' Ipod which was interesting. Other than that have barely been out the house.

Was a sad Xmas really as first one without uncle Peter but there were many times where I thought of him (as always really) even on Christmas day there was a point where I took Paddy's hat folded it and stuck it in his coat pocket before hanging it up - that was what Uncle Peter always did. Sad without him, life goes on though.

Took Phil to see the new Sherlock Holmes film yesterday it was great although a bit long for me. So "Overt it's covert" was my favourite quote I think. A cracking yarn, t'was.

Friday 30th December 2011
44 tomorrow - how can that be? Anyway got up dead early to make sure Phil got off to work okay. Then back to bed for a bit, then up again, then went run at 6am for almost three miles at 10:40 pace which considering the weight and recent consumption of alcohol was acceptable.

Saturday 31st December 2011
That's it another bloody year older. Not best pleased. Got up at 5am, did the bins, went out for a run at 6am - did five miles at 10:44 pace which I'm not unhappy with all things considered. It will get better. Can't believe how mild it is - 10 degrees first thing, it was ruddy freezing last year.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Sunday 18th December 2011 to Saturday 24th December 2011

Wednesday 21st December 2011
Up early; a couple of painting tasks. Then stuff out the shed and off to work early for setting up for the madness.

Tuesday 20th December 2011
Up dead early - 4:10am to set the bread maker off as we're a bit low on bread for the kids' sarnies. Back to bed for an hour and a bit. Up again at 5:30(!) to get oven on, made six bread rolls, good but not had none, mesen. Painted the stain removed bit of wall. We'll have to see how it works out, think it needs another coat really.

Anyway,after all that ran up town and back. A bit slow as knackered to start off with but that's acceptable.

Watch wasn't getting a satellite position for much of it so it could say anything when it's finally loaded up.

After a bit more painting mullarky I went for a two miles walk.

Monday 19th December 2011
Up early again. Ajaxing the back door. It come up lovely! A bit of tweaking to the powerpoint for the it meeting and then fetchee papers and off to work. Got the room setup with young Liz, powerpoint ready to go, handouts at the ready. Power cut. Awesome. Hottailed it to the place of power (or with power) the warehouse. Not bad talked through the release plan for XpressWeigh. All good.

Got home, decided to use some polycell stain remover stuff on a bit of ink that Lucy may have left on the wall in the dining room (put about 20 coats of paint over it to no effect). Will see how it paints up tomorrow. Also finished off the back door it looks quate good now but needs a bit of silicon sealant to finish it off.

Sunday 18th December 2011
Mighty tired but not a problem. Got up mega early and got the hall painted through out. Did the wood about lunchtime. Not much else too report, hoovered up did some bits and bobs. All good.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Sunday 11th December 2011 to Saturday 17th December 2011

Wednesday 14th December 2011
Up at 5:20(!!) painted inside of kitchen door and door to hallway. Cleaned the brushes and out on the road for first time for a few days by 6:30 (awesome performance young Siddall).

Tuesday 13th December 2011
Up at 5:30 radiators and door jambs this morning and then off to work. Got back in good time, did shower room door and then got everything ready for morning attack.

Monday 12th December 2011
Up early (5am), glossed skirting board, put shelves up, put drawers back in place. Looks good. Got a band rehearsal tonight and then will be doing some snagging when I get back home just to finish off - it'll be well good!!

Sunday 11th December 2011
Decorating most of day apart from a bit of visiting the madhouse that is Costco.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sunday 4th December 2011 to Saturday 10th December 2011

Saturday 10th December 2011
Started the clearing up process ahead of decorating the dining room. Then a bit of golf, played with a young chap called Dan who kindly marked our card in a good way. Played fairly well to put a three under par card in off our three quarter handicaps. Got quite a few pars which was nice.

Friday 9th December 2011

Thursday 8th December 2011
Forced meself out again.

Wednesday 7th December 2011
Back on the road again. Slow, ill, what more do you want?

Tuesday 6th December 2011
Presentation on credit card processing. Went okay but more work generated from it, such is life.

Monday 5th December 2011
vision Day at the Derbyshire Hotel talking about the next generation of XpressWeigh - went quite well considering.

Sunday 4th December 2011
Not much to report. Felt like death warmed up so didn't do much.
Bit of a bike ride on Sunday but you only have to see the average speed to know it was poor!

Lots of meetings and presentations at work which all went relatively well, all things considered.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday 27th November 2011 to Saturday 3rd December 2011

Friday 2nd December 2011
Knackered from Badmo and all. So decided to have rest day. Ha ha.

Thursday 1st December 2011
Quick run up town and back. V Tired but still under 11min miles.

Wednesday 30th November 2011
Quick run up town and back then off to that London for a Microsoft Sharepoint seminar. Very good. Almost 10 min miles as well for a change.

Tuesday 29th November 2011
Possibly the final dog walk - his owner's family are all ill so we had the dog an extra day. So did the two mile loop again. Six minutes quicker than yesterday but there was one less pooper scooper to do so that might be related.

Monday 28th November 2011
Think I mentioned we've been dogsitting this weekend, well we've still got the pooch into Monday so this morning was reduced to walking the animal 2 miles round the block and got nothing much else done. Such is life.

Sunday 27th November 2011
Couldn't get out of bed! 8am! N'er mind 7 mile slow run round Okeover Park and what have you. 11min 30sec miles nothing to be impressed by but that's what I'm down to.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Sunday 20th November 2011 to Saturday 26th November 2011

Saturday 26th November 2011
Missus gone shopping, we got a lil wire-haired Jack Russell for the weekend called Pip. Should be interesting. Nowt much to speak of today. West Ham beat the Rams but it was a mercy victory really - you have to give a little bit of chariy to that poor fella up front for the hammers who loses his balance once in the penalty area - poor chap - a breath of air and he's on his arse.

Friday 25th November 2011
Interesting Badminton session last night - found out that I don't do the 'big to the back' serves right - sort of come around rather than under so need to get that sorted. That said, I didn't lose a single game so that's got to be good. Anyway, was totally jiggered last night and this crept through to this morning with a crap run up town and back with many short walking spells. I think there might be an outside chance am getting old. Was looking forward to a fishing session this weekend but looks like it's not going to be happening now, which is standard for me of late. Anyway details of run

Thursday 24th November 2011
Couldn't get out of bed. Knackered. So late that made decision to just do a two mile loop. So tired so rubbish pace. Such is life

Wednesday 23rd November 2011
Dragged myself out of bed for 5:50. Got tidied up, got some bits together to send for Ebay mullarky and got them sorted. Went run, stopped off at bank to get some cash, picked papers up and then back home for 6:55. 3 miles done (forgot to restart the clock after papers for half a mile) close to 10min miles

Tuesday 22nd November 2011
Got up feeling a bit better than yesterday but still not brill. Did a two mile walk round the block last night then forgot to switch watch off when got home so it looks like 2.7 miles when it was actually a smidge over 2 miles.

Anyway, back to today, did a bit of early morning tidying up then up town and back to fetch papers - getting really tired but first mile was around 10 minutes - it'll get better I'm sure.

Monday 21st November 2011
Got up at 6am, stiff as a board - 13 miles on a Sunday is out of my league these days.
Anyway, did some tidying up - cleaned shoes, put breadmaker away, went run up town and back. Which as expected was a bit slow!

