Wednesday, 30 April 2008

No pain, no gain...

Evening Post
Have kitted the FC1 out with Continental Ultra Gatorskin tyres which have all maner of puncture resistance built-in and recommended by Rhys at work. Was going to take it out for a spin tonight but it's hammering it down which is bloomin typical. Never mind, it's all ready for next time weather suits.

Super-cool Giant FCR1 kitted out with Ultra Gator Skin tyres

Lunchtime post:- Roberto Enrieu, winner of Slimming World’s greatest loser award was on the One Show last night. Puts anything I’ve achieved into sharp focus – 22.5 stone he’s lost. Some going, that is.

Roberto Enrieu - 22.5 stone lighter than his old self

Four mile run again this morning. No pain, felt like it was thinking about it, at about .8 mile but I started breathing from my stomach (if that makes any sense) like you're supposed to when singing (Joe Clarke, Earnest Bailey Grammar,1980s). Anyway as graph below shows a fairly steady pace throughout couple of blips when getting papers, crossing roads in town but no walking. Top stuff, seeing doctor Friday morning hopefully (can't know until I ring at 3pm on Thursday afternoon, great Health Service eh!).

Note steady pace all way round - couple of stops for traffic and papers is all

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Tuesday - after the train wreck that is...

Ultra Gatorskin Tyres have come, when it stops raining am going to get them fitted and then might try em out next time it's dry.

6:45pm Back from InternetWorld. Made a big cockup - should have booked an open return as I felt I rushed the show. Tons of stuff of interest, quite a bit of stuff from the OpenText seminar last week also found it's way to InternetWorld. Firstly though, in my role as an I.T. professional I'm often asked what's the best way to sell internet related products and without hesitation my answer is always, "What you need, my good man, is a couple of gorgeous gals dressed in skimpy nurse outfits!" , I'll have some of what they're selling for sure. Well actually, not, as they were selling hosting and don't actually need any hosting but they certainly got my attention!!

Saw some cool stuff without two legs as well. Microsoft had a chunk of floorspace and sat through a seminar on VirtualEarth which is Microsoft's competitor to GoogleEarth. As well having spent more money on the aerial photography to get their 'Birdseye' imagery they're now in the business of modelling cities in 3D. The chap doing the presentation said they're doing this at the rate of 12 cities per week so it will be interesting to see where that goes with time. The big difference between GoogleEarth and Microsoft's VirtualEarth is that the Microsoft product stays in the browser, just a plug-in to install as opposed to a complete application.

7:00am Off to InternetWorld exhibition at Earls Court in a minute. Booked on seminars for social networking, and content as a revenue creator - like that sort of stuff, it's the future.

Steady four mile run this morning, chest pain after .7 miles again going towards Belper, then 3.5 miles no pain at all, don't know what it's all about, am ringing Doctors at 3pm to get an appointment for tomorrow will tell you then.

The Train Wreck that is Derby...
8 goals at Derby last night, two of them to Derby. Phenomenal stuff - quality Arsenal are, Dire Derby are. Not renewing season ticket and don't even feel bad about it anymore. Jewell said something like "We have not got enough men" - he's having a laugh we've got the oldest back four in the bl**dy premiership. We've not got enough young players with any confidence, mate that's the problem and you don't instil any. Ye gods, I'll be glad when he's gone halfway through next season when he's run out of excuses and the fans still haven't see much improvement.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday, monday

Five miles done, slow pace. Booking appointment with doctor re chest pain. Funny thing was; only happened when running in direction of Belper, when turned for home for last three miles there's no problem at all? Cold air into wind? Don't know, will find out...

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Why does it always rain on me...

Biking - went out on super fast Giant FCR1, did four miles and got another bloomin puncture in rear tyre, this bike seems to be cursed at the mo. Have ordered two 700x25 Continental ultra-gatorskin tyres which are supposed to be puncture proof... We'll see ...

Weight Update - haven't been to Janet's group for a fortnight due to work and holiday commitments bit of a mistake as according to our electronic bathroom scales I'm a pound up at 14st 12.5lbs which would be more with my shoes on.

2008 Goals - Read More! Read the autobiography of Dave Lee Roth (ex/current? singer of Van Halen), love his attitude which is essentially over the top is just enough. Great read if you're a fan of VH it might put you off the brothers a wee bit, it's called "Crazy in the heat".

