Monday, 27 December 2010

Sunday 26th December 2010 to Saturday January 1st 2011!

Sunday 26th December 2010
Tired from Christmasness and Ashes on Boxing day starting in early hours. Really pleased to see England comprehensively take Australia apart at 98 all out and then ease past them in style with Strauss and Cook putting on the runs without losing a wicket in the first day. Class

Monday 27th December 2010
Absolutely wiped out went to bed at 1:30 after watching start of Ashes, went to bed with Trott and Pietersen in place, woke up and Trott and Prior in but putting on the runs so okay. Still in control of this test and punter is losing it so all's good. Went for a run up town and back. Need to get back in to it. Too much weight gone on in 2010. Watched Avatar for second time in two days - bloomin magic film.

Tuesday 28th December 2010
Got up before dawn cracked to watch a bit of crickey. Not much to report on exercise front - ran up town and back in the morning as seems to be my new norm.

Wednesday 29th December 2010
Was up to watch end of ashes but only sort of. Went to bed, got up at 11:30, sort of watched the cricket in between nodding off - reckon I saw 20 minutes out of the hour and a half or so it took to finish the aussies off but at least I saw the last wicket which was nice. Then up at 6:45, ran up town and back then off to work. Brought a ton of drum pollution home with me from work. All good.

Thursday 30th December 2010
Same as yesterday but with no cricket! Ran up town and back then off to work. Got some good stuff done and then brought rest of them drums home. Good.

Friday 31st December 2010
Well couldn't get much tireder. Ran up town and back though so same old, same old to a degree but with added tiredness. Then waited for hours for horror to wake up and when he did we got a new satellite dish installed - which was easy apart from lining the bugger up - would recommend one of them signal meters I reckon if did it again. Any road it's all working now and we got a telly working upstairs for missus so she can't moan about not being able to watch what she wants no more. ha ha.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Sunday 19th December 2010 to Sarturday 25th December 2010


Wednesday 22nd December 2010
Not been out running this morning. Up with the lark, fetched papers in car, off to Tesco sorted out Christmas gifts for the Team. Cleaning cymbals gradually over space of today all being well.

Tuesday 21st December 2010
Ran up town and back. Steady. Rehearsing tonight.

Monday 20th December 2010
Ran up town and back. Work. More rehearsing - polishing begins

Sunday 19th December 2010
Not much to report - went rehearsing in the afternoon for a few hours for the annual Christmas bash - stuff coming together nicely.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday 12th December to Saturday 18th December 2010

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 15th December 2010
Quick run up town and back. Need to start getting my house in order and no mistake.

Sunday 12th December 2010
Can't sleep at the moment, I know why but little I can do about it. Anway, up at 4am so did a few emails and then went out for a run. Did five miles this morning - haven't gps'd it as am waiting for a new strap for the 405cx. Anyway was slow but under an hour. Been a bit of a keen frost overnight but a lovely morning for getting out on your own - clear sky and stars out for millions of miles. Nice.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Sunday 5th December 2010 to Saturday 11th December 2010


Saturday 11th December 2010
Ran up town and back. Did a ton of tidying up and then took Lucy to SW Head Office Kids party which was nice. Lucy's last one unfortunately.

Friday 10th December 2010
Same again barman, up town and back.

Thursday 9th December 2010
Warmer again - didn't even need me had and gloves this morning. Pretty much ran up town and back to get papers, still a fair bit of pavement jumping but that's to be expected I suppose!

Wednesday 8th December 2010
Felt a bit warmer this morning I thought. Walk/Ran up town in similiar fashion to yesterday jumping back onto pavement when traffic approached, running on road when all clear - speeds things up tremendously. Got to work and missus rings up and says pipes burst in utility room - am I pi$$ed off with this bloody cold snap? Yes I bleedin am. Such is life, got some training to do this morning and then the annual rehearsal for Christmas Madness as i like to call it.

Tuesday 7th December 2010
I think I was up at midnight watching Ashes but am not sure - how wierd is that. Anyway got up at 5am to see whether the Aussies were still hanging on in there and as normal went to fill kettle for a cup of full strength coffee. No Water. So went to stop tap to begin sorting problem out and the stop tap was frozen so got hair dryer on it which freed the stop tap. However, water not back on unfortunately. Went up town and back to get papers - even did a bit of running on the main which was good but had to keep changing from one side of road to t'other to avoid traffic which took some of the fun out of it.

So have left oil-filled radiator working next to the stop tap pipe and come into work - car said minus 14 degrees centigrade at 7:15 this morning, have got missus putting a hot water bottle on the pipe which will hopefully help - had forgotten that top tip untuil I was almost in the office. such is life eh.

Left office early, bought a halogen heater got pipes going again. Happy days. Went to Lucy's school do in the evening which was most enjoyable.

Monday 6th December 2010
Got up at 5am, watched some more Ashes. Rain stopped play, walked up town and back to fetch papers. Got back for about ten to seven, had brekko and watched Ashes - magic. Cold is unreal it's -14 degrees centigrade according to my motor at 7am.

Sunday 5th December 2010
Next to nowt achieved today - got up at 4am, watched more excellent England cricket, took Phil to work, fetched him back from work. Helped other parents clear snow over at Clifton Primary School. Took phil back to work in the afternoon, picked him up at 7ish after work (he must be knackered bless him) went to bed early, got up at midnight watched ashed til 1:30am

Monday, 29 November 2010

Sunday 28th November 2010 to Saturday 4th December 2010


Thursday 2nd December 2010
Up with the lark. Not snowing which was nice so cleared a load of snow off the road so I could get off the cul-de-sac. Spent a bit of time making a right good job of it then did a dry run up town and back - roads much better today so off to work at 7.10am and there around 8am - not bad at all. Sent home around 2.30pm as it was snowing like no man's business at work but not too bad at home. So no group and badminton off as leisure centre shut early afternoon. Ashes is back on tonight at 11pm which should be great!!!

Wednesday 1st December 2010
Was supposed to be doing interviews this afternoon - not going to happen. Weather is god awful. 6am I dug the drive out but no good couldn't get to work as lorries stuck all over the place, A52 at Brailsford, A38 at Alfreton etc. Fed up with it. Anyroad working from home. Trying to find some drum bits but can't find em anywhere.

Tuesday 30th November 2010
Went for a walk round the block for a couple of miles last night, got up early to walk up town and back to get papers. Loaded car up with bloody drums, fed up with em. Out of work early cause of crappy snow, walked up to M&S to get come Caster Sugar - notice on door that they were closing at 6pm due to bad weather but in actual fact they closed at 5:58pm the wretches. Will write a letter of complaint perhaps. Anyway - I carried on and walked up to Sainsbury's - put stuff through on self-service till - they're getting better and no mistake. So overall about 5 miles of walking done even if not planned.

Monday 29th November 2010
Did next to nowt yesterday recovering from Saturdays silliness. Took Lucy for a wee bit of Sledging in the afternoon, did a bit of baking, that was it. Sick of snow already. This morning was like an ice rink in places, have decided am not risking injury at my age so just a 2.5 mile walk up town and back.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday 21st November 2010 to Saturday 27th November 2010

Saturday 27th November 2010
Was supposed to be playing golf at Ramsdale Golf Centre however the bloody weather put paid to that. A long story but ended up at work clearing the car park out with a bunch of lads from stock and facilities - all good fun then down to Nottingham Belfry for a Blues Brothers Themed Charity Ball that was different. Three inches of snow on ground meant a walk up town and back was all I managed.

Friday 26th November 2010
Knackered all day yesterday so off to bed at 9pm last night. Got up at four am though and just caught the fifth wicket going down. 147-5 at one point shame they managed to move it onto 220-5 but not a complete disaster. Anyway when they went off at 6:20 I set off up town and back for a quick run in shorts as I couldn't find me tracky bottoms - it was alright though.

Thursday 25th November 2010
Bloomin eck payday again. Blimey. Anyway, went bed at 1:45am after watching start to ashes, got up at 4:30 watched England collapse after getting it together - think if Cook had continued to a hundred we'd have no worries but hey-ho. Anyway watched Ashes til 6:20 then straight up and down run to get papers. Long day at work but quite good anyway. 9:47 average pace which isn't brill but you get what you get. Missed badminton as well last night as Lucy doing a coffee evening. Details of run here.

