Monday, 26 January 2015

Monday 26th January 2015 to Sunday 1st February 2015

Monday 26th January 2015
Bosskat had to get up early to get school off early as they have parent's afternoon today.  So waking up all night to check the time (but didn't set the alarm as I'm trying to develop Jack Reacher-like internal clock accuracy).  Got up at 5.35, dog walked and papers fetched.  Getting stuff ready for tomorrow as might cycle in depending on the weather.  Into the office for 8am.  Busy, busy day ruffling the feathers of folks who think it's okay to use our trademarks to fill their pockets - well that ain't on matey, that ain't happening.  Nasty piece of work,me, oh yes.  Anyroad, busy day, back home a bit after 6pm.   Tea, dog walk. Bit of true detective, bit of Game of Thrones.  Ace.  Bed.

Tuesday 27th January 2015
Didn't get up til after 6am which buggered up plans for cycling to work. Took dog up town, no papers in paper shop, marvellous, back for 6.45 - porridge and off to work.  As we'd got someone doing photos today I thought I'd got and plant the bike in the bike shed! Subterfuge and special ops - got me wanting to get out on the bike again, though.  So went out for a spin on t'bike when got home.  Only 7 miles so not too bad for a start over.  Hopefully get out again before end of week

Wednesday 28th December 2015
The usual dog walking and papers mullarky.  1.5lbs on at group.  Reap as ye sow (snow?)

Thursday 29th December 2015
Up early. Dog walked, papers fetched.  Snow given for today so that's been the topic all day. Got home for about 6.30pm not too bad a drive at all.   Home, tea, dog walks, snow fed up with it already.

Friday 30th December 2015
Got up at  6:45!!! Yikes that;s late, dog walked paper fetched, brekkie on the go.  Into the office for 8.45 so pleased with that after much 20mph driving and arsefaces pulling out on me and then driving 5mph slower than I was going.  Tosspots.

Saturday 31st January 2014
Up earlyish.  Dog walked, paper fetched.  Piccy B.  No golf as course closed.  Lots of work on the computer instead.  Good stuff.  Took pooch a good walk along the river and found a new way back before you get to Sides Mill Farm.

Pooch filfthy when we go back so she had a shower and shampoo - she hates that.  All good stuff, bed earlyish.  Phil gone out boozing with his mates in Derby.

Sunday 1st February 2015
Phil back in at 3.30am.  Hickuping like a misfiring ending at 4am, talking into the big white telephon at 4.45am.   Great start to the day.  Up at 7.30am.  Took Lily on a new walk.  Parking at the cemetery and then walking in big loop - the main aim is to keep her clean for as long as possible!!

Anyroad up, main aim of the day is to get the base dug out for the greenhouse, am itching to get busy with it. So marked it out first using cunningly placed solar lights for markers.

Then set out to dig off all the turf which I've put round the back in the main to sort of level out the bit of grass on the back that is a pig to mow in summers.  Hopefully it will help a wee bit.  Have kept a little bit of turf back just in case.
Have a cunning plan for how to get the cement / concrete base in bang on level.  So that's next weekend's job unless the wee lad lends a hand which he didn't seemed inclined to yesterday, bless.

Took missus for a quick shopping session in the afternoon and then took pooch a last walk up the golf course before it went dark.

17th Green a little bit unplayable - full moon - good for sea-fishing!
Nice sunset at the end of the day

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Monday 19th January 2015 to Sunday 25th January 2015

Monday 19th January 2015
Awake super early.  Went down fishing at 6:30 - starry, starry night.  Not as cold as expected.  Caught nowt, missed the one bit I had.  Packed up.  Bacon buttie and hit the road by about 10:25 home before 2pm even with sitting on the M56 for 20 minutes while a crash was cleared out of the fast lane.  Got home.  Took dog for a three mile round trip on a new walk I recently discovered.   Fell asleep on sofa so decided to go bed at 9.20!

Tuesday 20th January 2015
Woke up at 4am.  Got up at 5:30am.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Aldi for 8am.  In office for 8:30am. Back home for about 6pm. Had tea. Took dog a walk,  Watched a bit of telly including Count Arthur which was most excellent.  Did a bit of work on a current project.

Wednesday 21st January 2015
Woke up before 5am, got up at 5:30.  Took dog a walk and fetched papers - snow not too bad but set off for work before 7am, in the office for just after 7:30.  No snow at all in Derby - quite bizarre.  Busy day. Group after work - 1lb off which is a small victory after all the excess of the the boozy weekend.

