Monday, 21 December 2009

Sunday 20th December to Saturday 26th December

Wednesday 23rd December
Better running this morning although only three miles it was a non-stop, bugger the weather type of a run which was good, helps to set off late. Have end of year mini gig thing for work today, setlist:
Your Christmas Quiz is to work out what they are by the end of the day when I'll update em anyway.

Tuesday 22nd December
Hurrah, days will start getting longer from today, soon be summer. Ran up town and back (well walked in places - bit slippy dontcha know). Need to be doing more but busy as flip at the moment.

Monday 21st December
Well, mighty pleased that RATM beat the cruddy X Factor tat for the Christmas Number 1 spot. Excellent. Did a little run up town and back - frosty as owt so ran on road mainly when possible.

Sunday 20th December
Didn't do a whole lot of anything useful in an exercise fashion - golf cancelled due to snowy rubbish weather. Did some decoratingy stuff, replaced a light fitting on the landing, took missus shopping in icy Uttoxeter and watched England get a very close draw with South Africa. All good.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Sunday Dec 13th to Saturday 19th December

Saturday 19th December
Up before dawn cracked to take Phil to work for 6:30 start. Then walked up town and back in about 8 layers. Lord knows what golf'll be like tomorrow -8 it was this morning according to the lady at the till in Sainsbobs. Done a million trips to recycling centre this morning and put outside lights up (have lost a psu since last year so another trip up into the attic beckons I think).

Friday 18th December 2009
Hell's teeth it's cold. Got togged up nice and warm and walked up town and back. Too cold for running

Thursday 17th December 2009 Evening Update

Didn't get to badminton but did get to group, another half pound gone so still progressing in the right direction, could really do with another 2lbs by next Tuesday but that's not likely to happen, still, what will be will be. It'd be good to say have shifted a stone since September but as long as progressing in a downwards direction, that'll do!

Thursday 17th December
Dragged meself out of bed at 5:40am and got another five miler done and then got into office for 8:10am so far, so good. Google map of route below - think it took about 55 minutes including stopping for paper so pace is more or less what it was before I got all unfit. Won't be long before am galloping round it. Hoping to get a badminton court booked tonight now that the course has finished.

Wednesday 16th December
Blew it this morning. Didn't get up til 6:30 so no time to do nowt. Bugger.

Tuesday 15th December
Good stuff today, set off a tad earlier and did the old five mile run. Progress. Needed to do plenty of stretching after it but that's okay at my age.

Monday 14th December
Ran up town and back, everything going nicely. Best run for a while. Shape of things to come hopefully.

Sunday 13th December
Golf - me and John played John Mabbott and Mick Beech who were always beating us pretty much, we were three down after eight holes but we pulled it back and I sank the final point to halve the match on the 18th green. Super cool and technically if I'd sunk a shortish putt at the fifteenth we'd have won it.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sunday 6th December to Saturday 12th December

Saturday 12th December
Walked up town and back first thing. Am going to start training again proper tomorrow. Always used to run on a Sunday morning when was gearing up for the marathon so that's the plan. Off to work for kid's party.

Friday 11th December
Absolutely freezin so not overly impressed with that. 2.5 miles up town and back some run, some walk. Am now only about four pounds off where I was in marathon training so can start pushing for fitness again. Left work early to have swine and normal flu jabs which didn't hurt at the time but my left arm is now aching like a bad 'un and have got the sniffles again. Such is life.

Thursday 10th December
Same up town and back as normal but ran most of it this morning. Not perfect as breathing through mouth most of time which isn't ideal, but it is what it is for the time being. It's an improvement of sorts for sure!

Anyroad up, weigh in after work, another half a pound gone. Badmo with Lucy at the Leisure Centre got put on a court with three young whipper-snappers. They nearly killed me so they did but Ben, whose the young lad that plays for the county has shown me how to serve proper so that's another lil feather for me bow.

Wednesday 9th December
Two and a half miles up town and back this morning. Still a long way of 100% but wanting to get back to running soon. Got to work 8:25 feeling a wee bit hacked off, not sure why.

Tuesday 8th December
Coming out the other side today, feeling a bit better, back to running tomorrow hopefully. 2.5 miler up town walking this morning.

Monday 7th December
Still feeling rubbish but a bit better overall. Walked up town and back, then into office for 8:20 Shazza brought me half a dozen eggs which is ace!

Sunday 6th December
Up at crack of dawn to take Phil to work, absolutely scything it down with rain. Hoping to get a game of badmo booked at leisure centre for later. Badmo denied - leisure centre fully booked. Damn. Took Lucy to the Christingle at Clifton Church which was very sweet, bless em. Then Lucy's homework and Fred Clause on Sky. Quality end to the weekend.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Sunday 29th November to Saturday 5th December

Saturday 6th November
A funny day, took Phil to work at 6:15 after getting up at silly o'clock. Dead tired but cool, fetched papers, hoovered lower deck, fetched Phil back from work. Went golfing, we won 4 and 3 which was nice. Came home, Derby drew vs. West Brom which helped Newcastle but can't be helped. Forest did ever so well, which is a bit of a bugger but shows how good a manager Billy Davies is. Shame he fell out with Gadsby and his ilk. Nice to see to Chelsea lose too - puts the title race back on.

Friday 4th December

Lost 11lbs in total which has been slow going but have not been following plan proper and haven't really upped my exercise regime except on a couple of occasions. Feeling like death on a daily basis is also not helping but such us life. Never surrender as Mr Churchill would say,

Worth noting that the cumbrian Prog Pop/Rockers (is there such a thing) are re-recording 'Calling all the Heroes' to raise funds for the flood victims.

Thursday 3rd December
Still feeling bloody awful but "kept on buggering on" as Churchill would say. 2.5 miles up town and back, three layers on, neurofenned up to the eyeballs. Onwards and upwards, haven't got time to be ill so whatever it is can just bugger off as far as I'm concerned. Taking Lucy to badminton tonight but think am going to sit it out. Sat out Badmo which was a shame but there you go. Wnet to group, lost four lbs but that to be tempered with the fact that I've got very little apetitel on account of feeling bloomin awful.

Wednesday 2nd December
Not raining this morning so that's good. Felt like death again this morning with this cold thing that's whizzing through our household currently. Still walked up town and back , legs had got no go in them at all. Got to work at 8:40 after picking a rod up from Heanor which wasn't where I thought Heanor was. Always get Codnor and Heanor mixed up.

Tuesday 1st December
Jeez, December already? Got up at 4:40 put a coat of gloss on all the door frames and what have you, 6:20 ran up town and back. 8:30 in office as usual. Mighty damned cold but still ran up town in shorts. Hard, I am.

Monday 30th November
Still tired this morning - up town and back to get paper just 2.5 miles. Then loaded up car with drum pollution which took half an hour after shifting whole of shed about to get the damned things out. Band practice - a bit ropey but to be expected on first attempt.

Sunday 29th November
Fur and Feather / Xmas Fayre competition at Golf Club, last year we won the Turkeys this year we was the turkeys. A very meagre 34 points off a 3/4 handicap better ball format was nothing like good enough. Never mind. Didn't have any time to go swimming either which is disappointing. Felt shattered all day from getting up at 5am to get another coat of paint onto kitchen walls - missus not even that pleased with the colour unfortunately but not to worry - she picked it!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Sunday 22nd November to Saturday 28th November

Saturday 28th November
Am limiting myself to a bottle of wine for the whole weekend and nowt more and this week's weight increase which was a big backward step after recent good form. Woke up feeling mega tired so just walked up town and back. Going to do a load of 'ahead of Xmas' type jobs today and keep on good side of missus. Next week rehearsals begin and hopefully have a badminton game against Ed from IT on Tuesday. Lucy has a party this afternoon so probably no badmo today!

Friday 27th November
Another morning I didn't want to get out of bed (but made mesen), then when got up I couldn't find me wallet so had a good five minutes of panic before I found it in the first place I looked initially (but evidentally not hard enough). Such is life, 2.5 miler up town and back then into office a bit late at 8:15.

Thursday 26th November
Really tired this morning. Just the little 2.5 miler up town and back but had to be in office for 8am so not a bad thing. Well, went to group straight after work and have put a pound and a half on which I'm not overly pleased about. Then took Lucy to Badminton at 7pm. Thoroughly enjoyed meself - played some other young fella who had me running all over the court while he mosied about barely breaking a sweat - just wait til I've learned it matey.

Wednesday 25th November
Nice and early. Four miles this morning. Have the twenty mile Grindleford Gallop only three months away so need to shift weight and find fitness quick! All good

Tuesday 24th November
Got up nice and early - ran up town and back with a little loop round by the bank to make it up to a proper three miles. Am in training now for this years Grindleford Gallop on 13th March. Need to get at least half a stone off by then but running was much better this morning so pleased at the minute.