Wednesday 24th November 2010
Got the teeth mangling out of the way yesterday, with the scary trip to dentist and hygenist now done and dusted for another six months. So that cheered me up a bit and as missus was late getting back from helping out at school we ended up at the stepping stones for tea which was not the best move in the world. Am so far off the SW eating plan at the moment it's untrue - am going to start getting my head together soon as I'm planning to do the Grindleford Gallop again next March so need to lose a stone and start getting some big runs under my belt I reckon. Not rocket science. Anyway, this morning in the freezing cold I got another five miles done, third decent distance run in three consecqutive days. Not a mega pace but sort of a better run than of late.

Tuesday 23rd November 2010
Really slow run today - legs jiggered and right knee not happy for some reason. Anyway five miles done so can't be bad!

Went and did a computer job last night so didn't get much done. Went to a chaps to sort out his email and his Broadband had the princely speed of 120 kbs ? - ridiculously slow.

Monday 22nd November 2010
Slowish five miler to start the week. Details to follow.

Sunday 21st November 2010
Not much to report - baking, getting up early to take Phil to work. Sorting out fishing tackle boxes.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday 14th November 2010 to Saturday 21st November 2010

Saturday 20th November 2010
Rubbish at golf today. four putted the par five 17th after getting on in three. Rubbish. Missed eight or nine short putts at least. Rubbish. Rubbish. Rubbish.

Friday 19th November 2010
Still in bold. Can't get rid til next week. Maintained last night which was sort of impressive given the awards and drink and having been out three times this last week. Als got me self done in at Badminton - did two step sprints where you go from one cone to another as many times as you can in 60 seconds then rest 60 seconds, as many times as you can in 30 seconds then rest 30 seconds, then same for fifteen seconds - only problem was I was only getting 30 seconds rest and 60 seconds doing and fifteen seconds rest after 30 seconds but did alright. Knew about it a few minutes later with hamstring tightening up and then this morning aches and pains all over. That's getting old that is.
Anyway cause it's children in need day at head office was up at 5am to make bread so knackered to start with then a shortish 2.5 mile run up town and back aching like a bad un. All I could do. Slow and all. Details
Thursday 18th November 2010
Took Phil to Haper Adams University College yesterday, very good it was too, quate impressive. Think it's shocked Phil a bit into realising that getting good grades might be important. Good. That'll teach him. Anyway went out and di dfive miles this morning - sub 10 min miles overall so not too bad - Details. Apologies if this is all in bold - blogger's gone made and there's nowt I can do about it.
Wednesday 17th November 2010
Well am off work today so like an idiot i had a beer or two last night and consequently didn't get up any time early. Missus winged at me about not having papers so ran straight up and pretty much straight back at 9:30/pace. Which was okay. Details here. Taking the trainee Bovine Technician (Phil) to Harper Adams University College where they'll no doubt see his green thumbs and red face and welcome him with open arms. If me and missus time it right I reckon we can leave him there.

Tuesday 16th November 2010

Bloomin freezin fog this morning so slip sliding round at an average of 10:14 which was okay all things considered. Managed to stay on me feet all the way round with although the learning points are stay on the road as much as poss and avoid the pavement, shawcroft car park is too slippy as is the walkway from Compton to Sainsbury's both of which would keep Torville and Dean entertained for hours. Anyway it's another five miles done. Details.

Monday 15th November 2010
Mixed walking and golfin last night - steady walk up golf course resulting in recovery of three balls for the collection (like I've not got enough already!!). This morning up nice and early then a steady five miles round Ashbourne averaging around 10 min miles - not brill but carrying too much weight at the mo. And you get what you get. Details

Sunday 14th November Was at the mighty fine Slimming World Woman of the Year awards last night at Birmingham - we did a sort of show and tell with Slimming World Consultants showing them future developments for our IT Project XpressWeigh. Anyway the winner was something else and for the first time in many, many years we guessed the winner - who I'm no doubt will be in the papers tomorrow so I'll link to one of them tomorrow!!

Anywas, up early doors, breaky and on the road for 8am. Fetched kids back from me mum and dad's house and then back to the homestead. All good stuff. Feelin a bit tired so not sure whether to go run or bike or walk or golf. Certainly ought to do something!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sunday 7th November 2010 to Saturday 13th November 2010

Saturday 13th November 2010
Up early doors, big Slimming World do in Brummyland tonight so will be on road before 9am. Did a three miler - not very quick - legs have got no go in them whatsoever? Don't know why - anyway averaged under 10 min miles which was okay and papers (well the Times in particular) were dead heavy this morning - John Lewis catalogue and other assorted Christmas tat in the magazine not helping in that department. Details

Friday 12th November 2010
Got wiped out at badminton last night - the problem is the kids know I can't get from back of court to the net quick enough so they'll hit a big clear and follow it with a straight drop, I'll just get a bit of racquet on it but inevitably I'll end up lifting it for them to smash. Not good. Anyway late up this morning so only got a straight 2.6 miler up town and back. Details

Thursday 11th November 2010
Getting hacked off with this bloody weather. Was up at 5:20 (went bed dead early) put head out the door and got blown back in, wet. So nothing good to report as yet. Might have to resort to gym if I can get some time out to do it.

Wednesday 10th November 2010
Five miles, v cold and pretty slow. Never mind. Details

Tuesday 9th November 2010
Still bloody raining but done a five miler anyway; pace was 10:09 which looks slow but in the wind and rain I think it's acceptable. I hate winter - it's indisputably cak. Run info here

Monday 8th November 2010
Got up early doors as usual, had a look out the window went back to bed. Lord knows where the exercise is going to come from today. Think it'll have to be a late night run.

Sunday 7th November 2010

Tired this morning! Up at 4:10 to take Phil to work. He's knackered, bless im but won't get to bed early. You can't tell em, they don't listen. Made me laugh yesterday, we played with a father and son in the winter league golf - the lad was the better player, hit a beaut of a driver and was going for the par five fifteenth in two with a three wood. I could see it wasn't enough, his dad knew it wasn't enough and tried to tell him - "you can tee up, take your driver". Course, the lad's not going to listen, took the three wood, he ended up thirty yards short just right of the bunker. I said to his dad, Frank after; "you should have said take your three wood son, good choice - reverse psycology whould have meant he'd have to swap to the driver!!". Hey ho.

Anyway ran about 6.5 miles - had a bit of jip with gps - the bits that are dead straight were when GPs stopped work but i know the route is somewhere between 6.5 and miles. Had to walk a couple of times am definitely not fit enough at the minute. Can work on it though.

Listened to Desert Island Discs while I was running. The guy on it was Ian McMillan a poet who was so entertaining talking about his parents and their favourite songs as much as his own. Was dead impressed he picked a Captain Beefheart track as he likes stuff that unlistenable and Philip Glass 4mins 33secs of silence - he say everytime you listen to it you hear something you don't expect and it's true. I heard my feet pounding through my in-ear headphones. Grand. Anyway check his website and in particular his "In the end, it's hope" which sums up the English over-expectation of the national football side.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Sunday 31st October 2010 to Saturday 6th November 2010


Saturday 6th November 2010
Funny day really, up at 4:10, took Phil to work at 4:33 (that's Phil's desired set-off time, don't ask). Came back, got a couple of hours sleep. Golf at 10:45. First of 2010/2011 Winter League at Ashbourne Golf club. A shame that this year it's a four ball better ball format instead of matchplay - basically it's your eight best cards from twelve. Me and John started off steady rather than pulling up any trees with a level par 71 off three-quarter handicaps. I played okay but couldn't putt for the life of me missing 6 or 7 five foot or less putts, it was getting to the stage where the carbite putter I was using was looking a likely candidate for sleeping with the fishes in the pond by the 18th but lucky for it, I dropped a four footer in at the last for par so it lived to putt another day. Other highlights were the three wood into the 17th which was absolutely pure after duffing my second shot, of course, I'd then follow that with a three-putt as I'd been doing most of the round. Also got a two on the six which was nice and I think the only birdie of the day for our group. We played with Frank Marshall and his son Max, both were pretty hot and got a round of 65 in - very solid play, the lad has come down from 22 to 11 in a single season and has a really smooth swing and a great short game - he'll go far!

