Monday, 28 April 2014

Monday 28th August 2014 to Sunday 4th May 2014

Monday 28th August 2014
Up at 4.45, Phil got up at 5.15 - I'd been waking up all night in the excellent £36 Travelodge family room we had at Heston West-bound Services.  It did a job and it did us proud really.  It was about 10 minutes to short term  parking in Terminal Three.  It was a good decision and money well spent as the M25 on Monday morning was the usual car park - it wasn't brilliant on the Sunday night but at least it was moving.

We were at baggage drop-off for 6.25 and he was with the rest of the Haynes Harvesting Crew, as thick as thieves for 6.40 in Costa Coffee, "see you dad!", services no longer required.

Phil Outside Costa at Heathrow - in the background a dozen folks on the Haynes 2014 Harvesting Crew

 So that was that, shake of hands, look after yourself, be careful, and then am back in the car park.  A crash on M1 near junction ten so stopped for a bacon cob and coffee at Toddington Services but still back home for 10:30.  Took pooch a decent walk through the meadow.  Check Phil's flight got off okay - he's on his way!

About ten hours later he got there!

Meanwhile, played some horrendous golf with Doug in the afternoon but it was nice to be out and so damned relaxing I wasn't bothered about the rubbish golf.   Got home and mowed the lawns - no Phil to get the mower started but still managed to get it done - his words of air freshener wisdom set me in good stead!!

Bit of tea but little dog started creating so we did the meadow walk again.  All good stuff.

Tuesday 29th April 2014
Up at 6am (bit of a lie-in but was knackered from the Heathrow road trip and everything).  Took Lily up town for a walk and to get papers.  Breakfast,shave and shower and in to the office for 8:20.  All good stuff.

Left work bang on time as the plan was to skype call Phil before 6:30.  Didn't quite pan out as planned as he didn't answer his phone but not to worry we got him in the end.  Skyping a mobile overseas is quite cheap - it cost 12p for 4 minutes I think on the credit plan, there is a contract option as well but I thought we'll see how much we use first.  Anyway, we can get hold of him.  He's got wifi out there as well but it sounds like it's a bit hit and miss in the bunk house.

Wednesday 30th April 2014
Up early. Walked - loads of work.   Dog walks etc.

Thursday 1st May 2014
Same as previous!

Friday 2nd May 2014
Up early.  Dog walked papers fetched.  Loads and loads of work.  Packed up me stuff as am moving desks at work.   Coming down with a cold.

Saturday 3rd May 2014
Up early.  Dog walked.  Loads of stuff tidied up and put in attic.  Golf at lunchtime.  Took  the money with a lot of luck   Mind you, how out of the middle was this shot:-
Pitching wedge - proper middled.

Jemima Puddleduck with family near the 12th. 

Lots of gardenny type stuff.  All good. 

Sunday 4th May 2014
Up at... wait for it... 8:30!  Took some Tesco Flu tablets last night and slept through until well gone 8am!!!  Awesome.  Dog didn't really want to walk but she did her business which is all good.  Had a bit of brekky and then walked to the lotty to get weeding.  Back home at lunch time. Dog walk up to Sprinkshill and back beautiful bluebells all over the place. 
Lily dog in Sprinkshill Wood

Tea and then back to lotty to mow grass.  Put the Owl out to try and scare some of the pesky rabbits and pigeons away.   We'll have to see how successful it is. 
The owl of doom has been deployed....

After the final session at the lotty there was time for one last walk with the houndy along the meadow.   Saw a kingfisher for the second time in three or four days - flying past like lightning but unmistakeably a kingfisher.

More bluebells by the river...

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter Monday 21st April 2014 to Sunday 27th April 2014

Monday 21st April 2014
After an epic fail yesterday we went to Currys/PC World in Burton and got Phil's laptop.  Had a play with Skype - it was okay.  Should be okay for when he's goes Stateside next week.  Not much else to report got some work done down the allotment.   Went for a few nice walks with the wee hound.  All good stuff. 