Golf Update: solid golf again, played one over my handicap and in general played bloomin good, two doubles, both on par 5s, first on 8th (easiest hole on course) after finding a bunker and on 17th after being middle of fairway with a hundred yards to go after two and then bunging a 9-iron into the greenside bunker - does my head in. Parred 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 10th, 13th, bogied the other eleven. Ended up with 87 for a nett 72, should have been at least four shots lower, at least. Anyway solid play again, four or five mistakes cost me dear, ought to have done better with putter on last few holes - hadn't noticed how much the greens had sped up as the sun dried em which cost me at least two shots. Overall though, am happy.

Glorious Saturday, sh**ty Sunday. How come it always rains when I got 18 holes to do on the course? Not bloomin on. President's putter competition today but at least everyone else has same weather to contend with I suppose. Not enjoyable golf when it rains though.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

The weekend starts here...

In the golf bag at the moment is the following setup:
  • MacGregor MacTec NVG 9.5 Driver, quadura stiff shaft.
  • Callaway Steelhead+ 3 wood, stiff steel shaft
  • Tour Edge f4 5 wood, reg shaft
  • Tour Edge jmax 3 iron-wood hybrid
  • TaylorMade LCG 5-9irons, FM Precision Reg steel shafts
  • Cleveland 588 49 degree sp pitching wedge, 53 degree gap wedge, 56 degree sand wedge, all stiff shaft
  • Odyssey DF660 putter

Evening update- 'Horton hears a who' was good fun, it's put on by the Ashbourne Empire Cinema Club, basically a mobile cinema screen is brought in, a whopping great projector goes on the stage and they put chairs out for folks. Was very good and deserves a bit more support - I reckon there were about 40-50 folks watching it at £3 a pop could be better I think. We'll go again for sure.

Got a letter from the loss adjustors - they say they're not going to pay out. The council inspected the road on 02/01/2008 and I has the accident on 23/01/2008 so the council did there bit. The 3 foot plus long pothole just appeared overnight it would appear. Not sure what I'm going to do about it at this stage.

Six miles run before breakfast (just short of thirty miles for five days running is not bad), spoke to me mum last night and said someone at work gets pain n chest sometimes running into wind and me mum says that me dad says its something to do with breathing through mouth and the air being too cold when it hits your lungs. Apparently breathing through nose warms the air a little bit or something, so I tried a combo of that and a slower pace and everything ticker-ty boo today.

Am off to see 'Horton hears a who' or something at Ashbourne Empire Club later, it used to be a cinema and they do a family screening every so often so we thought we ought to support it. Golf tomorrow, had hoped to change the days around so I could do a big bike ride for British Heart Foundation tomorrow but couldn't as someone put their name down at our time and don't like letting folks down. N'er mind.

Left work early to get a Wii Fit yesterday - bloomin sold out when I got there. When you getting more stock? says I, could be tomorrow, could be three weeks says Tesco customer support. That's useful isn't it. Is it typical Nintendo marketing stategy - constrict supply and keep the price nice and high?? There's no excuse for it really when products been available in other markets since mid-2007. Very poor, but will still get one!!!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Freaky Friday

Worst "run" for ages, got the chest pain thing happening after only a mile and a bit so for a fair part of the 4.5 miles I walked. Makes me wonder if it's just that I've mentioned the big 'M' word and my ticker is resentful of the idea, from now on I may have to refer to it as Snickers in order to get ticker on board again.

It's wierd if should start happening now when I'm running at my best. Where's the justice in that?

Am thinking of stepping up the cycling again and doing a bit less of the running. Gym later hopefully.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Crappy Thursday

Been to crappy exhibition, it was at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's ground, which made it marginally better I suppose than it being at Earls Courts or somewhere. I couldn't see what the fuss was all about I must be honest, so not one of the most fun days, have got a stack of email when I got back as well which isn't too hot.

Pic from this afternoon at Stamford Bridge, note sunlamps on patch of bare ground in front of goal.

No run, going crappy London, Missus shopping when get back. Not happy about it.