Sunday 20th November 2011 Started off with a steady (read "slow") 7.5 mile run.

Then rather rubbish golf in which I missed two putts from 18"
We ended up with a nett 76 that should have been at least four shots better if putts hadn't horse-shoed or been missed from laughably close up. Anyway another 6 miles to add to the total.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sunday 13th November 2011 to Saturday 19th November 2011

Sunday 13th November 2011
Did nowt pretty much. Washed cars. Went to Costco as requested. Didn't realise they did eye tests which should be handy I reckon for next time. Bought a load of junk we shouldn't have then come home. Nothing to add other than that!

Monday 14th November 2011
Got up and went for a spin on the bike. Am awaiting some innertubes coming from Ebayland before I start commuting proper again. Anyway a steady 7 or so miles. Got back from work watched the Other Guys with Phil - that Will Ferrell does make me laugh.

Tuesday 15th November 2011
Couldn't make me mind up today. Ended up running three miles - watch was flat so no record but it felt a steady pace. Then drove to other side of Alfreton and cycled in. Ridiculously I hadn't realised that the Leisure Centre wasn't a blue permit car park so had to rescue car with the help of Dan from facilities before it got a £60 fine!! Will know for next time though! Anyway three miles running, three miles cycling.

Wednesday 16th November 2011
Run up town and back. Right tired.

Thursday 17th November 2011
Watched ‘The Kennedy Detail’ til late last night so couldn’tget out of bed and have got badminton tonight anyway so that’ll have to do! The Kennedy Assassination has been anever-present in my life. I rememberwatching conspiracy theory programs on the old 14” black and white portable asa teenager and being outraged even though it all happened before I was evenborn. The program based on a book by oneof the members of the Kennedy Security team was very moving, these guys are nowin their 70s and are still emotional about it all particularly about JackieKennedy’s response to what happened. I’ll certainly watch it again if it’s on - interestingly they all said conspiracy theories were a load of bunkem - all the shots came from the rear right they said which would point to it being Lee Harvey Oswald in the book depository.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday 6th November 2011 to Saturday 12th November 2011

Saturday 12th November 2011
Phil's moped is off the road at the moment so up at 4am, took him to work then back to bed, lovely. Got up at 8am. Fetched papers and picked up an inner tube for the bike from Lumbards. £2.50 cheaper than the one I bought on Thursday from Alfreton Bike shop - must use Lumbards more often in future.

Golf was rubbish - started off nicely was 1 over after three holes but then it all went awry with a number of doubles that shouldn't have been. Anyway, no-one was marking our card so it didn't much matter.

Friday 11th November 2011
Tired, no run. got some jobs done, come to work. Have got one of the punctured wheels sorted, do the other this weekend, back on the road Monday.

Thursday 10th November 2011
Up late, no run. Average day at work. Badminton in evening, Lucy improving, me getting worse.

Wednesday 9th November 2011
Hacked off today, cycled in to work for first time for a few days, got to Clover Nook Industrial Estate and got multiple punctures due to some tosspot leaving a loaded of shredded paper with staples in the road. Then found out that some other git has been trying to defraud my credit card so I've had to make phone calls and now have to wait for a new card to come.

Tuesday 8th November 2011
Up late last night trying to get a QQ Box satellite receiver working with the laptop. It will work with DVB Dream but not with Blaze HD TV package. Very frustrating. Anyway, up 5:55am and did the quick up town and back run again. Just over 10 min miles so okay. Am getting into the swing again.

Monday 7th November 2011
Up a bit late, got a bit of work done. Then went run 2.5 miles - sub 10 min miles for first time in a bit. Into work early this morning for unspecified reasons.

Sunday 6th November 2011
8am, ran the same 6 mile loop as last week through Okeover Park and back beautiful.

Lunch at Nag's Head then did some pics for Jason at JJC Sporting Guns then walked back through Snelston over the hill to Sides Lane Mill and back home for a couple more miles for the day.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Sunday 30th October 2011 to Saturday 5th November 2011

Saturday 5th November 2011
Washed missus' car and the wretch's ped. Golf at 12 noon, first Winter League golf of the season - weather not bad but getting dark towards end! We shot a nett 70 off three quarter handicap in the betterball format which wasn't too bad considering we had bad holes at the same time; think I had five pars in total so not great golf by any stretch but it was what it was.

Friday 4th November 2011
Decided I should have a rest day. Chucked it down with rain too so was glad I didn't go on the bike. Fireworks on Ashbourne Rec at 7:45pm - excellent as usual - weather was too still though and so some of fireworks were hidden in their own smoke! Such is life.

Thursday 3rd November 2011
Tired this morning. Didn't get on the road til gone 6:30 but ran up town and back, nice and steady and was back for more or less 7am.

Wednesday 2nd November 2011
Up early, did a couple of emails then cycled2work - modified the Broadway diversion a bit - it works a treat.

Looking at it the wind should be behind me at times on way home which will make a change! Will see if that's so later. Didn't feel like it was helping in all honesty but it wasn't as bad as it's been over the last few months so that's good!!

Tuesday 1st November 2011
Band practice tonight so drove to work. Ran up town and back to start day off. Garmin watch absolutely flat so not sure what that means. Anyway, it's on charge again.

Monday 31st October 2011
Cycle2Work with the Broadway shortcut again (not sure if it is shorter - certainly easier without Krays Hill. Will see what it's like cycling back in the dark!

Not much fun in the dark but my Amber Valley parking permit runs out at end of November anyway so only another four weeks. Trip home plus car journey here:

Sunday 30th October 2011
Clocks go back, aaaaggh. Phil gone to work at crack of dawn. Went for 6 mile run - very slow, lot's of walking!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Wedneday 26th October 2011 to Saturday 29th October 2011

Friday 28th October 2011
Back to Cycle2work - bit parky out and a bit darker but good fun and found a new shortcut through Swanwick - cuts out the evil that is Krays Hill which is double good as it's full bore loony roadworks down there right now.

Garmin watch fell to bits at Belper but such is life - have got all the bits! .

Thursday 27th October 2011
Up early but got asome work to do at home so didn't get out til 6:30 so just did a two mile round the block sort of thing.

Got thoroughly embarassed at work with a presentation for 20 years service. Cripes, how time flies.

Wednesday 26th October 2011
Back to reality - woke up in my own bed, ran up town and back. Tired but not a bad pace.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Sunday 16th October 2011 to Saturday 22nd October 2011

Thursday 20th October 2011
Got up about 5:30ish. A bit more snagging then got on with cleaning up my mess. Found a roller in the box that was wrapped in cellophane from last time we did any painting - it seemed to be still wet so cleaned that out before putting everything away. It's ready now for plumber and electrician to finish the job off.

Wednesday 19th October 2011
Getting tired'er. Got up 5:45, did a bit of snagging in the bathroom covering up little bits that got missed. Cleaned all the brushes and tidied up, fetched papers, running late. Got to Belper for 6:35 and then biked into office for 8:30, shower and then back to me desk.

At noon the forecast for 4pm is North Westerly Wind avg 13, gusting to 21mph - am going to see what it actually feels like and report back later. -- Wind was actually fine really set off at 5:15ish and back to car for 5:55ish so a steady ride back with quite a bit of pavement which always slows things down.

