Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Monday 16th April 2018 to Sunday 22nd April 2018

Monday 16th April 2018
Up early dog walked, papers fetched (hell's teeth papers in first thing what's happening?).  Really busy day at work.   Home for about 5.15pm.  Tea.  Down lotty with dog, got another bed weeded and also did the bed with the onions in it.  Two hours gone in no time.  Dog found a mouse hole and kept guard so I had zero mouse interruptions while weeding.   Broad beans had grown since I put them in the day previously.  Spring at last.

Another bed weeded - got some garlic in it which I've moved down to one end.  

Broad beans coming on at a rate of knots.

Small dog guarding the mouse hole!
Tuesday 17th April 2018 
Up a bit late at 5:45.  Dog walked, papers fetched, coffee made, off to work, saus and bacon cob bought from Bella's Baps on the way in.  All good. Got home about 5.20 after picking Lucy up.  Ashbourne is a right old mess at the moment so went the long way round to get home.   Tea and then took Pooch a walk.  It was a bit damp and what have you so didn't get anything done on the lotty.  Did a bit in the greenhouse and continued to make plans!!  Worked on Lucy's laptop which has a fair bit of Malware to get rid of on it and also needs a memory upgrade so will get some ordered in due course.   Watched last episode of The City and The City which was a China Mieville book made into a four part BBC series I'm not sure it worked quite as well as it might have but his books are a bit impenetrable while being stunning at the same time. 

Wednesday 18th April 2018
Up later again at 5.35 - am just knackered at the moment - need to get it sorted!  Dog walked, papers fetched, breakfast, still got into work a little after 7.30 so all is well sort of thing.  Left work ten minutes early to make sure I could a load of weeds taken to the recycling centre - I took two wheelbarrows worth of weeds down to the car and brought two wheelbarrows worth of manure back up to the plot in the opposite direction.  I was a bit surprised when some of the manure moved and turned out to be a great big toad - so picked him up and released him in a safer spot - so far no warts!

Came back later - got a bad of onions planted.   Got my vertical strawberry project done. Got another bed weeded and plenty of manure in it ready for peas to go in it soon.
Peas will be going into the narrow bed - normally has runnber beans but missus no likey

Thursday 19th April 2018
Up at 5.35, funny night struggled getting to sleep for some reason.  Dog walked, papers fetched, pocket breakfast on way to work.   Such is life.  Sat at desk for 7.40am so not too bad all things considered.  Down the lotty for 6pm absolutely red hot!
Got another raised bed weeded

Got a row of peas in - need to put the pea sticks up at the weekend. 

A better picture of the vertical strawberries concept! 
Got a row of peas in, weeded another bed.  Red hot.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Sunday 8th April 2018 to Sunday 15th April 2018

Why so quiet? - busy that's why.   Don't seem to have a moment these days but that's how life is isn't it.  Have been up to all sorts.  Greenhouse is in full swing.  Have done a load of council work.  Have seen a load of films, have done a few gigs have even played one round of golf since end of February.  Busy.

Horse and Groom, Derby

Bit of Parish Councl Work - who is responsible for this drive?

What I can remember of late.

Sunday 8th April 2018
Mum's birthday.  Up dead early.  Dog walked.  Went over park to see if patio cleaner had done anything with the moss etc.  It hadn't.  The patio cleaner was brilliant on our patio but no good on the soft surface of the playground it would seem so used graft instead.  Found a brush with a bit of right angle aluminium on it did best but soon broke that.  Going to order some white vinegar which is supposed to kill moss.    Never mind.  Did a bit in Greenhouse after potting up a load of tomatoes on Saturday.     Mowed lawns and mowed side of road  - first cut with lawnmower set up on high and used the light flymo rather than Phil's Honda RollerBeast 300 (or whatever it's called!!) will use that for second cut!   Over to Derby for Football.  Soon as full time in the motor and over to Darley Dale for mum's birthday do.  I really enjoyed it nice bit of surf and turf (even saved a bit of the steak for el poocher who enjoyed it to such an extent that it did not touch the sides going down!!).   Dawgs eh.   Stayed up late (well 11pm) watching golf stopped up to see if Jordan Speith could equal course record but last two holes did em just as they did Paul Casey earlier in the day.   Good stuff and what a beautiful course that is Bobby Jones certainly knew where to plonk a golf course.