N'er mind.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Funny runny

Went back in to Gym to finish off that triathlon thing. 22km on the bike at load 5 - drenched I was when I finished - 42mins 12 seconds. Good stuff perhaps. Tomorrow's a write-off. Got a seminar in London which mean setting off at 6:45 so short of getting up at 4:45 there's no way of getting the exercise in , which am not very bl**dy happy about. Who'd have thought I'd ever say that?

Set out with good intentions at 5:50 this morning for another 6 miler, pain in chest at 2 miles, walked a bit, set off again, pain in chest coming into Mappleton, walked a bit, set off again, same thing again a mile and a bit later. Don't know what it was but I thought to mesen the bloke that populated jogging died of a heart attack while jogging am not about to repeat that so in a way was pleased I was sensible about it for a change. As it was the overall time was not far off normal so maybe I was going at it a bit too hard to start off with and that was it. Anyway, at work nice and early so all is well.

Little downard dips in the blue line are walking I think - the big blip is going through Ashbourne tunnel where the GPS loses track of itself.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Tuesday and okay so far

Goals for 2008 Revisited

Reduction in Alcohol
– 30 days on the wagon at time of writing with not a drop means I can do it if I want when I want. Of course, as proven at 40th party back in December I can also drink for England when I want too.

Weigh Target – get weight below 14st – nowhere near but haven’t gone totally to hell in handcart yet, still going to group, still trying, not following plan closely enough but not overly worried either. If I need to go to 36” trousers, then I’ll start worrying but at present 34” trews are still good (maybe a little tighter). Am running 6 miles every morning now, not five, am fitter, weight will come off again – if I choose to make the right food choices to achieve that – it’s in my control to do it no-one else’s.

Run a Half Marathon – did that through Dovedale in January – next big run am aiming for is the eighteen miles between home and parents home in Darley Dale, at my pace that’s probably four or five hours worth cause it’s damned hilly.

Improve Golf Handicap – sort of played better in last couple of weeks, have a new mindset of minimising errors, managing course more and not doing anything stupid – it seems to be working. Handicap has been revised to 14.9 – not sure if that’s my lowest ever and for comps I’ll still be playing to 15 but it feels like a small improvement (which it is)..

Do a 60+ mile bike ride – not achieved as yet with broken wrist mullarkey but it’ll come!

Continue Not Smoking – just got to keep on through May and June and then on 2nd July I can say am legally a non-smoker with 12 ciggy-free months under my belt!

Read More – Have not got back on track with the reading so I ought to make more of an effort. Started off well but reading takes up so much of exercise time. Am not renewing DCFC season ticket this year so there’s more time freed up so I’ll get back into reading am sure.

Goals for 2009 already!!

London Marathon
Foolishly(?) I’ve said to about six people now that I’m going to run London Marathon next year. It’s entirely possible - Glen from work’s hubby Ged is a bit older than me and he can run it in an unbelievably quick 3hrs 21mins so what’s stopping me other than a slight fear of failure which can be overcome with training. So, no problem, really… oh my god what have you done you daft beggar???

Golf Result
Came third. Down .3 on th handicap.

Did 6 mile run again - thought it was quicker but training center says slightly slower, hey ho. It's a much hillier route so my overall pace has dropped back into 9 minute plus miles but am not bovvered really on that, the increase in distance is important to me plus the route is more rural and the air is better! Saw a partridge run out in front of me this morning, little beggar was quicker than me which is disappointing but hopefully with more training it'll be game bird for brekky - that'd get me in good books with her indoors (not).

BP 130/75/54 much better!!

Monday, 21 April 2008

New week, new beginning

No more holidays, no more mucking about. Went bed at 8pm last night, got up 5:30 so more than normal hours of sleep to start catching up. Upping the mileage to 6 this morning.

BP 127/90/54 horrendous!!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Calm after the storm

Went to Margaret Miles-Bramwell's surprise birthday party last night, a triumph of organising with over 400 guests and MMB none the wiser (hats off to MMBs daughter Claire and Pam from Head Office). Christopher Biggins hosted the main event and entertainment throughout the evening was great. Managed to keep off the alcohol and drove home at 1:30 in the morning, up at 7:30 in plenty of good time for golf.