Thursday 22nd January 2015
Up at 5am to make sure Phil got off to LAMMA at Peterborough. Back to bed for a bit then up at 5.40.   Dog walked, papers fetched. Missus is relief care-taking so got Lucy up and off to school.  Still in office for 8:30.   All good stuff.

Friday 23rd January 2015
An other full on day.  Up early. Dog walk, papers.  Brekko, work, meeting with DR.  Aldi on way home - flamin manic that shop is.  Back home for about 6.45.  Tea. Dog walk. Telly. Dog Walk. Watched some of Cambridge vs Man Utd - not bad game at all and pay day for Cambridge on the replay!

Saturday 24th January 2015
Up at 7am!!!!  Lie in at last!   Took pooch to get papers.  Went up town to piccy B to get brekko for everyone.  Got seed potatoes chitting!  This year trying the following first earlies - Home Guard (in honour of Captain Mainwaring obviously), Swift - as they sound nippy, and Casa Blanca (an oblique reference to the West Wing), for second earlies am going to try Maris Peers - we shall see.

Golf with JH at 1pm.   Started off slow then played last six holes in level par with a spawny birdie on the 7th. Ended up with a decent enough 21points.   Got home.  Got trimming the lilac tree so there will be more light for the greenhouse.  Going to work well I reckon.  Need to get it all took down the recycling tomorrow.

Sunday 25th January 2015
Up at 8am!!!  Blimey.  Walked round the meadow with the daft dog.  Got all the tree bits broken down to manageable size and then taken down to the Recycling.  11am walk was along towards Sides Mill and then round the foresty commission bit on top of the old tip.   Beautfiul day.

Got back and on with the job. First of all emptied the metre sqaured planter thing then shifted all the 45cm x 45cm slabs off the bit where the Greenhouse is going and stacked them where the meter squared was.  All good stuff. Showered and ready for a late lunch at the Shant with ma and pa.  Very nice.  Back home and more walks and then getting stuff ready for work - watched a couple of True Detectives as there's nothing on telly to touch it!


Monday, 12 January 2015

Monday 12th January 2015 to Sunday 18th January 2015

Monday 12th January 2015
Woke about 4am, didn't get up til 5:30 though - 4am is way too early unless you're fetching someone from Heathrow in my opinion.  Wind woke me in all fairness making the double glazing whistle again. What a pain.  Anyway, fetched papers with the wee dog who had a good bark at the old fella in the newsagent as she's prone to do (funny dog).   Got home, shaved, showered.  Porridge for breakfast and on the road to Darley Dale to pick up a computer desk.  Into the office for 8am, all good.  Funny day in the office - so much brand protection stuff going through at the minute. Anyway, today was a reet good day because I got my tax return submitted and paid off George Osborne so he can p*ss it up a wall in the house of commons bar no doubt.  So that's a good thing.  Continued with the new way of taking the pooch a walk before tea so she's not mithering which was also very good.  Bed at 10.30 after watching a bit more scandal.

Tuesday 13th January 2015
Woke up at bang on 5.31am.  Dog walked, papers fetched by 6.30.  Computer desk stashed in me shed by 7am.  Porridge for brekkie again - 2/3rds of a bowl of me and the rest for the wee dog who seems to absolutely love porridge, bless her. Aldi by 8am, office by 8:30 - everything running on rails!!  Continued the new system of getting home, taking dog walk and then having tea.  No mithering from the pooch at tea-time is great!  Count Strong on the telly after watching a new ITV2 series called Cockroaches.  Bed after 11pm - will pay for that tomorrow, no doubt.

Wednesday 14th January 2015
Woke at just gone 5am, up at 5:36, dog walked and back home with papers by 6.20am!   Cool.  Shave, shower, porridge again - wee dog getting two big spoons worth and loving it.  Into office for about 8am.  Nippy but no sign of the promised snow overnight - rubbishy weather forecasters! Interesting day - quite a few meetings, loads of brand protection work.  Group after work - 4.5lbs of the Xmas weight gain damage gone.  Will do for a start.  During the day I bought and installed a telly for Paddy as his old one (which wasn't all that old stopped working).  The only problem with it is that it won't fit on the old tv table properly.  Want to start running again really.  Watched more scandal. Bed for about 11.