Monday 9th April 2018
Up early, into office early.  Ton of grief at work as is often the case.   Left at 2.45 for Dentist's appointment in Ashbourne at 4pm only just made it - traffic at the moment is an absolute disgrace everywhere.  There was a mother and daughter in the dentists who missed their appointment by 20 minutes due to the traffic.  Anyway got there, dentist said you have a small hole in your wisdom tooth but the good news is that you have options  - we can leave it and the small hole will get bigger and end up being an abscess like last time that may require root canal in the future or we can drill it today and fill it.    I did a pro vs cons analysis in my head on the fly and decided for an non-anathematized filling and it was all right and got done and I was right happy about that.  Went home and did a bit - took el pooch out three times in the pouring rain - am about sick of it I have to say.

Tuesday 10th April 2018
Up at 5.20.  Dog walked in rain.   Papers fetched.  Into office for 7.45 all good.   Stressful day at work but got it all done.   Picked Lucy up from School.  Tea. Dog Walk, bought a keyboard for me studio (£30!).   Watched a couple more episodes of The Bridge III, great stuff.   Bed at just gone 10 after another dog walk.

Wednesday 11th April 2018
Up at 5:20 a bit late.  Dog walked, no papers to fetch, come back had a bit of brekko, fetched papers successfully on second time of asking all good stuff.

Thursday 12th April 2018
Up early.  Dog walked, no papers to bring back.   fuse in kettle gone, old fuse flicked out and into the toaster so had to empty that out.  Perfect start to the day!   Reported three potholes on Derbyhire Traffic Hub.

Friday 13th April 2018
The usual plus wrote some nasty letters to Premier Park Ltd and to various MPs about the Private Parking 'industry' being poorly regulated.   All good stuff.  Finished off watching The Bridge - have watched all three series in a couple of weeks - very good!  Love a bit of Scandi drama.

Saturday 14th April 2018 
Gig day.  Cancelled golf as only 15 holes open and one of us had dropped out so got busy potting up tomatoes and the like.  All good stuff.   Did a couple of hours down the lotty and then walked dog a few times as missus out most of the day in Sheffield.
2 rows of spud, some beetroot and some radishes in this bed.

Nag's Head, Belper - a bit tight!

With Paula, Darren and Wills at the Nags!

Sunday 15th April 2018
Up early, dog walked.  Stuff to do.  Bass drum port to sort out.   Did a couple of hours down the lotty - got two barrow loads of muck up from the bottom and brought a load of weeds down to car.  Got broad beans into the ground a bit late but they'll catch up.   Going to get runner beans going in next couple of days.  Got some dwarf french beans started, got some more beetroot and radishes started off as well.  All good stuff.
16 Broad beans - number by total accident - French Beans and sweet corn to go in this bed later on. 

Monday, 12 March 2018

Monday 12th March 2018 to Sunday 19th March 2018

Monday 12th March 2018
Up early - dreamt about doing something wrong a t work again - god knows what that's all about.   Never mind.  Dog walked, papers fetched, first into car park walked to work before the rains came - by crikey it didn't half rain in Alfreton!

Did a bit of transcription for a Whitesnake song that starts on second beat of first measure - what's that all about!?!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Monday 5th March 2018 to Sunday 11th March 2018

Monday 5th March 2018
Up early, snow all gone, dog walked, papers fetched into office reet early.   Irritating sort of a day but never mind.   Back home about 5pm.   Dog walk, tea etc.  Then did a bit in the drumattic.  All good stuff.  Was really tired so went to bed as soon as missus and Lucy back.

