Monday, 30 March 2009

Sunday 29th March to Saturday 4th April 09

Saturday 4th April
Just a bit of golf, resting ahead of proper run tomorrow.

Friday 3rd April
Was late getting up coz am off today. Went for a ride on the FCR1 this morning. Magic. Not many miles but nice to go on bike again. Amazed myself with how much strength have got in my legs now - hills are just not an issue anymore!! Cool.

Thursday 2nd April
Just three and half miles this morning, have to be in office early doors for a regular early meeting, got two more miles done in the evening.

Wednesday 1st April
Blimey am zonked this morning but 5:45 will see me getting out on road shortly. Happy days, roll on May says I.

Tuesday 31st March
Another five miles that hurt. Hopefully be through this cold in a day or two. Seemed a bit lighter this morning yesterday was pokey dark at 5:55

Monday 30th March
Did a five mile run that felt like 20 miles. Not well at all but can't stop now. Hey ho.

Sunday 29th March
Rubbish - felt really ill, set off early doors for big run but ached all over so turned back and went back to bed. Rubbish, I should have been doing the big run which is now all hanging in the balance for next Saturday. On the positive side I'm within £50 of achieving the £1000 fund raising target I'd set.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Sunday 22nd March to Saturday 29th

Saturday 28th
Didn't do a killer run - got up late and Bosskat is out shopping so restricted myself to the normal weekday five miler picking papers up on way home. Killer run delayed to tomorrow which will be tricky with the clocks going back.

Friday 27th
Just did a fast three miles this morning. Did two loaves in the night which knackered me up but am going to do a killer run tomorrow just to see if I can do this 100 miles in five runs as part of the training. I've got two 20+ runs on record and an 18+ one last week so ideally a biggie this weekend and another the weekend after and that'll be in the bag.

Thursday 26th
Five miles in light drizzle today so things is getting better. Steady sort of pace getting back to ten minute miles again which is nice. Load of weights at home working on biceps and abs in the main with some stretches thrown in - squats and lunges etc. Good.

Wednesday 25th
Five miles in the rotten rain. Never mind it's another five miles. Am getting into a regime of weights and stuff at home again. Ought to get back into Gym soon. That'd be worth getting back into.

Tuesday 24th
Still messing with the damned computer. Got it pretty much sorted now, which is good. I've got my number for the marathon now - 45300 so I'm on a mission to finish 45299th or better come the big day.

Monday 23rd
Just a three mile walk today. Legs a bit tired so no point in killing em. Did a load of weights when got back from work as was sorting out bosskat's nephew's computer which was full of viruses and tat. Great fun.

Sunday 22nd - Big Run Day
Did 15.41 miles to Osmaston before the Edge went doo-lally. Am going to have to work out the rest but I think it would be about 18/19 miles - was out for 3hr 40mins and was a bit late getting back which resulted in a roasting from she who must be obeyed. Such is life.

Am going to work out the rest of the mileage later.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Week from Sunday 15th March to Sat 21st

Saturday 21st March
No run but played some hideous golf instead - will have to do something about me golf - how hard can it be??

Friday 20th March
Just an easy 3.5 miles this morning - off to Bedford so want to catch the train on time. Did 9 holes in the evening as it was so nice, bit dark at the end mind!
Thursday 19th March
Ran a mega solid five miles pace up and everything. Put a gig of RAM into my home computer and it's absolutely flying can't believe I was surviving on 256MB!

Wednesday 18th March
Well pleased, up before time began. 2 loaves done in night for little girl's school using a new method that works well. Got missus' card and present bought online and should be here for Saturday I hope then got a fastish five miler done.

Tuesday 17th March
Rotten day so far, up at 4:30 doing work stuff, didn't get on road until 6:20 so only enough time for a quick three miler but ran like hell this morning so pleased about that (but I do tend to run quicker when I'm late and in a rush!!).

Monday 16th March 2009
Am back on now that I know I can do the Marathon. No more booze until 1st May (or possibly ten minutes after completing Marathon. Did a steady five miles this morning. Managed to get to work with everything but the one thing I really needed - my laptop. So cam back home at lunchtime and worked from there. Talk about irritating the laptop wouldn't log on for some reason, had to reboot in safe mode and then reboot again before the damned thing would work.
Got a ton to do before bedtime though. Such is life

Sunday 15th March 2009
After yesterdays 22miler have done v little today. Washed both cars, did a bit of minor diy, took Lucy to rugby (no bacon cob though) and not much else beside. Back to business tomorrow.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Week Sun 8th to Sat 14th March 2009

Saturday 14th March 09
Great day. Get this - got up at 4:45! Off to Darley Dale arriving about 6:10. Got to Grindleford about 6:50 and off running just after 7am. Ran 22 miles through Eyam, Great Longstone, Bakewell, Chatsworth, Baslow, Froggatt Edge, back down to Grindleford in about 5 hours. The edge played up again and again so when I loaded it up it only said I'd done 16 miles. I don't think so. Ran with Kathryn from work who's been my Marathon guru throughout and I could keep up with her, she might have been going easy on me, I don't know but it don't matter, the marathon is now officially do-able!!! Biggest regret today was not taking the camera it was a run through the most gorgeous Derbyshire Countryside. Bloomin grand.

Friday 13th March 09
Exercise today? None whatsoever, matey. Kathryn has given me the day off ahead of tomorrow's 22 miler which I'm wierdly really looking forward to now! No, really 22 miles up massive hills - do something funny for no money?

