Monday, 26 April 2010

Sunday 25th to Saturday May 1st 2010

Saturday 1st May 2010
2.5 mile up town and back to fetch papers. Pleased with Pace again. Going to do a few more miles tomorrow I reckon. Link to Garmin Connect.

Good Golf Miss Molly - went round in a very steady 86 off the white tees which included a lost ball after hitting out of bounds on the par three 6th - beginning to be my bogey hole that one. Anyway, that's best round for some time.

Friday 30th April 2010
Little 2.5 mile up town and back run. Bit of a sad wierd day today - Captain Channing and Carol Sherwin both retiring so lots of red eyes. Me, Dave and new start Chris Hall had to knock a tune up for the occasion so a lot of shuffling stuff about in shed first thing to deliver the drums and keep it a secret from Channo. All done though!

Thursday 29th April 2010 Evening Update
Went to Badmo with Lucy - good fun even if the young whipper snappers beat me somewhat.

Got some more pics from t'Marathon!

Thursday 29th April 2010
Did a couple of miles last night and 2.5 miles this morning. I know you shouldn't but I'm determined not to let the fitness slip and weight go back on like I did last year. See where I am at the weekend but I'd like to do a ten-miler Sunday morning all being well.

Some more pics from the Marathon!

My 2010 London Marathon Time!!

Wednesday 28th 2010
Getting better - ran up town and back okay. 2.5 miles at just under 9:30 pace. So not bad considering.

Did a bit of work on a video for Roberto
Grabbed audio stream off radio five live to enhance the video I did along with titles and captions. Banged it on YouTube

Tuesday 27th 2010
Back to work. A bit knackered but never mind. Did a couple of miles tonight - bit of walking but I bet I did a mile and a quarter or more of running. Felt it in the thighs though, oh yes.

Monday 26th 2010
Travelling back from London, no exercise and Quads absolutely killing me.

Sunday 25th 2010

London Marathon Day!
Woke up at 4:30, got up proper at 05:00, shaved and everything ready by 05:45. In Hotel Restaurant at 05:55, porridge and toast and ready to go by 6:30. On bus to trafalgar square at 6:36 and on train at Charing Cross at 07:00, waiting for Roberto at Blackheat Station at 7:33. Met Roberto at 7:50, walked to blue start for 8am ish. Got diverted from Blue Start to back of Balloons. Interview as 8:40. Over to Red Start for 9am. Met Julia and Liz. No Sign of Ailsa. Hammers it down with rain at 9:05. Still nos sign of Ailsa so we go in. Wait til about 9:30 still no sign of Ailsa. Stuff has to go on baggage trucks at 9:35 so that's that no pic at start which in a way was good as it was hammering it down. At 9:40 we're queuing up down the road for shooters hill, at about 10:05 we're off, Liz and Julia take off about ten mins in and we don't see them again until the finish! The Garmin 405 wasn't working at the start so it looks like my first mile was 12 minutes and something - this pi$$ed me off all the way round.

I stuck with Roberto for the first ten miles or so but Roberto was struggling a bit around 11 and didn't want me to miss getting my sub-5 hrs time so I left him a bit before halfway. He's an absolute star, Roberto and I reckon he'll be back to get a good time next year, bless im.

The rest of my race was best described as up and down. I'd wanted to put in a good time to Tower Bridge which is more or less half way but after dodging round folks for the first few miles I knew it wasn't going to work out. I was ten minutes better to half way but I think i spent too much energy going round folks walking or blocking the way which was major irritating to say the least. Anyway I got round in the end 4hrs 52mins 05secs which was ten minutes better than last year but the last five miles was run on vapours and absolutely nothing left in the tank - I was bit upset at the finish as someone shouted 'come on paul, you can get a 5:10' which as I wasn't trusting the Garmin was the last thing I wanted to hear but I finished strong as I could, I'd have liked to have been ten minutes quicker but it wasn't bad. Certainly better than never ever finishing under five hours.

