Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Monday 26th October 2015 to Sunday 1st November 2015

Monday 26th October 2015
Going home day.  Up early and dog walked as usual.  Red sky in the morning shepard's warning etc.etc.

Tidying up, loading up and getting off home.   As I knew there was trouble with the Conwy tunnels I though we'd go the Betwys Y Coed scenic route home.  Which was okay apart from taking about an hour longer - the scenery though is out of this world stunning.  Will get some pics off the bosses phone.  Got home about 5'ish and unloaded then did bog-all apart from dog walks and a trip to the new Aldi late on.  Janette thinks it's not that big but it's the biggest Aldi I've been in.

Tuesday 27th October 2015
Up early dog walked, papers fetched.  Into the office for 8am.  After work nipped over to Darley to sort something out on me dad's laptop and show me mum an old film of DP Battery, Bakewell.   Back home for tea, dog walk, bit of telly.  Watching a wierd study of an Oak tree from BBC 4 iplayer.  Some people have odd jobs - they had a whole team of folks pull an oak out of the ground to simulate what would happen in a force 10 storm?  Why.   Strange.   Anyroad, bed for just after 10pm

Wednesday 28th October 2015
Woke up at 4:30 off out with the dog at 5:50.  Most of the papers fetched.  No Times' in even when I did second pass at 7:25.  Marvellous. Fantasy useless Football team updated:

Running a bit late.  Went to get paper and was successful on third pass at 7.15.   Missus driving so we dropped some stuff off for Phil and I walked back from Mayfield.  Bed a bit after 10pm

Thursday 29th October 2015
Up at 5.45.   Took dog a walk and fetched papers - all in this week.  Lovely.  Into office for a bit after 8am after getting some juice on the way.  Home in not bad time about 6.15.  Dog walked, tea had.  Nipped to Aldiland cause we're addicted it appears!!  Telly, bins out, bed.

Friday 30th October 2015
Up early doors.   Very short dog walk as pooch does not get on with rain at any level.   In the office for about 8am so all's well.  Really busy day at work, perhaps too busy

Saturday 31st October 2015
Up early.  Dog walked, most of the papers fetched (half the Times missing).  Piccy B brekko.  Tidied the greenhouse out.  Strawbs for next year have gone in and sweet peas, potatoes going on nicely - 3 broccoli plants repotted in big tomato pots all good stuff.   Golf at 12.30 only played 14 holes as too slow as always.  Beer in the clubhouse then back home to find house taken over by Lucy and friends.  Apparently it's Hallow'een.   Not many tricker treaters, went to bed about 10.00

Sunday 1st November 2015
1st November already, blimey O'Reilly.  Up a bit late at 7am.  Quick dog walk and then working on laptops for cousin's daughters.   Got Windows 8 on em so everything takes three times as long as it ought to.   Such is life.  Big walk for poocher then went for lunch with me mum and dad, dropping off laptops on the way and picking up a brace of pheasants (as you do).

On way home stopped to take a pic of the window display at G Wathall & Son Ltd on Union Street - if Carling did remembrance....

Back home about four o'clock gave Phil a hand taking back off his trailer.   Got dark so walked home.  All good stuff.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Monday 19th October 2015 to Sunday 25th October 2015

Monday 19th October 2015
Woke up mega early.  Stopped in bed until 5.45.  Took dog walk, got papers back home for 6.30.  Into office a little bit after 8am.  Out of the office a bit before 6pm.  Got home, had tea, walked pooch, worked on wlan for Cbay - utter failure am going to start again from scratch I reckon.  Bed at almost 11pm.  Not best pleased.

Tuesday 20th October 2015
Didn't sleep well as was really grumpy and it got into my dreamscape.  Never mind.  Got up proper at 5.30.  Dog walk and papers fetched by 6.40 as pooch going mega slow.  In the office a bit after 8am.  Meeting in the afternoon - interesting stuff.  Got home 6pm.  Tea.  Dog walked.  Telly.  Have given up on getting the firewall ready in time for next trip so pressure is now off.   Bed about 9.40 for a proper sleep.

Wednesday 21st October 2015
Up at 4:30, chucking it down with rain when I woke up.   Waited til about 6am then said "stuff it, rain it is!".  Dog walked and papers fetched.  In office for just gone 8am.

Thursday 22nd October 2015
Dog walk and everything done early doors.   Finished work around lunchtime and off to Wales.  A bizzard flew into the car on the way home which really spoilt things - beautiful bird.   Traffic to Wales was the usual pain in the backside with roadworks at Conwy really slowing things down.  Got there for about 8pm after a couple of stops.  Settled in and bed about 10pm'ish

Friday 23rd October 2015
Out with the dog early doors.  Brekko.  Walk up Parys mountain - apparently this was the biggest copper mine in the world at one time.  The chap who found the main seam of copper ore was given a house for life and a bottle of brandy back in the day.  Now it's just an other-worldly spot with very little growing but a lot of heritage.  

