Monday, 17 June 2019

Monday 17th June 2019 to Sunday 23rd June 2019

Monday 17th June 2019
Up at 5.10.   All the usual business, slow dog walk and into the office for 5.30  Everything sort of on rails.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Monday 10th June 2019 to Sunday 16th June 2019

Monday 10th June 2019 
Up early.  Dog walked then off to work.  Looks like being a wet one.  No walk at lunchtime.  Such is life.  Got home and it rained and rained and rained.   Did some website work and then when rain slowed down a bit took the big lad up to the cemetery and back. T'was all I could do!

Tuesday 11th June 2019
Up at 5:05.  Short walk for the dawg in the rain.  Papers fetched and then off to work.  All good stuff. Non rain all ruddy day so only short walks for dogs when rain permits.  CharityPub Quiz up at the Cock Inn - we came third - whoop whoop!!

Wednesday 12th June 2019 
The usual in to work after walking Pooch. Busy day then off to Nottingham to finish bringing Lucy out of Hampden street.   All good, tea at Wetherspoons too.

Thursday 13th June 2019
Up a bit later than usual - 5.20am.   Long slow dog walk, papers fetched.  Into the office.  All grief as usual,.  Back home - quick tea and then took Dawg to vets - she's okay is the short report - thank heavens.     Back home, quick walk with little dog, quick walk with big dog, off to Cricket Club for Defibrillator training.  All non-stop go.

Friday 14th June 2019 
Late again - 5:30am can't be helped.  Proper tired.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Into the office early doors.   WW - half a pound on again.  Rubbish!  Weather crap again.  Took big lad a walk in between rain showers but am getting a bit sick of this wet June mullarky.

Saturday 15th June 2019
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.  Did some tidying up of sheds to get Lucy's stuff put away.  Then at noon off we went to the Slimming World 50th Anniversary Awards at Birmingham ace.  Sat Nav got totally baffled by changes to roads in middle of Brum but our recent knowledge of Birmingham arena came into play and we got to the hotel in plenty good time.  Wetherspoons for Lunch then off for photos with MMB.   Grand, saw no end of folks I'd not seen for a while.  Do at night time went okay - the meal wasn't my sort of thing but then again it rarely.  A double Gin and Tonic and a lager cost me £18.30 - said I'd need to sort out a second mortgage before I came back for another one.  Robdogs.;  Hey ho. 

Monday, 3 June 2019

Monday 2nd June 2019 to Sunday 9th June 2019

Monday 2nd June 2019
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.   Into work for 7.30 - dentist later on - not overly happy about that but such is life!!  Dentist got done - not back now until January - good!   Took lily for a very short walk as she wouldn't go and then took big lad down to the lotty to do a bit of watering and weeding. 

Some gooseberries survived

First strawberry looking ready - wonder why some go ripe and others lag behind?

Watched a couple of episodes of billions - strange, strange programme.   Was hoping to watch the last episode of Chernobyl but it wasn't available so will catch it in due course.

Tuesday 4th June 2019 
Up early as always.  Dog walked, papers fetched although lost Tuesday's Times voucher somewhere so not got that - can still read it online though so not end of world.  Into office in good time.  Firing off emails from 7.30am  After work it was chucking it down with rain so did a bit in the greenhouse and then when it stopped raining about 7:30/8:00pm I took the big lad out for a walk which ended up being nearly four miles - I paid a debt off which was good.  Stayed up until 00:40 to make sure that Lucy got home from a party. 

Wednesday 5th June 2019 
Up at 5.10 - about 4.5 hours sleep - very tired indeed.    Dog walked, papers fetched into the office for 7.20 everything still on rails even though I am totally knackered.

Thursday 6th June 2019
Up early even though am off to the cricket.  Dog walked Papers Fetched.  Getting on the Swifty Bus to Derby at 7.20, then on the Red Arrow to Nottingham getting there a bit before 9am to find out that Chris and Rich's train was delayed so went to the Joseph Else ~Wetherspoons (I think) for breakfast.   Walked from there to Trent Bridge and good days cricket (West Indies vs Australia, boo hiss) was had.

