Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday 24th to Saturday 30th January : Marathon Training

Saturday 30th January
Got up at 5:10am, took Phil to work, went and fetched Missus new motor from Hilton. She's well pleased with it. Job done.

This afternoon did the week's big run. 12 miles up Dovedale took me a good 2hrs 20min but was tired from the start which doesn't help - might add a rest day but need to lose weight too so no rest for the wicked?

My edge gps tracker is knackered so am entering the route into which uses google maps. Not fit enough for the route today am hoping to see an improvement as we get closer to the big one. Anyway as you can see from the elevation chart below there were some serious hills which consequently meant some walking. All in all though am quite pleased. In total this week (which has last week's big run in it from Sunday) I've done forty five miles which is not bad at all. Will see how much there is in next weeks the big run drops on the weekend day that I'm not playing golf. This weekend golf is tomorrow at 9:50 so that means big run today!

Friday 29th January
Got up dead early at 5am, set off two loafs for the Haiti Appeal at work (did a carrot cake last night as well). Have already bought a couple of fitness books from work as well. Fetched missus' car up it's tickety boo now am giving it a couple of miles each time to get it warmed up.

Five miles on the road this morning - bit walky runny today, probably the worse run of the week but legs v tired today which is not a good sign as I'm aiming to do 10-12 miles tomorrow.

Thursday 28th January Update
Went to group after work, another 2lb getting back to where I was before the Xmas setback! Badminton lesson at 7 o'clock, definite signs of improvement particularly in the cross-court shot.

Thursday 28th January
Fetched missus' car up first thing, five miles standard run again. Am wondering if I could do three days in week where I'd do five in the morning then another five at night. Combined with the big run at the weekend that'd pip fifty miles every week which'd be good as I read when you're doing 50 miles a week you can eat what you bloody well like!

Wednesday 27th January
Similiar shenanigans to yesterday with missus' car - it's going on Saturday so not for much longer!! Then a quicker five miles round town picking papers up on the way. Forgot to weigh in with the WiiFit that's how rushed I was this morning. Set a facebook group for the Slimming World Marathon Team last night like we had last year.

Tuesday 26th January
Cream crackered this morning on account of missus losing some keys last night so was looking for em til gone 11. Up at 5:20, missus bleedin car won't start so battery out and on charge. 5:55 on road for five miles back at 6:50, battery charged (knackered battery methinks), car okay, breakfast, shave, shower etc. into work. 18 miles so far this week so ticking along nicely. WiiFit says a pound off. We'll see. Found the MOT and the CV5 certificate for the missus' car tonight as well so that's in the bag for Saturday!

Monday 25th January
We went and bought a motor yesterday for missus; 58 plate Zafira which should be handy for going camping etc.etc. Got up nice and early this morning and did a load of small jobs then ran five mile round town on the usual sort of route dropping off the missus prescription and picking up the papers and stamps on the way. All good stuff. Got to find missus motor V55 and MOT certificates tonight, picking it up Saturday morning all being well.

Sunday 24th January

Marathon training week 1 (I think). Did 35 miles in total last week which was a good start considering I didn't know I'd be doing the London Marathon. This morning it said 1hr 30mins which I did a little bit more than but such is life. Did 8.25 over some hilly terrain in about 1hr 32mins which was okay, not particularly quick but a starting point.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Sunday 17th to Saturday 23rd January

Saturday 23rd January
Today should be rest day so I only did three miles up town and back, picking up the papers on the way. Golf at 10:20, played okay, we were beaten 2 and 1 though by two pretty good players so wasn't end of the world, nice to play 18 holes, must be first time in over a month. Washed the missus and my motors when got back. Looking at part-chopping the missus for an mpv or an estate.

Kathryn's not doing it and bless her, she's asked if I'll step in! Well, I said I wanted a better than 5hrs time and I still do so am going to get serious training now. What have I done??

Friday 22nd January
Up at 5am, fetched missus' motor up as it seems to be acting up recently so she likes to know it starts. Absolutely hammering it down first thing, ten minutes later it's all stopped so am going to be setting off for a five miler in about ten minutes from now (which will be approx 5:55). Just sending a couple of emails off and then hit the road time.

Thursday 21st January
Up at 5:30 which is about the right time I think. Set off at exactly 6:00 and got back for 6:53 with a couple of minutes stopped to get papers, reckon that's a little bit over ten minute miles.

Weigh-in after group - 3lbs lost this week. I think there's three factors involved there - firstly the cardio fasting but more importantly upping the morning mileage and getting closer to doing food optimising properly.

Wednesday 20th January
Overslept til 5:50, thought it was raining when I first woke up. Anyway when stuck me head out the door it wasnae raining so another five miles done. Been testing out a theory Cardio-Fasting where the theory is that if you run first thing on an empty stomach you burn fat it was in the Times so it must be right -

Tuesday 19th January
Up at 5am again, set a loaf of off for the family! Five mile run again, set off at similiar time, got back at similiar time. Absolutely jiggered this morning but am sticking at it. Oh yes. Bit milder out this morning but got the unreal toothache thing when I got home today - not good. Have got a dental appointment next month so I'll check out what he says then.

Monday 18th January
Up at 5:00am - got to set a loaf off for Shazza who's supplying me with free range eggs - am after making a cash-less society one small step at a time. 5:52 went running round Ashbourne - did the old five mile loop and was back about 6:48 so a bit slow by old standards but not bad considering how out of shape I am.

Sunday 17th January
Up at 5:30 for taking the horror to work.

Got back and went for first half decent run in a while ; 7 miles up Ashbourne, round Mappleton then up into Middle Mayfield, down to Churhc Mayfield and back through the terraces. Saw some cool sort of a bird of prey - grey plumage probably a buzzard of some sort, and if I'd had a camera would have got a top pic of a snow white heron against an almost black background but of course I hadn't got it with me!