Thursday 12th March 09
Five miles again. Missus says I'm looking fat and Doug from Golf club said he didn't recognise a picture of me in the Golfclub Newsletter as being me even though it's not all that old really so I need to get back into Food Optimising big style. So have been good so far today!

Wednesday 11th March 09
Another five miler, felt jiggered this morning though - late to bed, early to rise don't make Jack all that wise or somesuch nonsense. Chuffed to bits with donations to my justgiving page. Have had some brill donations from friends and family and got one yesterday from one of the most inspiring chaps around - Frank Kinlan - whose blog I check up regularly at Frank has lost as near as damnit 8 stone and unlike me is keeping it off mega-effectively - cycling and exercise and good diet are watchwords to look for on his blog. check it out - highly recommended.

Tuesday 10th March 09
Back in business solid 5 miles this morning. I ought to do a bit more really but time dictates what is possible at this minute.

Monday 9th March 09
Ankles hurt a bit so just walked up town and back - 3 miles in about 50 minutes (not much slower than I run these days!!!).

Sunday 8th March 09
Tired today, got goin at 6am did 3hrs 20 mins approx. GPS was failing on me. Ireckon it needs charging to full right up to point of setting off. Anyway had to be back as we were having a sofa delivered so coulfn't do four hours like I wanted to.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sunday 1st March to Saturday 7th March 09

Saturday 6th March 2009
No running today - have got a big run tomorrow for training so am giving myself the day off. Have got a round of golf to play at 12:30 which should be fun and that's about it. Ha ha.

Friday 6th March 2009
Got up at 5am set off a 50/50 loaf for the family. Sue from work has got me a 16kg bag of Marriage’s Manitoba white flour from Costco. It’s dearer than Tesco and Sainsbury’s but it’s awesome flour – massive protein content and you use less yeast as it rises and rises – somewhere between one and a quarter and 1 and three eighths rather than 1 and a half. But forget the costs and the having to change the recipe somewhat it makes the most gorgeous bread you ever tasted. I mix 350ml of water to 275g of this killer white Canadian flour to 275g of hovis’s wholemeal flour, 3 tsp of sugar, 1.5tsp salt, 2 table spoons sunflower oil, 2 tablespoons milk (you’re not supposed to but it don’t hurt) and just one and a half tsp of rapid yeast and it’s bloomin grand bread 2 hours later!

Anyway after that I finished off my monthly report and did some emails and then I went out a 6:10 this morning for a four mile run which is a bit deflating as I’d got five milers done every other day this week apart from a 12 miler on Sunday. Anway, t’is what it is.

After got back and done a bit of golf practice – five to ten mins swinging a weighted club had to get ready to get to Derby Station for an appointment in London. So had 9.18 train in mind, set off at 8:05 and was parked up 45 minutes later – well pleased, much quicker than usual. As approached station it said South Car Park full and North Park full so was a bit hacked off but as passed South Park I could see spaces so went in and parked up and am closer than normal for getting home. Well pleased. Have type up a load of notes on the train on the way down so pleased with that. Am hoping that there’s free WLAN access at the Insight Client Event am attending but if not I’ll email when get home, not a problem.

Have been looking at some stuff for this years return to Anglesey. Have found this place within 4 miles running of our campsite called Ynys y Fydlyn that looks interesting so am going to run there one morning while we’re away.

Thursday 5th March 2009
Wahey, it's definitely becoming a good habit! Did another five miler this morning. One more this week and then Saturday will be the rest day. I'm playing golf early doors on Saturday so might do something else but probly not. Took an hour and ten mins to get to work today - bloomin nightmare.

Just received a super donation from another of my cousins and her hubby towards the marathon fund-raising. They're run a top sporty/active outdoor vacation destination in South West france called "Active Vacances". If you're into cycling/running/swimming and fancy doing some in a warmer climate then you should seriously consider this as your destination - check the website at :

Wednesday 4th March 2009
Another day, another five miles underfoot. Habit is forming now! Did a chunk of weights and am also doing little stuff to improve my golf game which is something I've not concentrated enough on for the past 12 months or more. General mood: quite pleased.

Tuesday 3rd March 2009
Another five miler this morning - well pleased, fell I'm back in the zone again, got some control back. Yesterday was first no-alcohol day since broke up for holiday so pleased with that too. Also 20 months since stopped smoking in July 2006. Hardly even think about smoking now most hours. Started to up the amount of weights I'm doing at home and going to look at going back to the gym soon.

Monday 2nd March 2009
Back on the plan and back on the wagon. Too much booze last week by far! Did a steady five miler this morning which was good back to the old routine. Only needed a single layer on top as well which means Spring and Summer must be looming.

Sunday 1st March 2009
First day of March and it feels like Springs is round the corner. Ran for 12.5/13 miles this morning - kept stopping the Edge as was putting stickers up for the golf club as I passed good spots and forgot to switch it on a couple of times so it only looks like 12 miles but it was more really. Anyway, although it's sort of rubbish there was a time when almost half-marathon distance I would have been proud of so I'm not that bovvered really, honest! Would have done more miles but I was too late setting off at 7am - had to take Lucy to Rugby for a match against Melbourne under 9s. I think they won one, lost one which was good in a way as they've got away with a couple of the boy having real speed which today wasn't enough - Melbourne were organised and closed Ashbourne down consistently so they had a mini-drubbing for the first game. Learning curve stuff!!

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