Monday 23rd November
2.5 miler up town and back. Helped Lucy with some homework she'd missed and still got into office for 8:30 which was bloomin good in my view.

Sunday 22nd November
Got up at silly o'clock to take Phil to work down on the farm. Made a load of bread. Took Lucy Swimming (upped the current Siddall record to 23 lengths of Lucy swimming nicely and me avoiding drowning behind her).

Monday, 16 November 2009

Sunday 15th November to Saturday 22nd.

Saturday 21st November
Got up at 5:30, took Phil to work at 6:20, grand way to start the weekend! Went up town and back as usual to get papers. Then went up for golf at 10:20. The pair we were supposed to play didn't turn up so technically we could claim the match but we probably won't. Anyway not a problem but an opportunity - me and Lucy booked a court at the leisure centre to do some badminton practice.

Friday 20th November
2.5 miler as usual. Had to leave work at 2:30 for a retinography thing at St Oswalds Hospital - she said it looked alright. Couldn't read for a good three hours afterwards but such is life.

Thursday 19th November
2.5 mile up town and back, into office for 8am. Took Lucy to Badminton lessons at Ashbourne Leisure Centre, cool, I asked if I could have a go and they let me which was cool. Not only that but they let me pay for meself so even though it's supposed to be for kids I'm having a crack for the next weeks!! Yay, played against a young lad called Ben who plays for the county so I learnt new stuff right from the start. Well, pleased.

Wednesday 18th November
Didn't get back from work til 9:15 last night so was in a bit of a huff, straight to bed with no supper. Got up early doors 2.5 mile up town and back in the bl**dy rain. Great when the weather matches your mood! Did a couple of miles round the loop at night - dry but windy.

Tuesday 17th November
Did the normal 2.5 miler up town and back, which I have to say am very comfy doing. If I could do exactly the same every night on top of it I'd be quite happy I reckon.

I've got a cunning plan for improving my knotting capabilities I'm going to test out tonight though. A piece of wood with a big nail in it should be ideal as an extra hand to hold loops for example in the leader part of the flip-over leader knot below you really need someone holding the extreme left end of the loop while you turn over it - if it was held by a nail it should be ten times easier. First cunning fishing related plan I've had!!

Learnt a new knot...
Came across this in my online travels - a flip over leader knot which took me a bit of time to master, it's a combination of two knots the first being a sort of clinch knot in the thicker leaderline with a palomar knot from the mainline which as you tighten the leader line jumps the mainline palomar jumps over the leader line knot - awesomely strong if done right - well pleased.

Monday 16th November
2.5 mile up town as usual. Quite quick considering it was hammering it down with rain.

Sunday 15th November
Walk up golf course first thing brought five reclaimed golf balls (good good). Swimming with Lucy at lunchtime. We notched up 21 lengths this time which was only spolit by getting a parking notice on my windscreen when I got out. Have sent an appeal letter as it was not done with malice aforethought.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sunday 8th November to Saturday 15th November

Saturday 14th November
2.5 miler up town and back. Only eight holes of golf due to folks in winter league not wanting to take us on and the dodgy weather.

Friday 13th November
2.5 miler up town and back again.

Thursday 12th November
2.5 mile up town and back to start day off. In work for just after 8am. As expected the weight gain delayed from last week reared it's head tonight with a 1lb gain. Still, it's first gain since september everything else has either been loss or maintain.

Wednesday 11th November
2.5 miler again up town and back. Learnt a palomar know before coming to work as well, which is apparently . Still got to work before 8:15 though so putting clocks back definitely helping (must be good for something!!). After work did another 2 miles at night that was another steady jog round, am not going to call it running, it's lumbering at best at the mo!

Tuesday 10th November
Got up early again but it was raining so only did the 2.5 miler. Will do a bit more tonight. Lucy not going swimming tonight so might go on me tod. Didn't go swimming but did go a stoll round 2 mile loop again which is better than nowt!

Monday 9th November
Got up early and did a couple of miles up and town back. Always seem to start off the week slowly at the minute. After a long day at work I went out for a couple of miles more and then learned how to snell a hook! See picture below - that funny coily knot is called a snell knot and looks very good methinks.

Sunday 8th November
Got up at 5:45 to take Phil to work (didn't mention it yesterday). It's grand getting up when you're knackered. Hey ho.

Anyway, thought I'd learn something new and have cracked doing the tucked half blood knot, which is nice. Looks something like the image below.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Back to the Grind - Monday 2nd Nov to Sat 7th Nov

Saturday 7th November
Cycled up town with Lucy in the morning and then come home, hoovered up, soaked all sea fishing gear from last week in freshwater and dried it out, off golfing at lunchtime, first winter league game of the season and my lord, it feels cold enough for it.

Update: Me and John got the 2009/2010 Winter League season off in style with a 6 and 5 win over Pete Eaton and Steve Hall. Good stuff.

Friday 6th November
Went to group last night, after all the booze and calorie overload at the weekend I was pleasantly surprised at another pound gone. Am broadly on track to have lost a stone by Christmas all being well.

Did my knee walking throught the office yesterday so could only manage a walk up town and back for three miles or so.

Thursday 5th November
Bonfire night already! Pretty much same four mile run as yesterday. Steady stuff again. It's coming back!

Wednesday 4th November
Dry but cold. Went a bit further this morning. A steadyish four mile run round Ashbourne. I reckon there's a week or two yet before I'm confident of doing five milers again.

Tuesday 3rd November
Chucking it down with rain when I got up so fetched papers in car and then off to work, a solid hour in gym and then into office in plenty good time. Got on scales in gym and astonished to be only half a pound up after all that alcohol - probably a delayed reaction.

Monday 2nd November
Three miles up town and back. Big run tomorrow. Getting ar*e into gear again. About bloomin time.

Authentic Welsh Experience

Anglesey Again - Thursday 29th October to Sunday 1st November
This time just me and me bro Andrew. So lots of fishing, some wierd music - Corrosion of Conformity, OceanSize, Dillinger Escape Plan, Wilko etc.etc and far too much alcohol intake.

On exercise front went out early Friday morning and ran a couple of miles down to Traeth Trwyn along the road and then back to base up the coastal path.

On Saturday after stubbing me toe early doors I went up to Mynydd y Garn to look at the triangulation stone as it's disputably the highest point on Anglesey.

Above: Saturday's walk to Mynydd y Garn (pic below on summit!)

Above: friday's run to Traeth Trwyn

Above: the proper welsh rain and water pouring out of someone's garden as we were leaving.

Above: Me on top of Mynydd y Garn (about a three mile walk there and back)

Above: Me bro fishing at Cemlyn - only place we blanked at out of about 6 sessions

Above: me with me only ever centrapod caught at Amlwch Port.

Above: me bro with a slightly bigger octopus (anything you can do etc.etc.)

Monday, 26 October 2009

Sunday 25th October to Saturday 31st October

No updates for a bit - Gone Fishin!!

Thursday 29th

Been a good run up town, about three miles I reckon. Then been getting stuff ready for a fishin trip. Yay!

Wednesday 28th

Not much to report today. Just a walk up Snelston hill and back. Then took Lucy to see 'UP' at the flicks which is really,really good. Quite poignant too.

Tuesday 27th
Better, four mile run round Ashbourne picking papers up on way. Quite pleased with that!

Monday 26th
Legs as stiff as boards this morning so just walked up town and back. Three miles better than nothing I guess. Gym after work for 35 minutes was all I could do. Swimming did for me on Sunday I reckon.

Sunday 25th October
Am in a bit of fog about things at the minute. Am having one of my moods for some wierd reason (work I think). Anyway ran round Snelston and back picking up a load of chestnuts along the way. Thne spent next hour or so clearing the garden (we've had hedge ripped out ahead of a fence going in).

Me and Lucy went swimming around 11:30am (when we finished the pool was empty but for us and it was dead good!). We did twenty lengths each Lucy doing front crawl mainly and me limping along behind doing breast stroke. Anyway, was good to see Lucy going so well. In afternoon I polished off a bottle of red on my own (jeez Louise) but washed both cars as well so not too bad an afternoon. Was rotten seeing it go dark so early.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday 18th October to Saturday 24th October

Saturday 24th October
Another bad night, got up at 4am and had a couple of ibuprofens and then things were a bit better. Took Phil to work at 6:15. Yay. Weather is dire so not sure what am going to be up to today. Well golf went to hell in a handcart so that was that. But, as had a few hours to spare I thought I'll go to the opticians so did that, left eye has got a couple of steps weaker but the optician lady said to expect that (way she talked you'd think I was 60 not 40 and a bit!).

