Monday, 28 May 2012

Sunday 27th May 2012 to Saturday 2nd June 2012

Sunday 27th May 2012
Got up earlyish to set Phil off, then got up again at 8am - too hot already for running so just a day of gardening, shopping and gadding about, really.  A rest day as Kathryn would call it!

Monday 28th May 2012
Up at 5:45, run - slow 5 mile run:
Did a bit of golf practice in the evening.  Interesting found irons went better if I concentrated on a point a few inches in front of the ball and found I drove better if I put a second tee a foot in front of the ball and outside of the line and tried to hit that in the followthrough.

Tuesday 29th May 2012
Up super early to make sure Phil was up (and he was up before me bless him).  Back to bed for a bit, up at 5:30.  Went for a run - five miles still slow but five miles is five miles.

Went to visit a supplier called CDR in the afternoon in Hope.  Very interesting and a blast from the past in some ways as we'd last worked with them 14 years ago.   Depressingly passed Craft Supplies in Miller's Dale who used to be a customer when I worked for Astec (Computers and Technology) Limited and they seem to have closed down (perhaps started again somewhere else?

Anyway got back home, did a load of jobs, went for a bit of golf walking at 8 o'clock ish:

Wednesday 30th May 2012
Up early but not too early, on the road for 5:50, five more mile (third day in a row).  Did a bit of baking for a pre-Jubilee fuddle at work.  Got some bits and bobs tidied away - am getting my clutter out of the front room a bit at a time while the missus isn't looking!

Thursday 31st May 2012
Up early; first at 2am when some gits were shouting outside, then at 5:30 which was the proper time.  A coffee a few bits and bobs done then out on the road.  Forgot to mention Janet was back in the office yesterday so weighed in a day late.  Another 2.5lbs gone so am now just 2lbs from being in the target big number.   Have I also mentioned that it's now 51 (yes fifty-one days since I last had a drink - 10th April I began the quest and have not wavered from the rocky path so far!).  So All good I reckon. Anyway considering how knackered I was the run was better than the previous three lapping at 10:30/mile pace which is probably 20 seconds quicker than have been doing of late.

Friday 1st June 2012
Knackered again this morning although there was badminton last night to contribute to it.  Also did a load of gubbins for preparation for annual leave coming up soon!  Did a steady 4.3 miles this morning as was a bit late in setting off.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday 20th May 2012 to Saturday 26th May 2012

Sunday 20th May 2012
Up early as always.  Lots of little jobs.  Went to Uttoxeter for some bits and bobs.  Got some planter trough things that am going to put lettuces and stuff in.  Did a load of fishing rod work then a load of gardening work then went a six mile run which was okay.
Finished day off baking two cakes one with Duck Eggs no less.
Put a mini-row of lettuces in.

Monday 21st May2012
Up early.   Got everything watered.  Went run (4 miles).  Got stuff ready for potentially cycling to work in the week but will need to see how that works out.
4 mile run:  Got home put another layer of varnish on the fishing rod project.  Put another mini-row of lettuces in. Jolly good.  Went golf walk later on for 3.25 miles 

Tuesday 22nd March 2012
Up at 5:30 (to be specific).  Got shaved and coffeed.  Got everything watered.  Got out and did a four mile run.

Although not been expecting a loss due to tiramasu issues was pleasantly surprised to be down another 2lbs. All good.

Went to Aldi after work, got some bedding plants to spruce the garden up a bit at the front.  Got them planted,  got another row of lettuces in.   Phil rang at 9:30 said he'd not be back home for another three quarters of an hour so that buggered up going to Stepping Stones (Bosskat and Lucy had gone to Westlife in Nottingham (I think Nottingham).   So I did us toad in the hole with oven chips - marvellously average they were too if I do say so myself!

Wednesday 23rd May 2012
Up at 5:30 again.  Got Phil up, took him to work for 6:00am, made be a bit late for me run so it was cut down to 3.5 miles at just under 10min/mi pace.

Got a load of flower seeds from bargains today so planted them all in two seed tray thangs.  Have also put five courgette plants out into two troughs to see whether three or two is the optimum number in case you're wondering.   Put what I think will be the final coat of varnish on the rod project.  Hopefully that beggar will be put away tonight all being well.   Everything watered and tickety boo.  Then waiting for hour to fetch the bovine technician. 

Thursday 24th May 2012
Mega tired this morning, fetched Phil from work last night at 10:45, took him back this morning at 5:50, went four mile run, slow cause am tired.

Friday 25th May 2012
Up early to take Phil in again, when fetched him last night we found his bloomin ped wouldn't start.  Happy days.  Anyroad dropped him off at work this morning and then started out with intentions of doing a four mile run but me knees hurt a bit so I didn't! 