Rest of morning spent on emptying my, shed putting some new shelving in and then putting the stuff back in to find I've got less room than before - how does that work?

After lunch took Lucy swimming - we did 20 lengths (I kept getting cramps or we'd have done more). Then another reccy up the golf club resulting in a few more balls which will be handy come summer!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday 10th to Saturday 16th January 2010

Saturday 16th January
Ye gods, rain this morning something chronic. Up at 5:30 to take Phil to work. Fetched papers and done a few tidying jobs round the house. Going to try and get a badminton court booked later. Couldn't get a court, not fit to run, went a bit of a walk and found some golf balls on the golf course and that was it.

Friday 15th January
Yay, this snow rubbish is beginning to go. Ran up town and back as usual nice and steady back home for 6:45 and in office for just gone 8 again. The backs of my knees are killing after badminton last night, am getting better. Did an exercise that was twenty-five taps across net from mid-court in 13.5 seconds which was not far from what the whipper snappers were doing.

Thursday 14th January
Conditions much better today not icy at all. Had to sort missus' car out last night - battery was as flat as a pancake. So fetched it up from garage as she's got no confidence in it starting - it were fine. In office for just gone 8 so everything ticking over nicely on a Thursday. Badminton tonight - got the funny serve down I think.

Wednesday 13th January
Like a bloomin ice rink again. Just a run up town and back - mainly on the road, jumping back onto pavement when cars approached etc. No fun at all. Derby managed to scrape past Millwall last night which was good, what was even better was that my internet radio can now pick up a stream for Radio Derby. Excellent improvement. I also installed TVersity onto my PC so it can act as a media server to the PS3 which could be interesting.

Tuesday 12th January
Well it's still here, the white rubbish. Ran up town and back early doors ran on road for most part. Good news with Man City's Tevez getting a hatrick in his first game in my fantasy football team - wish I'd made him captain though!

Monday 11th January
Got up at 5am, set off a loaf for Mrs Coope. Ran up town and back at 6am - steady enough, still loads of crappy snow about. In to work for 8:20 this morning. Added a pic of the RedWing outside our house.

Sunday 10th January 2010

Fed up with this weather was going to run but it was too damn cold so walking and sledging is about it for today. Stuff learnt today - firstly you can Office Picture Manager in slideshow view - never knew that til this morning. Secondly, seen a redwing outside this morning - never seen one of those before. They look like the picture above. Anyway was going running but didn't so been sorting my shed out and putting shock leaders on my sea fishing reels ready for the summer!!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Sunday 3rd to Saturday 9th January 2010

Saturday Jan 9th
Was zonked last night so went to bed at 8:30, consequently woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep so got up at 4:30. Went for a run at 6:30 about 4.5 miles I think, was that cold that I got toothache! N'er mind. Took Lucy to Leisure Centre for an hours worth of Badminton at lunchtime, good fun.

Friday Jan 8th
Back to the grind, ran three miles this morning up town and back - not too bad, certainly didn't feel as cold as they made out on the news but on saying that the gal in the newsagents was wearing scarf and gloves inside so maybe I'm just made of hardier stuff.

Thursday Jan 7th - Weight loss takes a nose dive!

Thursday Jan 7th

Oh dear, walk up town and back as t'was a wee bit slippy this morn. Weigh in after work 6.5lbs back on since Dec 17th ! Nightmare. Hey ho, back to work we go. Took Lucy to Badminton lessons after work. £87 for the pair of us - bloomin eck!

Wednesday Jan 6th
As mentioned I saw someone running yesterday so I though to hell with it we'll have a go. So ran up town and back - horrible going as it was into the snow and wind but coming back was fine. Reet good start. Set off for work at 7:30 in even earlier than normal.

Tuesday Jan 5th
Steady old walk up town and back for 2.5 miles, slippier this morning. Saw someone out running this morning though so I might just have a crack tomorrow depending on what happens today.

Sent home from work at lunch though to be fair in Alfreton snow was becoming a problem. Went for a 2 mile walk round the loop in the snow which was okay.

Monday Jan 4th
Still ice everywhere so a walk up town and back. Sounds like it's going to be like this all week so will need to do some training in gym I think. Did a 2 mile walk round the loop. Sick of this snow cak and more to come they say.

Sunday Jan 3rd
As mentioned yesterday just a bit of walk in the snow.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Sunday Jan 3rd 2010
Up at 5:30, took Phil to work. Took all Chrimbo stuff down and put it up the attic. Fixed the light on the landing (wasn't happy with how it looked so did it again). Went walk up Golf Course, took some pics which will upload when I get chance. Don't think there's likely to be much running today!!!

Saturday Jan 2nd 2010
Got up at crack of dawn, took Phil to work for 6:20. Did some mucking about on the puter then ran up town and back to fetch papers. 2.5 miles but better than nowt. Golf at 10:20 lasted two holes before snow really belted down. Such is life, we were all square after two holes anyway so still undefeated in the 2009/2010 Winter League!

Friday Jan 1st 2010
Started off with a five mile run. My resolution is to run at least a couple of miles a day, every day. Will see if I can stick to that.

Goodbye 2009
Well, 2009 wasn't all bad - ran 20 odd miles of Grindleford Gallop and the London Marathon - wouldn't have dreamt I could do that a few years back. Still not smoked a ciggy for three New Years Eves now which is good. Mucked out the Rhinos at Knowsley Safari Park, hadn't planned on that. So there was good stuff, put a fair bit of weight back on and then lost most of it was good too (although Christmas probably means back to where I started in September). Golf was rubbish in Summer but improved in Winter which is odd. Anyway, what's going to happen in 2010?

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