Friday 23rd October
Woke up with mega pains in my ribs again so just hobbled along two miles up town and back today. Didn't get to gym, had a really bad day and by 6 o'clock I'd had enough, frankly.

Thursday 22nd October
Got up early doors and got down to the Gym at Celtic Manor - did forty five minutes split on treadmill and exercise bike - very good Nautiless kit including the U916 bike which unlike the machines I'm used to doesn't need to be connected to mains. Then a hotel breakfast which probably wasn't ideal then off to do the business and then back up the motorways to Derbyshire. Funny sort of a day and missed Janet's group.

Wednesday 21st October
Same 3.75 miles as yesterday! Cool, set the Giant FCR1 up last night, four lights it's got on it so should be well-seen when riding into work on Friday morning. On road for Caldicott tonight so will see what tomorrow brings. Well forger what tomorrow brings, ended up having a few beers before getting to bed at Celtic Manor Resort Hotel. Very Nice.

Tuesday 20th October
Solid run for a change - 3.75 miles steady as a rock no stops other than to get papers and tie up a shoe lace. It's coming back! Am off to Caldicot for work tomorrow, stopping over at Celtic Manor and then coming back Thursday evening so have got plans afoot that unfortunately don't include golf but will include riding to work to fetch car back on Friday morning all being well. Am going to be waking the sleeping Giant FCR1 for it's first outing in nine months!! Yay.

Monday 19th October
Another 9 hours plus of sleep I reckon (bed before 8pm and up before 6am). Went out with the base layer first thing and am so pleased am going to get another one! Only the usual dash up town and back but am getting better at it which I think following yesterdays up hill and down dale run shows signs of fitness returning. Pleased at the mo. Good gym session after work - 15 mins on rower, 25 mins on bike.

Sunday 18th October
Tested the base layer our this morning that I got from the mighty Aldi for a tenner and it worked very nicely. Need to get me self a bit fitter to test it over longer distances but this morning I did a comfy three miles, stopped to get a load of sweet chestnuts over towards Norbury and never felt cold once. Could have done with a size smaller in the bottoms really but you can't have everything. Went to bed at 7:30pm yesterday and had fifteen minutes short of 12 hours sleep. Awesome. Think it's just what I needed.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Sunday 11th October to Saturday 17th October

Saturday 17th October
Been to Lumbards to fetch bike bits back from Ashbourne. As alluded to earlier in the week the Incognito aka slow and comfy bike has shot it but I had a couple of good years out of it I suppose. So am looking to treat myself come Christmas all being well. Don't tell the missus.

Golf very hit and miss unfortunately, hit some belting drives and got 7 pars overall including four on the trot on the back nine but only scored 26 points off a three quarter handicap stableford with about five blobs along the way so not sure what to make of it all.

Friday 16th October
Yay, no rain. Ran up town and back to start the day, didn't get to gym. It's been a grind all October so I though sod it and went to Aldi instead. Have got a base layer for running in the Winter. Am going to give it a go Sunday all being well.

Thursday 15th October
Rain again so gym again. Solid 50 minutes worth - rower and bike today.

Had a frenetic day (which I don't mind, don't get me wrong) then went to Janet Carey's group in Alfreton of which I'm a member. Only lost half a pound but that's took me to a half stone in about 5 weeks (with one non-attendance due to being in Guildford). Perhaps more realistic for me to aim for a stone by Christmas rather than two stones, am not committed enough really but at least I've not put any weight on in the few weeks I've been back. Feel like I'm letting Janet down a bit but my head's still not quite there, won't be long though am getting it back slowly.

Wednesday 14th October continued.
Did a 2 mile walk in the evening while England game on - couldn't see em losing so no need to watch!

Just been looking into my diary for November and have got to give a presentation to the Environmental Committee (I may have got their name slightly mucked up but such is life) on the Cycle2Work scheme. This is a government-backed scheme which encourages employers to offer a sort of cycle hire service in which both employee and employer get tax breaks on purchase of a bike and safety gear. If my bid is successful I've got my eyes on the Giant Roam 2 (pic below - click on it for a bigger image) which is like a hybrid with 700c wheels with wideish tyres but front suspension too to make it a bit comfier. We'll see how successful my presentation is. Am already canvassing folks who I think might be interested. We'll see!!

Wednesday 14th October
Raining when I got up so into gym first thing. That's better. 45 minutes, treadmill, rower, bike, shower. Good. Just been contacted by one of SW's top Consultants Ursula who has come across my blog in setting up her own - check it out at you will rarely come across someone as positive and empathetic as Ursula - she's very good indeed as thousand of successful slimmers in St Neots will testify.

Tuesday 13th October
2.5 miles up town and back again, running a bit better, right knee was giving me a bit of jip but seemed fine today. Went 2 mile walk in the evening which was okay as had another It Bites album arrive off of Ebay to listen to.

Monday 12th October
Ran up town and back to start the day off. Got to work and have left most of my notes at home. Bugger. Walked up golf course in the evening and it was gorgeous, went dark quick though.

Sunday 11th October
Not done much really - got up at 5:45am to take Phil to work again. On a Sunday!!! Glossed skirting board in bathroom, regripped a set of irons with sharpro multi-compound grips I got off Ebay for £16! Wrote up minutes from a meeting on Thursday. Did nine holes before it went dark and played much better.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Sunday 4th October to Saturday 10th October

Saturday 10th October
Took Phil to work at 6:00am again. Grand. Walked to Sides Mill and back to get some more chestnuts -still waiting for the first frost I think but got some. 18 holes of golf in which I struck ball well but putted like a fool. So things are improving.

Friday 9th October
Had to drive over to Darley Dale and pick my dad up to drop him off at work to pick a car up I bought off the fleet for him (he paid - it's complicated!!). Then, work so no exercise again. Then at 5pm one of my guys deletes a table (or as good as) so ended up being here til 7pm. Great start to the weekend.

Thursday 8th October
Been to Guildford today which meant getting up at 5:30 and not getting back to the office 'til gone 6:30 so didn't get anything done of note and didn't get to group either but I'd already let Janet know so not end of the World. On the scales at Head Office I'd only lost a half pound but that still equates to half a stone in first month which is better than nowt.

Wednesday 7th October
Ran up town and back to start day off. Still can't get out ot bed in a morning. It's doing my head in. Have been in bed by 9:30 every night at well.

Tuesday 6th October
Hacking it down with rain. Went gym instead 40 minutes done. Better than nowt!

Also got Gym member of the Month award for September which was nice! Fifteen attendances in a month is most I've done before so quate pleased am I.

Monday 5th October
Got up mega early to finish off a presentation which absolutely did me in for rest of day which was bad as had a presentation to do!! Never mind. Did a two and half mile run early doors which was as much as could do. Felt a whole heap colder this morning. Not a good sign!

Sunday 4th October
Not done much, took my dad to look at cars in morning. Took Lucy another Chestnut gathering walk which was less successful than previous day but at least the tree has been ticked off my list.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Monday 28th September to Saturday 3rd October

Saturday 3rd October
Golf in a gale-force wind. Played pretty well in terms of ball striking but couldn't get the ball in the hole - chipping and putting were blooming terrible. Finished off Ian Rankin's new book 'The Complaints' which was excellent as usual. Me and Lucy went to see if we could find some chestnuts which we did. About a week or so too early mind.

Friday 2nd October
Backlash of not sleeping properly at Sunderland meant I couldn't get up in the morning. 6.15 before out of bed, managed to run up town and back in the most direct route to fetch papers and back in time to get kids up which was okay. Am a half pound of losing half a stone in three weeks which I should be happy with and today is 2 years and three months since I last had a smoke so that's good too.

Reasons to be happy are many!

Thursday 1st October
Another month passes by. Woke up in Sunderland - stopped as a Premier Inns hotel but didn't sleep all that well (don't believe that Lenny Henry). Anyway went for a walk at 6am then off to observe a super group in Sunderland. Got back around 4pm in Alfreton.

Went to Janet's group and lost another 1.5lb Not quite as much as I'd hoped but better than might have been expected after all that food and drink at the weekend!

Got home after 6pm to find out that have not been successful in the ballot to run the London Marathon next year which is a bit of a disappointment BUT it was less 4-1 against getting into it so was at least half expecting it!!!

Wednesday 30th
Four mile (I think) run first thing, a good start, getting my legs to remember the miles again!! Gym at lunch time all being well then off to sunny Sunderland to visit another group of the year!