Tuesday 6th March 2018 
Up really early.  Dog walked, papers fetched, off to work nice and early.  Almost stopped for a sausage and bacon cob at the butty van walking into work but thought no, save that for Friday.   So in office in good time.  Onwards and upward.  Booked holiday in Anglesey can only get 6 nights for some reason but it actually falls perfectly between two gigs so we will be going to Anglesey on a Sunday with hopefully little in the way of traffic.  It's also the better week for fishing so I'm pleased with that truth be told. Did a bit of work (not playing in the drum attic trying to get a USB3 card to work in the bloody Dell XPS8300 - talk about a pain in the arse.  Watched an episode of "The Thick of it" - absolutely brilliant.  Am only nine years behind everyone else but it's great to watch.

Wednesday 7th March 2018 
Up early again.  Dog walked papers fetched, parking car up for work at 7am!   Did stop at the buttie van!  Whoop.  Then found a pound walking on to work.  Told Missus I'd found a poond - she said we won £25 on lottery as well.  Everything on the up and up perhaps.   Bosskat sent me a picture of the hound while at work too.  She could be waiting for me to come home but think she's just waiting to ambush the postman.

Got home after picking Lulu up from school and doing a massive detour through Mappleton because Severn Trent are giving out bottled water on Shawcroft car park and the whole town is grinding to a halt because of it.  Never mind.  The good news is that I found a thing on Dell's website that scans your PC and then fixes stuff and it's fixed the USB 3.0 card I bought from America for £32 so I've now got a single USB 3.0 port which will transfer data 10 times the speed of USB 2 and six times the speed of FireWire so pretty nippy.  Why is this important?   Because I want to record multiple tracks of audio for example a hihat and a snare drum as well the rest of the kit via midi and with USB 2 I could only do one audio track I can now in theory do all 8 channels at the same time.

Thursday 8th March 2018
Up at 5.10am, shower, shave, dog walk, no papers, back home brekko, coffee in travel mug off to work.  Got to car park a couple of minuted before 7am but car park locked so got a bit grumpy but it got opened so not to worry.   Into office about 7.20 after walking in.     Lots to do.  Boss let me get out of work a bit early as had to pick something up from Derby.  Got three brief case style flight cases for £36 , two of which will become gifts in due course the other one I'm going to use for carrying the drum miscellany - drum key, tuner, metronome, spare cymbal tubes, a posidriver and a flat blade screwdriver plus the cordless screwdriver kit for rapid drumhead replacements. 

Bed early - very tired - watched some 'The Thick of It' with Lucy  - it's very rude and sweary but very, very funny.

Friday 9th March 2018 
Up at 5:10.  The usual - shower, shave, dog walk, papers, brekko, coffee, load the car and on me way.   Into office for 7.30, rolling.   Picked Lucy up from School  started watching a think on Sky called "Save Me" - highly recommended.

Saturday 10th March 2018
Up early - absolutely hammering it down with rain.  Dog and me both in coats, both wet through.  Rubbish.  At 6:50am got email from golf club saying course is closed - marvellous.   So took dog for a walk up golf course.  Got two dozen golf balls in my travels and dog had a big walk. 

Chucked her in shower when we got back.  She don't like washing that dog!!  Watched telly, did a bit up in the attic, nowt else to report.

Sunday 11th March 2018 
Up super early.  Keep having dreams that I've done something wrong at work.  God knows I don't just what it is I've done wrong but keeps waking me up.    Anyway at 4:40 I was taking dog to walk, neighbour's lad just getting in from wherever he's been all night!   Watched some telly at very low levels.  Did a bit in the greenhouse, got all me seed potatoes chitting on an egg tray read for end of the month.   Over to me mum and dad's at lunchtime - mother's day and Lily's birthday on same day grand.  Watched Forest vs Derby a dull 0-0 draw that saw Tom Huddlestone get sent off - bloody refs!  Finished the series of Save Me - brilliant ending.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Monday 26th February 2018 to Sunday 3rd March 2018

Monday 26th February 2018
Up early.  Got the dog togged up against the cold.   Got the papers and into work nice and early.  Back home for about 5pm all good stuff.  Did a bit up in the drum attic, enjoyed me self.   Watched new episode of Strike which was quite good.