Thursday 15th January 2015
Woke up with no alarm about 5'ish, out of bed for 5.34.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Shared porridge with the hound and in the office a bit after 8am.  Not bad day.  Aldi after work to get me dad two pheasants - bizarrely I found that Aldi had two pheasant products and so got the missus to have a look at the last brochure to make sure I'd got the right thing - I hadn't initially.   Dropped them off at Darley Dale after making a cockup and not getting off A38 until Ripley!  Such is life.

Friday 16th January 2015
Woke at 4am.  Out of bed at 5.40, papers fetched, dog walked, breakfast and into work for 8.15 after loading some bits and bobs into the car in readiness for tomorrow. Got a load done, back home, a few medicinals, a few dog walks.

Saturday 17th January 2015
Up early, paper fetched,  Fetched piccy b for family then car loaded and off to Wales.

Settled in to the cottage.  Couldn't dig any bait - sand was way too hard and worms were down really deep but got bait from Valley Baits so ready for the night's fishing.  Saturday night fished brilliantly - codling, whiting, plaice - loads of bites.

Sunday 18th December 2015
Woke up at 5am as usual.  Went a walk about 8am.  Bit of toast for brekkie.  Trip out to do a reccy on a mark the other side of Wilfa power station - proper full on force 7 wind so didn't hang about long. Over to Amlwch got some bait for the evening session.  Which could only be described as chalk and cheese when compared to Saturday when we were getting bites pretty much all night,  Such is life.  Bed about 10pm.


Monday, 5 January 2015

Monday 5th January 2015 to Sunday 11th January 2015

Monday 5th January 2015
Up at the crack of dawn (even though had set alarm clock was awake at 4am).  Took dog on a fairly long walk picking up the papers on the way back.  Into the office for 7:50.  All good stuff.

Tuesday 6th January 2015
Up early.  Dog walked.  Bumped into Jonny Bigland for the second day in a row.  Got papers, into the office for 8am.  Mad day doing tons of stuff on Brand Protection and special projects.  Looking at going to Wales soon.  Count Arthur Stong on telly at 10.35 - ace stuff.

Wednesday 7th January 2015
Didn't get up til 5:50 due to watching Count Arthur late at night!   Dog, walked. Papers fetched.  Facing the music at Group tonight.  Time to get back on the plan!  Went to group after work to face the music/scales.  8lbs on since 17/12/2014.  Mortified.   Definitely time to get back on plan.  2lbs heavier than I was in January 2014 (which also wasn't very clever).  Dog walking and working on a website for someone then bed about 10:30

Thursday 8th January 2015
Still going with no alarm and consequently didn't get up until five to six!   Wind blowing a hoolie at night though so perhaps to be expected.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Porridge for breakfast into the office for 8am.  All good so far.

Friday 9th January 2015
Dog walked early.  Porridge for breakfast.  Office fairly early.  All good stuff.  Got home, new tactic is to take dog a walk as soon as I get in.  That way she doesn't mither me all through tea - worked well. Received bill from Golf Club, emailed and told 'em I wasn't renewing this time.

Saturday 10th January 2015
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Few jobs in the house done.  Fetched piccy B. Golf at 1.03, got beat off full handicap but such is life.  Coffee in clubhouse.  Derby beat Ipswich 1-0 to go second in the league leapfrogging the tractor boys on the way.  All good stuff.  Took pooch a walk along old railway line in dark and she got spooked by something - very wierd.   Started watching Scandal on Sky Boxsets which has a lot of scenery from West Wing I reckon not to mention the chap who plays Will Bailey in West Wing for that matter.  It's not too bad.

Sunday 11th January 2015
Up early.  Mini dog walk first thing - wind blowing a hoolie again. Got 95% of my self-assessment tax return completed - just need to check a couple of things and can have that done by next week. Glad I registered to do them online last year or I'd be up sh*t creek without a paddle (well facing a £100 fine again, perhaps).  

Breakfast then a bit later on went a cracking walk with the pooch, very enjoyable - will plot it next time see how far round it was - probably a couple of miles I think.  Nice sunny day so went down the allotment - got the water off the shed rerouted to fill the water butts (the IBC is full to brim I think) and some other jobs done.   A few tinnies in the afternoon before going to me mum and dads for tea which was very nice, thank you very much.  Got home and bed early.

17st 3.5lbs

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