Friday 5th November 2010
Hurt my foot at Badminton on Thursday night so not pleased about that. Was pleased to have maintained at group though that was a surprise considering the amount of booze and other badness at Anglesey the week before. Anyway, did a couple of miles on the foot, which was okay considering. Going to do a decent run on Sunday all being well. We'll see.

Thursday 4th November 2010
Bloody raining this morning. Finished off like a drowned rat but at least another five miles covered. When watch sorts itself it out (it was like a drowned watch as well) I should be able to download the details but I think the overall avg pace was around 10:20 mainly due to coat coming off after a mile then needing to go straight back on a minute later when it really started to lash it down. Such is life. Back to group tonight. Expecting a gain but not bothered am getting my head together again. Fixed Phil's tripod bag last night with a bit of assistance from the man himself and his angle grinder. Quate pleased so I am.

Wednesday 3rd November 2010
Putting the clocks back is helping. got up nice and early, on the road before 6am, struggled a bit first mile was 10:18, third mile was 10:something but got it back to under 9:50 overall. Wierd that. Will be interesting if I can maintain sub 10 min miles tomorrow. We'll have to wait and see. Gonna be doing some work on Phil's tripod bag tonight and then might make some rigs up for next fishing trip - looking at doing East Yorkshire in next few weeks - targeting the cod. Oh yeah. Details on run here.

Tuesday 2nd November 2010
Third day running (pardon the pun) I've done five miles or more. Getting better by the day at the minute - this morning averaging 9:43. Details

Monday 1st November 2010
November already? Blimey o'Reilley. anyway am on a mission now so last night I got everything readfy for running this morning and hit road almost bang on 6am. Five miles later and jobs a good un. Just under 10 minute miles was okay. Details here

Sunday 31st October 2010
Can't believe it's hallow'een already, where's the year gone. Any way up nice and early - clocks going back makes no odds to me. Out on road before 7am and a nice steady 6 miler done. Details here - ten and half minute miles not great but walked up that hill after you cross hanging bridge so not whoplly unexpected. Details here

Did a load of odd jobs too - cleaned both cars, baked cakes, fixed Phil's tripod case that I broke (poorly put together so I've improved it greatly!), put a load of stuff up in the attic.

Holding Page Sunday 24th October to Sat 30th October 2010

Stuff to come here - was on me hols.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Sunday 17th October 2010 - Saturday 23rd October 2010

Thursday 21st October 2010
Couldn't get out of bed even this morning. 6.20 before got out the house, 2.5 miles at I reckon 9:45 but bloomin watch not uploaded again this morning. Will sort later. Did a chunk of work on weight loss figures last night - fascinating stuff.

Wednesday 20th October 2010
Shattered again couldn't sleep, tossing and turning mullarkey - can't get comfy at the moment. N'er mind. Rubbish 2.5 miles at 11min/mile pace which is no good at all but feelin dead tired and had to scrape the car as well. Not ideal. Details

Tuesday 19th October 2010
Good and bad. Went out to Stepping Stones last night, had a couple of bevvies and food besides cause it was Pad's birthday so I had to, that's cleared that up. So this morning had to do a bit extra so I did a full five miles for a change - Details. Lunchtime - given a presentation to boss about learning points from Agile Project Management which I think went down pretty well but more work came out of it!!! Such is life

Monday 18th October 2010
Up dead early as usual. Run up town and back but with a bit of a loop which should have made it around 4 miles but watch went to sleep in Paper shop and didn't come round til just past where the old Nestle gates used to be. Ho hum. Details

Sunday 17th October 2010
Not much to report. Went to Nag's Head, Hulland Ward for lunch which is always nice - very welcoming spot that . Went walk in afternoon. Felt rough again at night so went to bed at 8pm which at least was half an hour later than Saturday night! Am read Frank Muir's autobiography 'A Kentish Lad' which is interesting so far.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sunday 10th October 2010 to Saturday 16th October 2010

Saturday 16th October
Lie-in, didn't get up til nearly 7am. Quick run up town and back, steady sub-10 min miles. Washed both cars early doors before Missus went shopping.
Then fixed the carp rod that he in his wisdom tried to pump a 4oz lead with and broke the spigot in the middle. It'll need a bit of tape but I reckon it'll do a job with floats and light spinning when we go to Bull Bay again. Bad news today is me golf buddy John has got flu so golf is off. Never mind, I'm playing crap anyway - handicap up to 18. So made up some more rigs for next fishing trip - 4 Wessex Rigs (details) and a single clip-down rig which has a SRT spring and one of those clips that hook sits on til it hits the water and is then released. Sign of my age that I can't remember what they're called to save my life. It might come to me later. It didn't come to me however, using the power of the internet I found it on Breakway Tackle's website - it's called an impact shield. That's the scary thing these days how much I can't remember. I don't feel old but am definitely getting older which is better than the alternative.

Friday 15th October
Absolutely cream crackered again - my fault though - watched First Blood, the first Rambo film til half past midnight so only self to blame. Walked up town, ran the last mile back. Badminton on Thursday night didn't help but learned a new shot which was good - the reverse no less. It'll take some time before it's anything like natural. Put a pound and a half on last night a group - that's the back lash from a fortnight ago.

Thursday 14th October 2010

Made the mistake of switching on the PC before heading out - it instantly went into slow-mo mode and took bloomin ages to get going so it was gone 6:20 before I hit the road. Which meant i had to run solid all the way up town and back with no slacking - under 10min/miles I think but the darned watch hasn't updated Garmin Connect yet so I'll have to wait and see what it says tonight. Group and Badmo later. All good.

Meant to mention took all the apples off our little apple tree (think they're called ballerina apple trees). Any way. there were rucks on the poor tree, a good tub-full even after windfall taken away!

Wednesday 13th October 2010

Run up town and back slowly first thing, into office for 8:25. Fun and games no doubt today.

Tuesday 12th October 2010
Did a run up town and back in the morning. Got home from work and had to go back as someone had turned up for an interview that I thought was on the wednesday, such is life.

Monday 11th October 2010
Just a two mile loop in the evening.

Sunday 10th October 2010
Not much to report. Did a load of fishing tackle sorting. Fetched a chair and removed a chair for Janette's disabled brother. Ran to Sides Mill and back to see if any chestnuts about - not many too early I reckon. That's aboot it.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Sunday 3rd October 2010 to Saturday 9th October 2010

Saturday 9th October 2010
Up at 4:20am to take Phil to work. Marvellous. Then little tiny run up to Marks and Sparks and back for about a mile. Then hideous round of golf that took four bleedin hours, shot a terrible 98 partly down to slow pace, partly down to taking four shots from the side of the green to get the damned ball in the hole. Hate the game not the player.

Friday 8th October 2010
Three miles up town and back - pretty darned slow but am absolutely knackered at the minute - up early tomorrow to take Phil to work as well so it ain't gonna get better in a hurry either!

Thursday 7th October 2010
Back to reality, slept like the dead, got up 6 with much reluctance, walked up town, ran back, work, more training, then onwards and upwards. Went to group - lost a pound amazingly - very surprised after the alcohol consumption of the previous week. Then badmo which made my ankles hurt but was good fun all the same.

Wednesday 6th October 2010
London walking around a lot, being trained a bit, walking around a lot, getting on tubes, trains and two hours of driving. Enough for one day.

Tuesday 5th October 2010
Thought I was tired yesterday - I am today - up at 5am, drove to Luton, on train from Luton at 8:12, St Pancras, Tube to Holborn then on to QA for agile management training - which has been a lot more interesting than I'd expected. Really good. Scoped out the hotel at lunch time and am now sat having a Coffee in room 614 Waverley House Hotel! Tea time soon I reckon.

Monday 4th October 2010
Up all night, really tired, worried about work and stuff had got to do but got biggest part of it done by lunchtime which was good. Walked up town and back first thing which was okay. Got a copy of Sea angler to read in hotel on Tuesday (am going down that London for a training course for two days).

