Monday, 10 December 2018

Monday 10th December 2018 to Sunday 16th December 2018

Monday 10th December 2018
Up at 4 o'clock, taking Lucy back to Nottingham Uni first thing.  So got papers and dog walked early then dropped Lucy off at her digs at 6.50,  into work at  7:30am everything running on rails(ish).  Review at work, could have been better could have been worse.  Never mind.  Rehearsal after work sounding something like.  Back home a bit after 7pm.  Tea, dog walks, bed. Knackered.

Tuesday 11th December 2018
Up early doors.  Dog walkeds, papers fetched.  Into office nice and early.  All good stuff.

Wednesday 12th December 2018 
The usual, papers in for a change.  Nothing really to report.

Thursday 13th December 2018
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.   All the usual stuff.  Rehearsal after work - lots of singers really going to be good shames it's for just three songs but hey-ho.  Went to Mark's group at Hilltop on way home as not going to group on Saturday morning after going to the Izaak Walton on Friday Night - very poor scheduling by Missus Siddall.  any road 2lbs off.

Friday 14th December 2018
Woke up late - 5:50am all a rush but even this late on the poxy papers haven't arrived.  Into work on time.  I pondered having a bacon buttie all the way to work and in the end argued myself out of it.  I am having stone award for xmas whether I like it or not!

Monday, 3 December 2018

Monday 3rd December 2018 to Sunday 9th December 2018

Monday 3rd December 2018
Woke up super early but made me self stay in bed until 5:10 so all good stuff.  Into office for just after 7am.  Big walk, delivered Village Newsletters.  Did a bit in the attic. all good.

Tuesday 4th December 2018
Up early, the usual, car scraped, dog walked, papers fetched.  Work early doors.  Out of work late again.  Such is life.    A bit in the attic, usual big walk (2miles and a bit).  Dog had three mini-evening walks.

Wednesday 5th December 2018 
Up early.  Pi$$ing it down with rain.  Dog walked in her coat.  Papers not in.  Came home got ready for work, went and fetched papers.  Into office for 7.25, going to leave early as am going Xmas Party tonight for first time in many years.   Found a drum tab for Shoot to Thrill so going to learn it to be bob on.  Works do at the Roundhouse, Derby so left at 3.30pm, on bus at 5:30, first pint in the Brunswick at 6:15!  Ace.  Going to have a bad head in the morning but heydily hodily.   Cracking entertainment and good company.  Thoroughly enjoyed it apart from the food!!

Thursday 6th December 2018
Got up about 20 minutes later than normal.  Not feeling as bad as I might have - two pints of orange squash before bed does the trick!  Papers fetched, wee dog walked and into the office for 7.30 how ace am I?  No rehearsal again tonight so that's good.

Friday 7th December 2018 
Not much to report.  Work early, left early.  Collected Lucy from her digs at Nottingham Trent and brought her home using a cunning new route that missed Derby out altogether. All good.

Saturday 8th December 2018
Bloody wind howled all night so gave up and got up at 4am.    Such is life.  Little dog got many walks! Went to group, scraped another half pound loss.  Did a bit of police volunteering as they are doing a recruitment drive on the market place.  Ashbourne Market is almost dead so very little footfall unfortunately.   Did a bit up in the drum-attic. All good stuff.   Went to bed at 7pm cause I was knackered.   Lots of flashing lights for the second time in a fortnight would find out another tragic fatality in the morning.

Sunday 9th December 2018
It turned out the  flashing lights were there because a poor girl was stuck in her car at the ford had got swept away and drowned.  Absolutely horrible.   Cast a shadow for the whole day.  I think the people in the hi-viz in the field were level with where the car was carried downstream to.   The ford is forty foot in front of the red fire service vehicle on the right of the picture. 

In afternoon I went up the attic to get Xmas lights down.   Phil borrowed an industrial ladder from a mate and we got the solar panels cleaned, the  upstairs windows cleaned and got the Xmas lights up.  Xmas pub quiz up at the Shoulder,  Osmaston.   Bed a bit late and a bit drunk.  I am stupid.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Monday 26th November 2018 to Sunday 2nd December 2018

Monday 26th November 2018
Woke up at 3:45am didn't get up until 4:30 though.  Taking Lucy back to UNI before work at 7.30 so early, early start.  Will be in bed for 9pm I reckon tonight!  Best laid plans and all that.  Got back home in good time.  Walked dog.  Did a bit up in the attic in prep for Friday's guest appearence and Sunday's rehearsal with new band. Went on the big loop walk which I've clocked and is 2.15 miles which is not bad I supposed.   Bed for 10.15.  Never mind.