Tuesday 22nd April 2014
Back in the office, only one day off for Easter as am using one of the days next week when I take Phil down to Heathrow for him going to Texas.  Cripes, only seems five minutes ago I was pushing him round in the big pram, where did the time go.    Anyway got lots done and made a record of it for analyis purpoes!!!

The usual dogwalks and paper fetching also happened - just a bit of a hole where the running once was.  Need to get cycling, golfing or something to fill it!

Wednesday 23rd April 2014
Up at 6.10 - couldn't get going.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Greenhouse and coldframe opened to avoid further scorching.   Got into the office for 8.20.   A bit of a cockup - I skipped group last week and didn;t book a holiday so it cost me £4.95 in back fee - a bloomin schoolboy error!  Anyway, was pleased at only having put on 2lbs which after all the whisky I've had is a top result!

Thursday 24th April 2014
Up at 5:50.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  All sorts of small jobs done.  Suited and booted - off to Kirkby-in-Ashfield to do a support job.  Then up to Chesterfield for funeral of Matlock RUFC legend John Siddall who was the dad of my best mate at school; Gaz Siddall and his brother Rob Siddall - both Matlock Rugby Club veterans, now.  Very sad but a massive turnout and loads of folks not seen in years there.  Got back into the office for 12.30 - loads of work waiting for me.  Such is life.

Friday 25th April 2014
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched, crap weather again.  Not getting much solar generated.  Off to work nice and early.  Loads done. Busy few days.  Home earlyish waited for rain to slow down a bit and took Lily out again.  No running for a fortnight and not really much cycling to speak of - need to get back in gear!

Saturday 26th April 2014
Up early, papers fetched, dog walked. Off to Uttoxeter to get Phil a memory card for a camera to take with him to US.  Got piccy B on way back.  Bus station at 12.20, Derby by 1.20 in the Alexandria with a pint by 1.30!!  All good stuff, another in there then off to the Ipro Pride Park DCFC stadium to watch them beat Watford 4-2 - really good football too.  most impressive.

Impressive ride near the Assembly Rooms. 

Pint at halftime and a burger, then at full time we walked back to Derby for a few more at the standing order with Jason's mate Stewart.  Missed the 7.30 bus so missus came and fetched me bless her!

Sunday 27th April 2014
Up early, dog walked.  Did some gardening jobs.  Various folks visited, last day in Derbyshire for Phil for seven months you see.   Then 3.30 ish we set off for Travelodge at Heston M4 services.  Tea at burger king - cost a fortune but I enjoyed it.  Then watched "For the love of cars" - will see if I can get them all recorded for when he gets back. Early to bed but neither of us slept well!  Never mind.


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Monday 14th April 2014 to Sunday 20th April 2014

Monday 14th April 2014
Morning after the day before.  Knee hurts, quads hurt even shoulder hurt but .... not as much as in 2010.  So must be getting better at it.   Up at crack of dawn, shaved and what have you before boss and daughter woke up.  Down for breakfast at 8.30 - had a bit of a fry-up, croissants and some pancakes - a bit different from the day before.   Got packed up - checked out - had a bit of an argument with Emilio the reception man as he wanted me to pay more for meals that were part of the deal (we weren't overly impressed with Holiday Inn - probably we were a bit spoiled with Hilton Euston in 2010).  After we were checked out we left baggage with the concierge and went to the Science Museum - mum, dad and Lucy went in - me and the missus sat outside with a coffee - it were grand.   Lunch at the pub over the road from Holiday Inn and then we were picked up by Bryn the taxi man.  Home for 6.30 and walking Lily the dog by 7pm!

Taxi up to 8 seater -  Bryn Jones, Great Longstone, Bakewell, Derbyshire. T: 07818 432345.
Tuesday 15th April 2014

Tuesday 15th April 2014
What an odd day.  Back to work and the pressure is sort of gone and the disappointment of not having another marathon to look forward to is setting in.  Who'd have thought I'd say that.  Anyway, up at 5:30 dog walked, breakfast - in the office for 8.15.  Meeting at 10am.  Lots of donations today and some while I'd been in London. Good stuff - got home had tea, did some potting and plant moving to make some more space.  All good stuff.