Tuesday 27th February 2018
Up early.   Dog walked  no papers to be fetched into office for 7.43 after being turned back on A52 and having to go via Belper.  Never mind.  Got car filled up at Ambergate on way back in.   Done a load of last minute birthday present shopping.   Took Lucy to get her mum some stuff.  Phil made a special trip to Waterhouses Shop to get her ladyship a card too!!  All good. 
Missus a bit grumpety with me so only did a quick session in the Drumattic.    Computer gone dicky again.     Got the little hoover to see if it was dust inside it causing the problem (has been in the past - fan gets stuck) but no charge in fan.

Wednesday 28th February 2018
Up early.  No papers again.  Into office in good time. Funny day in the office when I came down at 4.15 most of the company had gone home - such is the power of snow.  Took a few pictures on way home.

Looking toward Idridgehay

Had tea then did a bit up in the drumattic - hoovered the computer out - it made no difference so went and got some screwdrivers and reset the graphics card - that seemed to sort it.  Happy days.  Did about half a dozen tunes, all good fun.   Started watching the Manchurian Candidate which is a proper wierd film so far.

Thursday 1st March 2018
Up early - 5.10ish.  Dog walked, no papers to fetch.  Went up about 6.15 and got them when they'd got in.   Took me just over an hour to get into work due to crappy weather.  Never mind at me desk for 7.40 so all good stuff
A52 Derby Road

Clover Nook Industrial Estate, Somercotes

Got home okay, bit easier than going.  Dog walked.  Tea at the Okeover Arms, Mappleton - interesting getting there but we got both ways fine.  Bit of shopping at Aldi, missus happy with that, I think.

Watched end of the Manchurian Candidate - I think it was an okay sort of a film? 

Friday 2nd March 2018
We are supposed to have a gig tonight - weather depending in Ripley.  Will know by late morning, the bass player has got to come up from Leicester so hope the right decision is taken - weather depending!   Got into the office early enough.   Roads nice and empty again, A52 a bit drifty so drove steady - didn't take much longer. 

Phil out and about gritting, ploughing and digging folks out I think.   Ruddy weather's even getting on his nerves I think!

Anyroad a gig at The George, Ripley - one guitarist pulled out but we did it anyway and it all went much better than the previous one even as a three piece.   Also tried out rack tom on a snare stand rather than hanging off a cymbal stand and much preferred it.  Also tried out the new holy cymbal and it was proper china-esque and picked it up for a song.  Excellebnt.

Saturday 3rd March 2019
Up early, dog walked, papers in the shop and fetched home for a ruddy change!   Took Lucy to Scarthin Books so she could do part of her art project.  Which was to do a poster for a shop in this case a book shop and then get feedback on it from the owner.

After Scarthin Books nipped over to me mum and dad's to see them and did a couple of lil jobs while was there.  Then back to Ashbourne and then Saturday afternoon me and Lucy went to see Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri which was brilliant and should have won all the Oscars but didn't. Never mind. 

