Monday, 25 January 2016

Monday 25th January 2016 to Sunday 31st January 2016

Monday 25th January 2016
Up early (5.30ish), dog walked, papers fetched, into the office before 8am and the 8am starter.  All good stuff

Still can't get to grips with Rainbow/Dio bass player Jimmy Bain dying the day after a gig.  How rotten sad.  Rest in peace Jimmy Stewart Bain  will be listening to some Dio and Rainbow and remembering the Legacy.

DCFC on the telly tonight, going to finish bloody tax return in next couple of days and get that sent off.    In April 2016 I am going to make a point of getting all the bloody documents together so next January isn't quite as much of a pain in the ass.

Did a job making Sage Line 50 multi-user over two PCs and it's worked a treat in the end - took a fair bit of time to get all the pieces done,   Such is life.     Derby throwing promotion hopes away losing 4-1 to Burnley - Keogh gifts them two goals and Shackell the other two - bloody marvellous.

Tuesday 26th January 2016
Up early, Lucy woken up so she could do homework at 6am.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Into office for 7.45 ahead of the early starter, early leavers.  An intriguing day with a lot of stuff done.  Back home for 6.15.   Tea, dog walk.  Finish off the bloody tax return and submitted it!!  Magic.
More dog walks and caught up with bones so pleased about that.

Wednesday 27th January 2016
Up early.  Woke Phil up as he's off to Leeds for something or other.  Dog walked, papers fetched into the office for 7.50.  All good stuff so far.   Still gutted about Jimmy Bain - how can you be playing a gig one minute and then passed on the next.  So sad.

Lost 2lb at group so 8lbs gone so far.  Not as much as I'd hoped for but it is progress of sorts.   Glad that damn tax return has gone in.   Pain in the ass.

Thursday 28th January 2016
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Into the office for 7/.50.  Full on day of analysis and reporting.   Back home for 6.15.   Bit of Sage work for Phil's godparents and then not much but dog walking and telly.   Have I mentioned no alcohol for fifteen days now?  Yes I have.

Friday 29th January 2016
Overslept!  Woke up at 4.15 and 5:20 but the last mini-snooze ran into 6.10am   Got Lucy and Phil up.  Dog walked, 2/3rds of papers fetched as Derby Telegraph not in but never mind.  Into the office for a little after 7.45.  Renewed Sky Movies using Now TV voucher I saw on Hotukdeasl cost £7 for 2 months so not bad.  Phil watched Paul Blart - Mall Cop2 on it.

Saturday 30th January 2016
Didn't get up until 7:30. Bit tired.  Dog walk, papers fetched.  Heard loads of geese about and took a picture of some of them in the field next to the church - think that's a sign of approaching spring-ness!

  Piccy B for me and Phil (that's not on the diet).   Down the lotty for an hour and a half or so.  Did some tidying up, bit of weeding, took a load of tat down to the recycling centre.   Brought up three bags of compost that the chap at the bottom said we could have.

Garlic coming up nicely.

Shame on me - I can't remember what we put in here!!

 Quite pleased.   Golf at 12:30 - drew with John so no pound exchanged.
Nice to see fairways cut for first time in a while

Got on the eighth in three then three putted - eejit

Phil off to Derby so was expecting to be fetching him from bus station in the early hours.  Stayed up until 1pm only to find he was having a taxi - swine.   Watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind - collectors edition - which is well wierd compared to the one we're used to seeing - much more back story re. the little kid that the aliens take away.   Bed at 1.15am

Sunday 31st January 2015
Last day of January already - proper tired. So didn't get up until almost 8am.  Dog walked as she was crossing her legs.   Didn't do a whole lot else as weather was diabolical.  Mum and Dad coming so cleared the front room, went to Aldi with the boss to get bits and bobs.  Then to Poundland to get some paper so Lucy could finish off her Art project work.  All good stuff.  Ma and Pa came about 1.45 - lunch was very nice, had a small glass of red which was very nice too.
Dad and the pooch. 

Bed about 10pm - funny day with not much in it after Saturday being rather ace in terms of getting stuff doe.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Monday 18th January 2016 to Sunday 24th January 2016

Monday 18th January 2016
Up really early.  Dog walked, papers fetched into work for 7.45.  Porridge for brek at about 10am. Left work at 2:30 for Lucy's parent's evening which was very good.  Very pleased. Tea and many dog walks, a bit of Stella and a bit of Bones on the telly,   No alceehol for 6 days now.

