Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday 23rd May to Saturday 29th May 2010

Friday 28th May 2010
Knackered. Badminton last night didn't help although enjoyed it as am beginning to realise that head position is very important for clears, drops and smashes which I'd not really got before. Anyroad, this morning walked/ran up town and back. The garmin hadn't got enough umpf to run GPS this morning so thought I'd take it easy!! Hols tomorrow, about time.

Thursday 27th May 2010
Bed late, up late that seems to be the pattern of late. Anyway at least didn't need to water due to a good few mil of rain last night. Did a shorter run but pace good again. Details here

Wednesday 26th May 2010
Blimey, couldn't get up again, 5:40 before out of bed - watered everything as usual, tidied up some of my fishing pollution then got out on road. 3.5 miles at 8:48 pace which is good stuff. Details here. Made a couple of flattie rigs up and two sets of luxury mackeral feathers. It's all going on at Chez Siddall, oh yeah.

Tuesday 25th May 2010
Up a bit late again. Watered everything. Ran 3.5 miles at 9 min pace with me new Nike Moto 6 trainers. Well comfy they are too! Details here. Good evening as well me and Lucy went on a mini bike ride, then did 9 holes of golf with some really nice shots along the way. Then fetched some FootJoy golf shoes I won on Ebay for a mega £20, well pleased with em. Then made some mackeral feather for holiday. Might post up the details on them at a later point - I took someone else's idea and innovated on the production process a little bit!

Monday 24th May 2010
Couldn't get out of bed, red hot all night, think have caught the sun just a bit! Anyway, did eventually, watered everything as usual, cleaned all the shoes ready for school and work then out for a bit of a run. Details

After work had to sort my cousin’s computer out (instead of watching England v Mexico – perhaps an unexpected bonus by the sounds of it). Anyway it seemed as if the registry was a bit trashed so thought best course of action would be to do a system restore to an earlier configuration. Tried it twice to no avail, kept getting following message:
“System Restore did not complete successfully
Details: an unexpected error occurred”

“Details: an unexpected error occurred – how vague is that?

Anyway the way you can resolve this particular problem is to reboot the machine in safe mode and then do the system restore and it’ll work. All good stuff, as me dad says.

Sunday 23rd May 2010.
Got up mega early to take Phil to work. Didn't fancy a run as had a load of jobs to do. Fetched missus' car up, got that washed and then washed me own. Watered everything - getting bored with watering already but hey-ho. didn't do much at all, bit of a trip out on the bike in the evening but even that was just a jaunt rather than an all out proper ride.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday 16th May to Saturday 22nd May 2010

Saturday 22nd May 2010
Got up at 4:30 to take wee Phil to work at the farm. Then got home, watered everything (as you do), sorted the shed out. Got Lucy's bike and my slow but comfy mountain bike out, pumped tyres up (in process inner tube in my front tyre blue - which was nice, not). Tidied garden up, took stuff to the dustcart which comes every 6 weeks. Then got Lucy ready and we went up town to fetch papers and get breakfast at Busy Bees' cafe up near the bus station - well recommended, really nice people, nice simple food, no problems. Then we came home. Golf ay 12:20 me and John played in a betterball medal off 3/4 handicaps, we ended up 1-over I think which was okay, I missed some howlers and John struggled here and there. Doug, bless him, marked for us and didn't laugh too much ever when John found three different bunkers on the 18th. Anyway, I think I had 7 pars and missed some rotten short putts but... that's golf for ya.

Friday 21st May 2010
Three miles this morning - averaging 9:30ish I think - for some reason it's not uploaded. 9 holes of v average golf - lost 3 balls!!

Thursday 20th May 2010
Tired again and it showed. Least did the old five mile route but only managed to get round at an average of 9.58. Still coulda been 10 min miles!!! Details here

Badminton was red hot, played not bad against the whippersnappers. Took one of em to 21-15 which was as close I got to good.

Wednesday 19th May 2010
Walked up town and then ran back, knackered and ankle hurt so not as tremendous mid-week performance. Such is life. Did another nine holes up on the course last night, a beautiful evening so t'was.

