Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Monday 15th January 2018 to Sunday 21st January 2018

Monday 15th January 2018
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Showered by the light of a torch as bloody light in shower has kaput.   Work for 7.40am.  Fetched a new bulb at lunchtime.  Left work 4.15, back home in good time, tea and then fitted bulb - still doesn't work - going to have to take light to bits tomorrow.  Replaced the black Evans hydraulics with clear Evans G2 heads on the new Mapex kit.  Starting to sound something like but it don't half take some tuning.

Did a bit in the attic - have put a 16" and 13" Vintage Nickle Tom up there - need to get some boxes for em pronto.  I now have the 12" and 18" Rock toms to do and then am going to sell them as a shell pack with spare heads and cases available for an additional £100 I reckon.

Tuesday 16th January 2018
Up at 5.13.  Dog walked, fetched papers.   Got Lucy up at 6am.  Back home for about 5pm.  Had Tea, walked dog, then lazed about on sofa watching Murder in Paradise or whatever it's called!  Then a documentary about Bad Company for the second time.   Great band.    In bed for 10pm with leccy blanket on. 

Wednesday 17th January 2018
Up at 5.10 although woke up an hour earlier when Phil went out.   Dog walked, papers fetched, waiting for car park gates to open at 7.15am in Alfreton.  All good stuff.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Monday 8th January 2018 to Sunday 14th January 2018

Monday 8th January 2018
Busy at work, n'er mind.  Got in early.  Did a bit of secateuring along the way to improve the walk in for pedestrians.  Back home for about 5pm.  Not much else to report.    Here's a picture of the new kit I am not sure about suspending Toms from cymbal stands but apparently it's the modern way to have Virgin Bass drums.   It's a Mapex Saturn V with walnut/maple shells and all sorts of fancy dancy features to maximise resonance - I hate the heads that are on it so they'll have to be swapped out so have ordered some black Evans Hydraulics.
The Saturn V with Evans Hydraulics should sound like the video here:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_X-gs1ZNu4    Gives you an idea of how boomy the bass drum is as well!  Fast forward the video to near the end - I think his dad comes along gives him a look and he has top stop!  Ace.  Watched the end of The Tunnel series 3 on Now TV looks like no future series as one of the main characters died.

Tuesday 9th January 2018 
Busy day at t'office then back home, quick tea then took Lucy and Gracey Bill to cinema at Uttoxeter.   Mooched about shops while we waited and had a coffee in the most sterile and charmless KFC I've ever been in (only been in two in my life but this one was devoid of any kind of atmosphere).   Watched Inside No.9 on BBC2 - it was superb!

Wednesday 10th January 2018
funny old day, up at 5am, dog walked papers fetched.  Picked Lucy up after school - did nowt again - need to get back up in the attic and do a bit really.  Never mind - made Missus watch No.9 - don't think she appreciated it then watched the last two episodes of True Detective Series 1 again - awesome!

Thursday 11th January 2018
Up a bit later as water switched off over night.  Took pooch up town about 5:30 got papers, got into work for 7.40 still though.  Took Lucy to see the new Star Wards film - £15 for two tickets - robbery - good fun film though - very loud!

Friday 12th January 2018
Finally got some black Evan hydraulics for the new kit - put em on don't like em.  Thought it might be down to the room so will see how we get on with them in rehearsal.  Cancelled golf for tomorrow.

Saturday 13th January 2018
Up early dog walked, papers fetched.  poking about getting things ready for rehearsal - always feel underprepared.   Never mind.   Didn't do a particularly brilliant job at rehearsal although used Tama Rhythmwatch metronome for getting counts in bob-on and it was great - need a long lead and something to mount it on and then we're away!  Watched "Suicide Squad" on Now TV - what a load of tat that is!

Sunday 14th January 2017
Woke up at crack of dawn - 5am.  Got some 2-part epoxy resin and glued down a bit of wood in the shower room that has been a pain in the arse for bloody ages.   Got me tax return done.   12:30 took Lucy to football with the small dog and they only won 2-0 - right good game much improved on last year and apparently the only side to keep a clean sheet against Hilton Rovers this season which is nice but by crikey it was cold.  Got back about 4pm, put the central heating on!!   By 7:30 after much snoring on the setee I thought it time for bed, so took el pooch out and then off to bedski.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Monday 1st January 2018 to Sunday 7th January 2018

Monday 1st January 2018
Went to bed at 2am, up again at 5:30am.  Took dog out early doors to see if I could find any of the gear we lost previous night.   Didn't but Phil did later!   When everyone up and missus had tidied up and I'd loaded up we had a last walk on the beach.