  After game walked up into town met up with Lucy and took her for tea to Annies Burger Shack which very nice but perhaps a little bit too much food.  Never mind!!  Red arrow back to Derby and then got missus to pick me up!

Friday 7th June 2019
Up early - as always.  Dog walked, papers fetched the usual.  Attended WW - another pound on.  Such is life - you can't eat and drink everything in sight and expect to lose!  After work a nightmare began.  Little dog put her nose under someone's fence and an alsation grabbed hold of her - blood everywhere, three teeth hanging out and off to the vets we go.   Adam at Blenheim Vets did a brilliant job and we were able to fetch her back a couple of hour later. 

Saturday 8th June 2019
Stopped downstairs with the little dog until about 3.30 - she was sleeping fine I couldn't do though so shuffled off to bed.   8am off to group - lost a pound at Slimming World - what does that mean?  I don't know.   Rehearsal with band at 12, said it would need to be a shorter one than usual due to dog situatioin.

Sunday 9th June 2019
Up early, still very tired.   Dog walk then off to Rowsley car boot.  Didn't buy much.   Popped over to me mum and dads for a coffee and to see how they were then over to Nottingham to bring a load of stuff back from Trent University as Lucy has now finished year 1.  We couldn't get it all but got a good chunk of it.   Photographed the Mapex and put it on eBay for sale.  Got to be done - have got too many drumkits at the moment.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Monday 27th May 2019 to Sunday 2nd June 2019

Monday 27th May 2019 
Up super early, took dog out and got papers.  Got things ready and then set off for Wembley.  Drove down after picking up the others from Ilkeston.  Not too bad getting in and parked up on someone's drive in Wembley.  Then got on underground and went into Camden Town to get something to eat.  Back in almost perfect time - got a coffee and sat in me seat 5 rows up on the halfway line for 2.40pm   Shame about the result - Derby played well and I don't think anyone would have begrudged us winning but we cocked up twice in defence and paid a high price for it.  Villa will be back down next year - don't doubt that.

Back home for 9.40, bed for 10.30

Tuesday 28th May 2019
Up early dog walked, papers fetched, back in the office for 7.30 all good stuff.   After work walked Lily for a mile round the big field loop and then took the big lad out for 2.5 miles down to the lotty and back.

Did a quick bit of weeding, watering and got in a couple of short rows of radishes and beetroot (bit late but hey I'm playing catchup).   Watched a bit of Chernobyll on Sky - interesting.

Wednesday 29th May 2019
Up a bit late at 5.30 after waking initially at 3am and thinking I'd got ages.  Still got into the office in plenty good time after walking the dog and fetching papers as always. By time I got back from Work it was proper persisting it down however,  I got just enough of a window in the weather to take Lily and Big Lad a decent walk so not all bad.  Missus S got a new sofa which seems to have freaked the dog out as she proceeded to howl from 10pm to 11pm.   I was proper jiggered after trying to work out what was up with - gave her dog biscuits, took her a walk, got half her toys out of her box.  Dogs.

Thursday 30th May 2019.
Up early considering.  Dog walked, papers fetched into office for 7.20am.   After work took pooch out and then big lad.   Went down to lotty, watered everything and then weeded a bed.   All good.  Got home watched two episodes of Cherobyll.  Now I am very, very tired.

Friday 31st May 2019 
Up earlyish - 5:22am, dog walked.   Took big lad to lotty and did a bit, watered beans and peas etc. All good stuff. More Chernobyl.

Saturday 1st June 2019
Solar reading 16305.91.   Dog walk, coffee, slimming club - 2lbs on - better than I'd hoped for so not displeased with that.   Nipped down to lotty and got some Growmore and Blood and Bone fertiliser bought. Revamp Rehearsal - all good - tried the new kit out and it sounded awesome - loving it although the floor tom needs a little bit more damping.  Back home for about 6pm and chippy tea - all good stuff.