Another pic from Sunday - this is the farm where Phil works at the weekend.

This is the other circular thang in the the River at Norbury.

What the flip is this?
Went a walk down near where Phil works at Norbury on Sunday. Saw this and another strange circular thang in the river a bit further upstream. Don't know what they are. The nearby road is called Side Mill Lane so whether this is linked, I don't know.

Tuesday 18th May 2010
Back to five mile runs. Not very quick but acceptable (my definition of acceptable will be sub-10 minutes miles) . Details here.

Monday 17th May 2010
Knackered this morning. Only did a three mile loop which I didn't keep a track of as couldn't find me watch! Nearly went headlong as I went along Mayfield Road. Same track I run pretty much every day and managed to hit a ever-so slightly raised manhole cover and still can't believe I stayed on my feet - felt like I was flying for a few milleseconds.

Went up for 9 holes of golf, not t

Sunday 16th May 2010
Got up early doors to take Phil to work. Got back, went back to bed but couldn't sleep so got up. Mucked about. Made a load of sea fishing rigs ready for hols in a fortnights time. Can't wait.

Got a gadget for cleaning and lubricating the chain on me bike so I've done that today. Took it out for a spin. Just short of ten miles at 15.5mph average not bad considering all the bloomin traffic and I chucked some hills in for good measure. All good but no run this weekend. Details is here.

Me, the missus and Lucy went for a walk down by the river at Norbury. Some wierd stonework in the river that I'll post up tomorrow.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday 9th May to Saturday 16th May 2010

Saturday 15th May 2010
You want tired, I'll give you tired! Woke up at 4:25 this morning to take Phil to work, if I doctor was about I'd have been certified dead - that's tired. Never mind, dropped him off, came home, got back in bed, up at 9am, that's more like it.

Borrowed a roller of one of our neighbours, Pete and rolled the grass seed I laid last week. Looks a bit better but no signs of growth as yet.

Missus went shopping for the day so me and Lucy pottered about and then went up town, got papers went to swimming baths for two and a bit hours (can feel it in my arms which is wierd as we didn't really swim as much as we used to do). Anyway, a good session I suppose.

Friday 14th May 2010
Cripes was I tired this morning. Bit jiggered which am putting down to the badminton lesson last night. Was a good session though. Bit disappointed about trip to doctor's which saw blood pressure up a bit so am going to monitor it at home for a week or so. It's nothing massive but higher than it was. Everything else okay though. Anyway the garmin was saying low battery so just did same run as yesterday. See pic below.

Thursday 13th May 2010
Am looking out the window at 6am and there's bloomin frost - we're halfway through May for heaven's sake, what's going on? - I reckon this is what you get with a coalition government and what's happened to the climate change folks? Going for shorter run this morning as need to be in office early doors to get prepped for a meeting.

Wednesday 12th May 2010
Up at 5:25, watered everything, ran the usual 5 miler which means 25 miles run by Wednesday this week! Gutted for Fulham, how bad to concede in last minutes of added extra time, they played super football too and had their chances, shame it didn't come off we need a few fairy tale stories in these grim days.

Tuesday 11th May 2010
Up before alarm clock at 5:30 so adjusting a bit! Watered me grass seed and then out for a run. Steady five miles a fraction quicker but felt slower at 9:31. Details here. Got out for a fast spin on the FCR1 last night details here then did five holes of golf to finish off. Not bad.

Monday 10th May 2010
Did a ruck of recycling, gardening and what have you yesterday so went to bed early (9ish). Woke up at 4:30 (thanks Phil) went back to bed for a bit. Got up at 5:25, put composting bin out for bin-men, watered the freshly laid grass seed, polished four pairs of shoes then out for a run (details here). Did 5 miles at 9:40ish minute pace which was ok.

Went up and played a few holes on golf course, popped into clubhouse to see Saturdays result and found I'd won the second division (handicaps 10 to 18), which was nice. But they dropped me handicap down to 17 now - it took three years to get it back to 18 and two goodish rounds to get it back down to 16.7 , aaaagh.