Tuesday 27th November 2018
Up at 5.20, woke about 4am which seems to be the norm at present. Never mind.  The usual and at my desk for 7am.  All good stuff.  Did some drum stuff when got home - All the Young Dudes and Ziggy Stardust in the bag,  Some might say as well.  Excellent.  Bed at 10.15 again.

Wednesday 28th November 2018
Out of bed about 5.20 again. Dog walked, papers fetched, into office for 7.20 all good.  Got home tea and that.  Did a bit of practice in the attic - All the Young Dudes, Ziggy, Rock n Roll Damnation etc.   Did the two mile walk round.  Bed about 10.30 after watching a bit of Vic and Bob madness.

Thursday 29th November 2018 
Up at 5:30, into office for 7.30 after having to head back home twice, first for phone and then for wallet.  What a ruddy eejit.

Friday 30th November 2018 
Busy at work then Big Lix Reunion gig for Charity.  Which was alright but has left my ears ringing like hell.

Saturday 1st December 2018
Hell's teeth December already.  Last day of Times subscription - got sick of it ramming Remain, Remain down my neck all the time.   Dog walk with Bruno and Lil - Lily got mucked up to high heaven so showered when we got back which she didn't like - no sirreee.

Sunday 2nd December 2018 
Up early Dog walk etc.  Emptied Phil's shed to get pressure watcher which was then not needed.  Hmphfh.   Emptied Marigold's Shed to get seat covers for Phil's van.   Went to Miner's Arms at Carsington for lunch with Mum and Dad which was very nice.   Dog walk with Bruno and Lil up to Cemetery and back as it was too wet for field.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Monday 19th November 2018 to Sunday 25th 2018

Monday 19th November 2018
Bad night's sleep - work getting into my dreams again.  Such is life.  Got up at 4.30, got ready for work, took dog out, got the papers.  On the road to Nottingham for 6am all running on rails, into the office for 7.30.  Happy days.  Got home from work about 5pm.  Didn't get any drumming done due to Phil going to bed early but did get my 2 mile walk in.   Nothing on TV getting my interest at the moment.  Went bed at 9:30 - rock and roll or what!

Tuesday 20th November 2018
Running out of November at a rate of knots!  Up at 5am into work a bit earlier than normal as the Vintage Nickel Sparkle Tama is being picked up today so thought I would move it across to the car for convenience.   Work Band Practice after work -turning into some long days at the moment. Watched a terrible poor film called Corbyn Nash - ye gods it was poor!    Didn't do big walk as weather was too inclement but took the pup out again.  Bed for 9.30, leccy blanket one hundred percent on!

Wednesday 21st November 2018 
Woke up at 4am couldn't get back to sleep proper so in office for 7am.  Such is life.  Busy but less stressful day at work back home for just gone 5pm.  Parish Council meeting at 7.30, didn't finish until 10pm!   Crikey.  Back home dog walk and off to bed.

Thursday 22nd November 2018 
Up before 5am.  Dog walked and papers fetched by 6am and into the office at 6.50am.  Madness.  Back home.  Tea, big loop walk.  Couple of episodes of tat on TV (Instinct).  Bed

Friday 23rd November 2018
Up at 5.15.  Dog walk. papers not in, got to office for 7.10am Everything on rails. Lucy home from Uni so we watched Three Billboards again - superb film that was robbed at the Oscars by the Fishman film.  Also had a good walk round and took down the lamppost poppies which needed doing.  In bed for 9.30!!

Saturday 24th November 2018
Up at 7am!  Plenty of sleep caught up on.  Dog walk, papers  fetched.  Went to group 3.5lbs off. Good. Big walk with Lily and Bruno and the missus. All good.  Did an hour or so down on the lotty.