Tama StarClassic - if Carlsberg did drums etc.etc. 

Sunday 2nd June 2019
Up early.  Down to lotty to do a bit.  got there and found that ruddy pigeons had attacked the goodseberry bush - need to get it netted at start of May next year so played  catch up to start with.   such is life.

Set off a bit after 8am to see Lucy and have breakfast in Nottingham.  £20 in Wetherspoon's for the three of us - not bad.  Then walked into town, on the way saw the Peregrine Falcon that lives on one of the tall buildings there - what a sight to see one in flight - couldn't get a picture of that wasn't quick enough but saw him/her perched on side of the building.

There is a WebCam here :-
You can see he/she looking out at the end of the ledge! 

Went down to Primarnia and then stoofd in the middle of Nottingham watching the cricket on the big screen - ace!

Back home for about 1pm but weather against us - did a little bit in greenhouse and then nipped to lotty with big lad later and did some weeding so about ready for the brassicas going in (late) and sweetcorn I think.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Monday 20th May to Sunday 26th May 2019

Monday 20th May 2019
Up at crack of dawn as always.  Dog walked, papers fetched, into the office.  After work walked big lad round three miles the usual. Watched Game of Thrones final episode - bit of a damp squib really.  Went down lotty with the wee dog - not sure what I went for?   Saw a whopping great helicopter come past.

Took big lad a walk after - the usual three mile walk.

Tuesday 21st May 2019 
The usual.  Got home from work on time for a change.  Took small dog to lottie - did a sort of temporary fix for the broken gatepost on the plot.  Weeded the onion patch.  Later on when I took big lad out I saw a cracking way of doing onions - you put a sheet of material on the ground with holes for the onions and therefore no weeding - remember for next year - in fact might even do a bit this year using an old compost bag for the cover with holes cut out in it.  2.7 miles with Big Lad down Mayfield and what have you.
Big Lad, Mayfield Walk - 2.7 miles not a bad stroll

Wednesday 22nd May 2019 
Up at the crack of dawn.  Papers, dog walked.   Dropped tomatoes off at Dougs on way to work so a bit later than usual into the office but still in for 7:30am.  All good.  After tea went up to lotty.  Did a little bit more fixing on the gate post and then got two pea rows sorted.  Back home for 7.15 then off out with Big Lad.   Decided we would go up to Mount Pleasant farm through the fields then back down the back of the cemetary and what have you.  Not the best walk I've done with him - he managed to jump into a load of mud but the views were good along the way.  Hey ho.
Some view!
Thursday 23rd May 2019
All the usual, up dead early, papers, dogs etc.  Busy day in the office then off to SW group - 4.5lbs off (the same 4.5lbs that went on last Saturday - can't quite work that out?).   At the minute I'm all off track but have a cunning plan to start in June.   After work we went down to lotty with the peas that I've been growing in gutters for a month or two.  We got those into the ground and then back home for 7.30ish.  Took the big lad a shortened walk due to having stubbed me toe during a 2 mile walk at lunchtime.  Very bruised it is too.  Never mind.   Started watching a film called Super 8 I think - very good elements of Close Encounters, Goonies and a number of other films - will watch ending at some point!  Watched a bit of question time and then off to bed.

Friday 24th May 2019
Almost didn't get up in time this morning - 5.14am.   Did all the usual.  Have put me runner beans out this morning to start hardening them up.   Will put them back in the greenhouse tonight and then perhaps get them in the ground tomorrow. After work went to Nottingham to see a band called William the Conqueror supported by a band from Ilkeston called Those Howling Sounds.  A good night got in at 1.30am a little bit tipsy it has to be said.

Saturday 25th May 2019
Up early.  Papers fetched.  Little hungover.  Did tons of potting in the Greenhouse which I need to be getting sorted out for Tomatoes soon.  Delivered the runner beans and french beans down to the lotty. Took Mr H's birthday present over.  Took big lad another walk.

Sunday 26th May 2019 
Went to Lotty early doors, got bean row up and runner beans in.

