Monday, 31 January 2011

Sunday 30th Janaury 2011 to Saturday 5th February

Saturday 5th February 2011
Got up fairly early. Ran up town and back. Details. Golf was dreadful never been so wet - we ended up with 76 which in the circumstances wasn't too bad. Think we'd have stopped after nine holes but one of the other two wanted to carry on so we all got soaked.

Friday 4th February 2011
Got back home 1am from the awards so Friday turned into a rest day so it did!

Thursday 3rd February 2011
Tired first thing so just quick run up town and back. Details.

Slimming World's XpressWeigh system (which I've had an involvement in) was a finalist in the Investors in Excellence Innovation specialist category. We didn't win but we went to the do. Highlight of which was Ranulph Fiennes mega politically incorrect speech. Very entertaining and a bit of a legend so he is!

Wednesday 2nd February
Ran five in the morning again which is okay. Details. Mega busy at work as well. Went to see my uncle in Calow hospital who is really in a bad way so didn't get back til late.

Tuesday 1st February 2011
A month gone and still a long way to go in the fitness stakes. Five miles this morning - watch played up by going into compass mode and making me think it wasn't working so stopped a number of times to try and get the damned thing into training mode somewhat unsuccessfully - as you can see though the first two miles were around 10min miles and then there stopping and starting making the overall average 10:45/mile which is really rubbish when you consider the ten mile hilly course I did yesterday. Ho hum such is life - details here.

Monday 31st January 2011
Up at 4:45 on road around 5am (madness I tell you), don't know what temperature it was at 5 o'clock but I can tell you it was officially damn cold, anyway got biggest run of year so far done on a Monday morning - 10miles in 1hr 47m which was a slow 10:40/mile pace but there was many a hill between start and end so am quite happy with it overall! Details

Sunday 30th January 2011
Up at 4:15 to take Phil to work then back to bed. Had planned to take Lucy swimming at 10am but had a call from me mum for some assistance to move furniture about as my uncle is due to come out of hospital in the next couple of days all being well so that took precedence. However, have been promising to take Lucy swimming for the past two Sundays so come hell or high water we was going! Ended up doing about 50 minutes and 21 lengths in total the neat thing while we were aiming at 20 lengths I was able to give Lucy some maths testing in fractions, decimal and percentages which is what she's doing at school at the moment which was pretty good. Am going to try and go swimming with Lucy at least twice a month if not more, need to improve at swimming as Lucy is currently a better swimmer than me and that's not on!!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Sunday 23rd January 2011 to Saturday 29th January 2011

Friday 28th January
It's new day, onwards and upwards. Ran a decent five miles this morning am beginning to feel the fitness returning gradually. Yesterdays 6 miles was at 10:30ish pace I reckon I was a bit faster today but couldn't find the garmin sports tracker watch so I can't be sure but I'd be surprised if it wasn't.

Thursday 27th January 2011
Sad day, Aunty Joan's funeral. Ran 6 miles in the morning (Details) , went to the funeral, went to the refreshments afterwards, drank too much beer (not very clever I know but sort of helps me through funerals if I'm honest). Went to bed early as was tired anyway.

Wednesday 26th January 2011
Knackered again but still forced a solid five miles albeit with a bit of walking. Watch was flat as a fart so ended up running without timing but it was almost pleasant not feeling up against the clock.

Tuesday 25th January 2011
Very poor 3.5 miles this morning - really tired again after first mile, not good. Took laptop to see if it was the printer or the computer causing the issues with the wireless printer. It turned out to be Norton 360 on the laptop was the issue as mine worked straight away. There's some functionality in Norton 360 called My Network within that the printer had a 'protected' status which when changes to 'full access' fixes the issue and wireless starts again.

Monday 24th January 2011
Got up 5:45 unloaded car, ran quick up town (9:30 miles) and back. Off to work. Details Wanted to go to bed early but had to go to some friends' house to sort out a wireless printer which couldn't fix to work wirelessly - very odd - said would return following night and sort it.

Sunday 23rd January 2011
Nothing to report went fishin!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday 16th January 2011 to Saturday 22nd January 2011


Saturday 22nd January 2011
Not much to report. Played golf with new captain Ken Bainbridge and Mark Knight - we played steady for a 66, the captain had 6 birdies and they ended up with a 62 - at least it wasn't matchplay; we'd have been slaughtered!

Friday 21st January 2011
Not bad - five miles at 10:20 pace. Details here

Thursday 20th January 2011
Rubbish this morning - had no go in me so ran/walked for about 3.5 miles, not a good sign. On a more positive note was 1.5lbs lighter than last week but that's bugger-all really. More work to be done. Badminton really good tonight in some ways.

Wednesday 19th January 2011
Same sort of distance as yesterday - 5 miles but at 10:30 ish pace. Waiting on watch to upload.

Tuesday 18th January 2011
Best run this year this morning. Steady five miles at sub 10 min/mile pace. Not bad considering it was slippy as well. Bloomin watch wouldn't upload the data so that'll have to com later! Details uploaded wednesday here!!

Monday 17th January 2011
Sold some bits and bobs on the bay yesterday so had to get all that sorted out in the morning. So a shorter run than normal but not a bad one considering. Details here. 10:15/mile pace.