Tuesday 29th
Got up early, ran the best part of four miles so that's on the up and up. Have got a trip up to Sunderland on Wednesday night which will interfere a little with the plans but hey-ho, that's life. 40 minutes in gym after work, all going well.

Monday 28th
Didn't get back home til 9:30 last night after a very strenuous couple of days so was impressed at getting up at 6:15 and out on the bike. Finished the day off with a 40 minute session in the gym and according to the scale haven't put any weight on over the weekend which has me worried - I reckon there's a delayed reaction coming but we'll see!!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th Stuff!!

This was the Rockers team after cleaningout the Rhino house at Knowsley Safari Park (I kid you not).

Mr Middleton with his new friend. Did you know these poor creatures are being decimated by our overuse of anti-biotics - no?? You do now.

Had a walk around the grounds on the Sunday - what a plot of land.

Me and the missus are deffo gonna put an offer in for it. It'd do us nicely I reckon.

Guess where I was at the weekend!!!

Not got time to update just yet and need to get me pictures in order.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sunday 20th September to Saturday 26th September

Friday 25th September
Didn't get to bed til nearly 1am so not surprised at it being a struggle to get out of bed. Still got on the bike and fetched papers from up town which was better than nothing. Will definitely get to gym later on.

Thursday 24th September
Ran up town and back again which is the new longer run. Next week make it a bit longer again by going down Watery Lane to Mayfield road which will add a mile every day. In a month I'm intending on being back to the daily five-miler. Went to group on way home, only lost a pound but it's still in the right direction even if the distance isn't great.

At night time went to see It Bites at the FlowerPot, Derby - it was awesome. The Genius of it All.

Wednesday 23rd September
Didn't do anything after got back from London, I reckon lugging two laptops around London counts as exercise at some level and seeing as I didn't eat anything bad all day I reckoned that was enough. Wednesday morning I got up 6am'ish knackered but decided I'd run up town and back which is a bit further than have been doing maybe 2.5 miles so a little step up. So not a bad start to the day.

Slimming World's Head Office 40th Birthday party today, stopped for 45 minutes then had to get back to the gym and did a solid 40 minutes in dedication. All good - only had a diet coke when red wine offer which I think was pretty darned good!!

Tuesday 22nd September
2 mile run again first thing - am so unfit it's untrue. Then 7 holes of golf which could have been nine holes if Liz had told me the correct time of the train to London this morning which was 10:18 not 10:00. Hey ho. Anyway she got firstclass tickets for only £27 which I think is very good.

Monday 21st September
Good stuff thus far - 2 mile run then up town and back on bike. A bit nippy but at least ran okay, no stops and a steady pace. Still pleased at improving golf swing last night - more I think about it the more obvious it seems.

Sunday 20th September
Started off with roadwork - a 2 mile run, not much but all I'm good for at the minute. Then went to paintwork - undercoat on two doors, a coat of gloss would come later. Then had kids for day while missus went shop, shop. In evening did a few holes of golf which was a ton better than yesterday when I was pitiful at best. Improved things by taking club back much straighter, I've been rotating too much and getting the club back far too much on the inside. When got back me and Lucy went for a little spin on the bike which was alreet in the last of the sunshine.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Sunday 13th September to Sat 19th

Saturday 19th September
Have updated the Sky Fantasy Football team. Had to drop Adebayor as he's suspended (bloomin liability he is) and have brought Andy Reid into the midfield (he'll probably get injured in the warm up today with my luck). Drogba has been slotted into replace Adebayor. Who am I most diappointed with? Almunia should be doing much better but Arsenal are just rubbish this season.

Me and Lucy have been up town to fetch newspapers and get breakfast at the mighty Busy Bees cafe near the bus station.

Friday 18th September
Aaaaagh, up late again so just up town and back on bike. Didn't get to gym - v busy today.

Just downloaded Rainbow Anthology off Amazon for 79p! 28 tracks for 79p Can't beat that for value!

Finished this week's book - "The Poet" by Michael Connelly, a not bad FBI serial killer thriller diller.

Thursday 17th September
Got up late, so just biked up town and back steady. Weigh in day later so am hoping a couple of pounds gone. Gym record looks like it'll stop at 9 working days in a row - no chance of getting in there today but it was a good run while it lasted! Start again tomorrow.

Went to group - week 1 weighin 4lb loss. Acceptable. Read the Ashbourne stunner and got a bit miffed as it said It Bites were at Derby Assembly rooms tonight but it's wrong it's next Thursday. Yay. If can talk missus out of going shopping I reckon I'll go. The last album 'The Tall Ships' is ace.

Wednesday 16th September
Ursula's group last night in St Neots was excellent as always, an inspiring Slimming World Consultant, she is for sure. Anyway, had diabetes clinic this morning at 9:30 so went out and played nine holes of golf before going up town for the clinic. Parred 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th but lost three balls on the other holes so still plenty of work to be done! Health checkup was darned good - 146/70 for the blood pressure, 5.9 on the blood sugar, all the other tests checked out super only one letting me down is Cholesterol which is up but you can't have everything. Another forty minutes in the gym - all bike but was drenched at end of it so it must be good. Nine in a row.

Tuesday 15th Sept
Ran a couple of miles and then biked up town and back. Good start. Going to one of our flagship groups in St Neots tonight to see Ursula so am going to get into Gym at lunchtime. Did gym at lunchtime - the record is increasing.... 40 minutes - 25 on bike, 15 on rower.

Monday 14th Sept
Brilliant night's sleep for a change. Struggled to get up in morning but got on bike and did a long ride through Mayfield, Okeover Park round Mappleton, into Ashbourne and back for 7 or 8 miles. Not a bad start. Haven't touched a drop of alcohol for over a week now which is also progress, bit miffed that no progress on the scales but it'll come. 40 minutes in the gym again. 7 business days running now - every day a new Sid record.

Sunday 13th Sept
Bit of cycling with Lucy in the morning maybe five miles, then Festival of Transport at Darley Dale, then 2 mile run at night which I struggled with.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Sunday 6th September to Saturday 12th September

Saturday 12 September
Busy bee today. Missus and kids gone to Skeggy on a day trip so whole day to mesen! Hoovered through. Got two tubs of blackberries picked, fixed yesterdays puncture, fetched papers then up t'hill for 18 holes of golf. Not bad stuff either - didn't lose a ball but found half a dozen played steady in one of those four-ball better-ball bogey comps where you play against the course - if you win a hole by birdying the hole (after handicap taken off) then you get a plus, if you par then it's zero, if bogey or worse then you get a minus. We ended up with +2 which was okay but both John and mesen had three putted when we should have had pars which would have made us at least two better. Plus when we cocked up a hole we both seemed to cock the same holes up. Never mind. I got a two on the 6th which means a couple of quid back from the twos' pool which is worth mentioning. Parred the first, seventh, thirteenth, fourteenth, sixteenth as well which was steady.

Book this week was "A Darkness more then Night" by Michael Connelly which was good, new author for me.

The only bad thing about today was the bloomin lawnmowers conked. Bloody thing.

Friday 11th September
Slipped up today, couldn't get out bed until 6:15 so that was first thing, went out on bike, puncture up town, pumped it up and had just enough pressure in it to limp home second thing, crappy Derby papers weren't in was third thing. Not a great start to the day. Still pleased at getting back to group now there's another good habit. Another 40 minutes in the gym - six working days on the trot now. Good.

Thursday 10th September
Same again barman, got up before 6am, set off for a run and then rode up town and back. Habit almost. Run was better as have been banging weight on since running marathon in April and have lapsed going to group. All this needs to change.

Got into gym and did another forty minutes worth then hightailed it to Janet's new group in Alfreton. Couldn't stop long as it's shopping night but at least I've drawn a line in the sand. Just got to get back on plan again now!!!

Wednesday 9th September
Up at ten to six, missus wants waking at 6:30 so got to box clever this morning so went run for a couple of miles, got back, woke missus then cycled up town and back on a loop that came back along watery lane. Good stuff. 40 minutes on bike in gym, absolutely drenched good. In evening me and Lucy did a ride around the farm loop.

Tuesday 8th September
Up at 6am which is a slight improvement, lots to do today with kids back at school. Should have polished shoes last night really but not to worry. Road up town the long way, picked up daily paper (crappy Derby paper not in yet) then got back. All's well so far. Gym again for another forty minutes, one more day and it'll be almost habit. We'll see.

Monday 7th September
Couldn't get out of bed again, so only whizzed up town and back on the bike. Did 40 minutes in gym before coming home then took Lucy on a little bike ride down to the end of watery lane and back.