Tuesday 19th January 2016
Up at 5:45.  Dog walked, papers fetched, into the office for 7.50 - thought I'd crawl up the A38 rather than come off at the exit before normal - think I'm going to start coming off early all the time as there always seems to be a bit of a queue these days even though it's a couple of miles still to the M1.

Fantasy Football Team - had to ring the changes a wee bit: Ozil out, Deeney out and swapped defence around a bit due to injuries.

Wednesday 20th January 2016
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Work before 8am.  Porridge about 10:30am.   Up town at lunch - popped into Nationwide to get a bit more info for tax return - nearly there now.   Cancelled NOW TV so that won't get charged £10 a month for movies - have got another voucher that needs using before end of March so need to get that done tomorrow.  

Bosskat sent me a pic of lil dog in the sun, just like Pip bless her.    First week weigh-in tonight hopefully a few pounds lighter.

Thursday 21st January 2016
Phil off on a jolly today so he was up early so got up at 5:30.  Lil dog got a longer walk as a consequence so that's good.  Lost 6lbs at first week back at group so that's a start.  No alceehol for 8 days now I think.   Into the office before 8am all good so far. 

Friday 22nd January 2016
Another usual sort of a day.  Dog walks, work, got home for 6pm, bit of telly, more dog walks, bed. 

Saturday 23rd January 2016
Up early dog walked, papers fetched,  Off to Belper at 8:30 for dog grooming.  

Brekkie at Morrisons - bacon and sausage sambo, scrambled egg and a hash brown, lovely.  Back home more dog walks.  18 holes of golf at lunchtime - nice and steady and good enough to take the pound - birdie on the 6th, lost ball on 15 was only thing that marred a steady sort of a round - very muddy!  Home and no chippy tea for me, Lucy or boss kat - we on plan!  No alceehol again - am back in a groove of sorts. 

Sunday 24th January 2016
Up early dog walked.  Off to do a Sage Line 50 job in the morning which went pretty well apart from Sage not being available to get the software upgrade we needed.   Such is life.  Bit of tinkering in the greenhouse.  Dog walk up the golf course - found four balls so that's handy.  Lily found a stick so she was happy!
Bit of shopping with the boss - went to Waitrose for first time - by crikey they know how to charge for stuff!   On saying that, had a very nice complimentary coffee so not all bad!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Monday 11th January 2016 to Sunday 17th January 2016

Monday 11th January 2016
Woke up dead early but didn't get out of bed until 5:50am.  Woke Phil up then went to fetch papers and take poocher a small walk up town. David Bowie dies - thought he was immortal - massive shock just a couple of days after releasing an album

Proper tired but such is life - keep buggering on - as Mr Churchill would say.   Into office for just after 8am - got snagged up on last bit of traffic on A38, such is life.  Took stock replenishment to company we are doing some work with.   Consequently got home a bit earlier than usual which was nice.  Tea.  Dog walk.  Overdose of Stella (not Artois but the Welsh sitcom thang on Sky).   All good stuff but well late for bed in the end!!

Tuesday 12th January 2016
Up at crack of dawn.  Chucking it down with rain and no sign of it stopping.  Took pooch round the block twice but couldn';t get her to do her business bless her,  Never mind.  Into the office for 8.10am.  Not a bad day at work, plenty done.  Back home dog walking and finishing off the booze as am going back to group tomorrow.  About bloody time.   Visited pound shop got some seeds and stuff.  Have got plenty ready.  Am going to need to get some spuds chitting soon.

Wednesday 13th January 2016
Woke at 5am,didn't get out of bed until 6am.  Dog walk in drizzle, got papers back home, into work for just gone 8am.  Pooch update - she did her business big-style so panic over!!!

Traffic bloody awful for last couple of miles near M1 and had made me fractionally later than I'd like for the last couple of days.

Had a load of grief with HMRC website last night - what a bloody pain that is.  Hopefully get that fixed soon.  Update - got into it at last.   Am mighty impressed with the pure guile and cunning the HMRC is employing in getting tax dodgers:

Back to group after many weeks away.  Very silly boy.  First night in a while with zero alcohol and zero anything else that's bad for me.  Took poocher a couple of walks in the rain.  Watched a bit of telly.  Did a bit more tax return.  Got to bed for 10pm.