Sunday 25th November 2018 
Up early. Dog walked.  Watched Have I Got News.   Got more garden furniture into the greenhouse so that's good. Went Uttox with bosskat and didn't really buy much.  Big walk with Lily and Bruno and bosskat again.  Did a bit up in the attic preping for gig next Friday with Big Lix.   Went up to pub for two pints of Old Peculier - what a beer that is!!   And so to bed - taking Lucy back to Uni first thing in morning.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Hell's teeth I been busy. - October / November

Need to get back into the habit of blogging.

October 2018

Lots happened but not captured it.  Such is life!  Didn't have a drop of alcohol in Stoptober though so that was sort of impressive!

12th October 2018
Gig at the Latch Lifter, Ilkeston - old stomping grounds but can't remember this pub being there 30 year ago - think it was a chapel back then!

14th October 2018
Made a bit of a cock up and won a Gibraltar Rack on ebay with Cymbal Holders for a great price - the cock up was that it needed collecting from Formby - topside of Liverpool!

20th October 2018
Gig at The Barge Long Eaton.

October 21st 
Big Lix are doing a one-off reunion gig at the end of November so went and did a couple of tunes at their rehearsal.

Biggest shock of the year happened in October too:-

Only went and sold a drum kit!  A Tama Superstar EFX - 2 bass drums 22 and 24, 12,13 and 16" toms.  It was the prettiest of kits.  Only made a small profit but who cares I had a lot of good gigs with it in various formats.

November 2018 

Saturday 3rd November 2018
Went to see DCFC crush Birmingham 3-1 - it was grand!

Tuesday 6th November 2018
Rehearsal with works band so had to swap the now-sold (but not collected) gold kit for one of the blue kits!

Friday 9th November 2018
An unexpected gig at the Tap N' Tumbler, Nottingham, went down a storm but very nearly broke me foot on an unseen step just before the stage.   Good night but back home mighty bloomin late.

Saturday 10th November 2018 
Got up, dog walked, papers fetched and then went back to SW Group in Ashbourne this time.  I've no intention of stopping to group ever just need to keep an eye on my weight, that's all.  Knackered all day so didn't do a great deal.  Gig at Chequers Inn, Breaston later so was psyching myself up for that!
Have gone all blurry in the face it would appear. 

Saturday night's office
Mapex Saturn V's the toms are unbelievably sweet and musical 

Sunday 11th November 2018
Hundredth centenary of Armistice Day.  Attended the service at Clifton Holy Trinity Church.  I thought it was superbly done although the choice of hymns had me flummoxed.  Then over to me mum and dad's for lunch, even Phil came - very nice indeed.    No red wine for me - back on it again after the Derby County Match.   Took Lucy back to UNI on the way home and bed really early to catch up on missed sleep!

Monday 12th November 2018 
Up at the crack of dawn, 5:20ish.  Dog walked, papers fetched,showered, shaved etc and into work for 7.30am. Bad day at work.  Done something wrong big-style, that's life though and you learn from your mistakes (hopefully).  Back home from work for 5pm, off to Buxton Opera House to see 10cc with Smith and Brewer in support who were very good - should have bought their CD. 10cc were 10cc that is to say I really liked some stuff but not all of it.   The drummer Paul Burgess was superb,  what a player.

Tuesday 13th November 2018
Woke up proper knackered but work goes on. Dog walked, papers fetched, into work for 7.30.   Practice after work up until 6pm then off to Police Headquarters at Ripley to attend a Neighbourhood Watch AGM - had a pound on the raffle and won a bottle of Jameson - result!

Wednesday 14th November 2018
Didn't wake until 5:45 so a bit on the back foot.  Still got into the office for 7.30.  Haircut after work.
Have decided to upgrade my 'studio' computer to Cubase 10 - only £25 for me, cheap as chips to have the latest version.  Only downside is that it's a 15GB (fifteen Gig!) download so went for a walk for best part of an hour and still only 10GB loaded!  Never mind will finish off tomorrow.

Thursday 15th November 2018
Up early as usual.  No papers in yet - not a great start.   Busy day at work, nothing new there.  Rehearsal with work band after work.  Back home about 7pm.  Up in attic to set Cubase10 download off again.  Took dog a walk then went and did my 2 mile walk.  Got back and it was all downloaded.   Took best part of half an hour to install it and then the best part of an hour to get the interface to the Zoom UAC-8 device to ruddy work.   I need to make a note of how to fix it in future as I'm sure it will re-occue.