Sunday 6th September
Not much to report, walked up golf course to get even more blackberries with Lucy, then cycled a bit from Longcliffe to Darley Dale.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday 30th August to Saturday 5th September

Saturday 5th September
Better round of golf today i.e. didn't lose any golf balls. Went round in 95 off the whites and that included some crappy putting to say the least (e.g. on in two on the 13th hole and then four-putted for a double-bogey). So progress there. After golf me and Lucy cycled up to Dobbin Horse lane and got a load of blackberries.

Friday 4th September
Cycled up town to get papers then walked miles round Alton Towers and ended coming home very wet indeed. Endless fun.

Thursday 3rd September
Went to bed last night and it was raining so bad I was looking in the yellow pages for Ark builders, got up this morning and it's only lightened off a bit so didn't do much this morning, 60 biceps curls with some heavy weights which is a start I suppose.

Got into Gym, thirty minutes on bike with nasty program selected then ten minutes on rower, was plenty. Progress!

Wednesday 2nd September
Cycled up town and back and that was all. Went back to work and it was okay if a bit fraught. Such is life. Chucked it down when I got home so nowt in the evening.

Tuesday 1st September
Cripes, September already - cycled up town and back with Lucy, stopped for a bite to eat at Busy Bees Cafe, got papers, rode back. Very civilised. Cleaned downstairs windows which as you'd expect brought on the rain. Excellent. Walked a couple of miles in evening after 'My name is Earl' finished.

Monday 31st Aug
Bank Holiday -cycling, lots of walking.

Sunday 30th August
Well, back from hols so on with business. Got up 7am and did a two mile run which was interrupted with some walking as am out of shape. Intend on doing this every day.

Sunday 23rd to Saturday 29th August

Been on hols. Anglesey again - gales and rain and some sunshine. Had a wetsuit on for first time in life - jeez are they hard work? Couldn't breather but better than not having one as sea was mighty cold!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Sunday 16th to Saturday 22nd

Thursday 20th
Back to work today ha ha. Got up at 5:45, early meeting so just whizzed up town and back on bike . Didn't do anything else last night although me and Lucy went on bikes to fetch some paint from Homebase and did a few trips to recycling centre to get rid of more junk. The missus is having a big tidy up at the moment bless her - just need to keep her away from me shed!

Wednesday 19th
Off work today ha ha. Got up at 8am!!! Been five miles on bike, going to see Ice Age 4 with Lucy this morning. Might hit a few golf balls in the afternoon (am considering giving it up quite seriously as have not had a single decent knock all year really).

Tuesday 18th
Better, ran up town and back - knee popped out on the way back which was a bit uncool so walked a few minutes then off again. Well wierd! Had a spin round on the bikes with Lucy then over to cousins to sort his Epson Sx105 out which had stopped working with new computer. Windows Vista incompatible with existing drivers, well done Mr Gates.

Monday 17th
Bloomin raining again. Five miles on bike in rain to fetch papers, it's a start. Me and the missus went a walk in the evening too, lovely sunny to start off with, streetlights on when we go back and it was under an hour, where's the summer gone??

Sunday 16th
Not much to report but a raging hangover. Went to see JB's band at Chesterfield, stayed over at brothers, drank too much. etc. Did a couple of miles on foot in the evening a bit of painting in the day, went over to mums for tea. Alright sort of a day

Monday, 10 August 2009

Sunday 9th August to Saturday 15th August

Saturday 15th August
Not much to report today. Me and Lucy cycled up town. Sorted out some stuff for upcoming hols. Bit of filling and painting Bit of taking stuff to the recycling centre. No golf - John not well and I'm not overly fussed. Thinking of packing it up at end of summer.

Friday 14th August
Just a bit of a walk up town and back. Decent session again in the gym. That's a bit better. Big software release at work 2.2 is finally in the wild.

Thursday 13th August
Phil is off with his mate Tom to Tom's grandparents all day so I set off a loaf for him to take - it looked like it'd be okay (20 minutes to go before I set off for work). I also fixed another puncture and rode up town and back so all in all not a bad start to the day, really. Did another 50 minutes in the gym which was good. Please make it a habit Siddall and stop ar**ing about.

Wednesday 12th August
Well it started off rainy and rubbish, but on positive side I got into the gym for the first time in nearly three weeks I reckon. Came away with blisters so I reckon I went at it plenty hard enough! Another two punctures to repair when I got home - 5 in a single week. School holidays.

Tuesday 11th August
Same again, ten miles on old heavy. Did five miles with Lucy last night as well which was cool. Even saw my Doctor on the way round (fortunately he didn't stop or am sure he'd have commented !).

Monday 10th August
Happy birthday bro. Not sure if he's still out at Anglesey but I bet he is! Did ten miles on old heavy bike this morning which was okay.

Sunday 9th August
Not much to report. Washed cars, put a new tip ring on Phil's fishing rod, sorted out line on big multiplier reel. Fixed 2 (two!) front tyre punctures, bit of a bike ride. Over to me mum and dads for tea. Bit of red wine and some good beer. Not the best of days from a fitness perspective!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Sunday 2nd August to Saturday 8th

Friday 7th
Ran up town and back, nice and steady. Not bad start.

Thursday 6th
Nothing in the morning but did nine rubbish holes of golf in between the rain in the evening.

Wednesday 5th
Better, still a bit drizzly but did a three miler up town and back. Not a bad start to the day.

Tuesday 4th
Nothing in the morning as it was chucking it down with rain but did two miles again last night when it stopped drizzling.

Monday 3rd
Shattered couldn't get me self out of bed til ten to seven so that ruled out a run or cycle. Into office for 8:10 though so I'll get cracking with the HR again. Last week was absolute rubbish so this week must be better.

Went running this evening only a couple of miles but it's better than nowt. Got back and watched 'We are Klang' on BBC3 - utter, utter genius.

Sunday 2nd
Got up early, did three hours of work on HR project which strangely pi**ed me off quite a bit. Shouldn't let mesen look at HR data as it gets me hackles up so it does.
Not done a great deal. Few holes of golf, mowed lawns (thank the Lord the rain stopped at last). Bike ride with Lucy. Watched a bit of the test on telly and the scottish lass win the Ladies Open (Catriona Matthews?).

Monday, 27 July 2009

Sunday 26th July to Saturday 1st August!

Bobby Robson 1933-2009
How sad is the passing of a true gentleman who wasn't driven by money or glory but just a pure love of the game for the sake of the game? A total gent and possibly a last connection to when football wasn't a business but a passion. Rest in peace Bobby, you won't be forgotten.

Friday 31st July
Just a quick spin up town abnd back - tons to do today so need to get in office early.

Thursday 30th July
Quick three miler up town and back then getting off for a regular 8:30 meeting. Everything ticking over nicely. Checked weight and it's no different - am disappointed about that but I am turning myself round. Only one unit of alcohol since Friday which is good, good. Shame that Rich has given me a bottle of scotch but that's going to get left alone at least until we go away in August. Watched Kung Fu Panda with Lucy again last night - love some of the wisdom in it;

  • “One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it. ”
  • “There are no accidents”
  • “The mind is like water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear”
  • "There’s just news. No Good or Bad"
    "He will never fulfill his Destiny, nor you, yours; until you let go of the illusion of control."
  • “There’s no secret ingredient. To make something special, you just have to believe it’s Special"
All the clever stuff these days is aimed at primary school kids! Have you noticed that?

Wednesday 29th July
Early into office again - got a quick run done and then into office an 8:30 meeting.

Tuesday 28th July
Whizzed out on the bike early, got papers, got into office for 8am to work on some Order Processing problems - think we've largely fixed em now which is good. Another nightmare day at work but that's over now. Waited for the rain to end and then went a two mile run - bit wet out but glad I done something!

Monday 27th July
Rattling it down with rain again, British Summer Time (when does that start, exactly?). Anyway four miles on the big slow bike was a reasonable start given the weather. That was it really though - didn't leave office til late then had to sort out a friend's router (AOL is really good isn't it, not).

Sunday 26th July
Have sort of had a good Sunday had a glass of red wine at tea-time but no alcohol besides. Saturday was a totally dry day which is the first time in quite a while.

Weather was rubbish all day really so was pleased in some ways to get 7/8 miles done on bike, 4 of which with little Lucy which was good.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Sunday 19th July to Saturday 25th

Saturday 25th July
Got up early doors, did a two mile run. Did another coat of gloss in upstairs loo, went up town and back on bikes with Lucy. Four hours on the golf course in which I played to handicap on front nine and then blew it on back nine (ended up playing 9 shots over handicap which just shows how bad things are in the golf world!). Started off brilliant - nice drive, five iron to green everything tickety boo, par in the bag. Second hole same sort of thing resulting in a par five. Thereafter nowt worth reporting - nice par on the eight but pretty much rubbish.