Did a bit more snagging on the paintwork before bed.

Tuesday 18th October 2011
Up at five thirty so a bit of a lie-in, which was nice. Didn't do any running or anything other than gloss skirting boards and door frames. Practice with the band after work. Back home for 8:30, another go at the skirting boards and then off to bed.

Monday 17th October 2011
Up at 4:30, third coat of paint on shower room. Just about there now. Going to cycle in to work in a bit. Cycled in to work and then back home against the bloody wind. Nightmare. Back to car for just gone six though so not the end of the world.

Funny thing was coming along the funny path after the Wimsey Way diversion I sensed a presence. Which turned out to be an oldish chap on a bike who used me for a wind shadow for the next couple of miles overtaking me down near the pub - nice to see someone else uses the same shortcuts I'll let him overtake next time there's a strong wind.

Have ordered a replacement strap for the Garmin which am missing already unfortunately. Put fourth coat of paint on the bathroom - it's done now - about time.

Sunday 16th October 2011
Not much to report. Got up early - put first coat of paint on shower room. Went to Nag's Head for Pad's birthday. It was alright. Back to golf club for nine holes. Worst for a while but such is life. Back home, second coat of paint on bathroom. Have I mentioned that the Garmin 405cx is out of commission until I get a new strap for the damn thing, thought not.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Sunday 9th October 2011 to Saturday 15th October 2011

Saturday 15th October 2011
Going DCFC to see match against Southampton this afternoon so not planned owt else. Got up town, caught 12:25 Swift bus to London met up with Jason, few drinky poos and then match, 1-1 draw. Bus back at 6:30 after a few more drinky poos then walked home with a bag of chips. Poifect.

Friday 14th October 2011
Cycled into work.

Thursday 13th October 2011
Early into work, badminton at night, moved lots of stuff about for the windows again.

Wednesday 12th October 2011
Quick (slow) run up town and back.

Tuesday 11th October 2011
Tired again but giving it a go still. Ran up town and back slow - 11:30 miles.

Monday 10th October 2011
Tired again but coughing better I think. Did a very slow run up town and back which is okay when your lungs are full of cak.

Sunday 9th October 2011
Woke up with slight head pain and nausea. Nothing to do with alcohol, you understand. Did some work on my shed and moving stuff about. Played some v average golf in the afternoon just sneaking a slight win by a shot on John on the 18th green. Made two really long putts on the first and last holes for par so very streaky stuff really.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Sunday 2nd October 2011 to Saturday 8th October 2011

Friday 7th October 2011
Nothing today - weather was rubbish when I woke up and I thought - I've done enough.

Thursday 6th October 2011
Still not feeling 100% but Keep calm and carry on as people seem to be saying again. Got up early, didn't like the weather first thing but thought what the hell, wind can't be any worse than last night, let's give it a shot. Steady and although a bit nippy first thing, by the time I got to top of Pentrich I'd took me jacket off!

cycled home against the wind and it was worse then Wednesday. Nightmare. Got home, bite to eat then off to Badminton. Mega lightning at 10:30, well impressive.

Wednesday 5th October 2011
Cycled to Work from Belper - averaged 13mph which was okay, not sure whether wind was with, against or across me this morning - very odd, am hoping it's not in me face going home!! Have added a light to me helmet for extra visibility this morning. Meant to take a picture of it - must try and remember to do so. Cycled up Pentrich hill again which is like a 160 feet ascent over just under a mile and I hate it! You can see the climb on the elevation chart on the link below starting just short of 5 miles and ending just short of 6 miles. Fun.
Hard work against the wind going home thought!

Tuesday 4th October 2011
Can't shift this cold. Such is life. Got up 5:50ish. Walked up town, ran back in bit.

Monday 3rd October 2011
Up early. tidy up. Cycle2work.
Cycled back to Belper against a 20 mile an hour wind which was a pain in the ass to the say the least. So where I got back in 40 minutes on Thursday night it took nearly 48 minutes last night.
Hard work but I did try a slightly different route through Swanwick to eliminate hills which was at best semi-successful.

Sunday 2nd October 2011
Coughing all night so up with the lark, tidying up a bit, soon as it was anything like light I got out tidied up a bit outside then weeded the border which was long overdue. I also pruned back this thing that I'm going to call Giant Hogweed that seems to be trying to take over the border. It's only been in about six months and the stems are thicker than bamboo and it's covered over no end of plants so I pruned that beggar right back. After that I got rid of all the hardcore that Phil left on a piece of wood on the lawn after driving the tractor into the fence (he had to dig the old post out the ground). All Good. When Phil was back from work I did some more on the shed getting shelving in down the ten foot side which was okay. Nothing much else to speak off other than a few trips down to the recycling centre to get rid of various bits of tat. Went to Stepping Stones with me mum and dad at lunchtime. I had a million free dessert with a main vouchers so we took full advantage of that. First time I've had a pud there and it was very nice indeed. Got back and got all of the stuff that's been sat in a tent on the lawn into the shed so that was good and all going to plan. Was about to take the tent down and it started to flippin rain which wasn't so nice. Set me mum's kindle up so she can get books now which was good. Went bed early reading my kindle - I nodded off and dropped the kindle on me face which was fun.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday 25th September to Saturday 1st October 2011

Saturday 1st October 2011
Bloody hell, it's October already and barbecuing weather to boot. World gone mad.

Got up dead early and as soon as it was light put another coat of paint on shower room ceiling as the tile people are in this morning.

Played nine very average holes of golf with John who was going to a BBQ and that was about it.
Apart from, cutting wood to finish the floor off in the shed which was okay then cutting the remaining piece into three for shelves which was okay.

Friday 30th September 2011
Woke up dead early to do some bread for MacMillan Cancer Care World's Biggest Coffee morning only for it not to come out very well. Which was a disappointment, however bosskat did me a Victoria Sponge Cake and some buns so all wasn't lost. Walk/Ran up town and back slowly - mega tired!

Thursday 29th September 2011 - Evening
Cycling back to Belper after work saw another milestone - averaging over 15mph all the way back which is ace. Lovely weather and a top ride.

Was back in plenty of time to take the daughter to Badminton lessons - I was rubbish though - absolutely cream crackered.

Thursday 29th September 2011
Another day, another ride into work.

Wednesday 28th September 2011
Up super early. Sorted me sen out. Fetched papers, bike on roof, off to Belper, cycled to work. In the office 8:20. Coolio

Tuesday 27th September 2011
Got up dead early. Did a load of work stuff. Went run up town and back.
Got to work nice and early, did a ton of work, went to a Logistics Expo thing in Doncaster that was a bit of a disappointment although we got a couple of ideas for the future.

Lovely evening so went to test a Ping 3wood I made up from a broken head. It last 4 shots before head came off due to the adaptor coming out.

Monday 26th September 2011
Went to bed with a plan, carried out on getting up. Milkman left gate swinging in the breeze so had to get up at 4:30 to go and shut it. Never mind, back to bed, up proper at 5:30. Loaded up the car with the drum set to take to work. Ran up town and back. 2.5 miles at a slow 'I've played too much darn golf' sort of a pace. Had brekko, off to work early, drums unloaded and put away into the Stock Office Meeting room. In the office for 8:35 - not bad except am already knackered and the working day's not even started!!!

Went to an internet security thing at my daughter's school that was quite good at 7pm.