Only had an hour and a half as Missus wanted to go to Alstonefield Car Boot - it pi$$ed it down on us!  Such is life.   Over to Ratcliffe for a family do in the afternoon - good fun.  Got home about 7.30 took big lad out.

Monday, 20 May 2019

May 2019

What have I been up to?  Loads.  Have walked ruddy miles with various dawgs.  Been to see Derby win their last few games then lose to Leeds at home with a dismal performance only to play an absolute blinder at Leeds when I was stuck in a Parish Council Meeting.  From a work perspective I have never been busier but managed to deliver an impassioned presentation on plastic pollution and what people can do to reduce/reuse/recycle etc. 

Sunday 12th May 2019
Done a first gig with ReVamp went well all things considered (especially when we only started three months earlier!).   Sunday afternoon 5:30 kick off how wierd is that!?!
First Gig - Roebuck Inn, Burton - used a one up two down kit in a tight space - wrong kit for the job!

Used Mapex Saturn V, 12" rack, 14 and 16" floors, 22" bass drum, Sabian cymbals - all good stuff 

Friday 17th May 2019
Work then went to see a band Dogs on Bees?? at Empire Club very good.  Drank a little bit too much, nothing new there!

Saturday 18th May 2019
Rehearsal with Revamp. Dog walks etc.
This is the Remo kit I picked up for under £90 fantastic value and sounds really good. 
We went for a meal at the Royal Oak which was very nice.  While was there I made the mistake of putting a last minute low bid in on a Tama Starclassic Birch/Bubinga and won it.  Never mind!

Sunday 19th May 2019
Up at 4:30.  Drove down to Swindon, well just outside of Swindon at a place called Ashton Keynes, pretty as anything - got back home for 11.30 and started cleaning it up and checking it out.   It's as pretty as anything.  Tama Starclassic Birch/Bubinga 5 piece with weird snare stand (might have to get rid of the snare!)

I took the batter RIMs off the rack toms and move the shell rounds so badges face front - looks amazing.

From different angles it appears different colours but always drop dead gorgeous.

The kit is a Tama Starclassic Performer Birch/Bubinga hybrid with 3 plies of bubinga on the inside and 4 plies of birth on the outside - it tunes as easy as you like and looks stunning.  The bubinga apparently adds low end to the Birch's projection.  Not read a bad word about them. 

I think the 08G means made in 2008 - could be wrong. 

Am going to give them all a damn good cleaning - look at that grain.

After lunch started to get ready for the Derby County Play Off Final general ticket sale at 2pm.   Only had 6692 people in front of me, only waited for an hour but just managed to get a ticket and a really good one at that.  Well pleased.   While waiting in queue for an hour I sorted petrol strimmer and stuff out ready for a session at the lotty.  Once ticket was sorted out we were off down there to get grass sorted out and pull out some shitty nettles (bloody things).

Thursday, 11 April 2019

March/April 2019

March 2019
Joined a band for a bit.  Loads of walks, a few DCFC pride park games.  All good stff.

April 2019
Left a band but still sticking with ReVamp

7th April 2019
Car boot first thing, over to me mum's for her birthday in the morning.  Auditioned for a band in the afternoon.

8th April 2019
Work.  Rehearsal with a band in the evening.  Didn't go particularly well and have had some nagging concerns with this band.

9th April 2019 
Left that band still in ReVamp though.

Did all the mowing after work. All good.  Need to get a little strimmer though. 

10th April 2019 
At work early after walking the dog.  Env Focus Meeting in the morning, normal work in the afternoon.  Then visited a group.  Then Ripley Police HQ for a NW meeting, back home for 9.30.  Meanwhile Phil had been busy.

Wee Phil is like my dad, really good at making stuff.  When I was at primary school I had a chess set but lost the rook from it.  My Dad machined me a replacement.   Wee Phil, my lad is the same - he can make stuff and he's save me some money with a handy iPad stand made from bits of a £20 kit I bought in Christmas 2018.  Anyway, the base of a snare stand, a tom holder and a bit of plate steel and off you go.  Have not mentioned it but it should be apparent that usefulness skipped a generation for me!