Friday 16th November 2018
Great start to the day, caught something heavy with my elbow getting out of bed and its smashed into my little toe.  Brilliant.   Dog walked, papers fetched into work for 7.15.

Saturday 17th November 2018
Up early as usual went and fetched paper.   Then off to Slimming Club with Lucy.  4.5lbs lost which isn't as much as I'd hoped but is in right direction so I will take it.   Local pub re-opens tonight but we are out in the sticks at Hartington Village Hall to see a band called Thunder Hammer.   Straight away got kit envy.   The drummer has got one of the DW Design Series acrylic kits.  About £1500 for a 5 piece new, they are.
DW Design Series Acrylic - green with envy
Thunder Hammer - sellout audience of 250 - deserved it though they play well and do non-stop anthems pretty much
When we got back home there was a emergency service presence outside the old golf course following a fatal head-on crash.  Tragic. 

Sunday 18th November 2018
Up early.  Took pooch out early doors.   Pottered about all day.  Did some work on me drum rack that.   Me and bosskat went a big walk with Lily and Bruno who thinks he's a horse or something - never stops pulling.

Night time we went up to the re-opened pub and I had not one but two pints of Old Peculier - superb, happy days now need to leave it alone for a few weeks!

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Monday 13th August 2018 to Sunday 19th August 2018

Monday 13th August 2018 
Up early, dog walked, into office in good time. Left early for Retinopathy check at St Oswalds. Did a few bits and bobs at home, watched a bit of telly, bed for 10.30.   

Tuesday 14th August 2018 
Up at 5:30, dog walked, papers fetched.  Into office early doors.  Brought stuff for Cycle2Work day tomorrow.  All on rails.   Meeting about Parish Council coffee morning thing in September after work interesting stuff.

Wednesday 15th August 2018
Cycle2Work day - up dead early. Papers fetched - cycled to work.  Took me ages - very unfit need to do something about that!!  Cycled back checked out fishing marks on way back for colleague at work right enjoyed it.

Thursday 16th August 2018
Dad's birthday so nipped over after work.

Friday 17th August 2018
McFlurry Day and prep for camping mullarky.

Saturday 18th August 2018
Did a bit on lotty.  Did a bit more getting ready for camping we decided that as predictions were for 40 mph gusts which in the event turned into 50 mph gusts that we would delay going until Sunday.   So did plenty of watering etc to get stuff ready.

Sunday 19th August 2018 
Up super early.  Set off for Aberdaron at 6am.  We went the way that we'd go for Anglesey but instead of going across the Britannia Bridge we got off at junction 10 and whizzed down past Carnarfeon to Pwwhelli - we dropped Abbie off on the way at her friend's house in Abersoch so all good stuff.   Got to the campsite - a bit windy but got tent set up and everyone happy.  Cracking views!

Thursday, 9 August 2018

August 2018 - part 1

As you may have noticed I haven't had any time to do blogging or anything for ages.

So what happened in August. Hmm.

Saturday 4th August 2018
Watered lotty. Went and did a bit of golf in the afternoon.  Went to Castleton Devil's Arse Cavern to see a band called Thor - Gods of Rock from Sheffield who were absolutely excellent it has to be said.

Sunday 5th August 2018
Loads of little jobs in the morning.  Crown Green Bowls in the afternoon - not my thing went on for hours and was very hot.   BBQ in the evening all good'ish.

Monday 6th August 2018
Watered Lotty. Back to work.  All good.   Went and got Phil a wee tent - an Outwell Idaho L which is enormous.  Set it up on the Lawn all good. .

Tuesday 7th August 2018 
Work. Back home.  Took Phil's tent down.  Did a bit of tidying up and recon on the Playing field.

Wednesday 8th August 2018
Too tired to water lotty.  Work.  Back home.  Fitted a 4GB memory upgrade to Lucy's laptop - it's a bit quicker now.  Good.  Took dog a walk up the golf course came back with over golf balls - 14 good enough for reuse and the rest in a pot for drainage for plant next year.

Thursday 9th August 2018 
Knackered.  But got up at 5:30 went and watered lotty then got papers then off to work - a bit late at 7.40am but can't be helped.