Sunday 25th September 2011
Tired, hungover not too happy about either of them two! Went to Jack's 21st last night, got to bed 2:00ish - way later than I'm used to and far drunker than is recommended. Head hurts and tired this morning. Not the best way to start the week!! Golf later - hope head sorted by then.

Golf was a disaster - am debating whether to upload the stats or not. 99 scored and 26 points as opposed to yesterdays 39 points. Abysmal from the off with only four pars to show any kind of dignity to it all.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Sunday 18th September 2011 to Saturday 25th September 2011

Saturday 23rd September 2011
Sort of woke up around 7am to the sound of a scooter exiting the premises!! Phil off to work and I didn't even need to get up! Yay. Morning steady, wanted to bore out a Ping 3-Wood this morning but I reckon I've overdone it. Will see. Am going to fill it with Epoxy to see if I can rescue it but not looking promising!

Played golf with John at noon. Brilliant front nine, average back nine went out in 38 and came back in 47 I think for an 85. Stats below - have used the FreeCaddie Pro software I paid a few dollars for. It gives me yardages, measure shots, allows me to download most golf courses I've played.

Friday 23rd September 2011
Tried the diversion this morning wierdly it seems it's slightly longer than I'd thought. 10.01miles where it's normally 9.98 so can't work that out! Anyway it cuts out one set of traffic lights and a roundabout and it seemed quicker in terms of time although I ought to check that really.

Another Shortcut - The Leabrooks Diversion!
Not actually tried this as yet but I've sort of checked out a bit of it! Anyway in my never ending quest to keep flattening the route and remove any unnecessary hills I've come across this one for tomorrow!

What's cool about it? Firstly it chops off 120 metres which isn't much but it's making it shorter. Second, it gets rid of 12 foot of uphill-ness. The coup de grace though (with no accents) is that it means I can turn off before hitting those traffic lights next to the Co-op! Anyway will see if it makes a difference tomorrow.

Below: the Leabrooks Diversion

Below: The usual route is the simple route up Krays Hill and then along the main road, stopping at the lights.

Thursday 22nd September 2011
As had bike all warmed up I thought I'd do a Cycle2Work today. It means I've got to get off bang on 5pm so that I can be home in good time for badminton lesson tonight. Anyway I went dead steady as my legs seem to be absolutely knackered at the minute. Good news is that for the fourth time in succession I cycled all the way up the hill through Pentrich and onto the top. It's a good test for the old legs and definitely better when you're going home and down it!

Pounded back to Belper in 41 minutes, at Badminton lesson in mighty good time.

Wednesday 21st September 2011
Hadn't mentioned this before but it was beginning to become a crisis. After putting up new shed on Saturday I mislaid the set of keys for my shed which has got my bike in it. So got up early this morning to try and find em so I can get back on my Cycle2Work park and ride roadshow.
Anyway by 7am I'd still not found em so went and got papers. Got back and had a feel down the side of Uncle Peter's chair as we call it and found not the lost keys but a spare key to the padlock. What's the chances of that? - probably not that low but I was chuffed. It means tomorrow I'll be able to go on bike again.

Put front light fitting onto Boardman, and then went for a spin to test it out, just 7 miles in the dark and the rain but it's seomthing!

Tuesday 20th September 2011
Run up town and back v tired but got back to sub 10 min miles.
Went to Ursula's group after work which was good, got home at 10pm. There was a member there lost 10st - tiny slip of a girl, bless her - how could she be 10st heavier? Amazing.

Monday 19th September 2011
Got up on time. 5 mile run, v tired quate slow.
Phil passed his tractor test then proceeded to drive into our fence with the bleedin tractor. So that's given him something to do this weekend - put a concrete post and two panels in to replace the ones he's knackered.

Sunday 18th September 2011
Did pretty much naff-all all day really. Bit of baking in the morning, bit of car cleaning in the morning, car washing in the afternoon. Fetching Lucy who did 50 laps in BHF sponsored thing.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday 11th September 2011 to Saturday 17th September 2011

Cycle2Works - 3 out of 5 days

Saturday 17th September 2011
Made sure Phil was up at silly o'clock. Got up about 7am!!! First job was Homebase got replacement fluorescent tube and a screw fitting bulb for outside. When Phil got back to work we made a bit of progress with the shed - in fairness I done 5%, Phil done 95%!! Anyway by end of day it was up - just needs some better flooring and shelving putting in which Phil wants to do - so I'll let 'im.

Golf at noon, started off really poor, in fact whole front nine was.
Started off with a topped drive on first and only managed a jammy bogey on first after being in bunker and then chipping in, double bogey on second after finding bunker off tee and then basically hitting the ball right then left, left, chip on , two putts and double bogey ensure. Third hole no better, pulled tee shot but pin high, fantastic chip on, six foot putt for par, three putts ensured a double bogey though. Fourth got the ship sorted a bit, crap drive pulled along floor, nice fairway wood, 9 iron into green, two putt for bogey. Fifth - cracking drive, duffed second shot, chipped through green, crap chip back on, two putts for double bogey. Sixth - single bogey iron off the tee was just short, nice chip, five foot downhill putt for par, missed made the two footer back up the hill. Seventh - nice tee shot, approach just short, bad chip, two putts bogey. Eight - a par at last, good drive, good second shot (tried driver off the deck), chipped onto green, missed six footer for birdie but got first par - on eighth hole! Ninth - decent tee shot, pin high but in crap to left of green, chip and two putts for bogey. So 46 shots for front nine, 10 over = 20 handicapper playing and when you're supposed to be off 17 that means you've only got 15 points instead of 18. Rubbish

Back nine better from the off, nice tee shot, cracking second and a six foot putt for birdie that dropped. Eleventh is always a pig (stroke index 3) especially when you pull your drive but I still should have done better than a double bogey, scrambled a single bogey on the 12, (hardest hole on the course) but still not brilliant stuff. Thirteenth see a cracking driver, nice wedge in and a miss for birdie but made the par. Fourteenth chance to get some money back with a two after a nice tee shot but had to settle for a par. Fifteenth see another good drive, good second, okay pulled seven iron third shot and a chip and putt for par so three pars in a row which was nice. Sixteenth see a rubbish wimpy tee shot but a steady bogey resulted. 17th sees a load of rubbish, good tee shot then hit driver off the deck for second and pulled it into rubbish then tried to be Seve for three shots and ended up taking no points on this hole - the only hole this happened on. Eighteenth sees an angry tee shot thats okay, a cracking approach to about five foot and a missed birdie putt - but always nice to finish on a par even if it could be better.

So back nine much better than front with a 42 that would have been much better but for the eight on 17, added up to 88 which considering how shocking the front nine was is not a bad result at all.

Friday 16th September 2011
Up really early to make sure Phil got off to work, which he did. Then got up, did a bit of work for a friend's website and got that done. Then fetched paper, bike on roof, park and ride from Belper to Somercotes.

Thursday 15th September 2011
Slept like a babe last night - absolutely cream crackered. So as needed to get home on time to get the shed sorted out I thought I'd better go in the car and avoid cramp and the like. So this morning a very slow jog up town and back that just sneaked in under 11 minute miles!!

We got the ground levelled off and the base down for the shed project last night so that's progressing nicely. Some issues with the floor to resolve however, but we have a plan.