Lucy and the boss on Parys Mountain

Then a wander around Amlwch and a bit of shopping at the co-op.  Back to the cottage and more walks.

Pooch on a beach

Bit of fishing of the ramp but hadn't got a lot of bait so didn't fish too long - not a bite to be had anyway.

Saturday 24th October 2015
Absolutely nailing it down with rain - even the pooch wasn't bothered about going out.  Around 11am it started clearing up and ended up quite nice.

By Saturday lunchtime rain had blown through 

Fishing a mark called Rhosneigr

The usual  but also fished a local mark with Vic called the Lily Ponds.  I had a plaice first cast then nothing else, Vic has a string of Pollack.  Not a bad spot.  Slipped on my bad knee on the way back which wasn't ideal but on the positive side Derby beat Huddersfield 2-1!    Bit tired so no more fishing.

Sunday 25th October 2015
Up early (even though clocks had gone back), dog walking.  Went to Penhros for a long walk round.   Nice spot.

Penhros - reminded me of the Gretchen goes to Nebraska album cover. 

 Then Penhros retail park so boss kat and Lucy could do a bit of shopping.   Then to the Tollhouse for coffee and cake.  All good stuff.  Bit of fishing in the evening resulting in a few bites and a conversion - pin Whiting the nuisance that saved the blank.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Monday 12th October 2015 to Sunday 18th October 2015

Monday 12th October 2015
After watching Men in Black III (odd) and an episode of Bones I was ready for an early night last night.  So up at 5:50 and walking pooch a short while later after scraping the car windscreen (first frost?).   Papers fetched, ready for work and in by 8am - roads busy as there's been a nasty crash on M1   Finished work and got back about 6.30ish.  Tea then walked pooch - dropping dark unbelievably quickly now.  Then back home watched Cradle to Grave and a bit of the football but hell's teeth does Glen Hoddle's commentary grind on - you could induce a coma with him talking about anything I'm sure.    While doing that I was also configuring a firewall for a wifi project I've got coming later in the month.  Made a load of progress and so should be able to finish that off in short order I hope.  Bed closer to 11pm than I would have liked.

Tuesday 13th October 2015
Up at 5.45.  Dog walked, papers fetched - back home by about 6.30.  Into the office by 8am.  Got the missus and second, biggest and lastest Xmas present sorted by 1.30am so that's good!   Seen this today - talk about awesome application of technology.


Got home about 6.30.  Tea, dog walks and bog all else achieved - hate this time of year.  Bloody dark.

Wednesday 14th October 2015
Up at 5.45.  Dog walked, papers fetched. Work for just gone 8am. Back home. Tea. Dog walk. Messed about for hours trying to get the ruddy sonicwall wep keys to work .  What a pain!   11.15pm before got to bed - will pay for that tomorrow.

Thursday 15th October 2015
Up at 6:02 - said I'd pay for it.  Dog walk, Papers fetched.  Running an errand for the missus so went to Uttoxeter before work fetched some stuff.  Took dog another big walk and then into the office for 10.45am.   Will make time up over two days easy peasy.    Got a Griffin Beacon remote control for Ipad/Iphone to play with when I get home.  Short answer is the ruddy Beacon works fine but can't download the app for it in UK app store and can't set up a dummy account for US app store because of bloody Apple.  What a pain in the ass.  Bed in good time for a change though.

Friday 16th October 2015
Got up at 5.45 best I could do.   Dog walked, papers fetched.  All good stuff. Into work for 8.15am.  Grinder of a day with a gap for a presentation on pensions at 2pm.  Interesting stuff.  Somehow have got involved in a pub quiz tonight.  Hope it don't go on for too long - have got a lot to do.  Fantasy football team - made Martial captain - let's see how that plays out.  also replaced Firminho who has been a waste of space for me.

After work it was quick dog walk then up to the Shoulder of Mutton for some football team fundraiser Pub Quiz that was more fun that it sounds it turned out especially with a chip cob at half time.  Good.

Saturday 17th October 2015
Up early dog walked.  Papers fetched.  Did a bit down the lotty taking slabs up and bringing bags of rubbish off and down to the rubbish tip.  Then fetched brekkie for Lucy and mesen.  Then took pooch a big walk, then golf.  Back twinged on first tee so played 16 holes without taking a practice swing and did pretty well really - problem I have is on the greens - have no feel for putting at all.

   Such is life.  Saturday night after chippie tea saw us driving into the back of beyond to see Jon Allen supported by Karima Francis at Alstonefield Village Hall - excellent fun and me and the missus were amongst the youngest there which is always nice!!