Sunday 3rd October 2010
Things been quiet last couple of days! Been to Anglesey again for fishing and drinking so probably put a ton on this week. We went to Penrhos, Bull Bay, Cemaes, Church Bay all were good fun, didn't catch much but found a super new mark at Bull Bay. Anyway, wet overnight from Saturday to Sunday, bit drizzly in the morning but cleared up about 10am. Went on beach with Lucy then pack up and get off home - 3hrs 45mins coming back which was a whole lot better than going when it took us 5 hours after an hour sat on the M6.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Sunday 26th September 2010 to Saturday 2nd October 2010

Thursday 30th September 2010
Walking dog as usual - have used yesterday's mapping as am doing same route pretty much every day! Up at crack of dawn, 3.5 miles, 2 miles walking, last mile and half running. Dog slowing me down but he goes back tomorrow bless im.

Wednesday 29th September
All quiet of late - been working hard and taking the dog out and about when not working hard. 3.5 miles seems to be the order of the morning and a shorter one at night. Details here.

Tuesday 28th September 2010
Early again took the Mutt out two dumps, a million wees and three and a half miles later was back at home. Walked 2.5 miles, ran the last mile and a half - quite good fun specially when he sees a rabbit - takes some holding back he does considering he probably only weighs three stone wet through! Took him out last night for a mile with PJ which was a lorra laughs - Phil will walk the mutt but draws the line and picking up the deposit!

Monday 27th September 2010
Up early - 3 miles with Charlie boy, a bit of running was good for the mutt and me. Same as last night in terms of dumps, he can't stop as much if you run him though!!

Sunday 26th September 2010
Not much to report on exercise front but got a ton of shredding sorted, done all the recycling, got a load of golf clubs boxed up and ready to go and all manner of stuff (even baked a cake!). Had a bit of a thrash up the golf course - need to get a more upright swing still - made some improvement but keep falling back to a flat crappy swing. Hey ho. 6pm Charlie boy the greyhound arrived. Talk him a walk before bedtime of about a mile or so - he did two dumps and about three hundred wees in that short distance. Amazin animal - you never see them do that when they're chasing a fake rabbit on a track do you?

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday 19th September 2010 to Saturday 25th September 2010

Friday 24th September 2010
Badminton last night given me shin issues this morning. So walked up and ran back from Town. Forgot to switch watch back on after getting paper so mileage is a load of old rubbish. Maintained at group which was disappointing but such is life.

Thursday 23rd September 2010
A rubbish four miles with lots of walking. knackered. Did another two last night as well. Details

Wednesday 22nd September 2010
Didn't sleep well at all - back muscle really killing me. Anyway up early, did a bit of work then 3.5 miles up town and back to fetch papers. Details. Have been selling off odd clubs here and there and have invented me own triangular packaging which is well cool (perhaps invented is too strong a claim) but putting together a robust design has been good if long-winded fun. Any road up, details of this morning's run are here.

Tuesday 21st September 2010
Steady run up town and back - been making boxes for sending off individual golf clubs last couple of days ace fun if very unprofitable! Never mind - such is life. Anyroad up - three miles this morning at about 9:20 pace which was perfectly acceptable. Got a right pain at back of ribs on the left hand side didn't have it before set off am putting it down to having a second layer oon this morning. Detail

Some pics from run on Sunday 19th September 2010

In centre of this pic from Calwich Abbey is a folly where it's rumoured Elgar (I think I was told) was inspired to write something or other. Apologies for vagueness but I was told a few years back.

Below is pic of bridge at Norbury - just inside Staffordshire, a minute later I was running in Derbyshire again and feeling much better.

This is a weir near to Norbury a little futher along from the bridge. I was surprised at how boggy this little path has become - when me, Lucy and the missus walked along here in Summer it was glorious I'll be avoiding the path until next Summer though which probably about when me shoes will have dried out.

Monday 20th September 2010
Had jobs to do so the route was straight up town and back again. 9:30ish miles today as legs knackered from yesterday's exertions!

Below is the mapping of the golf from Saturday - what I found is that if the screen-saver or autolock comes on then it stops tracking and you get the straight lines as shown below. So it reckons I only did 4 and a bit miles which is normally works out between five and six. Lesson for the day might be to hit the ball straighter!

Below is the Sunday's run note - the start position and end position should have been the same which instead of it being an eight mile run would have been nine miles if I hadn't mucked about with the phone doing the tracking! Still it was okay as a record in the absence of having any charge in the phone!

Sunday 19th September 2010

Up early, not too much booze this weekend which is good. Going to go a run shortly and will be taking the GPS Sport Tracker on the HTC again to give it another go. Run was 9 miles ish and average speed was 5.2/5.3 which would equate to 11 minute miles which was okay as much of it was through meadows on the flood plain or through the boggy wood after Norbury.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Sunday 12th Sept to Saturday 18th September 2010

Saturday 18th September 2010
Morning, got up early, did a bit of work. Got shed tidied a bit, got Lucy's bike and slow but comft bike out of shed. Did a ride up town, sent some stuff off from post office, did a bit of shopping, come back. Downloaded a bit of software called 'GPS SPORT TRACKER' to try out on the Windows smartphone. Took it golfing and it worked okay to an extent - it reckoned I'd only done four miles at the end so not quite sure bout that. Have output the file to GPX and will load it up on PC at work at the HTC doesn't seem to like my home pc. Such is life. Anyway, won at golf again 31 points off a 3/4s handicap was okay I reckon although I imploded on the 7th trying to be Seve Ballesteros and taking 9 on what should be a routine par 4 if you put the drive in the right place (which I didn't!). Three pars on front nine, four pars on back from 14th to17th sealed the deal but it was pretty much all square on the fourteenth so good stuff overall. Will see if I can get the map of the round posted tomorrow.

Friday 17th September 2010

Got up okay, had a ruck of mini-jobs to do and had to take Phil to work ahead of me going to work so time limited. Did a quick 8:40/mile pace run for 2.5 miles to fetch the papers. Details here. Lost 2.5lbs at group last night - about time - then did badminton lesson with Lucy which went okay.

Thursday 16th September 2010
Couldn't get up again - two snoozes - on road at 6:07, five miles and back to base. In work a bit late but had to stop for petrol. Details of run here.

Wednesday 15th September 2010
Strange day so far, bosskat is not well, she got shingles so is not sleeping well at all consequently didn't get up til 6:10 this morning. So a short run was all could manage. Details.

Tuesday 14th September 2010
Got up really early again, 5:45ish, head out of door, chucking it down. Waited as long as I could but at 6:15 decided to make a break for it - did 3.5 miles in the rain which had abated a bit by that time. Did a bit of work on my cable tie removal project - did three this morning.

Monday 13th September 2010
Got up dead early for a week day. 5:35 got ready for a six miler, but was raining so waited. Got out a 6:05ish and got a steady five miles in. Walked at start and then spent the rest of the mileage getting the time back to under 10min miles which in the last mile I did. Details Did a bit of work on the Ty Newydd, Church Bay Anglesey Holiday Accomodation project as well last night - documented a way to the nearest shop in LLanfaethlu

Sunday 12th September 2010
Not done much - got up 4:10 took Phil to work, back to bed, got up at 9:30. Fetched Phil back about 10am. Washed the cars, tidied shed up, put a load of junk on Ebay for free listing weekend. Went over to me mums to picl Lucy up. Went up golf course to get blackbobs and mushrooms and that were just about it.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Monday 6th September 2010 to Saturday 11th September 2010

Saturday 11th September 2010
Took Phil to work at crack of dawn (well seeing as I took him at 4:20am and it wasn't dawn til gone 6 I took him well before dawn cracked. Never mind, ran/walked up town and back to fetch papers and got a bagfull of elderberries for a neighbour. Shot 90 off white tees should have done better not chipping/putting well at all.

Friday 10th September 2010

Chucking it down first thing, couldn't make mind up in end whizzed 2.5 miles in 22:20 which was good for me, sub nine min miles. Details

Thursday 9th September 2010
Up a bit late and knackered. Walked up town, ran back. Continue with the cable tie project. Details Back to Badminton last night - good fun, Lucy was really good at it too.

