Monday, 30 April 2012

Sunday 29th April 2012 to Saturday 5th May 2012

Sunday 29th April 2012 to Saturday 5th May 2012

Sunday 29th April 2012
What a day, blowing a hooley and peeing it down with rain pretty much all day.  Listed a chunk of stuff on Ebay, made golf club boxes, did some homework with Lucy, did some homework for myself.   Then at about 6:30 the rain dropped and the wind calmed down (a bit) so did a six-miler round Mappleton.
Good to get it done, might not have been the fastest due to the head wind at time but it was good to get out after the cabin fever of the rest of the day.

Monday 30th April 2012
Got up first at midnight and then at 4am to see Phil went off and also to put name into London Marathon 2013 ballot.   £32 !!  Daren't tell missus but she wants me to do it so it's her fault!   Anyway, will now wait until October to find out whether am in or not in!   Anyway got up again at 6am and did a quick three miler.

Funny day really, started off really nice and then went back to the weather for the previous day.  Did a seven mile bike ride in the evening;
and then went for a mile and half walk after that.

Tuesday 1st May 2012
Got up at 4am to make sure the bovine technician got off to work, back to bed for a couple of hours. Up at a bit before 6 and did four miles run this morning, very slowly it has to be said as legs were knackered!

Wednesday 2nd May 2012
Made sure Phil was up at 4am then went back to bed!  Got up at 5:45 and did the five mile run am thinking of getting up at 5:30 tomorrow and doing a 6 mile run round Mappleton to go 3,4,5,6 on consecutive days!  We'll see.   Might go to work on the bike on Friday, weather depending.  Run was just under 11 minute miles so a lot of work to do should I get into London Marathon next year.

Funny day at work then got home - went 7 mile bike ride to top up the exercise log and then potted a load of lettuces for my greenhouse projects.

Thursday 3rd May 2012 
Got up a bit earlier this week thus far from Monday did three miles, Tuesday did four miles, Wednesday did five miles so this morning it had to be six miles!!

Not bad at just under 11 minute miles as well!

Question is ...  after badminton tonight would I be able to do seven miles tomorrow.  Probably not as we're dog sitting this from tonight so the Pipster will be slowing me down no end.

Got back from work at 6:30 after another happy day.  Quick tea then off to badminton with Lucy - I'm rubbish at Badminton I think won just one game out of four so not really much cop!   When back from Badminton the pipster dog had arrived so took her out for a walk as well.

Friday 4th May 2012
Up early doors - took the dog about three and half miles with some running and some walking - to be honest she can keep up a good old pace (think shes about two so not old but she has got very short legs).  Forgot to take the Garmin watch in getting ready for everything else so it's not logged - might map it out later. but probably not. It was pretty much this route but turning down Dig Street, getting newspaper and then heading back home.

Saturday 5th May 2012
Up at 4am to make sure Phil gets off to work. Back to bed, woke up at 5am by the dog, took her about a mile down by the farm on Doles lane then looped back.  No point going back to bed as very awake so at 7 took her a walk up town and back about 3 miles or so to get the papers.

Got back made up a box for sending off golf clubs at the ready - am clearing out the shed of em at the moment, in last month have shift three fairway woods, two drivers, two full sets of irons and have two or three more items listed.  All good.

Golf at lunchtime, picked up John, Doug played with us for first time in a long while.  Got him a set of Callaways of the Bay a few weeks back - absolute bargain Callaway VFT Hawkeye Tungsten Titanium irons - gorgeous they are if only they were right handed I'd have had em for meself!  Never mind.  Anyway shot 46  on front nine and 43 on the back nine which was dead steady I thought all in all, left a lot of shots out there with some v. dodgy putting at time but scored okay.  31 points of three-quarter handicap is good enough I thought.

Took the hound for a walk with Lucy later which was okay before tea.


Monday, 23 April 2012

Sunday 22nd April 2012 to Saturday 28th April 2012

Sunday 22nd April
Up early, 6 mile run then watched a bit of the marathon.

Over to mum's for lunch, messed about with Roxio MyDVD for dad, it took an hour and didn't bloomin work so popping back over tomorrow.

Got home, did me lawn repair work with absolute perfect timing as I was finishing it began raining. Time for tea.

Then went a golf practice walk up the golf course for another two miles. All good.