Tuesday 2nd January 2018
Back to the grindstone.   Up early.  Dog walked, paper fetched.  Into the office for 7:50 after walking in from car park.   Home about 5pm, steady sort of a day and got me Xmas present to mesen - a Mapex Black Panther snare drum no less. Second hand of course but at a reasonable price.

Wednesday 3rd January 2018
Up early, sh*tty weather.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Bought another drum kit.  Yikes.  Saw Craig Blundell playing and raving about Mapex Saturn V drums with Walnut/Maple hybrid shells - found one on eBay second hand for almost £1000 less than new price, bought one.  Mad!  2.5 hours driving down to Solihull to collect it.

Thursday 4th January 2018
Up really early.  Dog walked, got stuff ready, woke Lucy up at 6am, took dog second walk and fetched papers into office for 7.40.  All good stuff.

Friday 5th January 2018
All busyness, all the time can't remember what I done!

Saturday 6th January 2018
Golf cancelled early doors, took dog a walk, got papers, did a bit up in the attic.  Got all the Xmas decs downs and lights hung up to dry. Did a bit in the garden, tidied the greenhouse up a little bit.  Watched Serenity with him out of Castle on Now TV - getting me money's worth.

Sunday 7th January 2018 
Not much to report.  Took Lucy to footie practice and picked her up.  Did a bit trying to get bass drum right - it booms a bit.  Watched Guardians of the Galaxy II on Now TV.

Monday 25th December 2017 to Sunday 31st December 2017

Monday 25th December 2017
T'was Christmas so usual madness and stress, very enjoyable day to be fair.

Tuesday 26th December 2017
Went gritting with Phil early doors - loads of laughs as none of his lorries would work so he had to go out with a snow plough on which cut down his options.

 Coming down from Xmas fun, took dog walk with the missus, missus took next door's dog too.

Wednesday 27th December 2017
Prepping for going away.   Rehearsal with Blackstar in the afternoon

Thursday 28th December 2017
Off to Wales, still light and quite mild at 4:55

Friday 29th December 2017
Bit of shopping with missus in preparation -

Saturday 30th December 2017
Crack of dawn (6am) fishing with Darren on Cafe beach - too rough.  Gave it up as a bad job when it got light.

Sunday 31st December 2017
Hell's teeth I'm 50! Not having that. 18 years old with 32 years experience then.  
Missus did a brunch for exveryone - Paula and Darren went in afternoon weather too windy.  

Phil and Dan - battleships tournament

Never mind.  Got some top gifts, Andrew arrived in Afternoon.   Bit of a do attended by missus, mesen, Lucy and Phil, our Andrew, Vic, Linda, Jill, Paul and little Dougie.  Phil's mates Dan and Lucy too. 

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Monday 18th December 2017 to Sunday 24th December 2017

Monday 18th December 2017 
Cripes it's almost Christmas, where has the year gone?  Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched. Work, home.   Watched "Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them" film which was quite good.

Tuesday 19th December 2017
The usual.  Watched Central Intelligence Agency film which I've seen before but was alright. Janette's brother gone into hospital so had to sort out tea for the boy.   Lucy did herself a jacket potato bless her.

Wednesday 20th December 2017
Up early.   Dog walked, papers fetched.  Dropped a card off for Doug and Heather - took a bit of finding in the dark.  Into office for about 7.40am.  All good, bid on a new drum kit and lost - really pleased about it too - what was I thinking.  Got home and got working on fancy dress (well did a bit and Lucy did a lot!)

Thursday 21st December 2017
Fancy Dress day.  Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.  Loading up car with stuff.   Going as the Fab Four (because there's four blokes in our team, it's the 50th Anniversary of Sgt Pepper and I'm nearly fifty etc.etc.).   If the stars are aligned etc.etc.

Friday 22nd December 2017
Last day at work before packing up.  Good stuff.

Saturday 23rd December 2017
God knows what I did. Put lights up did some stuff in attic probably.  Muchos clearing up 

Sunday 24th December 2017
Bit more of the same up in the attic getting stuff down for Christmas Day. etc.etc. 

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Monday 11th December 2017 to Sunday 17th December 2017

Monday 11th December 2017
Back to the land of work.  No hassle driving to work just went a bit steadier.