Sunday 4th March 2018 
Up early.  Dog walked.  Got Phil a load of egg trays out of the attic once he'd got up.  I need to remember to start chitting potatoes.    Did a bit in the drumattic while Lucy at 5-a-side football training at the leisure centre.   Then over to Uttoxeter to get a new bulb for the outside light - got a 100w LED equivalent that's as bright as anything.  Watched another Oscar nominee called Get Out on Now TV - it was very good I have to say but not Three Billboards good.   After Tea watched 'Baby Driver' which was absolutely great.   Top film.  Bed about 10pm and soon to the land of nod.   Seem to be overdosing on Films at the moment but with the crappy weather we've had what's the alternative!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Monday 19th February 2018 to Sunday 25th February 2018

Monday 19th February 2018
Worse say of cold yet.  Fed up with it to say least. Woke up mega early got up at 5.10am into office about 7.30.  All good I suppose. Did a few good things. Left work at 3.30 cause I'd had enough by then.  Did a bit in the drum attic. Trying a new idea for mounting the 12" rack Tom.  It's a Yamaha SS650 snare stand which is a bit lightweight but I don't have a lot of confidence in mounting the Mapex Tom from a cymbal stand twice now I've seen it start to fall whereas with this idea all the weight is supported pretty much from below - the one question mark is whether it's high enough but I think it should be.  Watched episode 5 of The Level - top program that.

Tuesday 20th February 2018 
Up early.  Did a bit in the house then woke Lucy up at 5:50.  Fetched papers, got into the office for 7.30, did a bit with secateurs on the way in.  Picked up Lucy from school at 5pm.   Then all systems go packing a snare drum I've sold on eBay.  Ace.    Watched Blade Runner for first time last night (think it will be the last thought it was a bit of a nothing film to be honest,  certainly no Smoky and the Bandit.

Wednesday 21st February 2018
Up really early same as every day.  Dog walked, papers fetched, into the office for just gone 7.30.   Got Parcel all labelled up and over to the Warehouse to go Parcelforce 24 service.   Going to see DCFC vs dirty, dirty Leeds later all being well.    So left work 5 minutes early.  Got home, took pooch for a walk then off to the footie, at Tin Town bus stop at 5:10 took a picture of timetable for future reference!

So caught the 5.15pm bus at about 5.20pm.  Got to Derby about 6.10 and as Rich Doar was running late went to the Alex for a swift but expensive beer (bad choice there Mr Siddall) never mind then over to Costco for BBQ Chicken Pizza and a coffee (surprisingly good coffee!).  Then to Pride Park just getting to seats for 7.45 kick off.

2-2 was a disappointing result for Derby, both Leeds goals were soft - first one came from a player totally unmarked in middle of box on his own, second came from a bit of bad luck with Derby players pretty much going in wrong direction.  Derby came back twice though and scramble a point two minutes into stoppage time - had chances to make it an easy victory in first half that weren't taken.  Bus home was at 11:09pm so had time to kill.  Walked in to town to the Standing Order and had a cider.  Then bus home, walked from Tin Town, got in at midnight, took the dog out for a walk.  All good stuff.    

Thursday 22nd February 2018
Up at 5.15 after a funny night's sleep.  Dog walked, papers fetched and into the office for 7.35'ish.  Watched Blade Runner which was alright 

Friday 23rd February 2018 
'Normal' day in the office.  Went to Winking Man for a meal and to see a band called Styx and Stone or something like that.  They were alreet.  Got home late. 

Saturday 24th February 2018 
Up early.  Usual sort of stuff.  Dog walking.  A bit of golf.  Got a two on the 9th so that was nice - might get me stake money back!  

Watched Lost in Translation which was a cracking film. 

Sunday 25th February 2018
Up early.  Dog walked the usual.   Went to lotty really early and chopped all the raspberry canes down like you're supposed to in Feb,   took bean row down on number 13 that ought to have been down months ago.  Anyway, did a bit.   Got home and did a bit of re-insulating the green house. Mum came over about 11:30 then we was off to footie about 12:30.  They got a bit hammered by Buxton truth be told and were short of numbers especially when one player got ill and another came off due to issues.    Never mind/.  