Anyway, the stats are all here! and here

Pics from London Marathon

London Marathon 2010 Pictures

Finished final for me, Marathon in 4:51, so ten mins better than last year - had wanted 4:40 but will take this, ran non-stop, no loo break, no walking so a fitting way to close off you marathon career, I reckon.

These are pics from yesterday's Virgin London Marathon. Click on them to get a 1600 x 1200 zoomed in shot.

First one is Roberto Enrui who was Slimming World's Greatest Loser and Man of the Year. He ran the marathon in just over 6 hours carrying an abductor injury. Not bad for someone who's lost 25 stones over the last few years!!!

Me and Roberto with us medals, gimme a medal, Mutley!

Roberto being interviewed by Radio 5 Live - I've got video of this too but it's massive!!!

Paul and the gals from the team - Liz (4:42), Ailsa (4:13) and Julia (5:22)

The gals on their own.

Virgin Marathon 25th April 2010 The Slimming World team took on the challenge of running miles for SMILES with great aplomb and a gleam in their eyes. The day varied from heavy rain before the start of the race to very hot in the latter stages of the race so all the runners were tested by the conditions. As usual though, the crowd help boost them along with the unique atmosphere the London Marathon has and all the team were pleased to complete it.

Ailsa Park finished in a very good 4:13:58
Liz Ferris completed the marathon in 4:42:41
Paul Siddall in 4:51:05
Julia Males in 5:22:04
Roberto Enrui completed the marathon in 6:03:05

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday 18th to Saturday 24th April 2010

Friday 23rd April 2010
Nowt, am banned from running today.

Weight Loss Update
As the graph below shows the weight loss since going back to Janet's group has been hit and miss to say the least. This is not down to Janet or Slimming World or food optimising just me not really doing the plan properly. I sort of do the basics most of the time but mess round the edges not counting syns and having the odd sneaky drink! That said I've lost a stone and three pounds since going back so it's money well spent. Although I don't do it properly it kind of keeps me honest and if I didn't go the weight would go back on big style as it did a bit.

Lots of activity in last couple of weeks has taken the total to very nearly £800, well pleased at that with being a late entry into the Marathon Team.

Special thanks for a donation of £150 - thanks so much to Mark and the folks at Affordable Granite and Marble. And thank you to everyone who's sponsored me, friends, family, colleagues and people I've never met but who've sponsored me. The generosity of it all knocks my socks off time and again!

Wednesday 21st April 2010
Queens Award for Enterprise opens today and I've a view to getting us one of dem things.
Steady 3 mile run, nothing spectacular but sub-10 min miles which will be okay on the day.

Tuesday 20th April 2010
3.4 steady miles in morning, enviro day at work in the middle, bit of golf in a cold wind at night. All good.

Monday 19th April 2010
Even less to report today - I got up dead early but loaded up the car with stuff for the environmental focus day at work on Tuesday and it dont look too bad - might take me camera in tomorrow to get a pic.

Sunday 18th April 2010

Nothing much to report. Took it easy today after yesterday's aceness. I've not mention hour poor the golf was - three pars in 18 holes and stacks of rubbish - went round in 102! Hideous

Might go and hit some balls later. Have been cleaning the FCR1 as it's going to be part of a Cycle2Work display at Slimming World's environmental focus day on Tuesday. Might cycle back on Tuesday night.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th April 2010

Saturday 17th April 2010
This is definitely the last big run before the 2010 London Marathon that I'm going to do. Just like to make that clear. Went out with that in mind and ran like hell (for me) and did half marathon distance in just over 2 hours! Every mile sub 10 minutes. So well pleased, golf in a couple of hour too so I can kind of relax a bit now!

Friday 16th April 2010
Was in no hurry this morning. Got up late did a quick 2.5 mile up town and back. going to do last big run tomorrow 12 miles and not a penny more, Miss Briggs.

Thursday 15th April 2010
A Good five miler in the morning.