Paul and Janette, Alton Towers Conference Centre, 19/4/2008

April Medal at Golf Club - a steady 85 for a nett 70 was more than acceptable. Kept in mind what I was working on Friday - swing within self, minimise mistakes. I only had two three-putts (no four-putts!) and I had at least a couple of one-putt greens. Until the 17th hole I'd managed to keep a double off my card but made a major league cockup hitting into the greenside bunker and then failing to get out first time.

Anyway am pleased with that score, I hit three or four truly duff shots but got out of jail at least that many times - made a big putt on tenth for par, a big putt on thirteenth for bogey, pitched to four foot and made putt for par on fourteenth after pulling tee shot well left. Very Pleased. Just kept trying to make sure first putt was no more than a dustbin lid from the pin every time. It worked more often than not!!!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Saturday back on the road again

Yesterday was a holiday day so it was a bit of golf, kids and then a bit more golf. Ideal. Did 6 mile run this morning in 57 minutes, a bit slow but the route was more hilly than my regular five miler but overall average for week is still sub-9minute miles. On saying that, the total for week was only a very lowly 21 miles but have had two days off work in that so I been slacking a bit as previously mentioned.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Golf: funny old game...

Been off work todays but supposed to be looking after kids while bosscat went shopping. Got up early and on golf course for 6.30 to do nine holes before she went off. Bloomin rubbish! Started off with a par and then uphill struggle for rest of it! Anyway had kids, we dropped a present off for Margaret and visited JTF Wholesale in Mansfield. P.J. wanted a trolley thing that was in their flyer but they'd sold out so we came back with £30 of miscellaneous junk. Stopped at McDs on way back kids had the normal, I had a black coffee and felt mighty righteous.

Any way, back to golf being a funny old game, I went to do another nine holes tonight and ended up doing 13 as folks were getting in my way. Anyway, I scored 3 pars and 10 bogies which was pretty good - no doubles or worse just nicely managed round the course. So quite pleased with that - tried to swing within myself as they say i.e. not swing all out and out of control, and to minimise mistakes and it worked quite well.

Did about four miles on the fast bike this morning up town and back quick, windy and cold though so not as enjoyable as it will be come summer.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Steady for a Thursday

Did the five in 44:07 this morning, touch of tight ankle again, still 8:49/mile is ok. Did gym yesterday for first time in a while. There's a triathlon challenge on at mo where you do so much row, so much cycle and so much run at different levels. Have done the run and row element of level 3 last night and am doing the cycle bit today. Good to be back.

Update didn't do cycling today - me new ride cymbal come so wanted to see if it was any good so no gym for me today ha ha!

Sabian 20" AAX Stage Ride - superb instrument.

I got the cymbal off Ebay which I was a little bit apprehensive about but that's the beauty of the Ebay Feedback system if someone's got a good number of 100% positive feedback then you don't need to worry too much if you ask questions and check out the description properly. I sold my 15 year old Zildjian Z about a week ago and the funds from that paid for this beauty and left me with some change besides. The neat thing is that it sound beautiful a dry ping that you build into a shimmering wash of sound. Love it to bits already. If only I hadn't retired!!!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Steady Run

Got round in 8:58/minute after suffering a common running affliction called "Nasty tightening of tendons in ankle area after two miles", the main symptom of which is a sort of nasty tightening in the ankle area after you've run a couple of miles. Carried on regardless, and just managed to snick in under 9mins a mile which was okay, was blinding yesterday though, 8:22/mile. Damned good.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Solid start to running week...

Did the five miles in 41:55 at 8:22/mile. Not a bad start after a few days off and too much food (but no alcohol approaching 25 days for Thursday, quarter of the way there!).

Monday, 14 April 2008

No slacking, on me hols.

Chuckle Brothers were good, kids well pleased and queued up for autographs, hard-working guys they are that's for sure and great value for money, highly recommended.

Barry and Paul Chuckle signing autographs for Phil and Lucy

Got some Paiste promotional literature through the post this morning, guess who was using the 20" Paiste Formula 602 Medium Ride in the past?? Only John Bonham, Carl Palmer and Cozy Powell! How cool is that. If I do decide to sell it I'll be sure to mention the fact!

No slacking (well may be a bit then...).

Going to see Chuckle Brothers this afternoon with kids and the bride. Should be something. Only done a few miles on the bike this morning as am definitely in holiday mode.