Saturday 26th May 2012
Up early to make sure Phil got off.  Nothing much to report gardening, fishing prep, golf was very poor, got a bit sunburnt!!!


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday 13th May 2012 to Saturday 20th May 2012

Sunday 13th May 2012 to Saturday 20th May 2012

Sunday 13th May 2012
Got up early doors, went back to bed!  Carried on picking out pebbles and weeding in the borders, watered everything.  Washed cars. Went to Stepping Stones for lunch with ma and pa.  6 mile run.  3.5 mile walk with additional golf that was way better than the rubbish golf of yesterday.

Run round Mappleton:
Golf Walk!

Monday 14th May 2012
Up early. Watered plants. Fetched papers. Got missus up. Drove to Belper, rode to work!
Cycle2Work:  Much improved - averaged almost 12mph all the way which is getting on for ten minutes quicker than last week (bear in mind no Pipster to walk before cycling in though).  Good news is that according to scales there's another 3lbs gone from last week which if the weight remains the same will make 1st 4lbs gone in 5 weeks which I'm more than happy with.

Ride back from work much harder in wind it felt (or it might just be that my legs are knackered!

Tuesday 15th May 2012
Up earlyish.  4 mile run, fetched papers, watered plants.  All good.  Into work scales say 2lb heavier than yesterday, not so good.   By weigh-in time it was back to the right weight so can confirm 1st 4lbs gone in 5 weeks could do with shifting another three pounds by next week really.

Wednesday 16th May 2012
Up early.  Bought some more fishing rods last night - am turning into a bit of a hoarder but I thought for £5.50 there might be a little gem in there and there is An ABU Zoom Atlantic 434 11' 6" 1-3 oz rod which is either an estuary rod or a bass rod.  I'm inclined to go with the latter as it's got a bit of backbone considering the rating.  Anyway it needs a re-ringing which is a talent I need to learn!  Have ordered some bits so I reckon in the end it will cost me about £15 and I get two boat rods chucked into the deal.

Anyway, watered plants, fetched papers, pumped up bike tyres.  Got off to Belper and then cycled in to work - got stopped by everything dogwalkers, traffic lights, dodgy watch, getting out of junctions.  Took 50:27 according to the stupidy watch.

CycleFromWork was a bit quicker than on Monday which I'm seeing as a general trend of improved fitness.  Am waiting for the next landmark weigh number and then am going to let myself go on the Giant FCR1 again.

Thursday 17th May 2012
Up early got up at 4am as Phil told me was in work for 5am but when I woke him up he says he's not in til; 9am?  Bloomin halfwit.   Anyway, went back to bed for a bit then up at 5:30.  Load of jobs as had to get off early.  Watered everything.  Got stuff ready for Cycle2working in next few days - am intending getting at least three rides in a week for the summer all being well.

Good run this morning - 5 miles at just under 10min miles for first time in a long while.  Another sign of improving fitness.  Kathryn at work has asked me if I fancy doing an ultra-marathon which is 30 miles in October - might be doable or it might kill me!  Anyway stats for the run as follows:-

Anyway, went off to work early got a pop-up gazebo that the missus wanted from Aldi-land as soon as they opened at 8am.  Got into office for 8.15 then did a load of prep for a meeting at 9am.  All go.

Did badminton lesson last night with Lucy and really enjoyed it.  Great fun.

Friday 18th March 2012
Up at 5:40 which was plenty early enough.  Got everything watered, milk brought in, papers fetched, checked bike over, off to Belper, Cycle2Work all good.

Am normally irritated with the Garmin 405CX but was impressed that during this morning's ride into the office it tracked me circling before getting our of Birchwood Way due to traffic coming along Cotes Park Lane and me having to give way to it!   Ride today definitely felt slower than earlier in the week and looking at XC Weather I can see that it was into a 15mph average gusting to 23mph headwind so all in all not a bad effort. 

Saturday 19th March 2012
Up early, working on the fix up the old ABU rod project first thing.  Found some good videos on how to do it. Best one on ring wrapping by a company called  anyway once you know the tricks it's quite interesting to do.   Things I learnt were that you need a very sharp blade, you start from the opposite end to wrap over the line intially, you wrap a small loop to pull back when you finish, you need a nice bit of tension on the thread as it goes on.   Anyway might make a machine for doing the rod spinning.  Something solar powered for drying which needs a really slow turn! 

Anyway, up early,  then went a run (on a Saturday morning?, before golf?) yes 3.5 miles done and dusted. 