Friday 24th July
Up at 6am, bit of work then out on on the bike for a bit. Nothing too strenuous, gym later. Didn't get to gym but went bike ride with Lucy and then did a few holes on golf course with new clubs I got.

Thursday 23rd July
Got up 6:00 (it's getting worse), did a bit of a job on the computer, then rode up town on big heavy bike and fetched papers and into office for 8:20 - so far so good.

Wednesday 22nd July
Not up quite as early - hit snooze twice but early enough to put another coat of gloss on skirting boards in bathroom and still have time to run up town and back to get papers. Well pleased so far.
Gym session after work - 30 mins on bike and 15mins on rower. One is quait pleased.

Tuesday 21st July
Got up early again - progress. Only did a three mile run as I did a bit of work first thing. But at least it's running.

Monday 20th July
Bit hacked off that Tom Watson managed to lose the Open at age 59 and with a one shot lead on the last tee. what a shame. Anyway, went to bed early Sunday night, got up early and did a four mile run this morning. Did a bit of a good turn on the way (although needs a bit more work yet) in fastening some wire mesh back on the old Nestle's site up town - it's been buggin me for yonks and as I noticed a couple of cable ties on the pavement I though 'I know where they'd go nicely'.

Did a cracking gym session 15 minutes on bike and 25 mins on rower. Knew about it when I'd finished. Got home had tea and then straight out on bike with Lucy. Maintained again this week which is okay considering I've had a fair bit of Stella of late.

Sunday 19th July
Phil's Birthday, got him a bike amongst other things so he's well chuffed. Not much exercise to report of, went on a couple of small bike rides with the kids and that's about it. Did a bit more gloss in the bathroom and that's starting to get close to final stages. Just need to get carpet fitted and that ones done. Am going to finish off the upstairs loo tonight and then that beggar's done as well.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday 12th July to Saturday 18th July.

Saturday 18th July
Me and Lucy rode bikes up town and back stopping for brekky at the Busy Bee cafe same as last Saturday. Bit better golf this week - 95 off the whites but putting let me down today, god knows how many three putts.

Friday 17th July
Up town and back first thing this morning after finishing off a bit of work for t'office.

Thursday 16th July
Solid three mile run in the morning, final performance of Noah at 6:30 in the evening.

Wednesday 15th July
Not much to report today. Two performances of Noah that went pretty well I thought.

Tuesday 14 July
Off work today - have first performance of Noah and his Floating Zoo today at 10am so have taken whole day off. It went okay and I got a ton of decorating done as well. Zero exercise though which wasn;t so good.

Monday 13 July
Got up right early, did a little bit of touching up before plumber comes to finish off bathroom, then a lil run up town and back. Have got no stamina at the minute which is irritating, fitness has definitely slipped since April. Solid 45 minutes in the gym - 20mins on rower and 25 on exercise bike.

Sunday 12th July
Spent most of day painting the bathroom which we've recently had done. Hours of fun, not.

Took drums up to church about 5:30. Am helping out Clifton CE Primary School with their production of Noah and his Floating Zoo providing percussive accompaniment to Mrs Prince's piano.

Watched a bit of cricket in gaps while waiting for paint to try. Awesome performance by Monty and Colly, them Aussies must be gutted!

Was going to do a bike ride with Lucy but as had a puncture in back tyre I ended up running along behind her (was I tired?, not half!!!)

Then did a few holes of golf before rain forshortened the job.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Sunday 5th July to Saturday 11th July

Saturday 11th July
Me and Lucy rode up town on bikes to fetch papers, got breakfast at Busy Bees cafe. Grand - used to do that with Phil a few years back.

Then played worse golf of my entire life ever. Have totally lost the plot with the old golf. Lost three balls on one hole, wierd. Need to work out what's going on or am going to be packing up golf!

Friday 10th July
3 mile run/walk.

Thursday 9th July
3 mile run/walk then a ton of cardio stuff in Gym - 20 mins rower, 15 mins treadmill, 15 mins bike. Short bike ride with Lucy at night - couple of miles tops.

Wednesday 8th July
3 mile run/walk with brolly this morning Did a load of filling ahead of plumber coming in to do upstairs loo. Steady hour in gym - weights, rower, bike, treadmill.

Tuesday 7th July
Bit wet but eight miles on bike again. Must get back to running soon. Painted upstairs loo then did a quick two mile run. Am out of shap for sure.

Monday 6th July
Eight miles on the bike in morning. Me and Lucy did three miles on bikes (down Green Lane, round past the farm and then up Greenacre). Eight holes of golf at 8:30 last night. 5lb lost since last monday (graph to follow after a month - embarassed about current weight!!!)

Sunday 5th July
Ran for three miles (turned back when rain got heavy). Did a good five miles on bike or so with Lucy.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Sunday 28th June to Saturday 4th July.

Saturday 4th July
Independance day - got up at 6am, slight headache lets say, fetched papers and back for 7am just a steady three mile walk really. Done some decorating prep and also got a ton of stuff down to the dust cart - getting there slowly.

Golf was rubbish as usual, started with two eights and thereafter it was a waste of time, really. never mind. Harry gave me a couple of tips that seemed to help played last four holes in one-over which was at least a bit better.

Friday 3rd July
Very poor - not really done anything today other than attend a wedding and get a slight hangover!
Thursday 2nd July
Did a very poor four miles on the bike this morning. Can't get going at all at the moment! On the positive side it's two years to the day since I last had a cigarette or cigar so that's some sort of progress.

Wednesday 1st July
Forgot to set alarm so didn't get up to 6:50 - great start to what looks to be a right pain of a day. Have four meetings booked!! Four? I ask you and the last one don't finish til 7pm and then I got an 8:30 meeting tomorrow morning. Great.

Did a two mile walk last night after setting up a new TV/Monitor in dining room - can play either SKY/DVD through it's two scart connections or PC through a standard svga connection - quite pleased with it for £180.

Tuesday 30th June
Got up at 6am after hardly sleeping at all last night - heat and a bl**dy fly that I couldn't swat put paid to any hope of a good night's sleep. Anyway, got up in good time, got ready and it started bloomin raining. So only got a little four miler on bike done which is nothing like enough. Will need to top it up tonight one way or another! sort of topped it up with a round of golf, well ten holes or so - nowt special plodding along as normal.

Monday 29th June
Wedding Anniversary and 8 miles on the bike to start off with. The pledge now is for 55 days with no alcohol and to shift a stone. Will have a weigh in the gym later and see what a stone off will measure up to. Need to stop mucking about though - pics from Saturday tell me all I need to know!

Was hoping to go for a run last night but thunder and lightning put paid to that. Watched Andy Murray battle through instead which was okay. Know what my new start weight is and am not at all happy about it. Am going to start putting a weight graph on from next monday when have shifted a bit of it!

Sunday 28th June
Back from Brum for about 9:30. Hedgecutting the order of the day, will see if it cures hangovers?

Nine holes of golf planned for later subject to getting the garden done.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Week from Sunday 21st June to Saturday 27th

Slimming World Oscars 2009

A picture says a thousand words (think "what were you thinking?" x 250)

Saturday 27th
Slimming World Oscars do at Birmingham later. Did a four mile run this morning. Things will get worse today believe me. All will be explained tomoz.

Friday 26th
Bit worse this morning! 4 mile bike ride. Did seven holes of golf up at t'club - got a 2-iron off ebay so wanted to try it out - very handy off the white tee at hole 12 I reckon.

Thursday 25th
Only a tiddly little 4 mile run this morning - bit on the knackered side.

Wednesday 24th
Bit tired so went on an 8 mile bike ride. Wahey. Round Mappleton, no problems apart from not having a front light on bike meant that when I went through old railyway tunnel into leisure centre car park I had to get off and push for fear of coming off the path or hitting the tunnel wall! Ace.

Tuesday 23rd
Yes, same again - up for 5:45, on road before 6 and five miles under foot again. It's becoming habit. Evening: knocked off all the tiles in the bathroom and then did 9 holes of golf, nothing much to report but did knock a 3 wood onto the 2nd green that went a cool 230 yards (counted 80 paces to the 150 marker so am guessing it's about 230 - not that I'm bothered it went like a train).

Monday 22nd
Got myself out of my pit a little bit after 5:30am. Got a five mile run in for the first time in a few weeks and did some recycling as well when went to fetch papers.

Dentists was okay - slight mangling by the hygenist, bit of prodding and what have you from Mr Rose then out into the sunlight £50 lighter in the wallet department.

9 holes of golf later, better again - am squaring up me right foot which is stopping the sway a bit I think. Anyway, was striking the ball better that's for sure.