Friday 10th August 2018
Our kids birthday.  The usual stuff but meal at the Isaac Walton Hotel - dead posh and above my station.

Saturday 11th August 2018 
Me and bosskat took Lily and Bruno a walk round the meadow.  Very nice. Got a few hours done down the lotty. Got Paddy a new telly installed.  Watched Derby get hammered. A 40th do at Jack Rabbits in Ashbourne - absolutely hammered it down with rain. Didn't think a lot to Jack Rabbits perhaps it was too busy..

Sunday 12th August 2018
Rained a fair bit in the night.  Didn't do much at all all day.  Researched fixing Pads old' telly.   Did a few bits and bobs.   Went over to me mum and dad's for tea.  Cracking.

July 2018

Crikey I've been slack about blogging of late but I been slack at blogging because I been reet busy in everything else.

So what's happened  - been on hols.  Been busy in the lotty, did good at one Open at the Manor and less good at the other at Ashbourne!     Did Lucy's 18th while we were on hols in Wales, Did Phil's when we got back.

Saturday 21st July 2018
Up early as always.  Down to lotty - fence has been broken into in two places on number 13 plot - culprit is suspected to be a badger. Hmphf.  Played golf in the afternoon with John at Ashbourne - ground is really hard - hit a drive 265 yards up the fourth (it's uphill at the end too!).  All good got 18 holes done.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Monday 18th June 2018 to Sunday 24th June 2018

Monday 18th June 2018
Up at the crack of dawn absolutely cream-crackered.  Such is life.  Dog walked papers fetched - felt that as there had been a bit of rain the lotty would stand a day.  Over to Darley for watering duties, did a bit on the gutter, think it's about okay.  Popped down saw Uncle Michael then pounded back to watch England match.  Usual average sort of a performance from England but a last minute winner made it all okay!

Tuesday 19th June 2018 
Up early, dog walked, lotty watered.   A bit late into work but not too late.  Found out that we'd come fifth and if I'd sunk a three foot putt and the 46" almost nearest the pin putt we'd have been equal first.   No justice.  Someone beat my nearest the pin by 4" as well.  No justice x two.

After work back home for 5pm, Tea then down to lotty to get a load of stuff in the ground - dwarf french beans, some runner beans to make up for the ones that have been attacked by something, 4 pumpkins and a load of sweet corn.  Still playing catchup in June!  Never mind.

Wednesday 20th June 2018
I watered everything last night so I could have an extra half hour in bed so didn't get up until 5:30.    Dog walked,  papers fetched, into office for 7.32 all back on track.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Monday 11th June 2018 to Sunday 17th June 2018

Monday 11th June 2018
The daily order in Summer goes : get up at 4.45/5.00am - shower, shave, get dressed.  Go lotty with dog and water, walk dog and get papers - off to work for 7.30am    Work then home for tea and watering.  Also mowed lawns at our house.

Tuesday 12th June 2018
Same as yesterday'ish but after work over to Darley Dale.  Watered everything and dropped off some metal chairs.  Took the plastic chairs to the tip where I got a couple of reet big plastic containers that had had ionised water in em.  Good stuff.

Wednesday 13th June 2018
Same old for start of day.  Went to lotty and cleared another patch on number 7 - I have got tons of rubbish that needs taking to the tip though.  Planted lots of flowers here and there!

Thursday 14th June 2018
Same as usual.  Went over Darley Dale for watering.  Got stabbed by a rose so watered topless to stop too much blood getting on me shirt.  Such is life.  Trimmed the gutter so that it would fit with the slightly smaller old bracket.  Put some water in it and found out the joint needs some silicant sealant in it will get some from pound shop if I can!!  Watered everything and then back home - chippy tea.  Mowed outside to fill the green bin up.  All good stuff!

Friday 15th June 2018
Same as usual.  Back home.  Watched a load of telly.  Watered not much else.

Saturday 16th June 2018 
Raining yay!   Afternoon - plumbed in Pad's water butt.  Went and bought some silicon sealant from pound shop got Lucy to serve us. Ace.  All good stuff.