Wednesday 14th September 2011 Part 2
Cycled back from work to Belper using the two quality short cuts.
Took about 42 minutes into the wind at times so I reckon the shortcuts have shaved a couple of minutes off at least. In fact, looking back at times for this 10 mile trip it's at least three minutes quicker than previous bests in the last month and nearly ten minutes better than the worst one a couple of weeks back. Times recently have been 51:00, 48:42, 45:22 and 44:28. Even going back to the Giant FCR1 trips the times were around 48 mins so a combination of improving fitness and shortcuts getting rid of hills have shaved probably four to five minutes on average. Ace.

A new shed arrived last night. Me and Phil managed to empty the old one into a temporary storage facility - the new tent. We then ripped the old shed out and put onto back ready for transport to tip once Phil has got his tractor license sorted out. We then got the base built for the new one. The plan is to get the new one up tonight all being well!

Shortcut number 3: The Wimsey Way Diversion
Have found another cool alternative route that cuts a bit off the distance. Not sure just how much as the watch went bonkers on the way home for some reason - probably the bit of rain that was about. Anyway it means avoiding the Nottingham road through Somercotes pretty much by going right on the mini roundabout and down Wimsey Way (nice name). Before you run out of industrial estate there's a little jitty (see pic below) that takes you down between two industrial units onto a little track that gets you back onto Sleetmoor Lane which is my old route.

Above: the lil jitty, below the new route in red versus the bit it cuts out that I used to go along at times in blue yellow.

Wednesday 14th September 2011
Tired this morning and no mistake. Still up at 5:50 again, weather looking okay, breakfast, fetch papers, bike on roof, off to Belper. Cycled to work in Somercotes. Good news - cycled up that damn hill through Pentrich again so non-stop from Belper.

Tuesday 13th September 2011
Up at 5:50, had a quick walk outside, decided wind had died down sufficiently to warrant a ride in to work from Belper. So fetched papers, bike on car roof, off to Belper. Cycle2Work 10 miles in 46 minutes which was good. The milestone being riding all the way up that hill into Pentrich (60metre ascent over 2km which sounds like nowt but you try it!!) for the first time in a couple of years which has to be an improvement! Anyway details are here:

Monday 12th September 2011
Got up a bit late as went to bed a bit late. Anyway, did some jobs then got on the road for a very weary jog/walk up town and back.
Was going to do something in the evening but the wind was still blowing a hooley with the backend of Hurricane Irene or whatever it was called hitting us.

Sunday 11th September 2011
Up early, did some shed research. Went a run on the old five miler route. Just sneaked in under 10 minute miles. Details here: Went over to Darley Dale, visited the festival of transport - a riot of excitement it was. Saw Eddy Brid with his Norton Dominator bike winning the best of show. Good for him. Then over to me mum's for tea which was very, very neece. Then watched Vantage Point on Channel 5. First time I've sat still for a couple of hours to watch a film in bloomin ages. It was a wierd sort of a film but still a bit good.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Sunday 4th September 2011 to Saturday 10th September

Cycle2Works 2/3

Saturday 10th September 2011
Up early, wind up, raining. Proper Wales again. Went to Amlwch got bait into the water, heavens opened, drenched. Back to camp. Stops raining eventually. Sun out a bit. Tent got dried out, then it got packed up and we're back on our way to Blighty. We got tents up in fifteen minutes and down in ten. Cooker and cupboard worked well. All good apart from f'in weather!

Friday 9th September 2011
Off to Anglesey for the Autumn Camping Experience (let's call it). Friday not bad at all. bit of fishing with the boy, bed earlyish.

Thursday 8th September 2011
Up early doors to check weather reports, put a rear light on the boardman as I saw a guy whizzing along with one yesterday and thought yep, that's improved his visibile-ness no end. Then bike on roof to Belper and cycle in from there. Nice and mild this morning and wind not too bad. So all good! Details. Averaged between 12.7 and 12.9mph which is okay on the Boardman I'm coming to think. Am going to look to see if I can come up with a better route home tonight. Coming back into the wind was no fun at all:

Wednesday 7th September 2011
Weather not the best with light rain/drizzle all the way in but rode bike in from Belper into the Office for ten miles. Average 12.7mph on the Boardman. Details. Soon as have weight in order again am going to start having a crack with the Giant again to see what difference in time is... Ride back into wind was damned hard work. Details

Tuesday 6th September 2011
Run up town and back - steady if not awesome - less than ten minute miles. Details

Monday 5th September 2011
Played golf at Uttoxeter - steady 86 - 42 on front nine and 44 on back. Played well, lovely little course - holes all have a bit of character. Details

Sunday 4th September 2011
All over shop but not body magicing in any shape or form! Fetched a tent from Cauldon Lowe and a gas bottle from Kilburn. Am getting ready for a camping sess you think?!? Set the tent up - a Vango Gamma 450 and I reckon it'll be a great weekend tent - took us 15 minutes tops to set up and less to take down and it's pretty big if a bit low - 5'

So all good.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Sunday 28th August 2011 to Saturday 3rd September 2011

Cycle2Works - 2/4

Saturday 3rd September 2011
Not much to report. Went to a group in Sale at the crack of dawn. Was there for 8:30 back early afternoon. Set up Halfords tent. We decided we no likey!

Friday 2nd September 2011
Ran up town and back. Was thinking about cycling to work again but massive cramp previous night made me think it time for a break! Details

Thursday 1st September 2011
Up early again. Bit of work, fetched papers, off to Belper, cycled in to work. Details.
Cycled back : details including car journey!!!

Wednesday 31st August 2011
Up early, did a bit of work. Got to Belper in the motor then cycled in rest of way. Have spent £80 on a parking permit that lets me park in any Blue Car Park in Amber Valley so am parking up halfway and cycling in the rest of the way. On the Boardman am only averaging a pitiful 12mph average but expect this will improve as get fitter again. Anyway spending the money on a permit means I've got to cycle in more to get me money back (sort of - by saving £2.30 on parking each time I need to cycle in three times a week for it to be cost-effective really!).
Details of inbound journey. Details of outbound journey from work.

Tuesday 30th august 2011
2.5 mile run to start the day off. Details

Monday 29th August 2011
Started off with a 3.5 mile run. Details . Golf at 12:30 over 16 holes. Details. Nothing else to report.

In Praise of Metro
I downloaded a free bit of software called Metro from

It sits on all sorts of platforms including Windows Mobile 6 which is what my phone runs on.

You tell it where you are for a given city and where you want to go and it works out the rest, start and endpoints can be underground stations or places of interest like Buckingham Palace. The cool thing is that it's an off-line app so no connection needed to run it. Was so impressed with I've made a donation on their homepage.