Wednesday 16th April 2014
Up early.  Dog walked.  Moon very low this morning. Frost as well.

 Got to Selston for 8am for an appointment with the Osteopath - her advice is not to train for marathons as it will accelerate the damage to my knee so that's that.  Won't be putting my name into the hat for next years marathon.  She said I could do shorter runs that involve less training if  I wanted or triathlons (if I upped my swimming ability!!).  She also said that cycling will do my knees lots of good and thoroughly recommended that so at least there's some light at the end of the tunnel.   Did a bit of pottering about.

Thursday 17th April 2014
Up very early after a late night battling British Airways' crappy website.  Took Lily a walk up town first thing to get papers.  Got home, a little bit of breakfast then off to Belper with the bike. 54 minutes is a bit crap but couldn't be helped - knee twinged a bit at the start but felt fine when I  got to the end. Did some buttock stretches at the office as the Osteopath recommended.

Hard going on the way home.  Seems I'm always riding into the wind.  What a pain.  Never mind got home in the end.

Good Friday 18th April 2014
Up at 4.20am to get Phil up as usual.  Back to bed then up at 4.40am as Phil's car's brakes have kaputted.  So as was up we took Lily, came back had a coffee then up town at 5:30am to fetch papers.  Moon nice and full again - should be fishing is what that tells me.  Such is life.

Bike loaded up and then off to Belper to Cycle2Work from there.  Took over an hour and felt again like I was in the wind all the bloomin way.  Legs feeling tired as well but hey-ho I was running 26.2 miles less than a week ago.  Into the office for 8.30am, queue for shower so went and had a brew and got cracking on the day ahead.

Saturday 19th April 2014
Up early.  Dog walked, paper fetched.  Very average 16 holes of golf.  Few pars, no birdies not even the one below:

Sunday 20th April 2014
Up early.  Dog walked.  Baking bread and cake.  Off to Burton, shop shut even though email said otherwise marvellous.  Back home jobs at allotment - can't do as Phil can't get his tools.  Marvellous.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Monday 7th April 2014 to Sunday 13th april 2014

Monday 7th April 2014
Woke up at 4am, got Phil up,  Up proper a bit before 6am.  Took Lily out in pouring rain.  Got papers. Got as coffee and off to work for 8am as might need to get off early today.   Trying to sort Phil's visa application out - think we need to rebook it and cancel the old one.  Less than a week to the Marathon now and am more and more conscious of what a slog it will be.  Knee is not happy at the prospect and apparently I should have done a 2 hour run at the weekend.  I might do an hour on Wednesday morning but that will be absolutely all.     Went to osteopath and she said I should have done some running too so stuff it - did a six mile slow run (all of em are slow).   Should have took a few pain-killers before setting off really as I run funny and end up with my calves tightening up like you wouldn't believe.  Before doing run went up to see me mum and dad, took em some Aldi tea-cakes - bloomin magic them babies are!   Bed for 10:45

Tuesday 8th April 2014
Must ring me mum up to wish her a Happy Birthday!  Up at 4.10am to make sure Phil got up.  Took dog up town and got papers all good stuff.  Today is only day I'll be able to cycle2work so got stuff ready then found out the Urban Mountain Bike had got a puncture - as usual in the back wheel as it can't ever be an easy one to fix can it.  So thought stuff it we'll have the road bike out so loaded that one up and did the ten miles from Belper.  Coming home was not as much fun - no matter what direction I seemed to be riding into the wind and there was tons of traffic and lights for some reason - rarely does it take longer to cycle back than to work.  Potted the San Maranzo 2 where there were two plants in the same pot. Used some smaller pots that I got from Aldi and they enabled me to get 6 pots in one of the trays on the heated propogator.  All good stuff!

