Wednesday, 15 August 2007

150807 – House of Katmandu Trip

Took the family over to the House of Katmandu attraction (don’t know what the correct term for it would be?). Basically it’s a sort of house of exhibits of general weirdness, some of which are really good and some of which are fillers really. The ones that really impressed were a computer suspended in midair in a box that was kind of done with mirrors and stuff but I don’t know how – it was just good.

There was also a number of exhibits such as New York made from tooth picks and Hogwarts Castle made from matchstichs and things like that. Another cool one was a mermaid that goes from skelton to whole using holograms or something as well as a status with the face holographically projected onto it somehow – quite good. It cost 56 euros more or less which I think is about £40 back home and I think it wasn’t too bad. Probably less than an hours woth of entertainment in it but they do give you vouchers for the restaurant so probably it’s ok value wise. There was also this thing that 'proves' perception really is reality where you walk across a bridge inside a tunnel. The tunnel revolves around the bridge so you 'know' the bridge is fixed and stable, however your eyes interpret the tunnel as being steady and the bridge leaning to the left - hard to describe but if you have a go it'll make you laugh at how daft you feel when you're hanging onto the bridge trying not to fall off!

We’re off to Meson C’an Pedro tonight which some folks from work might remember as being the place with the top steaks – that’s what I’m planning on having anyway – Food Optimising ever so slightly out of the window at the minutes but bearing in mind that a work colleague has lost five pounds the first week after holiday I’m not too concerned. Am doing lot’s of cycling (and quite a bit of pushing) so no worries!!

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