Wednesday 8th September 2010
Kathryn has mentioned doing the Belvoir Challenge next Feb which is essentially a marathon in all but name. Anyway it means sorting mesen out so must be a good thing. Did 6.3 miles this morning at about 9:30 pace and even stopped to get a few mushrooms on the way round. All good. Details

Tuesday 7th September 2010
Cream crackered this morning but lots to do. Went out did 3.7 miles at a slow 9:50ish pace. Not up for it this morning, no. Details.

Monday 6th September 2010
Off work. Ha Ha. Dropped off missus car for a £260! service at Pentagon Ashbourne. Yikes. Ran back - really quick - am a bit worried about the time - details here

After that we went to Conkers which is a 'theme park' near Swadlincote. I think the theme would be forest-based conservation and environmentally conscious recreation, in a word "dull" but sort of okay as well. We did a ton of walking and it was vaguely relaxing and most importantly Lucy enjoyed which trumps the lot. So a good day.

On way back we went to Burton for a bit of retail therapy - Home Bargains then the poundshop then the macdonalds. Totally, low-rent but quate enjoyable (sort of). Then picked up the missus' motor on the way back and paid a wad of cash. Good fun was had by all. Sort of.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Sunday 29th August 2010 to Saturday 4th September 2010

Saturday 2nd September 2010
Sort of a funny muck about run with some cable-tie reclamation. Good for about 3 miles. Then golf at lunchtime - not a bad round really. Some solid driving, shot about 87 off yellow tees which was okay.

Friday 1st September 2010
Didn't find any mushrooms last night unfortunately so set off on a 6 miler round mappleton and found some on the way this morning. Not particularly fast but distance counts! Details Here

Thursday 2nd September 2010
Fetched papers as usual (made it 3.5 miles by looping down watery lane) also done some good deeds cutting down cable ties off lamposts and re-using them to repair a fence that bugs me. Details Did a bit of golf practice in evening. Used a few more of them cable ties to do so ad-hoc repairs to an old gate on golf course while I was doing.

Wednesday 1st September 2010
Blimey 1st of September already. Only whizzed up town and back this morning. Couldn't get out of bed, knackered again! Anyway did a good deed on the way - cut down a load of cable ties of post and used em to fasten back a bit of fence at tin-town. Good deed done. Details of exercise here

Tuesday 31st August 2010
End of the Summer as we know it. Did the same run as yesterday but with a little bit more distance added on as I couldn't shortcut through the tunnel on account of having not got a torch with me (lights come on at 7am I think). So, had to go up the big hill and then drop down into Ashbourne. Watch wasn't working so will have to look up a time when I ran it before and get a screenshot I think. Went out and got a load of mushrooms in the evening - probably only worth a mile and a half so didn't clock it.

Monday 30th August 2010
Am off running in a mo. Need to get my act together and that starts today! Taking Lucy to golf fun day at lunchtime, will see if the grumpy boy will go! Yay, went and did 6 miles round Mappleton as planned. And although a bit rubbish I did it in bang on 10 minute miles which is always acceptable In a Siddall's book! Details

Sunday 29th August 2010
Nothing tracked today but loads of walking in morning to locate the mysterious blackberries. Then bit of golf in the evening under the subterfuge of getting two tubs of blackberries and a tub of mushrooms (well the golf course is where the blackbobs and mushrooms were so had to have the camouflage of golf clubs on me)! Devious bleeder that I am!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sunday 22nd August to Saturday 28th August 2010

Saturday 28th August 2010
Bit of a walk in the morning. Golf at 12:52, played with two chaps not played with before Damian and Dave - shot 92 which I'd have been happy with a few weeks ago, however, I four putted at least twice and three-putted I don't know how many times so wasn't pleased with that aspect of my game to say the least!

Friday 27th August 2010
Just straight up town and back again. Need to start boosting mileage.

Thursday 26th August 2010

Knackered again, sick of cold. Straight up town and back in the rain. Not much fun.

Wednesday 25th August 2010
Knackered first thing this morning and it showed in the time. Did five miles at an average of 9:52 due to the first two miles being a bit rubbish. mile 1 in 10:18, mile 2 in 10:20, mile 3 in 9:41, mile 4 in 9:20, and last mile (well .8) in 9:39 Details here.

Tuesday 24th August 2010
Not feeling a lot better but don't care - five miles or nothing this morning and time-wise it wasn't too bad - under 9:30/mile which considering am coughing up gunge is more than acceptable. Details Did a bit of golf practice later on that was a bit average but played with the Golf Toy again - t'is a free WindowsMobile app called FreeCaddy - in it's free form it only does yardages to the green but the pro edition which costs a whole £10 (£9.65 at current exchange rate) gives you yardages to bunkers, scoring and the facility to measure the length of shots which I liked.

Monday 23rd August 2010
Not much to report felt like death - walked up town and back in morning for best part of three miles. Night time did a couple of miles up golf course. Hit a few balls. Played with new PDA toy - 123 yards with 8-iron. Details

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sunday 15th August to Saturday 21st August 2010

Sunday 22nd August 2010
Someone banging like hell in middle of night so show 'oi' out the window and left it at that. Knackered this morning though but up before 8am. ColorMagiced the missus' car which have been meaning to do for some time. Got it for about 2/3s of Halfords Pricing off ebay which I though was acceptable.

Saturday 21st August 2010 Golf

Saturday 21st August 2010
Got up early doors as usual. Walk up town and back to get papers.

Friday 20th August 2010
Struggled to stop the alarm clock again this morning, snoozed three times, got up at gone six so only got three miles done this morning. Might have a 'walk' up the golf course tonight to make up the deficit!

Thursday 19th August 2010
Couldn't get out of bed so only a couple of miles done. Looks like the gps went a bit diddle too.

Did a bit of golf - have made a massive improvement in my golf swing - it's been far too flat so instead of taking club low to ground in the takeaway I'm taking it straight up (or at least that's how it feels) - results have been good so far longest drive on fifth was 274 yards, although only 225 yards on the second - irons much better in the main too. Details

Wednesday 18th August 2010
Knackered this morning and then some! Still did just under five miles in under 10min miles. Once upon a time I'd be happy with that but with the weight on and what have you I'm not pleased at myself at the minute. Need to get my act together. Details

Tuesday 17th August 2010
Ran the old five miles this morning - quate pleased. Details

Monday 16th August 2010
Walked and ran 3 miles in morning, another couple of golf miles in the evening.

Sunday 15th August 2010
Played golf with Stuart 'The Cougar' Cope in the Ashbourne Open and two of his pals. Him and Jim came second overall with a nett 63, me and his mate Barry got a nett 69 after three bad holes in the middle let us down - we were a shot ahead after nine, I'd got four pars and Barry had a couple on the front.

Sunday 8th August to Saturday 14th August - Hols

Been on hols. Did some running. Did some fishing. Did a lorra lorra drinking and eating. Went to Anglesey County Show which was very good. Went and played Bull Bay and Holyhead golf course both of which were good too. Will update with pics in due course!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sunday 1st August to Saturday 7th August 2010

Friday 6th August 2010
2.5 miles walking and running - absolutely wiped out today. Going on hols soon though. Mwa ha ha ha ha.

Thursday 5th August 2010
2.5 miles

Wednesday 4th August 2010
2.5 miles

Tuesday 3rd August 2010
Good 3 miler this morning - at sub 9min miles. Which was ok. Details

Monday 2nd August 2010
2.5 miles in morning - slow though. A few holes of golf in the evening - played first five holes in two over which was nice - some good short game stuff and biggest ever drive down first - will have a look at how long it was later.

Sunday 1st August 2010
Not much to report. absolutely knackered from taking Phil to work at 4:23am for past five mornings. Cleaned out garage yesterday and valeted the cars today all spick and span. Nine holes of golf to finish things off. Golf improving I think.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sunday July 25th to Saturday 31st July 2010

Friday 30th July 2010
Another three miles, like yesterday I was up at 4:10 to take Phil to work then back to bed til 5:50, then on road, knackered so pleased with run in a way. Details

Thursday 29th July 2010
Three miles better than nowt, steady pace under ten min/mi. Mowed lawns and loaded up me new reel last night. All good.