Wednesday 9th April 2014
Up early to get Phil up but he was already up at 4.20am.  Back to bed for an hour or so.  Got up, took dog walk, fetched papers.  Watered the estate, fed the tomatoes.  Went for a three mile run - this should be the final run before the marathon.  Good day at work, involved in 60th Birthday presentation to our M.D. Caryl Richards - think we got the tone right (hope so anyway).  After work went to Hollie's Belper Slimming World group for final weigh-in before London Marathon.  Am 2.5lbs heavier than when I did it in 2010 so that's it - we are where we are complete with osteo-arthritis in one knee.    Four days to go and then the running shoes will be hung up for good!

Thursday 10th April 2014
Up dead early to make sure Phil gets up - set alarm a bit earlier after he caught me out yesterday!   Took Dog for walk to fetch papers and got back home for 6.30.  Had shave etc and then got missus up so could whizz down to lotty and get a row of spuds in.  All good stuff.

Friday 11th April 2014
Up at 5am, dog walked.  In car for 6am and off to Luton Airport Parkway.  Caught train into London - breakfast with Phil in McDonalds then on the tube for Grosvenor Square and the US Embassy to get his visa sorted out.

Waited for hours outside then off to Excel to get marathon number and stuff.   Bought a £14 knee support (which in fairness worked ok).  Show was more like a big Adidas shop which was a disappointement.  Got home for about 8:30pm.  Long day

Saturday 12th April 2014
Up at crack of dawn.  Dog walked. Papers fetched.  All stuff ready and packed up to go for London.  We used a chap from Bakewell to taxi myself, Janette, Lucy and mum and dad down to London.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury for a small fortune.  It was quite average for the money but there you go.  The one saving grace was that they let me have a place on their bus to the marathon start (well Blackheath anyway).  Anyway, we couldn't check in until 2pm so we went to the Pret a Manger round the corner and had a very expensive almond croissant and coffee.  We then went for a walk up the little food market.  Then while Janette and Lucy walked round the market - me and me dad went to the pub across the road from Holiday Inn - me dad has a pint, I had a lovely diet coke.   Evening meal and bed was the order of the day - watched a tiny bit of golf on the telly but wanted a good kip ahead of a 5:30 start.

Sunday 13th April 2014 - Virgin Money London Marathon Day
Up at 5am.  Shaved, showered, breakfasted by 6am (toast and porridge). First two paracetemol of the day taken. Vaseline applied liberally (didn't stop all the blisters but did a good job), 12 hour voltarol gel applied to knee and expensive knee support on after that.    Outside for coach at 6:20am and on way to Blackheath.  Met up with Ursula Van Leeuwen Hill (SW Marathon cheerleader and Platinum Consultant) and Kathryn at a little coffee shop at the bottom of the park. Got back to Blue start for about 8:50.  Loads of loo breaks and took another 2 paracetemol at  9am.  All part of the plan.  2 Bananas and into pen nine for 10am - got to the start and off running by 10:16. Was amazed to see people walking before mile 3 - didn't any of the Marathon information sent out sink in at all?  Anyway - I set off quite nicely and was doing sub 11 minute miles for first five miles, stopped for a leak at mile 10 (I remembered a good spot from 2009 and 2010).   Was still ticking along nicely at 13 and there was a really good dance music band on a lorry there - I picked up 2 gels at this point and carried on, then I remembered that I had to do another two paracetemols so stopped for a few seconds to take another two paracetemol.  Had a gel at 15 miles and another one a few miles later then picked another 2 gels a bit later too.   It all went a bit bad at mile 23 (13:39) and got worse at mile 24 (16:16 slowest mile) when cramp in my left quad really got me.  I had to walk it off a bit in both cases but the thing about London is the support is immense - there is no other run like it!   Anyway, the crowd had me running again until I saw the family at mile 25 and that got the tears rolling.  So after quick hugs I was off again on the last 800 metres and was proud as punch to get over the line a fraction under 5 hours 10 minute - I went like hell for the last 100 yards to make sure of it too.  So overall, pleased with the final result - shame about mile 24 and the cramp but that's the consequence of having a dodgy knee!

Really would love to do just one more... Anyway Osteopath appointment on Wednesday.

Took a long time to get back to the hotel after we ended up walking all the way to Victoria Station so we obviously went wrong somewhere.


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