Monday, 12 February 2018

Monday 12th February 2018 to Sunday 18th February 2018

Monday 12th February 2018
Up early.  Decided I didn't need a shower as had had a bath on Sunday (Squeeze lyrics, anyone?).  So thought I should be a bit early with thing but rose from bed at  5:30, took dog out, spent ages scraping motor. Papers and then into office early doors. Practice up in the attic worked on the UFO shoot shoot transition into Thin Lizzy's version of Bob Seger's Rosalie

Tuesday 13th February 2018
The usual - up early dog walked, good day in the office back for tea-time.  Dog walk and practice up in the attic worked on Bad Co.'s Honey Child, Jailbreak and Waiting for an Alibi by Thin Lizzy then Dirty White Boy by Foreigner - all tickety boo and worth spending a bit of time on. 

Wednesday 14th February 2018 
Up early,  dog walked papers fetched,  work done and dusted back home for about 5pm. Tea and dog walk.  Then up in t'attic corked on Gary Moore Walking by Myself and Oh Pretty Woman endings - all good stuff.

Thursday 15th February 2018
A rude awakening at 4:30.  Phil van won't start can I take him to work.  No need we got it going so back to bed for half an hour.   Full of ruddy cold.  Did a bit of research into drum mapping in Cubase and got the problem where sometimes the hi-tom triggers a cymbal on some preset kits in groove agent sorted by mapping the inbound midi note to a different outbound one.  Also mapped rimshot to sidestick for La Grange intro.  Worked on ZZ Top's Waiting for the the bus into Jesus just left Chicago and what have you.

Friday 16th February 2018 
Went to bed early last night so woke up at 4 o'bloody'clock.  Never mind not getting up until 5pm then dog walked and into the office all nice and early - proper cold -3 celcius when I took pooch out.  Into work nice and early - legs getting a bit achy - could be a bad sign.

Not allowed to go in the drum attic tonight so might work on getting more practice material sorted out.

Saturday 17th February 2018
Well, started off miserable enough.  Chucking down with rain and full of cold what a perfect combination.  But... played golf for first time since before Xmas, started off hideously with an 8 on the first hole but by third hole everything was okay again. Had opportunities of various degrees of difficulty for two on three of the par threes which was nice.   Might be playing next Saturday as well.

Sunday 18th February 2018
Still feeling super rough.  Up at 5am same as Saturday.  Dog walked.  Read me book.  Lucy football at Etwall at noon.   Played well and got a 3-1 victory which was nice for them.   Got home up in attic and took some pictures of a snare drum I've had an not used for a number of years to list on eBay.  Took Lucy to see "The Shape of Water" which she wanted to see.  It wasn't too bad.   Only 20 people or so in the cinema on third day of release doesn't sound very good!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Monday 5th February 2018 to Sunday 11 February 2018

Monday 5th February 2018
Up early,dog walked, papers fetched.  Into office nice and early too.  Home for about 5pm'ish.   Got a drum kit photographed and listed on eBay (£1 maximum final fees offer!). Did some more drum mapping.

Tuesday 6th February 2018
The usual.  Picked up Lucy on way home.   More drum mapping.

Wednesday 7th February 2018
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.  Had a quick peek at the Ashbourne News Telegraph - quite a bit of rage about the Town Hall. Hee hee.
Waitin for the bus - need to remember 4 e &

Thursday 8th February 2018
Up early the usual.  Funny day at work taken up doing what I shouldn't be doing but that is how life goes sometimes.   Home for 5pm (didn't have to pick Lucy up on way home).  Tea then dog walked then more drum mapping.  It's harder than it looks you know.
Need to write this one out proper - Shoot Shoot UFO 

Friday 9th February 2018
Up super early, shave showered and walking dog early doors - bit of a fail as papers hadn't arrived at shop so needed an extra trip.  That said, Lucy wanted getting up at 6am and that was achieved.   Into office in good time - got some juice on the way.  Watched a ton of Gracepoint the American version of Broadchurch on Now TV - weird that you know the plot but its that little bit different!