Tuesday 12th December 2017
Yikes proper cold. -7 at Clifton, -6 parked up in Ashbourne to fetch papers.  Little dog is in her coat so it's all good.

Wednesday 13th December 2017
Up early.  Dog walked papers fetched.  Sorted missus car tyre pressure warning (bloody thing). 

Friday 15th December 2017
Got the missus and Lucy tickets for Bastille in Sheffield - row C no less!

Last gig in Ashbourne for Breaking Poynt.  All good stuff. 

Saturday 16th December 2017
Spent most of day mucking about trying to work out how could fit missus and drums in car and in end missus didn't go!  Never mind, got Xmas lights up - they go for absolutely miles!  Ace.  Last Breaking Poynt gig ever never mind.  All got done saw some old friends which was great. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Monday 4th December 2017 to Sunday 10th December 2017

Monday 4th December 2017
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched into office in very good time.  Chasing about sort of a day.  Such is life.   Back home a little after 5pm.  Dog walked then up in the attic returning it to it's status as proper Drum attic.

Tuesday 5th December 2017
Over laid, didn't get up until 5:50 so a bit of a rush, into the office for about 7.45 though so not end of the world!!   Wee Phil not very well so he came home before lunch time.
Beauty and the Beasty

A kiss from the Pup

Wednesday 6th December 2017
Back with a bullet today.  Up super early and into office for 7.30.  Good stuff.   Got home, tea then dog walked - raining so a nice short one. Did a bit up in the attic.  Working out the tricky bit of ZZ Top

Tennis ball riser cuts down on vibrations going through floor.

Thursday 7th December 2017
No idea what I did. 

Friday 8th December 2017
Same again barman.   Had a drink or two as it was the weekend after all.  Nearly bought a DW kit - glad I didn't because bad news was on its way.

Saturday 9th December 2017
Got a letter from inland revenue - I owe a fair chunk of unpaid tax it would appear -fancy sending that a fortnight before Xmas - our souls.  Did a bit up in the attic.  Went to see JBs band at Rocester Football Club.  Good support band in Devilz Jukebox I thought

Saw Raymondo, found out we're playing a party there next week!! All good stuff - we had concerns about the 20cm of snow predicted for midnight but of course it never appeared.

Sunday 10th December 2017
Dog walk, bit of snow about, nothing like forecast.  Got some Christmas Lights up outside after making a fake Christmas tree for some of em to go on.   All good.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Monday 27th November 2017 to Sunday 3rd December 2017

Monday 27th November 2017
Up early, waited for everyone to wake up, shave and shower then down for breakie about 8:15.  Missus went shopping then we drove back up to the shire.  All good stuff.  Did a bit of tinkering up in the attic.  Still work to be done.

Tuesday 28th November 2017
Up at 5:30, dog walked papers fetched, into office for 7.30.  All good stuff

Wednesday 29th November 2017
Bit of tinkering about.

Thursday 30th November 2017 
No idea what I was doing.  Very poor.  Did some work on the tennis ball drum floor in the attic to reduce noise coming down through the floor.

Friday 1st December 2017
Up early, the usual.  Got a load of stuff done at work, picked Lucy up on the way home.  Got some wood from Homebase and then finished off screwing the floor together.   Got the balls down fastened to sheets of card.  Carpet over top of floor.  Got electronic kit back on top of it.

Saturday 2nd December 2017
Up early.  Dog walked papers fetched, the usual.   Missus gone to Burton so I did a bit more up in the attic, did a bit of drum practice too (although not enough!).   Put new rim onto bass drum it's an improvement but still not quite ideal.

Practice with new band at 3pm finished by 5:30

Over to Darley Dale by 7pm, just in time for whisky tasting, parked at Two Dales.   Got away about midnight, I think, walked back over to Whitworth Road and slept at Mum and Dad's for first time in thirty years I think!

Woke up about 4:30, walked back to Two Dales and got car drove back to Bohain, good job too as alarm wasn't set right. Did a couple of jobs then back home for about 6:30, read papers and what have you all good. 