Sunday 21st
Am kicking myself into gear again. Been arsing about since April and have put weight on for sure. Ran seven miles this morning, it's a start. Need to stop feeling sorry for myself I reckon. Get into a self-desctructive sort of a spiral sometimes and I need to start taking responsbility for myself a bit more.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Sunday 14th June to Saturday 20th

Saturday 20th June
Cycled four miles in morning (rubbish), golf at lunchtime - also more than a bit rubbish - five blobs, five pars, one birdies - some good stuff and some cak.

Friday 19th June
Diddly squat. Had a top-secret rehearsal for something which took a good couple of hours so time wasn't on my side but still. More than a bit knackered.

Thursday 18th June
Just a spin up town on the bike again.

Wednesday 17th June
Still not able to get up on time. Just rode up town and back. don't know how I sort mesen out on the getting up mullarkey - it's very poor.

Tuesday 16th June
Knackered again. Still not back to normal yet. Got up 6:30 only time to bomb up town on bike and fetch papers. Tomorrow am determined to run a bit at least!

In Gym 11:30 to do rowing challenge at work. Most distance in 10 minutes. Hoping for 2200ish all being well although it depends on the load setting. Some proper fit folks at work doing it as well so my expectations of glory have been downgraded somewhat.

In the rowing challenge I got to 2435m but was unfortunately pipped to the post by Chopper Woodcock who did something like 2475! Bugger, but he's got 10 years on me so not a bad result by any means. Did 30 minutes on exercise bike and 12 minutes on treadmill after so quite a good session all in all.

When got home took Lucy out for a walk and then did 9 holes of golf which was as usual, a mixed bag!

Monday 15th June 09
As normal since camping I couldn't get up this morning. When did drag myself up it was 6:30 so only had time to cycle up and fetch papers for about 4 miles or so.

Gym - 20 mins treadmill on hill setting. 10 mins rower in preparation for rower challenge on Tuesday.

Sunday 14th June 09
Not much to report - got out on the FCR1 for the first time in a while. Did a nice 20 miler over to me mum and dad's house. It was a good ride as much of it was along tree-lined roads there was plenty of shade for a fairly warm summer's day. Computer says I averaged 12.8mph which considering it's all hills and what have you ain't too bad.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Week Sunday 7th June - Saturday 13th June 2009

Saturday 13th June
18 holes of golf - very average 45 for front nine, NR'd on the back nine. Nice thing was a 2 on the ninth which gets me a share of the two's pool.

Friday 12th June
Worse yet, gone 6:30 when woke up, fetched papers in car! Need to get me sen sorted reet quick!

Took Lucy a walk up Bradley Wood then did nine holdes of golf

Thursday 11th June
Woke up late again. Four miles on bike. In office for 8.15 though so not bad.

Wednesday 10th June
Got up late so only time to bike up town to fetch papers, still four miles on bike must be worth something! Lunchtime got to gym again. 20 mins on rower, fifteen mins on treadmill and some weights - better than nowt!

Tuesday 9th June
Got up at 5am, set breadmaker off, 2 miles run, four miles bike ride, bit of weights not a bad start to the day.

Monday 8th June
Still not happy about the weekend, I notice weather is much improved today. Found out my facebook account was hacked yesterday so I sent loads of folks a mucky video apparently. Whoops.

Anyway, a new week, it better be better than last week. Three mile run this morning was okay. Did some weights, did some golf swing practice so that's a bit better. Going to gym at lunchtime and then will feel back on some sort of track.

Gym - 20 mins treadmill, 10 mins rower, 15 mins exercise bike. Good sess.

Sunday 7th June
eight mile run in the cruddy rain. What a rubbish weekend. Used for a change today. Not sure about it yet. They stick a little advert box on the screen which you can get rid of if you pay a subscription (bit like motionbased I suppose). Any way it was a fragmented run as every time heavens really opened up I made for the nearest tree for shelter. What a pain in the butt, hey ho at least I had luxury of being able to wait out the heavier showers.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Week from Sun 31/05/09 to Sat 06/06/09

Saturday 06/06/09
Text from bro in Anglesey, jammy sod got a bass last night fishing from the beach. Toady. Supposed to be playing golf at bakewell this morning but dad rung and said it's rained off so that's the end of that. Can't complain though have been out three nights this week chasing the lil white ball.

Friday 05/06/09
Same again barman, done nothing this morning. Few weights then into office. Got some programs to get done for cut-off so needs must. Gym later.

Did a superb effort in the gym - 32 minutes on the bike, 15 mins on rower. Puddle of sweat when had finished on bike so well pleased with that.

Thursday 04/06/09
Looks like 6:20 is the new 5:30 for me as I can't seem to be out of bed any earlier at the minute. Rubbish. Thirty minutes on bike is as much as I can fit in. Not happy about it!

Did a hard slog in gym at lunch time then finished off the day with 10 holes of golf so not bad all in all!

Wednesday 03/06/09
Getting worse, got up at 6:35 (this is the camping backlash kicking in) - did weights til 6:50 then fetched papers in car for first time in ages - rubbish. Am going to get into Gym at lunchtime to make up for my uselessness.

Didn't get to Gym but did a six mile run in the evening which was good.

Tuesday 02/06/09
Got up really late at 6:25 so only had time for half an hour on bike fetching papers. In work for 8:30 though so not end of world.

Good video - this makes people's lives better

Bad video - something about this strikes me as being pretty darned lame, which is a shame as it's as clever as anything really.

Monday 01/06/09
2 mile run, 5 miles bicycle, weights in morning.

9 holes of golf at night with old set of clubs. Not bad coulda been better, am keeping head steadier through the swing which is one of the things I got to work on. It'll take time.

Sunday 31/03/09
Back into the attach set out 7:45 to run 6 miles round Mappleton and back - okay but a bit hot..

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Anglesey 3rd time, best time?

Been to Anglesey again, no running, lotsa walkin, more fishin, enjoyed it more than ever and getting to know the place better every time. Back to reality again though, it never lasts long enough.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Week from Sun 17/05/09 to Sat 23/05/09

Friday 22nd May 09
Just whizzed a few miles on slow but heavy, haven't decided whether it's coming on Holiday with me yet. That could be cool. Last night got mighty disrupted - rang brother-in-law up to see if I could borrow an SDS drill to put a hole in wall to run satellite co-ax through and he came down and did it which rather forced my hand. Had to run the co-ax thirty foot from dish, across front of house, down side and through in to dining room. Luckily rain came off. Also learnt how you do an f-connector to co-ax (a regular doddle if a spack like me can do it). Anyway, got a decent picture in the dining room now as we got a lil old £5.50 off ebay Sky Digibox giving us free-view! Cool.

Thursday 21st May 09
Steady three miles up town and back, load of weights and a wee bit of golf practice. Big Harry has given me two pieces of advice - keep your eye on the ball (I was doing a David Duval follow the clubhead sort of thing) and relax your arms a bit. Have been practicing keeping my head more still and focusing on the back of the ball but it feels way unnatural after I've had this bad habit for best part of ten years. We'll see.

Wednesday 20th May 09
Been out on the slow but comfy bike this morning. Good fun, only about five miles but doesn't matter, did a bit of golf practice as well but it was rubbish. Seriously thinking of giving it up.

Tuesday 19th May 09
Same as yesterday little three miler - doing weights and exercises at home though on top of the lil run.

Monday 18th May 09
Did a short one after yesterday's half-decent run - 3 miles up town and back was sufficient - have a bit of grief going on with my right shin that's a bit irritating.

Monday evening - finished work and made mesen get down that gym. 20 minutes of rower and then 21 mins of bike and job done enough for a monday.

Motionbased from Sunday's run
Motionbased was a pain in the butt yesterday and didn't seem to want to upload yesterday's ten mile run. When it finally gets it uploaded it says total time was 2hrs 22mins - it was nowt like that - the moving time is accurate (set off 7:15 back before 9am) so lord knows where it gets 2 hours plus from - think there's a gremlin designed to hack me off in the software. The good thing was that am back to almost 10 minute miles again at a decent distance!

Sunday 17th May
Start as you mean to go on. After crappest round of golf ever yesterday I thought I'd better get back on the running training properly so with Missus off out shopping at 9:30 I got out and about a little after 7am.

Did a solid 10 miles in 1hrs 44ish this morning which was okay. Particularly pleased as I picked a hilly route and ran em all including the killer hill out of Mappleton towards Thorpe. Dead pleased about that.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday 10th May to Saturday 16th

Saturday 16th May
Up early doors, quick run up town and back. Ton of work to do on the laptop so there'll be nowt more until golf in the afternoon I reckon.