Monday 23rd April 2012
Up at 5:45, five mile run on a week day.  All good starting my legendary cable tie reclamation project to tidy up Ashbourne's street furniture.

Over to mum and dad's to get this movie file tonight then back home to make the DVD and then going to get me potatoes planted in various different way - garden, grow bag, potato bag things.

Tuesday 24th April 2012
Well, didn't get the spuds in last night due to cruddy rain weather conditions so made some boxes up to send golf clubs off in which were needed, so all good.  The rain will help my lawn repairing efforts from Sunday so that's good too. Expecting a loss today but not of the same proportions as last week if I can sneak into the next big figure that would be good, at the minute I'm right on the line.

Anyway was up at 5:40, set out with five mile in mind, did five mile, into work nice and early, couple of emails fired off now onto business.

Lunchtime weigh in - doing a sponsored slim thing.  3.5lbs off today making a total of 11lbs in two weeks - quite pleased!! Another 3lbs off this next and that'd be a stone gone in three weeks, which would be good going.  Well on the way to recovery.

Got home, no more exercise but got spuds planted in spud bag things (will see how that goes).  Also got loads of seeds planted in seed trays ready for mini-greenhouse mullarky.  Have done cucumbers, courgettes, peppers, onions so far.  Have got Tomatoes to do next.

Wednesday 25th April 2012
Got up at 5am.  Didn't sleep well, lot's of meetings planned for today.  Anyway, got up early.  Did a load of emails, woke the bovine technician (Phil) up and then went a run.  Another five miles so that four days on the trot where have averaged over 5 miles each day.  Am getting into a better place with my head I think!

Thursday 26th April 2012
Went to bed at 8:30 last night, read til 10:30, up at 5:40.  Felt a bit overly tired so with badminton tonight I thought I'd do a shorter run - so just 3.26 miles clocked - which is better than what I was doing a month ago but not as good as the five milers have been doing recently.

Set off for work dead early but instead of the 40 minutes it should have been it took an hour and five minutes so wasn't best please.

Friday 27th April 2012
Really tired this morning couldn't get up.  Blame it on the badminton that's what I reckon.  Anyway, got out of bed at 5:50, dragged meself downstairs, got ready, poked head out of door, hammering it down with rain so set off a bit later and just ran three miles.  Better than nowt.

Saturday 28th April 2012
Really tired when got up due to getting up at 4am to make sure Phil got off to work.   Not much done in morning as was trying to sort out nephew Ben's laptop with his new router which was only getting local access - it turned out to be that sometimes you have to plug laptop into router and upgrade the wireless adaptors.

Then back home, got fruit for golf bag, dropped apple, sort of caught it on my foot, bent down to pick it up then came up under a cupboard and split me head open a bit but such is life.   So went golfing with a right old headache which I'm blaming for four three puts.  The odd thing is that I hit some sweet pitching wedges so should have had quite a few pars really instead of a poxy one par!

Note we missed out four holes - 11th, 12th and 13th holes were closed, we jumped across from 10 to 14 so that we could get in front of a fourball who were crawling around.  Down for 12 sharp next week so should be okay.


Monday, 16 April 2012

Sunday 15th April 2012 to Saturday 21st April 2012

Sunday 15th April 2012 to Saturday 21st April 2012

Sunday 15th april 2012
Up earlyish considering. Ran 5.8 miles round Mappleton and what have you the back-to-front way.
Had only intended doing a couple of miles after doing seven miscellaneous miles on Saturday but carried on a bit!   Went to CostCo, Derby in afternoon to get missus' pictures and spend a bit of cash. Acceptable.

Bit of golf later on, again okay. Hit a load of 8-irons at the end all to about 10 foot of the pin. Acceptable

Monday 16th April 2012
Got up at 5:40, went five mile run (well four and three quarters but who's counting?).
Got to work and somehow put 3.5lbs on since Friday morning.  Don't know what's going there to be sure?

Get back from work a bit later than normal but not to worry.  Went a walk up golf course found a couple of balls, clocked up a couple more miles, all good!