Although on saying that I did some reports and stuff yesterday to save time when back in office on Tuesday. Spent a small fortune on clothes in Asda this morning, you wouldn't think it possible but looking at it a different way I could have had eight times as many polo shirts at Asda for the price I paid for one shirt at the Belfry (including the ten pound discount we got for the work they were doing on the 11th green).

Sunday, 13 April 2008

March Medal

Shot 93 from medal tees today. Better than I expected but still 7 shots over handicap. On saying that I had a four-putt on the fifth green and lost a ball after hoiking it far left on the eighth, couple that up with three or four duffed chips and some rubbish putting it's easy to see where all the shots went!! Still April medal next week so chance of doing better (or worse).

Done ten miles on super fast bike. Good fun, traffic in middle of Ashbourne rubbish though so my average speed took a bit of a hit. Checked that the potholes I meant to report were still there, so have reported them.

This is the third lot of potholes I've reported at - you can't fault them, every time I've done it the pothole's got fixed.

See that, that's my foot that is...

DCFC Absolute Garbage Yesterday
We were on top for twenty minutes and then they scored and we folded. Rubbish. It was deadline for season ticket renewal at last years prices yesterday, I'm not renewing this year. Derby have been just plain poor all season and am sick of the manager who blames players for not having any spirit while at the same time doing nothing to inject any spirit into them. I think they'd struggle in League one with this manager let alone Championship next season (which will be a struggle, have no illusions, Derby will not bounce straight back).

Example of what winds me up most - ten minutes into seocnd half I think it was, we're 3-0 down, he puts another striker on? Why the hell didn't he start with three strikers? We've got NOTHING to lose at all, not like we've even got any pride to lose now with worse goal difference and almost certainly lowest points tally in premiership. Crap, crap, crap.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Second to Last Chance for Rams

Was tidying up and came across this flyer for Rich Hall aka Otis Lee Crenshaw who I went to see at Assembly Rooms, Derby a few weeks ago. He's brilliant, much better live than on telly - go see him if you get the chance.

Haven't renewed my season ticket, hard decision but if am honest have not enjoyed last two seasons with the exception of the day out at Wembley. Think, it's either today or last home match vs Reading or am not going to have seen Derby win at all in 2007/2008 season which will say it all really. We'll see but am sure Jewell will blame the players again if another defeat.

Did 4 miles on slow but comfy this morning but it was sooo cold so didn't do any more. Derby County this afternoon then traditionally it's fish and chips night in the Siddall household so am going to have to go out for a run or something I reckon.

Further update on recycled computer - it's got a problem with the capacitors which apparently is a known Dell issue with the Optiplex 270s, am hoping for a bit of charity from Dell if they've got any spare motherboards which apparently is the recommended solution.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Daft bats in the Belfry

Brabazon - wet but good. It hacked it down with rain on us but did it grind us down?? Well maybe a bit. None of us broke a hundred, I did 63 for front nine!! but when rain laid off us a bit I managed a more creditable 46 coming back in. The pic below is the 10th which is the hole that big hitters drive especially in the fourballs during the Ryder Cup. I hit a fairway wood to more or less where it says 190 at the front of that bunker shaped like a 3 with a bit underneath it. Then hit a three quarter 9-iron into the brook beyond the the bridge, then hit the same shot but onto dry land and two-putted for a six. I'd recommend playing the Brabazon to anyone, for a championship course it's well playable even for mid/high handicappers. Prices are a bit steep though at £70/round, if you can find offers though or get a corporate freebie definitely do it!. I got me dad a Mars at the half way refreshements shop (bottom right of pic below)- 75p, how much? 75p!!! Inflation has hit the West Midlands far harder than Derbyshire so far!!

This map of the course layout would have been darned helpful, more than once balls found water when we didn't realise there was water to be found! What is rather good though is that your scorecard is printed with that number of yards the flag is from the front of the green! I was well impressed with that but a course layout would have been more useful for us!

Playing golf with me dad and uncle Michael at the Belfy, Sutton Coldfield this morning. No running first thing therefore.