Sunday 28th August 2011
Woke up on London Hilton Metropole - am not sure whether it was a good deal or not really but it was what it was. A good location 100 yards from Edgware Road Underground so we were able to get anywhere we wanted in half an hour or so which was okay. After a big brekko we went up Knightsbridge as missus wanted to go to Harrod or "or Tenpound Stretcher" as I like to call it - as they can stretch anything to cost ten pounts including penny chews. Hey ho. Moneypit etc.etc. Then we went to Buck Pal and saw loads of emergency vehicle activity - ambulances and police cars but nowt mentioned in news so must have been a minor member of staff or something. After that we went on to Leicester Square and grabbed a bit to eat before heading to Oxford Street for more money haemorraging. Such is life. Late train back to Derby and we're home for midnight. Job done.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sunday 21st August 2011 to Saturday 27th August 2011

Satruday 27th August 2011
Down to London at crack of dawn - first class on train from Derby - first class is a bit crap now all you get if a coffee and a bit of leg room for twenty quid or whatever it is. We then hit London and pottered about a bit getting brekko sorted. Then over to Leicester square got tickets for a show. Then over to Hotel and dumped backage - nice thing about big old Hiltons is they're all organised for that sort of thing do even though you can't check in you can dump stuff so you're not dragging it around all day. Then back to Leicester Square for potter around MandM world! Lunch, Jersey Boys show about Franki Valli and the Four Seasons (better than it sounds) and then back to Hotel evening meal and off to bed.
Friday 26th August 2011
May have done a bit of golf but don't think so - got stuff ready for trip to that London in the evening though.
Thursday 25th August 2011
Not much to report. Got up a bit late - chucking it down with rain. In work early for monthly XW meeting. More stuff. Did a bit of golf later one which went 6th - bogey, 7th - par, 8th - par, 13th - par (should have been a birdie), 14th - par, 15th - par, 16th - bogey, 17th - bogey, 3rd - bogey, 4th - bogey, 5th - bogey - so six over for ten holes which is okay - plenty of pars there. Details

Wednesday 24th August 2011
Got up early, got all me bike stuff ready, fetched papers, went to Belper. Rode into work on the Boardman. What was cool about this particular choice of tactic is that Severn Trent have decided to do something about the leak at Sawmills (couple of miles from Ambergate) traffic was backed up for miles so I just pottered along on the pavement - didn't barely see any traffic until got to the lights at the Excavator turn which was grand! Details Coming back twas a bit wet and had to do a couple of miles on pavement due to Severn Trent's exploits at Sawmills. Details

Tuesday 23rd August 2011
Ran up town and back for first time in what seems like ages. Average pace 10:33 which is a bit rubbish but considering the shape I'm in I'm not too bothered! Details After work took Phil to Uttoxeter to fetch his bike back. We left a gift for the legend that is Big Jim who has helped us no end in taking Phil's Ped to Stafford for us - Lord knows why we picked Stafford as being the place for peds but hey-ho! Anyway I followed Phil back for a while making sure he got over the iffy roundabouts in Uttoxeter then left him at Rocester as 40mph tops is a bit boring after a while. So was a bit hacked that he'd not got home forty minutes later. Boss kat sends me out to find out where he is - a wild stab in the dark led me to the farm where he'd stopped off as he saw the vets car, could have called us but he's not like that. When he got back he was quite chuffed that he'd done his first assisted caesarian (can't believe he's got my genes in him - you'd never catch me within five miles of an assisted caesarian!!!).

Monday 22nd August 2011
Walked up town and back first thing, then off to work.

Sunday 21st August 2011
Back in the office - getting rid of emails and doing some warehouse move-in stuff. Set up a few PCs etc. etc.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sunday 13th August 2011 to Saturday 20th August 2011

Saturday 20th August 2011
Came back to work to help out with Warehouse move - did some old school IT work, taking down PCs, carting about office furniture and stuff. All good fun.

Friday 19th August 2011
Not much to report, me and bosskat went up for a walk from Youlgreave(ish) up to the Lathkill Hotel at Over Haddon. It was beautiful if a bit of a slow walk! Details

Thursday 18th August 2011
Thursday 17th August 2011
Nowt to report!

Wednesday 17th August 2011
Took Phil to work. Went for a spin on the Boardman round Mappleton picking up papers and stuff on the way. Details. Bit of crap golf later on. Details Lucy went swimming with Hanna and Abby so I went up on me bike to watch em with me mum for a bit. Details

Tuesday 16th August 2011
Took Phil to work - his ped is making a racket. Have got to ring them back at 12:30 and ask for Jim to find out if they can pick it up. Took a load of tat to the recycling again.
Over to see me dad on his Birthday and then back home and a bit of golf practice. Details

Monday 15th August 2011
Missus gone to Bakewell Market, I'm at home with kids and the plumber doing his thing. Have had to move Humphrey the hamster as the angle grinding and miscellaneous drilling is making him shake!

Took a load of tat to the recycling and generally tidied the place up a bit outside. All good.

Went and did three miles of average golf. Steady enough in the main but had some gip on the 16th resulting in a triple bogey, think overall was thereabouts. Details

Sunday 14th August 2011
Plumber is coming Monday to put new downstairs loo and stuff in on Monday so spent day ripping tiles off wall. All done. Two ton of tile tat took to the recycling centre which was good.

Sunday 7th August 2011 to Saturday 13th August 2011

Saturday August 13th 2011
Drive back to sunny Ashbourne. Been a bit of a poor week all told. Such is life.

Friday August 12th 2011
Similiar sort of day to what we've been having all week - grey and miserable but at least the rain stopped. Did a bit of a walk to Llanfaethlu and back. Details. Bit of fishing later on.

Thursday 11th August 2011
Shot 89 round Holyhead Golf Course near Treaddur. Had been raining all day so didn't expect much and on first three holes we was wet but it dried up after that and was quate enjoyable at the end. Details

Tuesday 9th August 2011
Early start went to fish Hen Borth a location near Cemlyn, Anglesey. Here

Then went to Anglesey Show which was good fun sort of.

Monday 8th August 2011
am: Walk/run to Llanfathlu and back 4.2 miles, semi-hangover - as good as you could expect. Details

pm: Golf at Bull Bay golf course - £15 to tee off after 4pm. Shot 93 which included a ten on the second so all in all not bad and weather stayed dry enough. Details 6 miles plus which me dad didn't think it was but GPS never lies!!

Sunday 7th August 2011 to Saturday 20th August 2011
Have been away don't you know? Went to Wales and unfortunately it lived up to it's promise of being wet and windy so it did. Anyway did a lot of mooching, drinking and a bit of fishing - weedy and poor conditions made it a bit tricky to say the least also got a couple of rounds of golf with my uncle and father. Last year just played with my Uncle Mike and he beat me both times so there was a bit of unfinished business! Anyway, having difficulties uploading the stuff at the mo so in summary shot 93 round Bull Bay Golf Course beating all and sundry and then shot 89 at Holyhead again beating allcomers so good stuff! Did a couple of run/walks of 3 to 4 miles to Llanfaethlu and back on two days but generally weather wasn't becoming to such activities so did drinking instead!!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Sunday 31st July 2011 to Saturday 6th August 2011

Golf Analysis
I output the watch data from the golf last night and put it into a bit of software called GPS MapEdit (or something like that). The figures are a bit skewed by the fact that I hit five good drives off the fifth hole as the light was going but overall average was 231 yards with all of them going at least 200 yards which I'm happy with.

Friday 5th August 2011
Got up a bit late - 6:10am - last day at work for a bit so thought had better be in nice and early. Arrived at 8:12 to be sent to the gravel pit to park! "The gravel pit? at 8:12?" I said, don't you know who I am? anyway parked in the gravel pit. Before that though I had a bit of a spin on the bike which was okay. Details.