As Phil was off work for first time after 26 straight days I thought there'd be half a chance of getting brekko early but no, the trip to Piccy B was at 10:30, then off to golf land.  Played John and Doug over 18 holes from the new blue tees for a full handicap stableford, not much doing on front nine, played like a spanner but 16 points on back nine got me ahead and won the poond.   Finished with birdie on 15, pars on 16 and 17 and didn't need to do owt on 18 so settled for a double bogey.  



Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday 6th May 2012 to Saturday 13th May 2012

Sunday 6th May 2012 to Saturday 13th May 2012

Sunday 6th May 2012
Up at 4, took Phil to work at 4:30 due to his ped not having any oil in it.   Back to bed for a bit and then up at about 7:30.  V tired but such is life.  10am fetched oil for halfwit, took Oil to him at  the farm, got back mowed lawns at 11:15, over to mums for lunch at 1pm, back home, lawn repairs and tweaking the growbag greenhouse thang.  All good but not very energetic today.  Missus has gone Whitby, good day for it!

Not been too bad food wise and tomorrow it will be 28 days since last had a drink. Good.

Monday 7th May 2012
Up early to make sure Phil got up at 4am, have no idea as to how he keeps managing to get up - it nearly kills me and I'm going back to bed for another hour and three quarters!!   Anyway got up proper about 5:45, got ready and took the Pooch about 3.75 miles for a walk/run that was okay there's a chunk of mileage about 1.2 miles from finishing that's missing as I'd switched the watch off rather than on after coming out of the paper shop - such is life.

Anyway, was a nice day and the roads were really quiet so thought stuff it - I'll cycle in.

So put bike on roof, drove to Belper, cycled into work. compared to the last time I cycled into work there's been a 4min 30secs improvement which I think will be largely down to not getting off and pushing up the steep hill into Pentrich but continuing pedalling all the way.   Bit tired now though!  Cycled back at a bit better pace probably due to the slight rain!

Had tea when got home and then took the pooch for a mile or so walk, then went to test out the Taylormade R580 which is okay but doesn't sound bright like the more modern titanium drivers - it goes okay though and I hit it straighter than the Cleveland - mind's not made up as yet - we'll have to see!

Tuesday 8th May 2012
A month since rejoined group.  Am expecting to have shifted a stone today after last week's disappointing maintain.   We shall see.  Got up at 4am to get Phil up, back to bed, up at 5:40, took dog for four miles - running and stopping, running and stopping.  Okay though.

Weigh-in day at lunchtime - good news another 4lbs gone.  So lost 1st 1lb in four weeks - sacrifices there have been a few - had zero crisps, zero booze, zero chocolate.  Have had Lucy's apple crumble she made at school with custards and my mums excellent cooking but other than that it's been health trip all the way.  The long term plan is to lose enough weight to run another marathon next April.   Have entered the Marathon ballot, we'll have to see how that goes in October.

Got back from work a bit later due to stupid roadworks in Belper.   Went to do a job for my cousin on their PC and then back home for about 9pm after stopping off at Sainsbury's for cereal and bananas.  All good.  Took pipster dog a walk and then off to bed.

Wednesday 9th May 2012
Up early, took Pipster dog for a 4 miles walk/run. Got home, got shaved, got cup of coffee.  Got missus and kids up.  Got bike on car, off to Belper, rode into work.  Showered and at desk for 8:40!!  More Coffee
Pipster Walk/Run (4 miles):
Ride into work (10 miles):
Ride back from work with a bit of drive home:

Thursday 10th May 2012
Got up early as usual but not as early now that the Pipster dog has returned to her owners.  Anyway, bosskat  has been on about getting tomato seedlings potted so I did that before going on a mini-run at 6:15 up to newsagents and back. 2.5 miles but better than nowt.
Better pace today, only just over 10 minute miles which was okay.

Badminton after work, good session, enjoyed it, lost a lot!
Then sorted out an internet connection for someone from work.  All exciting stuff.

Friday 11th May 2012
Up early, tried to finish off Lucy's volcano sticking it to the base but the lava illumination system fell over so had to unclip it all.   Left it as is.  Watered all the greenhouse stuff.

Quick run up town and back then straight off to work as have got to be leaving early today.

Couple of pics of the Pipster

Friday night a bit of golf - steady stuff as well. 

Saturday 12th May 2012
Up earlyish, Phil off to work early doors.  Back to bed, recycling, golf done (very rubbish), lawn mowing done.  Lettuces planted, another mini greenhouse put up,  tomatoes planted all going tickety boo.  Borders tidies up too.

A bit of a late golf walk to find the missing swing:


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