Seven miles on the FCR1 at night, averaged 14.4mph on a windyish night which was okay. Got back in time for the yawn of the year debate of political leaders. What a waste of space they all are.

Wednesday 14th April 2010
Did another spin on the fcr1 last night - dark, windy and tired so pace down. Did five miles run this morning but the Garmin gone a bit doo-lally (think battery needs charging) so no stats available other than last 1.4 miles were at 9:29 pace! Hey ho.

Tuesday 13th April 2010

Up late but determined to stop slacking. Forced myself to do five miles at sub10 minute pace even though there was no go in me legs (that'll teach em). Quite pleased at keeping ahead of the virtual partner on the garmin am beginning to put together a plan for setting a pace for the marathon, at least in my head for now!!

Monday 12th April

Watched Lee Westwood become an also-ran till about the 15th and then went to bed when he missed that little putt. Mickelson was just on fire, couldn't see him coming undone so didn't stop for end. Just a little 2.5 miles this morming. Absolutely knackered!

We doing an environmental focus day at work next week and introducing a cycle2work scheme so I'm cleaning up the FCR1 to make it part of the display. So I've done a bit of it tonight and then took her for a spin - averaged 14.3 mph which was okay over 9.3 miles - will get better I reckon.

Sunday 11th April

Went to a 40th Party on Saturday night so bit of a hangover this morning shall we say. So moped about a bit, did a few good jobs and what have you. Finally got the inclination to go for a run about tea-time! But on very tired legs and with Sunday lunch heavy on me it wasn't a particularly good time but hey-ho it was okay. Got chance to use auto laps to give me split times for each mile which was quite good. Only bad split was 12 mins on 12th mile but I stopped for a loo break on that one so not really that bad.

Watching the Masters on the goggle box - hope Mr Westwood holds it together, leading Mickelson by 1 at the moment.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday 4th April to Saturday 10th April 2010

Saturday 10th April 2010
Got up at 5am, took Phil to work, went back to bed. Start again.
Got up at 9am, brekko, filled a hole in the cavity wall that blue tits were using to remove cavity wall insulation for their nests, the little buggers. So was hanging out of Lucy's bedroom window with a handful of filler! Ace.
Golf at 12:12

Golf was certainly a game of two halves. Front nine played really solid - out in 40, back nine lost it and came back with 52 coming in. Still, I got a two on the 14th so should get my stake back at least. Irritating though, we let a two-ball through on the 10th and it kind of went to hell in a handcart thereafter unfortunately. Such is life.

Friday 9th April 2010
Garmin wouldn't give me the data back this morning but seeing as I'd been watching the masters til midnight I set my sights a bit lower this morning and only ran three and half miles BUT with a nippier pace of around 9:15/mile. Which was okay. Not going to even mention how much of a weight gain at last night's group but will endeavour to resolve it for next week!!

Thursday 8th April 2010
Did nowt yesterday and still feeling mighty tired this morning. Did five miles though which was okay but a bit slow at 10:20/mile

Tuesday 6th April 2010
Weather was given best out of the days I had available so went for the big run this morning. Dropped the missus car off at Pentagon Ashbourne to have rear shocker sorted and then set off towards Derby! Then headed North for Bradley and then Across to Hognaston and then over to Lea Hall and picked up the old route back to Tissington then ran down Tissington Trail to Ashbourne and home. Absolutely knackered but not too disappointed really - there'll be next to no hills in London so I ought to do better all being well.

Easter Monday 5th April 2010
Just a little 3.5 mile trot up town and back. Steady pace which would be around 9:30 if had stopped clock when I went in to get papers. Okay stuff, off shopping with missus shortly, should be fun.

Sunday 4th April
Played Easter 4ball BetterBall with John, Doug and Dave yesterday. Steady enough, we got 36 points off three quarter handicaps which wasn't too bad 17pts front, 19 points back, sneaked a 15 foot putt in on the last to just scrape. Nothing special apart from some good approach irons here and there.

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