Sunday 17th June 2018
Up early.  Took dog to lotty and watered.  Got some goodies off the kids for Father's day - bolts from Phil and a cracking picture from Lucy:-

Got golf stuff ready.  Picked Andy Bill up at 8.30, teeing off for the Manor Golf Club Men's Open early at 9.15.  Rather enjoyed it played with two chaps from Sutton.   We ended up with 43 points which I thought was rather good but someone put a card in with 48!  Shows what I know.   We were  clubhouse leaders at least for a while and I had got the nearest the Pin on the 13th when we went past with 46"  - don't know if that held out or not.   Not to worry.
Swans at the Manor Golf Club, Kingstone

Andy Bill pars the 16th

Looking over 16th Green down the 17th Fairway - cracking course!

Final card with corrections in place!!

Monday 4th June 2018 to Sunday 10th June 2018

Cripes what happened to this week?

Tuesday 5th June 2018
Did I go to Darley to water on this day?  Wish I could remember!!

Wednesday 6th June 2018
Got camping gear down from the attic.  All good stuff.

Thursday 7th June 2018
The usual - up early , work.  Have I mentioned Bella Baps has shut?  Gutted.  Never mind am £6.40 a week better off perhaps.  Anyway after work over to me mum and dads to Water and do a bit on the gutter.    Got everything watered.   Got home went down lotty and watered.
Peas coming

Strawberries coming

Started loading up the car and of course the heavens opened.  That's my life that is.

Friday 8th June 2018
Up at 4:30am ish finished off loading up then off to Wales 5.15am!  Amazed at the amount of traffic about.  Got to Church Bay about 9.30ish with three stops on the way.  Raining when we set off but as soon as we got to Chester the road was dry and it stayed like that for the next three days.

Saturday 9th September 2018
Well that was the night that was.  Pumping electro dance music until 3am from nearby GottWood festival.   Hmmm.  Slept a bit though so not all bad.  Weather awesome Went to Valley Car Boot - got two Ping G2 HL Irons.   Went a walk in Penhros Country Park with the missus, lovely day and the trees gave us some much needed shade!

Sunday 10th September 2018
Got up early again, had a shower etc  Music not as bad last night someone must have had words with them!   Packed up and came home.  Got back about 5pm unloaded then went and mowed Pad's lawn.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Tuesday 29th May 2018 to Sunday 3rd June 2018

Monday 28th May 2018 
Did a bit down the lotty after work then walked back with the dog. Found out it was a mile and half back - who knew??
Dwarf French Beans, Butternut Squash and Courgettes all in. 

Walking back from Lotty - a mile and half it turns out

Tuesday 29th May 2018
Up a bit late and slow to get going.  Dog walked, papers fetched, into office for 7.45am   Stressful day, never mind. Missus rings up at lunchtime to say Phil is putting new roof on shed.  So got home and sort of helped.  Mowed outside and then front lawn. Still got to do back but Green bin is absolutely rammed.  Painted three sides of shed.  Wanted to get down to lotty to water but it was too dark so took el pooch a walk and that was that.

Wednesday 30th May 2018
Up early - 4.30.  Went to lotty at just gone 5am, someone there already and when I went at 5.45 there were another two there!    Watered everything but looks like rain is coming anyway!  Dog walked.   Papers fetched - into office for 7.20am  - no bacon butty as Bella's Baps van was shut this morning - going to the dogs this country is!  Another stressful day in the office but hey ho such is life.  Got home had tea.   Took Dog to lotty and did a bit of planting - all good stuff - too wet to do anything else really.

Thursday 31st May 2018
Up at the usual 5am.  No lotty after all the rain yesterday.  Up town with the dawg early doors, back to the car for 6am and waiting at car park at 7am, gave it 10 minutes then parked at work in the morning for first time in months.   Did a bit more down the lotty.

Friday 1st June 2018
No idea what I did.   Bella's baps was shut so no bacon bap.  Rubbish.   Got home and did a bit of work on the Village Newsletter which I've now taken on!  Not sure what else.

Saturday 2nd June 2018
Papers, dog walks, golf at Ashbourne. Steady.  Absolutely cream crackered and had kip on sofa when got back.  All good.

Sunday 3rd June 2018
Up early dog walked and all the usual.  Did some stuff up at Pads I think.  Played at Manor Golf Club in the afternoon - all good stuff.

We let these guys through - check out the heron 

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