Sunday 9th May 2010
Have been up at 4:30am last two days to take Phil to work. Ace fun. Anyway got back this morning and went out for a run. Four miles in and got a low battery warning on the Garmin so had to use to get the distance worked out. Did about 9.5 miles in about 1hr 40mins so pace wasn't too bad, as soon as watch was switched off though I'm sure I dropped off the pace. Nice route this was though as saw nesting swans, canadian geese (one was wearing a rush T-shirt so definitely canadian!), a hare, some sort of big owl and millions of rabbits and ducks. A lovely morning too after the bitter cold that yesterday was. Got back, washed the cars and will no doubt be gardening soon.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sunday 2nd May to Saturday 8th May 2010

Saturday 8th May 2010
Not much to report. Put a load of stuff on Ebay for work - old PDA stuff and what have you. Played golf with Doug and John - played well again in windy conditions 41 points which including blobbing on 7th hole (taking no score) when lost a ball (pulled drive, then although I poleaxed a 6-iron bang on line I couldn't find the ball so it was either short and in the rubbish or long and in the field - still hit the ball really well). So reasons to be cheerful. Unfortunately not playing next week unless I give Andrew a ring and see if he can put me with anybody.

Friday 7th May 2010
Oh dear, Mr Cameron will be blubbing into his cornflakes this morning. Still, at least he won't need to roll his sleeves up and get grafting. Although, he might have to start working out if there's a way to prise Mr Brown out of no.10, I can't see him shifting in a hurry!

Me, on the other hand I was up early doors doing me emails then went out for a five miler as is again normal - tried to up the pace a bit and have almost got it down to 9 minute miles; details here

Thursday 6th May 2010
Went out for another five miler this morning. Steady if not quite as quick as I'd like - average 9:37 pace but I was right tired on the third mile and dropped down to 10min mile which was disappointing but was on the climb up the park which might explain it a little bit. Badminton tonight - played a bit on lawn with Lucy last night - she seems to want to smash everything at me which is competitive but not condusive to a knock-about in my opinion!

Wednesday 5th May 2010
Bit knackered still but did a five miler this morning - did a bit of fun running and footy with Lucy last night which hurt a bit (they don't half make footballs hard these days, don't they?). Did some more footy and running with Lucy again tonight then an awesome spin on the FCR1 where I just kept the average up nice and high and beat the virtual partner set at 15mph. Which for me is jolly respectable! See details here

Tuesday 4th May 2010
Stopped up til silly hours to get my name down in the London Marathon 2011 ballot, if I don't get in then I'll be hanging up the running shoes. In the meantime it means I'll need to keep up a reasonable level of fitness at least 'til October when I find out if am in or not.

Was so knackered this morning after chopping down the tree and getting to bed late (although I did watch Unforgiven on the box so that was a bonus) that I walked up town and ran back.

Also forgot to mention, played 9 holes last night which was okay again, checked out how I did in the May Medal on Saturday and came third - if I'd not three-putted on 13, not put a ball in the hedge on the 6th and if the putt on the 18th had dropped in instead of sitting on the edge of the hole I'd have won! That's golf for you.

Monday 3rd May 2010
I bought a mount for the Garmin 405cx watch so that it can work like a speedo/bike computer on the FCR1. Set it up this morning and then took it for a spin (details of which are here). I average 14.3mph which was okay as it was mighty windy if I do say so myself.

Rest of day was spent chopping down a Xmas Tree that was in a wooden tub for about 15 years and was bloomin massive. Of course the Tree had not seen the tub as being a limitation and it's roots had wrapped themselves round a paving slab and what have you so it took a good four hours or more to best it and I'm not sure I've won now! It's still locked into the tub with it's limpet-like roots. Hey ho.

Irrational (sort of) Purchases
Bought (sold a kidney for) pictures from MarathonFoto but since I probably won't put myself through 26.2 miles of pain again I thought get em. Anyway, some of which are below.

Sunday 2nd March 2010
A slow (cause it was damn cold) 8.5 miles this morning round Ashbourne. A bit tired after 7.5 miles so walked a bit and went for shortest route back home (as you do). Will do a bit more tomorrow perhaps if I fancy it or might go out on bike. We'll see.

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