Wednesday 28th July 2010
Got up early. Garmin battery was flat so just been a walk/run up to golf club then into to Town to pick up papers.

Tuesday 27th July 2010
A really slow 5 miles this morning - will have a look at the stats when I get a min but think it was something like 10:40/miles. Had PJ caddy for me up the golf course after work. Made the total mileage for the day something like 7 miles. Birdied first hole, parred second and third, double bogey'd fourth, bogied fifth, parred eighth, bogied ninth - okay stuff really just showing Phil the lay of the land for when he gets permission letter to go shooting there.

Monday 26th July 2010
Up late, 2.5 miles up town and back. 3.5 miles of golf in the evening. Nothing spectacular but not bad either.

Sunday 25th July 2o10
Did nine holes of golf and that was it! Bit of gardening but that don't count.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday 18th July 2010 - Saturday 24th July 2010

Saturday 24th July 2010
Up town and back in the morning. Golf lunch time - not a million miles off okay - 47 from front nine with a lost ball, 47 on back nine which wasn't going too bad until finished last hole with a nine - after being in greenside bunker for 2 - six putts I think although I may have given the wrong score if I think about it. Doesn't matter had blown the round by then.

Friday 23rd July 2010
Ran up town and back - sub 9 min miles I think

Thursday 22nd July 2010
Woke up late, really tired so just did 2.5 miles up town and back. The 405cx was absolutely flat this morning so no record but it wasn't particularly quick. Last badminton til September tonight which is a shame.

Wednesday 21st July 2010
Me dad's internet stopped working so said I'd pop over to Darley Dale and ay a look before went to work. So everything in overdrive this morning. Same old five miles - left timer on while I went into paper shop so the average willl be up but it was okay. Five a day is getting to be habit - can't let it drop. Went over to me dads and the problem had fixed itself - which was nice. In office on time. At lunchtime walked up to post office and back from work - 1.78 miles, in evening walked up golf course, did a bit of practice, 2.5 miles.

Tuesday 20th July 2010
Out for a birthday meal last night - three pints of stella and drunk as owt - no good ye know. Anyway a really solid run this morning considering - getting close to 9 min miles again. Details

Monday 19th July 2010
Up nice and early out on road for a slow five miles. Details here.
Quick walk at lunchtime to post office and back at work - 2 miles almost. Details

Sunday 18th July 2010
Not done a great deal - same as yesterday got up at 4:15am (!!) to take Phil to work, came home, went to bed, got up at 9am'ish for the second time. Washed both cars, sorted out the recycling, sorted out a second set of golf clubs for the trip to Anglesey in a few weeks, put some junk on Ebay to sell. Sorted out a cymbal stand and the chimes for Lucy to use in the end of term concert. Fetched Phil from work. Found a bag that had a load of fishing tackle in it. Wrapped up Phil's birthday presents. Watched another rubbish major on TV - why can't brit players putt? What's up wiv em?

Went out golfin with the holiday set -Taylormade R360 driver, Yonex 3 wood, Adams 5 wood, Taylor Made LCG irons and Cleveland wedges and an old Never Compromise putter. It was average sort of stuff really. Details here

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sunday 11th July 2010 to Saturday 17th July 2010

Friday 16th July
Pleased with myself this morning was knackered after badminton last night, shattered so to get another five miler done this morning was really good. Have put on 3lbs in 2 weeks since last went to group so need to get myself going in that regard. Mentioned earlier this week that had set goal of covering 35 miles on foot this week - this was done this morning so might have a bit of a rest tomorrow and then start again on Sunday.

Thursday 15th July
Went for a bit of a walk last night up the golf course (!) for 2.5 miles and did another five mile run this morning. Had no go at all so was not displeased at averaging 9:50 miles. Details here

Wednesday 14th July
Nice to have a bit of rain but glad it was gone for this morning. Another five miles at a pace of 9:21 was okay. Details here

Tuesday 13th July 2010
Me and Phil been busy setting up a trampoline for Lucy's birthday. Went v. well after two hours we had the thing finished. This morning struggled to get out of bed then struggled round five miles - further exacerbated by not switching the darned watch on after had got the papers so only have 3.5 miles recorded towards the goal. Truncated details here. Anyway 17 odd miles of the 35 target are recorded with 1.5 miles off the radar. Got a new phone yesterday called a HTC HD2, have the HD mini last week and didn't like at all - couldn't text as the keys asre too small.

Monday 12th July 2010
Have set a goal up in Garm in Connect to cover 35 miles every week -did another 6 this morning and thus far have got 14 of those miles ticked off the list.

Sunday 11th July 2010
Starting training again. Set myself a goal of covering 35 miles a week. Have ticked 6 of them off this morning avg 9:42 which is not too bad when you consider I'd got some pain in me quads to start off with. Will post up details later. Bit of Golf at night 9 holes in under an hour - only four shots over par as well.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Sunday 4th July to Saturday 10th July 2010

Saturday 20th July
Dead tired and ankles still hurting walked a bit and got papers. Did 18 holes off white tees and scored miserably. 95 which would mean I'd played to 24 handicap not the 17.1 I'm supposed to but I did last four holes in nine over so it looks worse than it was really.

Friday 9th July
Knew I'd be knackered today so walked up town and back for papers. Watered everything as usual, work again. Did a bit of crappy golf practice again.

Thursday 8th July
2.5 miles in morning, work, badminton with running relays (at my age), bit of golf practice.

Wednesday 7th July
A tired 2.5 miles then work, then wizard, bit of golf nonsense.

Tuesday 6th July
Bit tired but got into office for just gone 7am, not done any running as have to leave office at 12:30 to go do Wizard of Oz again.

Monday 5th July
Had a bad night with all sorts of sickness, stomach cramps and stuff. Hey Ho. Walked up town and back as didn't fancy running. Didn't go in to work as didn't feel good enough and had half a day booked off anyway. Sorted out kit for the big gig this week - Wizard of Oz with Clifton Primary School, piano and drums in acompaniment - it went great and the kids were just marvellous. Really inspiring.

Then went and did nine holes which was good fun - hit my biggest drive ever up the fourth (255yds) and thought it must be wind assisted, then hit a beaut down the fifth (240yds) as well so it might be something as simple as lightening grip and aiming out to right a bit - have been drawing the ball a bit of late which is most unusual for me. Scoring wasn't brilliant but was messing with swing so that's what you'd expect, really. Hit almost 250 on the first but seeing as how it pull-hooked onto the 15th fairway it's probably nothing to write home about in some ways - that said if you go that way on a medal and hit it 250 down the fifteenth it leaves you with a wedge to the first green - which is nice!

Sunday 4th July
Didn't do much at all after a v strenuous Saturday! Got Phil to work before 5am again. Did a few jobs, went to a family do. Not much else!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Sunday 27th 2010 to Saturday 3rd July 2010

Saturday 3rd July
Didn't mention it yesterday but it's 3 years since I stopped smoking and I mean full stop. I should be rich as hell with all that money saved (where did it go?). Anyway, Saturday, got up at crack of dawn 4.15am to take Phil to work. Walked up town and back to get papers 2.5miles, carted a load of rubbish to dustmin lorry (2 old mowers, 1 enormous tree stump - don't know how I managed to get that bugger in the lorry!). Took the iffy Urban Mover back to Halfords for them to look at - bottom brackety noise? Did 18 holes golf, 8 pars or better, a two on the 14th which means I'll get my stake back and had chances for twos on 6 and 9 as well but didn't make them - played fairly well but lost 2 balls which puts you out of contention straight away really. Hey ho.

Friday 2nd July
No walking but only marginally quicker than yesterday. In fairness played Badminton with Lucy last night as well so cut me some slack! Details

Thursday 1st July
Slow, tired five miles this morning, walked a bit but still managed sub-10 min miles. Details

Wednesday 30th 2010
Five miles again! 15 miles so far this week. Details

Tuesday 29th 2010
Up nice and early which was a bit of a surprise as couldn't get to sleep at all, very close and muggy last night so t'was. Got the five miler done a little bit quicker at just over 9min 30sec/mile. Details here.

