Friday, 29 August 2008

Mileage for week Weighin Later - Maintained

Well, as suspected I maintained this is because I haven't done anything any better than I was doing last week. In fact, because I've been busier at work I've not done the gym all week so I've got what I deserved. This is the trouble with busy-ness at the business I'm afraid. I've been to group and the commitment I've made is this - From Monday I'm off the alcohol 100% again - a solid month with no alcohol and sticking with the plan a bit more and we should see things returning to my new normal.

On the bright side at least there's not been a gain.

Exercise this week has been rubbish. Only managed fifty or so miles this week (record below doesn't include all miles done as the Garmin Edge has a habit of switching itself off and forgetting miles!!).

Thursday, 28 August 2008


Just seven miles this morning. in a rush as usual. didnt get home til gone 8:30 last night.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Not shown any of my bread victories for some time. Well here's one:-

400ml water
350g strong white bread flour
350g wholemeal bread flour
2tsp salt
2tsp sugar
2tbsp butter
1.5tsp yeast

Bang it on quick and 2 hours later you get a really nice 50:50 loaf. Just having a slice of toast from it now!

Quick 11 miles, not done times yet but quicker than 15mph average I'll bet.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tuesday back to reality.

Had stomach ache and sickness last night so wasn't sure how today would turn out, as it was, got up early went out on bike a bit after 6am and put in a goodish performance averaging 15.4mph all the way round including two good hill climbs past the Tissington cycle hire shop up to top of Ashbourne.

Went to Ikea yesterday, with missus and P J - absolute nightmare - nuff said!
Did a bit of golf later on which was average have starting really pounding the 3-iron which is nice to be able to fall back on. Jolly good all told.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Bank Hols Cream Crackered

Low on exercise front over last two days. A bit too much alcohol after saying I'd cut it out - eejit that I am. Have been doing stuff round the house - sorting out phones, cut the hedges etc. Did a few miles on slow but comfy bike not much else besides though.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Ready for the weekend!

Golf at 12:20 hadn't played Ashbourne for best part of a month so was looking forward to it. Shot a sort of respectable 90 from the medal tees but couldn't put for toffee. Lord knows how many three putts. The wierd thing was that although I shot four over my handicap I played some pretty solid golf, played some of the par fives taking an iron for the second shots which is not something I used to do. I reckon I'm getting the hang of it a bit, now.

Am getting over yesterdays reality check! On the whole I'm not really that worried - am pretty much back into my old routine apart from not being able to do the running aspect. Have been in work four days last week and been to the gym everyone of them - so that's good. On the biceps curl machine I'm now setting it at 10 every time which is progress am hoping to be saying that setting is now 11 in a fortnight's time. We'll see. So onwards and downwards (at least in weight terms).

Knee is still a bit jippy but am finding no problems with cycling on it - got 60 odd miles on the clock this week and that's with missing Thursday for the Honda Woodhall Spa golf day (see earlier post).

66 miles as of Saturday morning.

Am trying to get outside most of today have been taking jump to the dustbin truck that comes every five weeks, cleaned my golf clubs, done a nice job of cleaning the Giant FCR1 bike (it's a picture when it's clean). Riding through Okeover Park has meant that there was sheep cak all over the underside of the frame and that's not what you want to see on an FCR1, let me tell you.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Hell's Teeth, weigh-in disaster

Week 78 weighin disaster 7.5 lbs weight gain since I last weighed in on 1st August.

I could look at it as being 2 and a bit pounds per week gain but I'm choosing to look at it as being a bloody idiot chucking a load of good progress away by being bloody stupid on holiday.

Immediate actions are:
>> cut out the bread
>> cut out the alcohol
>> cut out the crap
>> go big on free foods

Hell's teeth just look at them last three damn weeks....


Honda's Woodhall Spa day did for me yesterday. Couldn't get out of bed and could only manage a leisurely 7 miles or so this morning. Knackered doesn't quite go far enough! Gym at lunchtime and weigh-in today too. Expect a big gain which I'm entirely responsible for - not alcohol or rubbish food to blame just the idiot that consumed it.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Achy breaky legs...

Played at a corporate golf thing today at Woodhall Spa in Lincs today It was a cracking day hosted by Honda in conjunction with PGA Corporate Golf. The course is a monster, I didn't do much of anything for the first seven holes and then started playing and got a fair few pars and a birdie on one hole (will furnish more details when I recover scorecard from my golf bag but back nine was in 43 with a couple of cockups included in that).

If you get the chance to play it you should and if possible with someone who knows there way round it as it helps to know where the darned bunkers are - apparently there are 365 of the buggers round the course and some (most) are damned deep - I took a 60 degree wedge with me and it didn't always get me out first time. Nightmare.

Anyway, good thing is that the team I was in with Tim and Dave from Honda managed to come third which won us Woodhall Spa windcheater things (£40 on the tag), which was nice. Dave, a five handicapper who had only played twice in the year was awesome, played with old Ping Eye2s and Callaway Hawkeyes which I reckon must have been ten years old just nailed birdies and pars, great to watch. Tim played great on the front nine but sort of lost trust in his swing on the back nine, which you can't do on this course - there's heather, sand and trees everywhere, it's hard! Great day though, thoroughtly enjoyed it and Honda were bloody great!!

Me and me third prize.

Woodhall Spa and just some of it's many bunkers (365 apparently).

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

All go

Almost 13 miles this morning, didn't get up til ten to six so wasn't a bad effort all things considered.
Notice that all the hedges are being cut round the lanes I ride along, wonder how long til the first puncture?

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Tuesday all in a hurry.