Sunday 18th October 2015
Pad's birthday so lots of high tension and hassle.  Got up at 8.20, dog w\alk,  did some jobs in greenhouse then did an hour or so down the lottie weeding the paths on 13 so I can get some weed resistant material down with slabs holding it down and bark in between - that's the plan.  Got most of it done just a small section left.  Back home fetched Pad's stuff with the boss of the world.  Took pooch another big walk up the back of the cricket ground towards Sprinkshill wood.

 Lunch with me mum and dad and Pad coming.    Rugby on telly.  Got some tomatoes for me mum and dad after catching me mum scrumping.   Bit more Rugby.  Slight kip on the sofa.  Dog walk before dark.  Shoes polished.  Bedtime at 10pm.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Monday 5th October 2015 to Sunday 11th October 2015

Monday 5th October 2015
Up early. Dog walked.  Papers fetched. Toms watered.  Ready for work and in office before 8am.  A good start but will it last???  Back home in good time - weather rubbish. Tea  and short dog walk then a load of hassle with configuring the Sonicwall - watched Doc Martin at 9pm which was quite good I thought.   Bed for about 10.45 after doing some John Pye browsing.

Tuesday 6th October 2015
Up at 5.45.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Work for a bit after 7am second day in a row there's been a queue past the Normo exit so getting off a bit earlier til roads sort themselves out.  Funny day in the office but it got done. Good day in the office.  Had to get off bang on time as boss going out at 6pm then I was going to a council meeting at 7pm.  When got there it was proper wierd and a friend who is on the council said that someone would be asking the questions for me - so went home and took dog a walk!!  Ace.  Last New Tricks on the telly.  Quite sad that it's disappearing really.  Such is life, nothing lasts for ever but the earth and sky to quote Kansas.  Bed for 10.30

Wednesday 7th October 2015
Woke up at 5.45, dog walked, papers fetched by 6.30. In the office before 8am.  Everything on rails. Picking up the missus' Xmas present later - how prepped am I!!!  Went to group another half on. Am right off the rails when it comes to weight at the minute.   Need a change.  Home about 5.30, tea, dog walk - went round the big meadow - very wet and dark by 7pm.  Read a white paper on virtual access points - a right rivetting read!!

Phil been tractoring at Brailsford Ploughing Match  - came home with a load of hats and socks!  Bed for about 9.45, very tired.

Thursday 8th October 2015
Told work I'd be in a bit later than usual as got to go Marchington to fetch something for the missus' mate.  Gave me an opportunity to take pooch a second walk in daylight for a change so we did the big wet meadow.  Let her off the lead as soon as we were over the bridge so she goes charging after a tractor that's going along the road on the other side of the hedge.  So back on the lead she goes until we start coming back alongside the river.

Got to work for about 10.30 so not too bad, going to stay late at work to make up the time.   Got home a bit after 7pm.  All good, found a power supply for a gadget I bought from an auction so that's all working albeit without a remote control (not that I think you need one for it really).   Couple more dog walks and lots of Bones boxset on the telly.  Phil likes it you see.  Missed Cradle to Grave so will have to catch that on the iplayer.   Bed before 10pm again.  Good

Friday 9th October 2015
Up at 5:50.  Dog walked, papers fetched by 6.30.   Watered toms a couple of plants are now getting towards being finished thank the Lord so I will be getting some space back soon!   Into the office about 8.15am.  Got home about 6.30.  All good.  Big walk with pooch then last episode of Midwinter of the Spirit then off to bed.

Saturday 10th October 2015
Up early'ish.  Dog walked. Papers fetched then off to Belper for Dog Grooming at Beth Crofts Dog Grooming.  Bit of breakfast and shopping at Morrissons then fetch dog home and up to golf course.  Lost a shiny pound to John but it was nice to get 18 holes in.  Had knee strapped up and that worked really well.  Beer in the clubhouse then back home.  Took pooch for a big walk up Sprinks Wood to try and find some conkers for Janette's friend but not to be found - don't think it's too late?  Got home - caught up with Dr Who which is as bizarre as ever!  Watcher a  bit of rugby and exchanged messaged with our Andrew who is fishing in Anglesey, the jammy bugger.

Sunday 11th October 2015
Lie-in til 7am! Another mild day which is good as my pumpkins are still out but will get them brought in today!!  Took pooch for a two mile walk to start the day and she loved it.  Down lotty to bring pumpkins in before the first frost (have chanced my arm enough now!).  Also took 2 bags of rubbish down to tip and 8 slabs up to number 13 to sort the paths out between the raised beds.   Back for 10am over to see me mum and dad.   Had a walk up the road to see if could find any conkers but only got three - apparently they keep spiders away?   Back home we went to Cross for lunch but it was chokker so that went down well with the boss, very well indeeed.  Got back home and kept out of the way for a bit - mowed front, back and outside too! All good stuff.    Took Phil some lunch (life or Riley).  Got back and we had visitors from Leek for an hour or so.  Down lotty to do a bit of tidying.  All good.  Back home

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