Tuesday 17th April 2012
Up early.  Hacking it down with rain. Fetched papers in car then went to Gym for first time since November 2010 I think.  Did 24mins / 4km on treadmill on a hill program at 9.5km/h then did 12mins / 2.6km on the rower on number 8 setting.  Knew I'd done it and just as when I last attended all those months/years back I enjoyed the 3 minutes in the shower way more than the 40 minutes on the equipment!!!  Such is life.  Weigh-in today, had a quick check and am back to within half a pound of where I was on Friday so three pounds lighter than when I was p*$$ed off yesterday with them damn scales!

Weigh in at 12:30;  7.5lbs loss.  Get in.  That's not a bad start!

Wednesday 18th April 2012
Not raining when got up so got 3.5 miles done this morning.  Bit slow as my legs were cream crackered from yesterdays rowing and treadmill session.  Am thinking about doing more gym now though, don't know when.
This morning's 'run!' :

Thursday 19th April 2012
Up early at 5am!  Did an hour of work, then four miles of tarmac bashing.  Round about 11min miles.  Which is okay at my current weight.   Details here:-

Friday 20th April 2012
Badminton last night was good although I got hammered on a regular basis as usual. Pesky kids and drop shots, that's what I say.   Anyway struggled to get out of bed for 6am then went four mile run then showered and off to work. Details

Saturday 21st April 2012
Up early.  Stuff to do up town.  Golf at 12 not bad 14 holes with a few pars and mainly bogies, one double possibly.

Bit of a walk later on.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sunday 8th April 2012 to Saturday 14th April 2012

Sunday 8th April 2012
Not much to report.  Went over to me mums for her birthday, then back for a bit of golf - just took a seven-iron to practice then prepare for the return to work.

Bank Holiday Easter Monday 9th April 2012
Went out for a run first thing, then into work to get going again.  Couldn't find watch so no activity record other than this!

Tuesday 10th April 2012
Another watchless run.  Then into work.
Have bought a 6 week countdown and am back on the plan.  So far so good.
No bread, crisps, cake, biscuits, beer, wine or spirits today, plenty of fruit, plenty of fibre, plenty of free food.  All looking good.
Bit of rubbish golf when got home but clocked up another 2.5miles so good stuff.

Wednesday 11th April 2012
A watched run which was every bit as slow as I'd expect given the amount of weight am carrying (am not going to disclose it as it's that embarassing - will let you know the loss next week_!

Had a food optimised evening meal of a mixed grill with syn-free chips which was bloody marvellous.  Then as with Tuesday night nothing else but tasty black coffee.

Thursday 12th April 2012
Struggled to get out of bed again. Such is life.  Got up in time for the quick run up town and back. 11.30 min miles including walking the last bit to paper shop and what have.  Am not bothered am going to be upping the mileage in the next six weeks and hopefully start doing some biking into work.

Frustrating day at work then back home and left the frustration behind (mostly).
Took the bike out for a spin to check it ready for resumption of Cycle2Works.

Friday 13th April 2012
Probably not the best day to resume Cycle2Work'ing but what the hey you can say that about any day whether it's Friday 13th  or not.  Got up too early at 5:40, can afford to get up at 6am, have a shave, fetch papers then set off for Belper before cycling in.  Anyway, that's a learning point, I suppose.  Was in Belper for about 7:15 I think and in work for about 8:10 ready for shower and coffee.  All good.

Much quicker coming back. Got back to Belper just before the rain kicked in which was nice!

Saturday 14th April 2012
Golf was terrible today neither me nor John pulled up any trees but John played better out of the two of us and won.  Got back, fetched mower back from Stephen and Clare's, mowed the outside and then mowed the lawns, all done. Good.

Went back up golf course after big tea to work some of it off.  Covered two miles and hit a few decent shots need to work on taking the club back with arms first and then turn, not turning straight away.


Monday, 2 April 2012

Sunday 1st April 2012 to Saturday 7th April 2012

Sunday 1st April 2012
Up early to make sure Phil got off and then back to bed. Sorting fishing gear out - repaired ruck sack sorted rigs and lures out.  Am all set and can't wait.  Went in to work to finish a few things off.  All homework completed and handed in, am going to have some days off this week and not do any work (probably).

Monday 2nd April 2012
Up at 4:30 got Phil off to work.  Did a couple of minor bits of work.  Then went a really slow run - muscles felt mega tight for some reason so a fair bit of walking unfortunately.  Going to Bakewell Market in a minute.