Update on the computer I was recycling which is a Dell Optiplex 270 - it ain't working! Keeps switching itself off following a thermal event. I fear it may be bug**red but hey ho at least we tried!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Dentist Day

Week 59 weigh-in - another half pound off.
Not much but they all count, another half pound and then am back to a 4stone weight total weight loss. So must shift at least half a pound next week. Still have finished off the creme eggs this week so a loss after that ain't too shabby. The running's looking good as well this week, deffo improving. Have got a round of golf at the Belfry tomorrow that my brother bought me for my fortieth. My golf has been terrible these past few months so hopefully it's going to turn as well as the weight trend has!!!

Survived the dentists. No fillings but hygenist made up in the pain department bless her. She's an ex W**ght W**chers leader so that might have something to do with it! No she's nice as pie really not standard WW material. The hygenist's assistant lost 3.5 stone on Slimming World though so things balanced up nicely. Both commented on weight loss which was nice.

Thursday's run, not as fast as yesterday but acceptable and well under 9 min miles

Motionbased screenshot of yesterday evening's short ride on the Giant FCR1, average of 15.4mph not bad when you consider that I stopped at Cattlegrids, stopped to take a call from Janette, stopped to take pics of another pothole to report.

Got a visit to dentists this afternoon, not looking forward to that.

BP 128/85/53 better. 18 DAFT

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

London Town

Grand Day
Been out on the Giant FCR1 super bike, great stuff fast, light, responsive, it's got everything. Got some more potholes photo'd to report on

Tell you what an all - might have put half a stone on but don't look as bad as a I think I do in picture below. only did 7.5 miles as light was going but it was good to get out again.

First class on the train - bloody brilliant - free papers, coffee, wine on way back if u wanted it, complimentary nuts and cakes, water as well, you name it! Fantastic. Only cost £4 more than second class according to Liz which I reckon is a darned good deal and the only way to travel.
The exhibition was good as well, saw the new Microsoft Office Communications Server which will be great when it's mature and has the functionality SMEs need, but it ain't ready yet for a lot of businesses. Found out some interesting things about BT's private network products too. You get the impression BT are beginning to get their act together, good, about time too.
Get the pace on this morning's run 8:20!!! Five miles in 41:46 is making me wonder whether I could run sub-8 minute miles now!!!

Off to the Unified Communications expo at Olympia (think) this morning so everything running a bit late as you'd expect, emails to office, extra getting ready-ness. Am still going for a run in a few mins though.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

My mum's birthday today so in tribute I've run my fastest five miles yet. In just over 43:30 and with a pace of 8:41 and avg speed of 6.9mph!! Good eh!

16 DAFT (days alcohol free today), BP 134/91/52 v. poor

Above: video I'm thinking of using to sell my Paiste 602 Ride on Ebay.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Monday Monday...

Ran a quick five miles (sub 9min/mile). Yesterday was a disaster, set out on FCR1, pounding along smooth as anything then got a puncture two miles out. Went to Halfords to get some of the kevlar puncture proof Gatorskin tyres but they had them up at £20 a tyre and I thought to myself, am sure they should only be £15 on their website and sure enough they are so didn't get em but fixed existing puncture. N'er mind.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Kudos to the Met office

Golf's loss is running's gain. Got out early, ran 7.6miles at a pace of around 9:30/mile which was okay - quite cold dontcha know? Really nice in some ways - clear skies, snow on the hills, no-one about. Grand

Well, today is supposed to be the day of the March Medal at the golf club. I know we're in April but it's always this way! So got my bag ready last night, pencils, balls, tees you name it I'm ready for it. Apart from Snow.

Got up at 6am (see how much prep going into this golf, 6am on a Sunday morning), looked out of curtains and got the view above!!!

Is it just me or are the met office's weather men predictions getting more and more accurate. I'm sure they're getting things right more accurately than they used to, and that means even more so snow as the day goes on, so no bloomin golf today I reckon. Also means Lucy's rugby practice likely to be cancelled. Bugger.

Bob Malcolm sent off at Motherwell? Just saw on BBC news that a 'Bob Malcolm' was sent off yesterday in Motherwell's game - is that the Bob Malcolm who was the Derby midfielder done for drink-driving after parking up his motor in the middle lane of the M1 at Christmas? I didn't even know he'd got another job - doesn't mess about. One of Billy Davies' crapper DCFC signings.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Steady Saturday

Freezin this morning. Went up town for papers, did a roundabout route through Okeover Park on way back for 6 miles. Not done much else. Took Lucy up old golf course to see a new-born lamb in afternoon. Shame for West Brom to get knocked out by Portsmouth, Wembley two years running and lost 1-0 both times, can't be much fun for baggies fans...