Saturday 10th February 2018
Up early, dog walked,  Papers fetched. Did more drum mapping. Found a light for my music stand. Gig at Breaston. Not as good as I hoped. Oh well.

Sunday 11th February 2018
Up early.  Walked dog. Moped about a bit feeling sorry for myself.   Did a bit in the attic, sorting out my recording kit.   I am going to record the old Premier Project One snare and list it as they go for big money on eBay from time to time.

Lunch at the Cross and then watched Chips on Now TV which I have to admit I did quite enjoy even thought it was a bit of a  bubble gum film, sometimes that's all that's needed

Finished off in the Attic had a think about the fill from "La Grange" which is a triplet thing beginning on the hihat on the beat and then the two other triplets on the snare and then toms - I've been playing hi-hat with right-hand and doubles on the snare and then toms with the left hand - it's too fast to play consistently at 162 bpm so spent some time relearning to play it single-stick,  playing  hihat with right hand first time and then left hand alternatively - it seems to work although may take some time to get used to playing it that way!

Monday 29th January 2018 to Sunday 4th Febraury 2018

Monday 29th January 2018
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched, work.  Paul from Ashbourne Footie came and sorted out the lights that had caputted and only got slightly zapped once in the process!!  All good stuff.

Tuesday 30th January 2018
Day off work, taking Lucy up to Leeds Uni.   Set off about 10:30 got there in plenty of time.  Lucy chatting away to someone from London called Sasha and then off into her interview.  Got done for 3.30 and set off home, made the mistake of going through Sheffield to get to me mum and dads on way back which added an hour but such is life!

Wednesday 31st January 2018
Up early, the usual into work in good time.  Enjoying walking in from car park a mile away and it's getting lighter every day.   Parish Council meeting at 7:30 have inherited updating the website.  Such is life.  Back home by 9pm all good stuff.  Bed early.

Thursday 1st February 2018
Up at 5am - can't help it anymore.  Dog walked, papers late but fetched on a second pass.   A Blood Blue Super Moon - can't tell the difference to be honest.   First in the car park, walked into work for 7.30am all good.

Friday 2nd February 2018
The usual.  Stopped up late, watched Star Trek reboot from 2009 with cameo from Leonard Nimoy before he died.  Very enjoyable.  Really late to bed though!

Saturday 3rd February 2018
Up early, papers fetched, dog walked.  No golf.   Rehearsal at 2pm not on me mettle need to do a tone of research really.  Did some song mapping.   Watched the next Star Trek reboot film which had no cameo from Leonard Nimoy.  Still enjoyable

Sunday 4th February 2018
Up early, the usual.  Did a bit in attic, did a bit in greenhouse.  Took el pooch a big walk through the very muddy meadow. 
Snowdrops - first sign of Spring approaching?

Small dog in a big muddy field

Ford at Doles Farm

Gave her a shower when we got back all good stuff.  Over to Rowsley for late lunch with mum and dad it were alreet!  Back home - started doing homework

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Monday 22nd January 2018 to Sunday 28th January 2018

Monday 22nd January 2018
Woke up with this stomach ache crap still there.  Dog walked, papers fetched, first car in the car park at 7.15am.  Thought I might have to go home at lunchtime but stuck it out.   Right pain in the stomach it is!  Never mind, didn't bother with tea as it seems to come in waves after any food.   Never mind, back in the groove at work , watched a bit of telly, bed about 10.15.

Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Up a bit later at 5.20.  Dog walked and papers fetched with rain absolutely piling down this morning - little dog had her coat on though so it could have been worse.  Second car in car park at 7.20 into office about 7.35 all good stuff.  Watched "Stand by Me" - what a great film that is.

Wednesday 24th January 2018
Up dead early, the usual into the office for early doors.   Lucy and bosskat visiting Manchester Uni for an interview and a shopping trip.  All went well, train trips and what have you.  Lucy visited some odd shop at Afflecks apparently.   Back home watched "Stand by Me" again with Lucy - superb!!  Have seen this film probably almost into single figures - last night was the first time that I noticed that Corey Feldman's character has a burnt ear even though it's mentioned twice in the script!