Tuesday 3rd April 2012 
Up early to pick mum and dad up from Manchester airport.  Plane was really later - apparently problems in Munich and then they had to circle Manchester to get a slot and then it took ages to get them through baggage recall.   Off to Wales then in a cold snap in rotten April getting to Valley Baits about 5:10 I’d emailed Bryn at Valleybaits ( to confirm that he’d be open for a bit later and he said he’d be open until 6pm so got lug and rag,  came to about £5 but I got £4 worth of lead as well.  It’s farmed rag but okay really if not mega big stuff like you might get a Telboys.

Tuesday night in any case was blowing a hoolie so fished the little beach behind the cafĂ© only to find it was a beach no more the following day as 3 foot of sand has been dredged out by the sea).  So had a cast, lost a rig, give it up as a bad job.  Ought to have had a crack on the main beach but weather was way too rough I felt.   High tide was 21:00 and around 4.9m.  Tidal co-efficient was 84 (high) 

Wednesday 4th April 2012
Got up early and got down there for about 7:00ish, High tide in the morning was at 09:15 and was set to be 5.2m so not a big un by any means and certainly easy enough to get off the beach.  Managed a flounder in the daylight which was a result I felt.

Went fishing early doors, got a flounder.   Went a walk to check out a beach just beyond Crugmor called Porth Penrhyn but the sea has dredged a ton of sand off it and made it unfishable. 
Still at least I've checked it out.

High tide at night was at 21:40 and only 5.3m so still very manageable.  Fished mainly lug (got another pack when we went shopping in the morning) missed a bite or two but also connected with two schoolie bass. All returned but a result on a sort of mid-sized tide.  Again could get off the beach easy enough.   The tidal co-efficient for this one though was described as being 98 (very high) – all the bites came about an hour before high then slacked off as the tide turned.  The lunar phase was a Waxing Gibbous – the day was rated as a 1 fish rated sort of a day.

Thursday 5th April 2012
Went a walk round the Ranges as it's often referred to near South Stack, Anglesey.
Found the mark that's called Ringbolt.  Apparently a tackle graveyard so might try it, might not at some point in the future.  Route from car park to Ringbolt, Ranges mark is here

Went to do a bit of spinning on the rocky headland north of Church Bay used plugs and spoons but maybe a bit early in the season for lure fishing will come back and give it a better go in June.

Disastrous evening this was for the beach as a fishing club from Amlwch came and took over the beach.  High tide was  22:20 and a 5.6m one so just getting blocked off a bit was able to get off shortly after high tide though, no great shakes.  Not a bite to be had but put that down to the moonlight and the fishing club trying to emulate Blackpool Illuminations on the beach.  The day was rated as a two fish sort of a day by but didn’t prove to be.    A guy off the campsite managed a dogfish but that was about it.   Coefficient of 108 (very high) and lunar phase was a Waxing Gibbous.

Friday 6th April 2012

Supposedly the best day of the week according to – rated as a three-fisher.  The low tide was well out at 0.3m at 16:50 so dug plenty of good quality fresh lug, gave some to the guy off the campsite who was doing his best with a plastic spade bless him!  Was considering fishing the low but could see kelp everywhere and though it would just equal lost gear!   The high tide in the evening was a bigger one at 5.8m and meant I got wet getting off the beach after losing the leaders on my main reel and my back up reel.  I was doing really well with a big pit reel called a Zero 760 which I got off Ebay cheap as chips – the cool thing about it is that you can put the fixed spool out of gear and then walk back to your rod rest rather than having to flip the bail arm – I like that.  Anyway I lost two leaders and therefore two rigs – the second one of which had got a bit on it I felt but the fish got stuck in the rocks somewhere now that the sand is all gone.  Anyway that hacked me off some more so got off the beach and got wet at the same time round about high tide time.  The chap off the campsite had a dogfish, a rockling and a Pollack while I was there on the bait I’d dug and he was no more than fifty yards left of me.  Such is life.  The tidal co-efficient was described as 112(very high) and lunar phase was a Waxing Gibbous.

Saturday 7th April 2012 

Went down to the beach early doors and recovered lost gear.  Over the four days fishing I'd only lost the one rig on the first night when it was unfishable - that's pretty good going I reckon.   As was up early I put all the fishing gear away and got it stowed in the motor.  We were off for about 9:30 I think and back home early afternoon which was okay.   Saw Phil's legs for the first time since his accident, very nasty. 

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