Friday, 4 April 2008

Current mood - not as hacked off as was first thing

Was really hacked first thing when weighed at bang on 15 stone, however by group at lunchtime was down to 14st 12lbs which is much better. Am aiming for another pound off for next week then total loss returns 4st. Have not been 100% following the plan this week so pound and a half is okay.

12 DAFT (days alcohol free todays) - last drink Easter Monday, will be 19 days DAFT this time next week and about a fifth of my way to 100 days DAFT.

Been on scales and half a pound up on weigh day when I've been down all week up to this point. I'm as fit as I've ever been but am not good enough to get the weight shifting the right way, all the medical results were very good even blood pressure but am so p**sed off about being stuck in the 15stone range. Doing my head in.

Ran five miles steady this morning in 47mins 24sec, total record for week is below, five miles every day and a bit more on Mondays.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

5p listing day

Been having a jam with the guys at work again today. Took the recycled kit with me, no-one can believe folks would chuck it. I just love the sound of it. Have emailed Rockem music to see if they'll swap me the wrong sized head. Love how the black bottom heads look, not sure about the 'Bad Reputation' lettering my lad Phil's put on the front but I'll let it ride.

Funny stressful sort of a day at work, meeting after meeting after meeting. Have got a rage in my head with a supplier that I can't seem to throw and it's stopping me sleeping at night properly. Ho bloody hum.

5p listing day on Ebay today, getting a load on.

Ran an ok five miles.

B.P. 128/83/52

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

D Day

Progress on the Premier Recycled Kit of legend
Have banged on some Remo Pinstripes on some of the drums, slight cockup on the ordering front the other tom isn't a 12" as I'd thought but a 13" so now have to contact me supplier and see if I can do a swap. Bugger. Still, don't them that's done look good!!! Check out the video at the bottom of the page. Played em with the Paiste 602 just for the record and they sound grand considering haven't spent ages on tuning em until I get the other tom sorted.

10 days alcohol free - proper focussed now!

D-Day Debunked:
The Diabetes clinic in Derbyshire at least, takes somewhere between half an hour to an hour. It involves going over results of blood and urine tests that will have been taken a week or two before. An inspection of feet (diabetics losing sensitivity in their extremities - toes for example is an early warning indicator of impending doom that can lead to amputation if not tackled effectively), during this test you close your eyes and the nurse sort of tickles them with a monofilament fibre - if you can feel the fibre then you're alreet! There's also a blood pressure test 130/74 - how does that work - miles lower than at home of late. Anyway everything was bloomin great apart from weight increase which they had down as 10lbs but is at least three pounds less in reality (Dr Ward has old Seca scales, the nurse had new fancy electronic ones which I'd say were a damn sight more accurate). The HbA1C test which states a HbA1C if kess than 7% is very good control, well when I was first diagnosed I was only 7.4% so slight at best in some ways, in April of last year I was coming out at 6.2%, am now down to 5.7% which in my book is good, good, good.

Diabetes clinic at 11:30. God knows what that entails, have already been on one of these diabetes education things and at worst am only slightly diabetic and bloods last time said not really diabetic at all after losing a fair old chunk of weight.

Ran a slower five miles this morning in about 48 minutes. It was okay though as legs felt tired - couldn't go any faster if beezlebub was running behind me with his pitchfork or whatever he has.

Video of recycled Premier Kit now with Remo Pinstripes fitted on some toms and bass drum. Lordy, it'll be somethin soon!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Followup - ran like hell as was late setting off, 5 miles in 44:29, a pace of 8:53/mile which in the wind and rain was damned good going in my view.

6:00 still raining but am going running anyway. Wahey, Lord don't slow me down or whatever the Oasis t-shirt says...

Black coffee, banana, omega 3 fish oil pill and normal meds.

Woke up at 5:25 can hear rain outside, had another ten minutes, got up.

B.P. 131/87/57 not good enough, might see doctor about going back onto Felidipine or whatever it's called.

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