Monday, 6 August 2007

Mallorca Sunday/Monday 5th-6th Aug

Had made the decision last week to go with running rather than biking for exercise while I’m in sunny Spain. Although am thinking about hiring one for a few days next week perhaps. However, running is going great, last night (Sunday) ran from Palma Nova to the Steam Engine Roundabout at Portals and back. No problem, so went out this morning at 7:30ish before it gets too hot and went a bit further into the Port itself where the big boats of the rich and famous reside. Anyway the exercise regime is currently 50 minutes of running based on this morning’s session. I’ve had to work out the timing by adding up the tines of the first 10 tracks of Black Sabbath “The Dio Years” which accompanied me down to the port and back. Am going to keep on pushing the time out while I’m here and hopefully when the next part of my cunning holiday weight loss plan is revealed (masterstroke approaching) everything should be tickety boo!! Been shopping this morning - apples, bananas (see picture - even Mickey Mouse approves!), lean bacon all the usual, low fat yogurts, diet coke, even bought some half alcohol lager (2.5% I think which is a bit like what Carling have done in the u.k. – so you’re having a pint but without all the calories – smart choice I think).

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