Thursday 25th January 2018
Up at 4:59!!   Went to bed at 9pm last night as have been feeling knackered but the side-effect of that is waking up earlier and earlier!   Never mind, got stuff ready took the little pooch on a longer than usual walk as she's not been doing her business, all sorted today.   Good stuff.   Into the office for 7.30 with me new heavy shoes on (which I got for £25 in the sales, whoop!).

Friday 26th January 2017
No idea what happened couldn't have been of great importance.

Saturday 27th January 2017
Golf cancelled due to rain, popped over to see mum and dad, sorted out some internet credit card  stuff for em. 

Sunday 28th January 2017
Did a bit in the greenhouse sorting it out.  Lucy playing football at Etwall at 1:30.  They lost 2-0 this week with just enough players and no subs.  Had loads of chances but not to be.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Monday 15th January 2018 to Sunday 21st January 2018

Monday 15th January 2018
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Showered by the light of a torch as bloody light in shower has kaput.   Work for 7.40am.  Fetched a new bulb at lunchtime.  Left work 4.15, back home in good time, tea and then fitted bulb - still doesn't work - going to have to take light to bits tomorrow.  Replaced the black Evans hydraulics with clear Evans G2 heads on the new Mapex kit.  Starting to sound something like but it don't half take some tuning.

Did a bit in the attic - have put a 16" and 13" Vintage Nickle Tom up there - need to get some boxes for em pronto.  I now have the 12" and 18" Rock toms to do and then am going to sell them as a shell pack with spare heads and cases available for an additional £100 I reckon.

Tuesday 16th January 2018
Up at 5.13.  Dog walked, fetched papers.   Got Lucy up at 6am.  Back home for about 5pm.  Had Tea, walked dog, then lazed about on sofa watching Murder in Paradise or whatever it's called!  Then a documentary about Bad Company for the second time.   Great band.    In bed for 10pm with leccy blanket on.

Wednesday 17th January 2018
Up at 5.10 although woke up an hour earlier when Phil went out.   Dog walked, papers fetched, waiting for car park gates to open at 7.15am in Alfreton.  All good stuff.

Thursday 18th January 2018
Work as normal.  Away at 4pm.   On road to Falmouth for 5.45, after Satnav taking us through various parts of Birmingham on the way we finally got to accommodation near St Austell a few minutes before midnight.

Friday 19th January 2018
Up early, shaved and showered.   Breakfast a short while after 7am at the Travellodge - brilliant value for £8.25 everyone fuelled for the day ahead.  At Falmouth Uni for 9am, then sitting around waiting while Lucy had her interview.  Down into Falmouth for a walk-round - pee'd it down with rain so got in car and set off on the six hour trip back home.

A Falmouth record shop with Marillion's Clutching at Straws Album which had its 30th anniversary last year!!

Still Christmas in Falmouth!

Got home in time for second half of Derby match which somehow due to excellent goal keeping managed to be a 0-0 draw.

Saturday 20th January 2018
Up early, papers fetched.   Dog walked.  Golf cancelled due to crap weather.  Got tummy ache so didn't do a lot.  That said, I did manage to sew up a broken drum case with 8lb fishing line that should sort it.   Chippy tea but tummy ache not helped.  Bed earlyish.  In night tummy ache worsened so sort of slept on sofa, had intended to go gritting with the boy  but there was no chance of that happening.

Sunday 21st January 2018
Up early.  Didn't do anything other than a few dog walks.  Tidied up the attic a bit so could get down to the far end and play drums if I felt like it but I didn't feel like it.  Found a couple of bits I need in order to sell the Superstar EFX Rock kit so that's good.   Fell asleep on sofa and went to bed early.

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