Monday 28th 2010
Slightly iffy tummy. Five miles none-the-less, Just sneak in at 9:48/mile. Details here. Watched a bit of Brazil and then went a walk up t'golf course at night. Only found one poxy Callaway Big Bertha golf ball which was a bit disappointing.

Sunday 27th 2010
Gardening, paddling pool, more gardening, more paddling pool, 60 minutes of Germany vs England, more paddling pool. Bed

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Urban Mover UM33x - urban myth - first review

The Urban Mover UM33x (snappily named dontcha think? me neither) is a battery assisted mountain bike style cycle that you can get on most company's cycle2work schemes (which is indeed, how I came to get one). It's good if you like a bit of assistance on hills but still requires a good degree of effort as it weighs lots (22.5kg) - I've not done the ride in to work that often as it's 22.5 miles each way but the bike did make it somewhat easier over the Derbyshire hills. As it was first trip I was keen to conserve battery power so pedalled unassisted for the most part which was probably the wrong thing to do as I still don't really know what the range is for it. It's quoted as being 20 miles+ (if you weigh the same as Kate Moss) but as I said, only used it for the bigger hills where it did a really good job, can't deny that.

I'm going to look at the stats tonight but I don't think it's saved me any time compared to the super light Giant FCR but we'll see - am not as fit as I should be so that's a factor but the bike is really heavy which makes it a pain when you're going uphill without assistance.

The 6 speed shimano gearset is also a bit of a limiting factor particularly downhills - as soon as you're past 20odd mph you cannot pedal quick enough but hey-ho it is, what it is. In a few months I'm going to swap the tyres for some sort of slicks, the tyres it comes with are good Kenda tyres but you can hear the resistance as you're pedalling along - winds me up that does same as when you're on a normal mountain bike I suppose.

That said, there's lots to be said for the Urban Mover, it has a clever battery releasse system, built in bike lock and a heavy chain is provided for even more security - mine is stored in the underground garage at work so am not going to carry the extra couple of pounds of weight for trips to work. I'm going to see what I can de to lessen the weight on it, might take the lights off for a couple of months.

The elongated frame makes space for the lithium battery below the seat-post, battery is said to be good for 20 odd miles, I used it sparingly on my 22.5 mile trip and there was plenty of juice left in it at the end . Note: also the integrated lock that jams the rear wheel and links to a heavy chain that is provided - it weighs a couple of pounds I reckon so you may or may not want to take it around with you.

Anyway this is first impressions only - I'm going to use the battery more on way back and I've just been told there's a high mode on it too so will probably give that a try going back.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Sunday 20th June to Saturday 26th June 2010

Friday 25th June 2010
Tired again!! In fairness had badminton last night which was good as have improved my serve a little bit more. In August we're going to stop at an excellent cottage next to Church Bay Anglesey called Ty Newydd. I've been doing a bit of SEO work on it at - anyway my uncle's stopping at the same place and he's very kindly taking my golf clubs for me so will be playing the likes of Bull Bay and Holy Head golf courses in about 6 weeks time! Ace. Anyroad up, did another slow tired five-miler this morning which was okay. 9:48/miles - details here.

Thursday 24th June 2010
Tired and hacked off before I start. PJ left his computer on all night and it was making a right racket at ten to six in the morning. Anyway, did a tired five miler at 9:40ish sort of pace. Got back, got told off for switching his pc off so came to work in a huff. Not best pleased today.

Wednesday 23rd June 2010
Legs a bit tired this morning after 45 miles of cycling yesterday. Only did 2.5 miles run up town and back. Which was a bit slow at 9:50ish I think, stats not uploaded for some reason.

Got panniers put on the Urban Mover at Halfords then went for a spin on the FCR1 racing PJ on the Urban Mover. Details

Tuesday 22nd June 2010 Cycle2Work Stats
Connect links here and here Total 45 miles, avg speed a tad over 14mph - loads of juice left in battery when got back so am going to have another go next week but use battery assistance more I think.

Tuesday 22nd June 2010
Rode the Urban Mover to work - took about 1hr 45m, which is no quicker than the Giant really. anyway, 22.5 miles down, 22.5 to go tonight!

The Mill at Belper - stopped to give Missus a wake-up call at 7am!

Belper Water Gardens - looked surreal - didn't really have time for taking pics - the clock was on.

Monday 21st June 2010
Longest day today - got up at 5:30ish did a five miler, no record as the Garmin had zero power in it. Going to cycle to work tomorrow. Did 10 holes of golf in the evening - 6 over after 10 holes and two birdies at the par 5s - yet on Saturday I couldn't hit a cow's ar*e with a banjo - how does that work?

Sunday 20th June 2010
Did next to nowt all day - bit of getting up at silly o'clock in morning to take Phil to work on farm, bit of bread making when got back, bit of going out for father's day lunch at Nag's Head, Hulland Ward (missus likes it and I think it's okily dokily).

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Church Bay, Anglesey Self-catering Accommodation Search Engine Optimisation

Am getting into search engine optimisation again and doing a favour for the folks who rent us the cottage we stop at in Anglesey.

Am trying to get Church Bay Anglesey Cottage Accommodation to feature high in the ranks so I've bought as a starting point and we'll see what happens thereafter. The self-catering cottage is called Ty Newydd and I've started the project off at but there'll be more to come, oh yes. Will keep you posted!
Update: done a video tonight which is embedded on the home page. Or if you go straight to YouTube it's here.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Sunday 13th to Saturdary 19th June 2010

Saturday 20th June 2010
Got up at 4:30 to take PJ to work. Went run up town and back - 3 miles. Played 18 holes of absolute rubbish golf. Only saving grace was I drove well for the entire round.

Friday 19th June 2010
Bit juggered this morning following badminton last night. Learnt something though -you need to aim for the top of the net on the serve so the opponent has to lift the shuttlecock up. My serves weren't low enough and consequently the whippersnappers were killing me. Anyway as has been the case the last few days I couldn't get myself out of bed so only a little run again 2.5 miles or so. Details here for today and here for yesterday.

Golf Analysis - 15th and 16th
I can use the Garmin 405cx for all sorts of stuff not least looking at my golf. I switch it on at the start of the round and after drives etc walk a couple of yards up and down behind the ball so I can work out where it is. I upload it to GarminConnect and then from GarminConnex export is as a GPX file. The GPX file can then be edited in GPSMapEdit which allows me to work out how far I've hit the ball.

As of mid-june I'm driving on average between 210 to 215 yards so that's something to work on and putting needs to be better and chipping's not all it should be. So should be able to improve. Did 7 holes last night that was pretty steady until I lost my ball on the fifth - found three better ones while looking though so that's okay!

Thursday 17th June 2010
Same old, same old. Couldn't get out of bed so under three miles again. Least the SEO project is going well have got 'Church Bay Anglesey Holiday Cottage' up a page to page two so that's getting there. The target website is which is a holiday cottage in Church Bay, Anglesey you see! Also got a domain for it at need to some work on that too as it's domain forwarding at the moment which google don't like.

Wednesday 16th June 2010
Did another 9 holes on Tuesday night in 59 minutes! Golf was a bit rubbish so need to adjust the quality of golf to speed balance ratio a bit. Wednesday morning, late again another 2.5miles at 9:01 pace which was okay as am feeling dead tired at the minute. Details here.

Tuesday 15th June 2010
Up late, thought I would be so only 2.5miles run at 8:50/mile which was not bad for me. Details

An image of last night's golf mapping - 2.5 miles in an hour with scoring as follows starting on the sixth hole: par, par, par, bogey (with a three putt), bogey, birdie, quadruple bogey with two lost balls, par, bogey out of the bunker.

Monday 14th June 2010
Got up early doors, five mile run done. Good start. Did a bit of work then went for nine holes tonight at speed! Mapped it on the garmin here.