Friday, 8 February 2019

February 2019

1st February 2019 - Dry January is done and over.   Went to Derby to see an ace Marillion tribute called StillMarillion at the Flowerpot.  Grand night and few sherberts partaken.  Got the bus in good time and got home.

Rest of weekend and following week was good until Saturday!!

Saturday 9th February 2019
Got bass drum sorted on the Remo kit.
Went to Coach and Horses at Fenny Bentley for food and beer happened.  Not good but hey ho.

Sunday 10th February 2019 
Lots of walking.  All good stuff.  Over to me mum and dad's for tea.  Not got no lotty done this weekend which is very, very poor.

Monday 11th February 2019
Audition with band at Langley Mill called Medicine Train - nailed it.  They are seeing other drummers later in the week but fairly confident

Friday 15th February 2019
Confirmation of getting the gig with Medicine Train

Saturday 16th February 2019 
Took big lad a big walk down Snelston then over the river and back to Mayfield
Then we went for something to eat at the Coach and Horses, Fenny Bentley with Paula and Darren which was nice.

Sunday 17th February 2019 
Took the daughter back to that Nottingham - big brekko, bit of shopping, I sit down in the big shops now - proper old man stuff - bloody love it!!

Wednesday 20th February 2019
Bought an ipad secondhand for £75 - it will do a job, might not be the latest thing but have got an app in mind for managing set lists etc.

Saturday 23rd February 2019
Rehearsal with Sam's band in Greasley - good fun it will work.

Sunday 24th February 2019
Took big lad a long walk through meadow down to Ashbourne Cemetery then along flood barrier to back of Rose and Crown then up into Mayfield and along river then back home for Brunch.

Did an hour or so down the lotty - departing stuff from Shed 7.  Found a 30 years old Big Lix set list in the shed!

Did a load of planting stuff then off to Miners Arms at Carsington for tea with mum, dad and uncle michael - all good stuff.

Monday 25th February 2019 
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.  Car loaded up with stuff for rehearsal tonight at Langley Mill.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

January 2018

Been very, very busy indeed.  Hence nothing posted much.  Went to see Holmes & Watson with Phil at the Odeon Luxe on the Metro Centre, Derby - very enjoyable and much better than the reviews.

Went to see a band called Genesis Visible Touch who do Genesis material from the Phil Collins era and they were superb.  

Bought a drum kit for under a hundred quid  - it needs a bit of work doing to it but it sounds cracking.

Got me bloody tax return sorted out. 

Taxied Lucy to and from Nottingham two or three times in January too!  All good stuff. 

Monday, 10 December 2018

Monday 10th December 2018 to Sunday 16th December 2018

Monday 10th December 2018
Up at 4 o'clock, taking Lucy back to Nottingham Uni first thing.  So got papers and dog walked early then dropped Lucy off at her digs at 6.50,  into work at  7:30am everything running on rails(ish).  Review at work, could have been better could have been worse.  Never mind.  Rehearsal after work sounding something like.  Back home a bit after 7pm.  Tea, dog walks, bed. Knackered.

Tuesday 11th December 2018
Up early doors.  Dog walkeds, papers fetched.  Into office nice and early.  All good stuff.

Wednesday 12th December 2018 
The usual, papers in for a change.  Nothing really to report.

Thursday 13th December 2018
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.   All the usual stuff.  Rehearsal after work - lots of singers really going to be good shames it's for just three songs but hey-ho.  Went to Mark's group at Hilltop on way home as not going to group on Saturday morning after going to the Izaak Walton on Friday Night - very poor scheduling by Missus Siddall.  any road 2lbs off.

Friday 14th December 2018
Woke up late - 5:50am all a rush but even this late on the poxy papers haven't arrived.  Into work on time.  I pondered having a bacon buttie all the way to work and in the end argued myself out of it.  I am having stone award for xmas whether I like it or not!

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