Thursday 4th August 2011
Was going to Cycle2Work however weather and a lack of mudguards on either of me good bikes dictated that it wasn't to be. So went a quick run up town and back in rain to get papers. Just sneaking under 10 minute miles still so not end of world even though I need to get my arse into gear weight wise. Details.

Went up the golf course to test out the driver with the callaway shaft cut down a wee bit - it worked a treat although didn't feel as solid as with the short shaft it did go nicely - cut the corner on the 18th, went over the bunker on the corner of the 1st, hit it as far down the fifth as I ever have, hit it past the little rise on the fourth - I hit six shots off the fifth to finish with five of which were within twenty yards of each other so I might just measure them see how far they went!

Wednesday 3rd August 2011
Just a spin up town to fetch papers on new bike. Details. Did a bit of work on the new driver project - it's now fitted to a Callaway System 50 firm shaft - if anything seems too bloomin long now! Did quite a bit this evening - went up to Halfords to fetch the leccy bike which has been in for repair. Still hate it. Never mind. Weeded and watered garden. Went up golf course at about 8:45 to try driver out - shaft broke on second hit - not good. So came back, cut the tip off and tried again. Will probably test out on Thursday.

Tuesday 2nd August 2011
Got up fairly early ran up town and back in a bit of a loop for 3.5 miles at just over 10 minute miles. Which I'm okay with. Details Burn leg held up well although a little bit stingy as I write this a couple of hours later...

Monday 1st August 2011
First week of August. Still got the dodgy burn and it's still weeping - got a follow-up appointment tonight. Road up town and back to fetch papers. Details Got to appointment about five minutes late but apparently there's 10 mins either side leeway when I rang to say I was running late.

Sunday 31st July 2011
Up right early. Off to pick me dad up. Then to Derby, catch train to Nottingham, walk to Trent Bridge for Test Match. After two days where both sides been bowled out in under 270 runs, England were to sit there all day losing five wickets but getting the score up to 441-6 at close of play. Was a top day out apart from seats being more than a bit uncomfortable - sun was shining, couldn't have beer due to driving but sneaked a pint at lunchtime which was probably a good thing looking at all the drunk toss pots there were round us. anyway a good day was had by all, back home for 7:30.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sunday 24th July 2011 to Saturday 30th July 2011

Saturday 30th July 2011
Woke up dead early don't know why. Spangler Phil had gone to work at the crack of dawn bless him. Went and watered everything including neighbours hanging baskets as he's on holiday. Went out on bike to fetch papers which was okay as well. Details . Golf at 12:05 - set off brilliantly, par, birdie, then double bogey, double bogey, then par, then bogey then birdie, then another birdie, then a double bogie on the ninth for 22 points going out - all went a bit crap on the back nine with only 15 points and only two pars. Wierd game never mind. Details. Off to Trent Bridge for the test match tomorrow which should be fun. England have pulled back after Broad's hat trick, awesome stuff.

Friday 29th July 2011
Up fairly early, good. Phil off to work at 4:45 bless him. Didn't go and follow him to make sure he arrived this time. Good. Anyway, used the Boardman for it's intended purpose Cycle2Work and it performed admirably (if rather slower than the Giant). It's certainly comfier and lower geared than the Giant which is handier for hills and the bumps of sh*tty Derbyshire roads. Averaged 12mph overall, way slower! Details. Rode back from work 12.3mph average. Details

Thursday 28th July 2011
Could barely walk when got out of bed this morning. Have a follow-up appointment at the doctor's which will hopefully help. Went on a bit of a hill climb with the new Boardman, only four miles but by crikey it was tiring - was expecting to find a farm that sells haylage for my cousin but the directions given by Phil - turn right past Darley Moor were not as useful as they ought to have been. Details. Then I thought, if the leg can take that that it can take a bit of a golf walk so I went up the golf course as well. Hit it quite well - have made a driver out of an old Cleveland HiBore XL head and a really, really old Howson shaft (from way back when) - it's a little bit shorter than it should be but I've order a £3.50 extension rather than spend £30 on a new shaft (they seem to have got really expensive than they used to be). Details

Wednesday 27th July 2011 : Evening Updates
Reasons to be cheerful have two wheels generally...

Wednesday 28th July 2011
Forgot to mention that on Monday night I got branded by son's moped. So got an appointment with Nurse to have the burn looked at last night. Think it's infected so haven't been out running this morning. Been to Maccy D's though for breakfast that was belter! Such is life.

Tuesday 26th July 2011
Watched Phil set off for work at 4:45 on his lil moped. Asked him to text when he got there but he didn't so went out on bike to check he'd arrived. Never mind 7 miles on the bike to start off with. Details. When got back got changed and did three mile run at 9:55 pace. Details

Monday 25th July 2011
Tired but had to get up early so I did! Anyway got some work done early doors then ran the old five miler. Details. Got back from work; Phil has passed his CBT so can now ride his moped with impunity as long as rides it properly. Went out on bike to pay for some petrol for him. Details

Sunday 24th July 2011
Not much to report. Up at 4am to take Phil to work. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to as the young un is having his moped competency test thing tomorrow so next week he'll be able to take himself all being well!!! Donington Market at 10:30am - not overly impressed - got some bits and bobs but would normally pick up some magazine cheap but they didn't have nowt I wanted. Got some black spray paint for me driver project.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday 17th July 2011 to Saturday 23rd July 2011

Saturday 23rd July 2011
Up at 4am to take Phil to work. Damn tired. Golf at 2:04 only did nine holes as that's what John fancied. Tried the driver out and it went really well - however compared the shaft to my usual driver and found it to be 2" short! Such is life. Am going to pull the shaft that's in it now and replace with a good one - it goes really well but could do with a full length shaft I reckon. Am also going to respray it. Am debating spraying it black white to make it look like one of them R11s you see the pros using in the open. Details.

Friday 22nd July 2011
Knackered from badmo last night - more tiring than you'd think so it is. So nothing on the cards at all. Have fitted an old driver shaft to the Cleveland driver project. We'll see how it works out.

Thursday 21st July 2011
Knackered but gotta keep goin. Got up about 6:10, got run up town and back. Details. Had brekko, went up to Royal Mail sorting office to pick up a driver head which cost me all of £8.49 and will be transformed into an awesome Cleveland Custom HiBore XL driver. Will be last Badminton of the current term tonight so daren't miss another then am going to get working on the driver project!

Wednesday 20th July 2011
Tired but gotta keep doin somethin. Got up at 6, got out for about 6:20 up town and back. Wierd thing was I saw someone (bloke I think) sat under a tree on the 6th at Ashbourne G.C. when I came back from town he was gone, very odd. Details Was in a meeting all day at work which was sort of interesting!! Then back home, up golf course about 8pm but as it was wednesday medal it was a bit of a pig to get on never mind it added up to getting on for another 3 miles! Details.

Tuesday 19th July 2011
My lad is sixteen today bless him. So up early to stick up pictures and balloons and stuff. Running a bit late but still ran up town and back. Details.

Monday 18th July 2011
Washed out again. Chucking it down when I got up unfortunately so drove up town and then walked from Leisure Centre. Fed up with this rubbish weather. Have got 3 groupon vouchers for Uttoxeter golf club to look forward to though so hopefully better weather is just around the corner. Bit of golf practice in the evening - wasn't bad all things considered! Details.