Thursday 14th January 2015 
Up at 5:57.  Dog walked, into office for 7:50am after getting petrol. Pounded on with various reports.  Back home for a bit after 6pm.  Tea. Dog walk.   Telly. Dog walk. Bed - no alcchol, no junk, lots of coffee.   Got a

Friday 15th January 2015
Phil driving gritter today so up at the 4:30 make sure he buggered off to work. Back to bed, didn;t wake up until 6:20 so only just managed to get up town, take dog walk, fetch papers and back for 7am to get Lucy and bosskat up.  Never mind, into the office for 8am.  Porridge for brekky about 9:30am - all good stuff.  Back home in okay sort of time.  Tea. Dog walk. No alceehol.

Saturday 20th January 2015
Up at 7:00am!!  Good stuff.  Small piccy b brekko..  Golf at 12.27.  Steady nine holes 15 points a bit better than John's 13 ha ha,  Coffee for two at the 10th/19th depending on how you looks at it.

Snow in the distance/ 2nd tee at Ashbourne
 Amazed that England absolutely stuffed South Africa - fantastic stuff.  Back home no alceehol.  Have I said that before?  Phil out snowploughing at silly o'clock so didn't sleep well at all.

Sunday 17th January 2015
Up at 7am.  Quick dog walk. More tax return fun. Cleared snow off path - would have gone on it's own if I'd left it I reckon nevermind.
Pooch not sure what to make of snow.

Aldi for some shopping about 2pm then another walk for el poocher up the golf course - didn't let her off lead as someone shooting a shotgun over towards Wyaston and she don't like that.   On way back saw a fox do the nosedive thing that they do.  Wish I'd had a decent camera with me but such is life - I love foxes - I know they make a mess of hen houses and all that bit that's their nature
Fox in the distance - beautiful creatue


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Monday 4th January 2016 to Sunday 10th January 2016

Monday 4th January 2016
Into the office early to get drums cased up and off the premises.  Bugger, not a single drum fits the damned cases.  Will have to see if I can used them for the Premiers or perhaps sell them on.  Bloody typical.  Got away early as took a load of stock to the order fulfilment people we're trying out.   Back home for a bit after 5 so all good stuff.   Got Xmas boxes down so decs can go back up the attic - got four of the five new drums in cardboard boxes up into the attic. Bed for 10.44 - watched a bit more Hootenanny.

Tuesday 5th January 2016
Up early.  Dog walked, into the office a bit after 8am.  good day in the office, had to do another trip over to Heanor but not a problem.  Back home Dog Walk.  Got Xmas stuff upstairs ready to go up in the attic,  Tea, then up the attic.   Then did a couple of web jobs, went and took dog out about 9:30/10:00pm and there was an almighty peel of thunder went on for ages.    Bed about 10:15 but absolutely knackered again.

Wednesday 6th January 2016
Up at 5:57am all a wee bit late.  Dog walked, papers fetched, breakfast, didn't get in to office until 8.15am

Thursday 7th January 2016
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Off to office nice and early but a crash near Kirk Langley made things rather drawn out I must admit.  Good day in the office got a ton of good stuff done..  Back home for about 6pm all good stuff.   Nice clear night, dog walks in the dry for a change.

Friday 8th January 2016
First work week of 2016 almost done and I overslept - 6.10am before got out of bed - very poor show.  To make it worse, I had to scrape the car as well.

Dog walked, papers fetched.  Into the office for 8.15, went around another crash at Shirley Hollow some poor gal been rear-ended by someone, car in the middle of the road.  Into office for 8.15 again - not too shabby really.

Never mind, another full on busy day in the office.  Back home for 6:30, not much else to report!!

Saturday 9th January 2016
Didn't get up til 7pm - deffo more tired than usual.  Such is life.  Took some tat to the recycling.  Fetched piccy B for the family. Golf at 12.30 - steady stuff - three pars in first six holes but driving was a bit all over the place it has to be said!!  Never mind.

Sunday 10th January 2016
Up at 7:30am - geting worse.  Got up, dog walked, checked lottery number still nowt! Such is life.  Big walk up to Sprinkshill wood and back.

Somewhere in this picture there is a buzzard - am sure was there when I took it.

You got to have a stick that catches on everything, got to...

Love woods

Tidied up the back yard a bit so can get the tumbler composter going.   Need to see if the garden shredder Phil got me will chew cardboard and spit it out so I can add that the the compost heapes.   Trip to tip with some of the rubbish too.

Bit of telly then over to me mum and dad's for tea.  Took poocher two walks up Whitworth Road as well.  Bed for about 9.45pm proper tired, heating on day as well.

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