Sunday 16th January 2011
A busy day. January not been the happiest month thus far so it was time for a break from the old routine. Was up dead early and at 4:30 took Phil to work. Came back pottered about. Did a Six mile run doing the Okeover Park loop - details here but generally a steady 10:25/mile pace in the dark I thought was quite good.

Then we were pounding over to Chesterfield to pick up me brother for a sea fishing trip up to Hornsea, East Yorks. Not a bad run - we were there in about 2 hours with a stop on the way for bait at Tescos' however the bait was all wrong and we caught nowt while all around were filling their boots. We got there around noon and on beach in water for 12:15 about 2 hours before high I think, old chap next to us gave us some advice but wrong bait and your chances are not high - next time lug worm and mackie need to be on hand!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday 9th Janaury 2011 to Saturday 16th January 2011

Friday 14th January 2011
Come into work early as am hoping to leave early so run thus far. Will see what I can do later.

Thursday 13th January 2011
Taken a rest day, got badminton tonight.

Wednesday 12th January 2011
A slower still five miles this morning. Think am getting a bit tired. Details

Tuesday 11th January 2011
Another five miles done this morning. Details. Watched 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' last night with Keanu Reeves which was some quality hokum. This morning received news of a totally unexpected family bereavement which knocked me back. Not a good year so far.

Monday 10th January 2011
Bed earlyish and up earlyish - watched Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes over two sittings and very good it was too. Got all the shoes polished this morning as well which was good. Then at 5:55 went out for a five mile run which was also quite good. Details.

Sunday 9th January 2011
Went to bed 8pm last night but absolutely knackered again - 18 holes of golf and a three mile run too much for these old legs. This morning up early, did some work then out for a run a bit after ten. 6 miles it should be but forgot to reset the Garmin til I got to Mayfield so the first mile and a bit is on yesterdays golf. Ho hum. Got some nice pics as I went which will upload in due course.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 Start as you mean to go on!

Saturday 8th January 2011
Up fairly early went for a run up town and back - really poor - dead tired, no go such is life. 10:39am teed off up at the golf club for first 18 holes in about 6 or 7 weeks. Played the new winter league format at Ashbourne Golf Club. Started off great - a very average drive but a lovely 5-iron to four foot on the first green for a three! Can't start better than a birdie, between us me and John had four birdies on the front nine for a nett 30, five under par. We ended up with a nett 65 for our best result thus far - maybe we need more snow. I don't think so!

Friday 7th January 2011
Last night of the Ashes last night, after going for a thrash at Badminton in which I played okay, I think. settled down to wait for the England victory only for rain to stop play so an early night for a change. Up at 5:30 this morning, obviously we won which was nice. Only did a quick run up town and back but better than nothing. Tested my new headlight out and it worked admirably.

Thursday 6th January 2011
Went to bed 12:45 last night couldn't see Australia getting England out anytime soon so what's the point! Got up 4:45 saw England get the new lad and Clarke out, did some work fixing a friend's laptop (typing this on it actually) then going to be going out for a short straight up town and back run at 6:20 (short because am back to Badminton tonight and that knackers me on it's own!!).

Wednesday 5th January 2011
Did same as yesterday went bed about 8pm, up again at 11pm, watching ashes til silly o'clock, back to bed, up at 2:30 coz our super-early doors milkman can't seem to shut the damn gate, checked score and Cook and Bell still sticking around piling on the runs. Back to bed and then up at 5am watched a bit more before doing the old five mile run - still a rubbish time (link to follow later) but at least the mileage is getting done - something like 25 miles done this week so far - which is quate good in my book.

Tuesday 4th January 2011
Went to bed early to get up at 11pm for the ashes, watched til 1:30 in the morning and we were making good progress. Was surprised to see two tail-enders putting on 90 runs but such is life, got up at 5am and saw first two wickets for England drop in rapid succession which was a bit irritating but we're still in a not too bad position going into the third day - I'd be darned surprised if it don't end up being a draw. Anyway, 6:15 set off and ran up town and back at a steadyish sort of a pace but got absolutely jiggered after first mile - still better than nowt.

Monday 3rd January 2011
Bring it on - another six miler this morning.
10:37 pace with some decent hills involved so quite pleased with that.

In afternoon did nine holes of social golf with John. Steady stuff shot 45 after starting off with two double bogies, then bogeyed every hole up to last hole which I parred which was nice. Details are here:

Sunday 2nd January 2011
Did one of my favourite routes this morning - through Okeover Park and round through Ashbourne, picking up paper and back to base. A little over 6 miles, not particularly fast at 10:48 but first two miles were hell on me legs reducing me to walking a bit after first mile but to keep it under 11min miles with some walking's acceptable for the shape I'm in at the minute. It'll do for me.

Saturday 1st January 2011 Happy New Year! Got up at 4am to take Phil to work - seemed nice conditions, mild, no wind, no ice poifect for running I thought. Got togged up, opened door, drizzling so went back got baseball cap and out for a run. Solid stuff too - started off with a 5.8miles at 10:35 pace run. Which last April I would have said was rubbish but as I'm so out of shape it's unreal at the moment that's not a bad run for me. Not going to beat myself up with stupid targets but am going to do best to put mileage in than I have been doing. Janette's friend Linda has fitted me new Strap to the Garmin so am tracking my runs again hence the link.

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