Sunday 13th June 2010
Got up early washed cars, brought the rain. Short bike ride with Lucy up town and back.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Sunday 6th June to Saturday 13th June 2010

Friday 11th June 2010
6:15am before I got up so a bit late to get going. Consequently I didn't have time to do more than the 2.5 miles at 9:20 pace this morning. In my defence I had an hours badminton followed by 9 holes of average golf last night so was a bit knackered anyway.

Thursday 10th June 2010
Struggled to get out of bed again, but got out for about 6am. Did the five miler again at 9:31 pace which was okay - felt tired all the way round really. Still, need to make this a habit. Back to group tonight which is going to be a bit of a problem I reckon - if I scrape in under 16 stone I'll count that as a small victory!

Wednesday 9th June 2010
Got up a bit late, funny old night's sleep but was set on doing five miles if it wasn't raining so that's what I did. Steady sort of a pace 9:20ish which was okay. Come August I want to be at a state of fitness where running to Llanfaethlu and back from Church Bay is no problem at all. Details here.

Tuesday 8th June 2010
Went and did another 9 holes last night - steady golf quite pleased. Got up this morning at 5:45 and it's chucking it down with rain so plans to get the running back up to 5 milers again has been temporarily put on hold. Was going to run but went and did ten holes on the golf course instead, as you do.

Monday 7th June 2010
Off today as got to take missus to hospital appointment. Anyway, up a bit late but as nothing spoiling went for run up town and back at 7:30ish. A smidge over 9 minute miles but I'll get that together you see if I don't.

Did five holes of golf that wan't too bad but loads of folks in my way so didn't play that much.

Holiday Stuff - Church Bay, Anglesey - May/June 2010

SeaSide Running
The image below is of my run from Church Bay on a three mile loop. I did this run every other day so a total of four runs over the week wasn't bad. Details here although there was a bit where I didn't run as it was negotiating slippery rocks so don't read nowt into the times.

Next time go I'm going to extend it to take in Llanfaethlu and pick a paper up every other day I think!

We stopped at Ty Newydd in the barn this time (conversion). More info at and Vic and Linda Clarke run the cottages and the excellent camp site which are only minutes from the beach.

Various pics from hols at Church Bay, Anglesey May/June 2010

Having a bit of a read - was too bright most of the time though.

Looking back towards Church Bay - was about 1.5 miles from finish at this point on me three mile run.

The beach at Church Bay, took picture one morning before anyone got there!

We went on a boat fishing trip one day - loads of fun!

Looking towards Holyhead I think from rocks on me run.

A dead boat I'd pass on my regular three mile run.

An oyster-catcher (according to me dad) on the cliffs at Church Bay Beach

Mesen with a decent-sized bass. Caught on the last cast and released to fight another day.

Plagued with dogfish this week, we were.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday 23rd May to Saturday 29th May 2010

Friday 28th May 2010
Knackered. Badminton last night didn't help although enjoyed it as am beginning to realise that head position is very important for clears, drops and smashes which I'd not really got before. Anyroad, this morning walked/ran up town and back. The garmin hadn't got enough umpf to run GPS this morning so thought I'd take it easy!! Hols tomorrow, about time.

Thursday 27th May 2010
Bed late, up late that seems to be the pattern of late. Anyway at least didn't need to water due to a good few mil of rain last night. Did a shorter run but pace good again. Details here

Wednesday 26th May 2010
Blimey, couldn't get up again, 5:40 before out of bed - watered everything as usual, tidied up some of my fishing pollution then got out on road. 3.5 miles at 8:48 pace which is good stuff. Details here. Made a couple of flattie rigs up and two sets of luxury mackeral feathers. It's all going on at Chez Siddall, oh yeah.

Tuesday 25th May 2010
Up a bit late again. Watered everything. Ran 3.5 miles at 9 min pace with me new Nike Moto 6 trainers. Well comfy they are too! Details here. Good evening as well me and Lucy went on a mini bike ride, then did 9 holes of golf with some really nice shots along the way. Then fetched some FootJoy golf shoes I won on Ebay for a mega £20, well pleased with em. Then made some mackeral feather for holiday. Might post up the details on them at a later point - I took someone else's idea and innovated on the production process a little bit!

Monday 24th May 2010
Couldn't get out of bed, red hot all night, think have caught the sun just a bit! Anyway, did eventually, watered everything as usual, cleaned all the shoes ready for school and work then out for a bit of a run. Details

After work had to sort my cousin’s computer out (instead of watching England v Mexico – perhaps an unexpected bonus by the sounds of it). Anyway it seemed as if the registry was a bit trashed so thought best course of action would be to do a system restore to an earlier configuration. Tried it twice to no avail, kept getting following message:
“System Restore did not complete successfully
Details: an unexpected error occurred”

“Details: an unexpected error occurred – how vague is that?

Anyway the way you can resolve this particular problem is to reboot the machine in safe mode and then do the system restore and it’ll work. All good stuff, as me dad says.

Sunday 23rd May 2010.
Got up mega early to take Phil to work. Didn't fancy a run as had a load of jobs to do. Fetched missus' car up, got that washed and then washed me own. Watered everything - getting bored with watering already but hey-ho. didn't do much at all, bit of a trip out on the bike in the evening but even that was just a jaunt rather than an all out proper ride.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday 16th May to Saturday 22nd May 2010

Saturday 22nd May 2010
Got up at 4:30 to take wee Phil to work at the farm. Then got home, watered everything (as you do), sorted the shed out. Got Lucy's bike and my slow but comfy mountain bike out, pumped tyres up (in process inner tube in my front tyre blue - which was nice, not). Tidied garden up, took stuff to the dustcart which comes every 6 weeks. Then got Lucy ready and we went up town to fetch papers and get breakfast at Busy Bees' cafe up near the bus station - well recommended, really nice people, nice simple food, no problems. Then we came home. Golf ay 12:20 me and John played in a betterball medal off 3/4 handicaps, we ended up 1-over I think which was okay, I missed some howlers and John struggled here and there. Doug, bless him, marked for us and didn't laugh too much ever when John found three different bunkers on the 18th. Anyway, I think I had 7 pars and missed some rotten short putts but... that's golf for ya.

Friday 21st May 2010
Three miles this morning - averaging 9:30ish I think - for some reason it's not uploaded. 9 holes of v average golf - lost 3 balls!!

Thursday 20th May 2010
Tired again and it showed. Least did the old five mile route but only managed to get round at an average of 9.58. Still coulda been 10 min miles!!! Details here

Badminton was red hot, played not bad against the whippersnappers. Took one of em to 21-15 which was as close I got to good.

Wednesday 19th May 2010
Walked up town and then ran back, knackered and ankle hurt so not as tremendous mid-week performance. Such is life. Did another nine holes up on the course last night, a beautiful evening so t'was.

Another pic from Sunday - this is the farm where Phil works at the weekend.

This is the other circular thang in the the River at Norbury.

What the flip is this?
Went a walk down near where Phil works at Norbury on Sunday. Saw this and another strange circular thang in the river a bit further upstream. Don't know what they are. The nearby road is called Side Mill Lane so whether this is linked, I don't know.

Tuesday 18th May 2010
Back to five mile runs. Not very quick but acceptable (my definition of acceptable will be sub-10 minutes miles) . Details here.

Monday 17th May 2010
Knackered this morning. Only did a three mile loop which I didn't keep a track of as couldn't find me watch! Nearly went headlong as I went along Mayfield Road. Same track I run pretty much every day and managed to hit a ever-so slightly raised manhole cover and still can't believe I stayed on my feet - felt like I was flying for a few milleseconds.

Went up for 9 holes of golf, not t

Sunday 16th May 2010
Got up early doors to take Phil to work. Got back, went back to bed but couldn't sleep so got up. Mucked about. Made a load of sea fishing rigs ready for hols in a fortnights time. Can't wait.

Got a gadget for cleaning and lubricating the chain on me bike so I've done that today. Took it out for a spin. Just short of ten miles at 15.5mph average not bad considering all the bloomin traffic and I chucked some hills in for good measure. All good but no run this weekend. Details is here.

Me, the missus and Lucy went for a walk down by the river at Norbury. Some wierd stonework in the river that I'll post up tomorrow.

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