Sunday 3rd December 2017
As mentioned above back home for 6:30.  Lots of coffee.  Did some jobs in greenhouse, got a load of daffodil and assorted bulbs into ground all good stuff.  Took dog on what turned out to be a big walk! Missus back at 4:30, quick tea then up to the Shoulder of Mutton for pub quiz.  We came second to last but at least not last!!!  Ha ha!  So to bed, asleep in about ten seconds.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Monday 20th November 2017 to Sunday 26th November 2017

Monday 20th November 2017
Still a bit of a shadow from Carl's funeral but perking up a bit now.  Up early dog walked, papers fetched.  Busy but quiet day in the office.  Picked up a Big Dog straight cymbal stand for not very much on way home from just north of Lichfield didn't take too long.   After faffing about with fitting new snares on the really old Premier 2000 snare drum for hours I gave it to Phil and he did it in five minutes but still don't know what he actually did!

Tuesday 21st November 2017
Busy and long day at work then off to Pride Park for the footie.   Parked in Intu which worked brilliantly.  25 minute walk to stadium I think and straight through traffic on way home.  People parking on Pride Park must be wappy.  Anyway, DCFC beat QPR 2-0 but it should have been about 5-0 Derby keep trying to walk the ball into the back of the net instead of just blasting the ball in like they should be doing.  Never mind it's 3 points.  Got home about 10:50 in bed for 11:20 after a coffee.

Wednesday 22nd November 2017
Up late - 5:56am!!!  Yikes consequently everything a little bit behind.  Nay matter.  Busy day then collected Defibrillator leaflets what I done for the Parish Council.  Parish Council meeting at 7.30 done by about 8.30 - world record!

Thursday 23rd November 2017
Up at 5.30 so a bit better.   Got bus from car park as well so at me desk a bit earlier than yesterday.

Friday 24th November 2017
Busy day at work, got home, had tea then had to go back to work to sort something out.  Fortunately I just got to work before 8pm so missed the A38 getting closed for roadworks so that was good.  Back home for 10pm all good stuff.

Saturday 25th November 2017
Up early as usual.  Bit of snow down, dog walked and what have you.  Golf cancelled at 9:30 as course closed.  Pottered about doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

Sunday 26th November 2017
Up early.  Nipped up town to get some money, grabbed a paper for Missus Sid, off to that London about 8:45.  Made decent enough time all things considered.  Parked up and onto the underground headed for Covent Garden.

Back and checked into the hotel about 3pm, walk down the road to J J Moons for dinner/tea whatever.   Back to hotel for half an hour then off to the Albert Hall for Phil Collins - all good stuff.

Seats - I think we were about 40 foot from where Phil Collins sat

Think it was about a 15 piece band - Leland Sklar on bass,
Darryl Stuermer on guitar, his 16 year old son on drums!!!

The Royal Albert Hall - what a venue!

In action

I still think this chap in front of us is a politician

After show we walked down to South Kensinton, passed all the mueseums etc, took circle line to Paddington then Bakerloo back to hotel at Wembley Central - all like clockwork - Phil in charge of navigation, bed a bit after midnight

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Monday 13th November 2017 to Sunday 19th November 2017

Monday 13th November 2017
Trying to finalise a leaflet for Parish Council went to get a proof from Ashbourne Secretarial and Printing Services - looking good.

Tuesday 14th November 2017
New starter in my team so a different sort of a day!
Have bought a bass drum hoop to replace the horrible purple one - it's a bit battered and needs a lot of sanding.  such is life

Wednesday 15th November 2017
Up early.  Dog walked papers fetched, Lucy woken at 6am.  Doing an induction at work.  Got away at 4.15 got to okay final proof of leaflet - it's now been okayed for print run.  Tea then spent a load of time looking for Lucy's exam results.  Watched another episode of Angelby.

Thursday 16th November 2017
Up early (5.10am).  Dog walked, papers fetched, into office for 7.20am

Friday 17th November 2017
Funny day, up early, walk all the usual mullarky.  Mad rush at work.  Carl Summerell's funeral at Bramcote Crematorium.  Very Sad. He had an ace Dr Who themed coffin which he would have loved.  Met up with Bill and Craig who was in the band with (only Roger Van Driver was absent due to work committments) and talked about the old days - there were damn good times and damn funny ones too!

Saturday 18th November 2017
The usual. Dog walking.  Papers.  Faffing about in Greenhouse.  Couple of hours at the lotty.  Golf at lunchtime.

Sunday 19th November 2017
More of the same but with a bit of drum mucking about in too.  Car washing and other jobs at the homestead.  Missus gone off footballing with Lucy.  All good stuff and so to bed,.

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