Sunday 17th July 2011

It's odd when someone totally controls a major but that's what Darren Clarke did today. It's unfair to say he had some lucky breaks, though he did. The reality of it can't be overlooked that he played supremely good golf and was the best in the field over four days. Even having the luxury of bogies at the last two holes should not take anything away from what was such a well deserved victory. Well done Dazza Clarke, you dazzled em today, fella!

Well up at 4am. Tinkered a bit more with Ashbourne Fly Fishing Club's website. Link Here.

Took Phil to work early doors. Fetched him back at 9:30. Fetched un healthy brekky from the Picnic Basket on Buxton Hill - highly recommended!!!

Lunchtime'ish thought it'd be good to wash cars while sun out. Didn't last long - see pic above!!!

So am watching Open from Sandwich - come on you Dazza Clarke!!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Sunday 10th July 2011 to Saturday 16th July 2011

Come on Clarkey!
Am hoping Darren Clarke's putter warms up tomorrow. He could be four shots or more better off if he'd been as good with the short stick as he was with his irons and woods. Still, if there's any justice Dazza will dazzle and hold onto his lead for another 18 holes. That would be a very welcome fairy tale ending!

Saturday 16th July 2010
Up at 4am. Took Phil to work. Listed a load of tat on Ebay. Our Andrew and Shona came. Lucy's Party. Loads of open golf. Went and did a bit of golf practice which was ace. Took driver out of the bad by accident and found out I was hitting the 3wood about the same distance anyway - how does that work??

Friday 15th July 2011
Was going to cycle in today but just mega tired when I got up and the missus has expectations so thought best to come in car. So did a tired walk/run thing. Details

Thursday 14th July 2011
Went to a nice group in Chelmsford last night. Stopped at a Premier Inn and then drove back up this morning. No exercise and am totally knackered now!! Never mind the golf's on the telly!

Wednesday 13th July 2011
Got up early doors, got stuff ready for driving down to Chelmsford this afternoon. Bit disappointed about this as it's my little girl's birthday but will make it up to her in due course! Did a v. tired walk/run this morning which is better than nowt! Details.

Tuesday 12th July 2011 continued.
Rode back to Belper from Work. Details. Got overtaken by a guy on a Boardman racer and a bunch of Cyclists although also overtook a commuter and a guy on a mountain bike still 4-2 defeat on overtaking terms! Had a bit of a walk with a 7-iron up the golf course that was okay.

Sad to hear of loss of BBC golf commentator Alex Hay at age of 77. He'll be greatly missed. He had an ace habit of giving players a great build-up only for them to go and cock it up. I remember him describing a south african player as being a genius at getting out of bunkers only for the player to leave it in the sand! Shame.

Tuesday 12th July 2011
Quick bit of a ride up town and back to get papers. Details. The drove to Belper, parked up and rode onto work for a total of about 13 miles so far today. Details.

Monday 11th July 2011
Bit of a run up town and back to start. Details. Into work in good time - going to cycle to work tomorrow. That's my plan. 7.5mile mini-bike ride to test FCR1 still in good shape. Put a bit of air in tyres and then off we went. Details. Then did some golf practice but forgot the watch as it was gettin a bit dark! Lucy gone to Duke's Barn bless her.

Sunday 10th July 2011
Start the day off with a proper hangover. Great Start. Helped the spangler major working on his many garden machinery items fitting a broken bonnet to a whopping sit-down mower that he later mowed the grass verges locally. Bit of golf practice later on.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sunday 3rd July to Saturday 9th July 2011

Saturday 9th July 2011
Bit of a walk/run thing to start the day off. Golf at 12:50. Black tie do at the golf club afterwards which was interesting.

Friday 8th July 2011
Ten days to go on the 2011 cycle2work project. Walked up town and back as I legs are seriously tired from last night's badminton in which I was regularly whooped by the bleedin kids. Such is life. Bit of golf practice that was a bit rubbish.

Thursday 7th July 2011
Ran up town and back, three miles and steady.

Wednesday 6th July 2011
Ran up town and back for first time in a few days. Was okay if a bit slow. Dentists at 9am, hygenist at 9:40am, got to work for 11am. Got told off for it too. Such is life. Final performance tonight and then drums to pack away again.

Cycle2Work Time Again
Am liking the look of this boardman that'll mountain bike or commute. V Nice.

Tuesday 5th July 2011
Got to leave work early so came into work early to make an extra three quarters of an hour before I start.

Monday 4th July 2011
Walk up town and back as toes on left foot hurting. Details. Did the kids musical thing - hills are alive with the sound of music and a bit of drum racket. Did a few holes on the golf course which was better - started doing that thing where you pull your elbows together which improved things quite a bit. Still work to be done but am seeing an improvement - maybe the stress of Wentworth past is helping!

Sunday 3rd July 2011
Not much to report. Did a few holes of golf not bad at all. Got drums down to village hall for kids school musical thing. Got a change of handicap notice from golf club down to 17. Swines.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Sunday 26th June 2011 to Saturday 2nd July 2011

Saturday 2nd July 2011
Got up dead early. Watered the spud field. Went up town got Phil's provisional license application form and did that with him. Went played the medal at the golf club off the yellow tees and came back with a respectable 86 for a nett 68. Which was more than acceptable after the rubbish I did at Wentworth!!

Some Pics from Wentworth Wed 29th June 2011

First Tee

Every hole is treelined - See gps tracked image from Wednesdays' post.

Colleague Mike stalking the green like a tiger (without the spitting obviously - note car in background - three or four places where cars cross fairways).

How pretty is this course?

Very briefly (I'd imagine) I was holder of longest drive - only on account of being the only one to hit the fairway up to that point!!!

Mike takes a shot over the drink which he found on his first approach.

View from my hotel window!! Courtesy of Honda UK - finest car company in the world in my opinion!

Friday 1st July 2011
Absolutely cream crackered this morning. Walked/ran up town and back very slow but got back in time to water the spud field and what have you so all good there. Details

Thursday 30th June 2011
Tired - unloaded car, watered the spud field and then up town and back for a run and pick up the papers. Sub 10 minute miles was sort of impressive considering tiredness!! Details Badminton in the evening - somewhat rusty to start off with but played okay later. All good.

Wednesday 29th June 2011
20th Wedding Anniversary and I should be at home however, I'm at Wentworth on a freebie golf day in the most expensive (possibly) golf resort in the UK - £300 odd quid a round for the championship West Course, home of World Matchplay and the PGA events. So not in the best of books regarding that but such is life. Anyway it was a nice 8 mile plus walk with some poor golf thrown in. Managed to par the last with an audience playing an 8-iron over the water to about 6 feet from the hole. Details

Tuesday 28th June 2011
Am now officially panicing about golf has gone really bad. Have put two sets of clubs in car just in case! Might try both sets out at Wentworth. Anyway went up golf course at 5:30 and probably hit it just about as bad as I ever have. Such is life. Details. When got back I regripped the driver as the Karakal one seemed to be coming to pieces - think something to do with the solvent used to activate the adhesive but anyway it's replaced now.

Monday 27th June 2011
Bit of a run to start the week - very knackered. Details Went and did some more cak golf. Details

Sunday 26th June 2011
Walk up golf course, found a couple of balls had a few hits with the NVG2s. Was Ok need to decide what I'm going to be playing with at Wentworth on Wednesday. Details

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