Friday 15th May
Rubbish day just work, work, work - zero exercise other than a few weights etc at home

Thursday 14th May
Back to the old routine - five miles this morning. The missus has got me a sports watchy type thing so am going to start timing mesen again I think - can't be bothered with the hassle of the Edge just for the morning five milers. Had a bit of jip in my knee when got out of car so am going to start doing some cycling on every other day I reckon.

Wednesday 13th May
Yay! Doggo goes back to his rightful owner today so back to running proper from tomorrow! Anyway same old thang - walk up town, run back.

Tuesday 12th May
Same as every day - walk up town, run back home with the hound. Only tomorrow then back to normal on Thursday and a five miler to get things back to reality I reckon. Same in the gym - 24 minute treadmill on hill program followed by 20 minutes rower and some weights - getting back into a habit - good, good.

Monday 11th May
Swear I've not slept properly since this darned hound moved in. Can hear it snuffling and blowing in the night. So up at 5:30. Walked a longer route up town and ran back again. Am looking forward to proper running again from Thursday after Charlie returns to owner on Wednesday - two more days to go!!!! Did a good session in gym again - 24 minute hill program on runner and 20 mins on rower and a bit of weights - all good stuff.

Picked up the Sky Box this morning so should be getting all Skyed up in the living room at the weekend (only the freeview chanels but it'll improve the crap reception anyway). Moderately pleased I think!

Sunday 10th May
Blimey a fortnight since marathon - feels like months already. Stupid mutt woke me up at 5:30 so walked the darned thing round a two mile loop, got back, got back into bed, couldn't sleep. Pesky animal - roll on Wednesday when I get my life back a bit...

Just won a sky digibox on Ebay for £5.50, hope it's alright - have got a quad adapto on our digibox so am running a sky+ box, our old sky digibox in Phil's room and am going to run another one to the dining room as the reception is tat. Excellent.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Week after the week after the Marathon Sunday 3/5/09 to Saturday 9/5/09

Saturday 9th
The now standard walk up town with the mutt but felt a bit tired so walked back as well for the most part with a few sprints to get Charlie working. Golf in the afternoon and a steady 88 with loads of silly dropped shots but zero shanks for a change. Have made my swing more upright and altered the tempo a bit to get it all smoother and that seemed to pay off today. Good stuff.

Friday 8th
Same old, same old. Walk up town run back, Charlie nearly took my arm off when he spotted a rabit other than that, same old routine.

Got to the gym in the evening - hurrah. Solid 24 minute hill program on treadmill to start - nearly wiped me out - still feeling the quads a bit. Then 20 minutes for 4100metres ish on rower - shower then back upstairs to see whether all hard work was paying off.

This week's been a bit of a ballacher in many respects (technical term) have been doing a lot of coding to integrate some data from a new territory into our existing reporting data. Wrote 400 odd lines of code today alone (it had to be done today) Anyway got a call from one of the guys in the office and apart from a couple of glitches it's all panned out nicely so that's a bonus - I worry about these sort of things all the time - capricorn, worrier it's part of the makeup.

Thursday 7th
Same as yesterday up town and back - walk up town, run back, only another six days and then back to normal! Me and Lucy did another mile or so with the hound in the evening as well.

Wednesday 6th
Same as yesterday me and the hound walked up town, ran back for three miles. Might get to the gym later all being well. Have started organising a holiday for summer so am getting excited - only Anglesey but a break's a break!

Tuesday 5th
I've got my old running partner Charlie Boy back. He's carrying a lot less weight than me so you'd expect him to be quicker (that plus he's a greyhound). Anyway we walked up town and ran back and it was okay. More pooper scooping than I'd have liked but that goes with the dog-owning territory I suppose.

Me, Lucy and Charlie went a 1.5 mile walk when got back from work. Spoke to Kathryn today and she said she did no running at all last week so am not so worried with how little I've done - I did get out and about on the bike so that's better than nowt.

Monday 4th
Went to a Christening yesterday so taken onboard too much alcohol in the festivities that followed. Did same 7 miles as yesterday but on bike as it was a bit drizzly.

Did nine holes of golf in the evening - not bad.

Sunday 3rd
Back to the attack! 7 miles I think will check it out later round Mayfield, Okeover Park,Mappleton, Ashbourne and back. Steady but not totally recovered yet - was feeling some jip in me quads (big four muscles in the thigh) after four miles but at least it's a start. Will mention yesterday's golf - terrible - 93 off the whites so a nett 78, not bad putting though I was pretty systematic with the putting and generally did a good job of that, just not hitting the ball far enough at the mo. Rubbish.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Week of Sunday 26/04/09 to 02/05/09

Saturday 2/5/09
Four miles on slow but heavy bike. 5 miles and 93 shots of golf off white tees in afternoon. Just Can't play golf, it has to be said! Am considering going a run tomorrow morning. Plenty of blisters still but if don't get back in the saddle (so to speak) I'll not get running again.

Friday 1/5/09
Really tired this morning, it seems to be catching up on me now. Did three miles on slow but comfy bike to fetch the paper. Did loads of weights last night and some again this morning. Am going to do my best to get into gym before the day's out. Have got a second wind of motivation. Weight was 15st 8lbs yesterday which is 1st 3lbs above my bottom weight in 2007, I want to get all that back before 2010 Marathon which is only 11months and 24 days away!!

Ebay purchase - some entrepreneur has pressed red button on BBC and recorded the finishing line on the London Marathon for four hours and is then selling an hours worth on DVD for £6.50 on Ebay. Seeing as buying pics from the official photography partner for London Marathon involves selling a kidney I reckon £6.50 for video of me pounding the last 385 yards and over the finish lines got to be worth every penny!

Thursday 30/4/09
4 miles on bike in morning so far.

The only pic my missus got and it's the back of me (she's always been happy to see the back of me)! Am in this shot running with my Marathon Guru Kathryn, not going to tell you exactly where but am in it. Look for the Slimming World logo!

Wednesday 29/04/09
Five miles on the bike this morning. Gradually creeping up again. Hoping to be running again at the weekend! We'll see.

Back in the Gym - 4 reps of bicep curls, vertical bench press, horizontal mid-row, triceps pushdowns etc.etc. 20 mins on rower no probs!

Tuesday 28/04/09
Not much to report today - been showing medal off at work as you'd expect. Did four miles on slow but comfy bike in the morning. Nothing more. Have signed up for the 2010 London Marathon ballot - will see what happens.

Monday 27/04/09
Recuperating a bit - lot of folks in the hotel looked far worse than me so that was reassuring for someone carrying a stone too much weight after his first marathon. Visited science museum and natural history then made our way back to Derbyshire in the afternoon.

Sunday 26/04/09
Sunday was the big run of course - 26.2 miles in 5hrs 1min 21secs. A good start to marathon running I like to think and a grand day out. I must write up everything I can remember about it at some point as my memory's like a sieve at the moment.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

More Marathon Madness

Kathryn said it'd happen, but there's more to it than it being a simple addiction. Have signed up for the 2010 London Marathon by entering the ballot this morning. Sounds like madness but I want to have a four hours something time for the 26 miles, need to lose some more weight, enjoy the running while listening to the mighty pink floyd so why not?

Steady Eddie running

Was pleased with my pacing throughout the marathon, set off with Kathryn aiming for about 11 min miles, the heat put paid to that and we were doing 11:30min/mile for the most part and dropping as low as 12:08/mile at the 35km point, that said, I finished strong with the last mile plus at 10:28 (which was when I though I could break 5hrs).

Monday, 27 April 2009

Mission Accomplished - Impossible is Nothing

Job done - completed Flora 2009 London Marathon yesterday in 5:01:21 which was 1:22 seconds slower than I hoped for, bit like losing weight 15st 13.5lbs is so much better than 16 stone. But putting it in perspective I told folks I'd run it in about 5 hours so not far wrong at all really. Kept with Kathryn for much of the race but lost her at about fifteen miles I think and if I'm honest apart from the last mile and a half I can hardly remember any of the last ten miles. I know it was a grind, toes are blistered up, quads killing, I do stairs about as well as a dalek but still happy. What makes it so different from any other run is the high fives of the kids, the "come on Paul, nearly there" (which some youngster said at about six miles which was rather sweet, bless him) and the fact that it's either finish or die!!

I saw the timing at 25 miles and thought if I could do the last mile in 11 minutes then I'd get in under 5 hours but wasn't to be, the good thing was that even overweight as I am I was still running the last mile and a half in good pace when all the fit looking young uns were walking, ha ha! Well pleased at the minute when I get the official pics I'll be banging em on!

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