Cycling this morning again, knee is still not quite right but liveable withable in my view. Am hoping by end of week will be able to run on it again, was fine in the gym yesterday, going to give it some more of the same come lunchtime.

Well am glad went to Wales last week, weather this week is bloomin awful. Apparently fifty boats got trashed in the bad weather in nearby Abersoch yesterday on BBC news:-

Monday, 18 August 2008

Miserable Monday

Update from Yesterday - did twenty miles on bike over to Darley Dale. Steady sort of a pace as well, quite pleased with the dodgy knee.

Today – drizzly rain and a bit of wind, like I’ve not got back from Wales at all. Did a smidge under 13 miles on the FCR1 in 55 minutes this morning quite pleased with that. Back to work, things have moved along quite nicely in my absence which is good, not too many problems on my return but millions of emails to trawl through.

Been to gym and done a 30 minute session - 10 mins on bike, 10 mins on rower and 10 minutes of weights and the knee has stood up nicely, thank you very much.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Walk to Porth Ysgo

On Friday walked to Porth Ysgo and back. All told it was a bit over five miles. The GPS was acting all dodgy again so can't be sure. Anyway was a nice walk and it looks like it'd be a good spot for some fishing. I didn't go down to the beach as was short of time but I'd say it's a fair climb down. There are steps but it's probably not worth taking small children even though it's a pretty place.

Google map from Aberdaron to Porth Ysgo - five to six miles there and back

Porth Cadlan in back ground, Porth Ysgo in foreground

Beach at Porth Ysgo

Back in the modern world!

Been on Hols to Wales

No posts for a while have been to sunny Wales (if only). Had a grand time, knee is still knackered so done zero running, zero cycling. Done a good bit of walking. Will post some routes and stuff when get all the video and pics from hols sorted out. Which will probably take months.

The Pwyhelli road into Aberdaron.

A view from Western End of Aberdaron Beach

Yours truly in classic stomach in, chest out pose. Assisting in castle-building exercise.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Not amused

Have jiggered me knee somehow. Went to play some golf yesterday and lasted four holes, can't make a proper backswing, can't hit the ball as far as I should so came off early. Had ice pack on it last night which I think's brought the swelling down but am not happy about it all. Did five miles of cycling to fetch papers and that was it. Not v good, can almost feel weight coming back on!

Went over to me mum and dads yesterday with the kids. Me dad has fixed up an orange beacon for little Phil. I found it when running to Darley Dale last Sunday, it was under the bridge at Longcliffe so Phil is well-pleased and has installed it in his shed. My dad's rigged it to a switch and an old golf trolley battery which is dead good for Phil. When I was a kid he could fix most anything. When I was at primary school I had a chess set and managed to lose the Rook, he came back from work and had managed to get one engineered for me. I wonder if he'd have struggled if it was a knight though? Probably not.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

All quiet on western front

Got up early, was grey and miserable as was weather. Played nine holes of acceptable golf nowt special but ok parred 1st, 3rd,4th,5th and 9th. Left knees really playing up so came back a bit early. Then fetched papers on slow but comfy. Took Phil to doctors in afternoon on bikes again and then took Phila and Lucy on a bike ride to Snelston and back. Was all v nice, weather most pleasurable.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

There is no time for us...

Hell, worked till 11:30 last night on stuff, up at 5:00am worked til 6:30, half an hour only on bike (well 27 mins if truth be known). There's just not enough time for me and the FCR1!!

Am hoping to have some time off work soon if I can clear enough stuff off my list.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

New Breadmaker

Just 11 miles on the Fcr1 this morning went down the Punch for the first time since coming off and breaking my wrist on it.

Got a Breadmaker off Ebay yesterday for £20 - set it up to do a loaf overnight and hey presto result with the first go. Well pleased.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Monday, Monday, do all of them ache like hell?

Blimey, aches and pains aplenty this morning, still exercise to be done so did twelve miles on the FCR1, not a chance of running today although am intending to go to the gym at lunchtime.

Got weight loss on Friday a fraction wrong it was a half pound not a whole pound. Still looking at the graph it's been fairly flat over the last few weeks which is okay really. Total weight loss is 4st 2lbs not quite as much as I've had it in my head I've lost but still a good number. Like the fact that there's headroom below the 210lbs line which is fifteen stone.

Training center stats for this morning. Slow but when you ache all over it's not perfectly acceptable.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Marathon? Are you crazy?

Ran over to me mums this afternoon, about 18 miles or so. Absolutely knackered this time, might have been the heat, don't know. Think a marathon is about eight miles too far for me if I'm honest. Don't know whether to keep adding a couple of miles to the big run to see if I can do it. Think I'd better consult the marathon oracle at work and see! At the minute me legs say now way Jose. We'll see, bike in the morning I'll wager!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Tardy Posting - Good Golly Golfin

Played really well today but didn't score as good as last week. Only one birdie on the tenth but parred 5th,6th,7th,8th,13th,15th holes and 18th holes and only blobbed on two, I reckon if I'd played them alright I'd have been in with a chance but 38 points is about four points short I reckon. Drove fairly well, hit irons better than normal, putted pretty well except for a couple of short ones that ought to have dropped really. N'er mind it was alright.

Yesterday was weigh in at group, a pound off. It's a bit up and down at the moment but on the whole am pleased with everything. Am in gym most days so there ought to be some muscle development really. We'll see!

Friday, 1 August 2008

Less is more, Not

Only did twelve miles this morning, They'd resurfaced a good two miles of my normal route and it was all tar and gravel and the FCR1 don't like it so we didn't do a second lap of it. Did a big hill climb up to top of Old Derby Hill then came back down new bypass it was okay. Have a sneaky suspicion that I'll have gained again this week. Need to get off the bloody alcohol again I reckon.

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