Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Monday 24th February 2014 to Sunday 2nd March 2014

Monday 24th February 2014
Up at crack of dawn.  Phil delivered to work.  Up town.  1.6 mile walk with dog to kill time, fetched papers.  Into the office for 7.20.  Had to get away early for the kids.  Got home.  Made tea for kids then meself.  More dog walks then bed early knackered.

Tuesday 25th February 2014
Up at 4.20 again.  Delivered Phil.  Took dog up town, papers fetched.  Slow three mile run, into office for 8.20  Off to St Neots tonight with new IT Director so not in such a mad rush today.  Back home for 10:45 off to bed.

Wednesday 26th February 2014
Took the boy to work.  Went up town.  Dog walked, papers fetched in the office for 7.25.  Knackered.

Thursday 27th February 2014
Mad rush day.  Up at silly o'clock.  Boy to work. Dog walked, papers fetched.  In the office early.  Home for 4pm and got stuff for trip to Bury St Edmonds for Phil's interview tomorrow.

Friday 28th Feberuary 2014
Bosskat's birthday but taking the boy down to St Edmonds for an interview.  So Dog walked and papers fetched then off darn sarf.  Took hours to get there and hours to get back but interview only a bit over a half-hour - what can you find out in 30 minutes?

Saturday 1st March 2014
Up early.  No golf - am still not sure whether to continue membership but am leaning toward not doing so. 3 mile run, did a bit down the lotty.  Garlic coming up great guns.  Very pleased.

Sunday 2nd March 2014
Up at 7am - too late.   Went out running at 8:30 did 12 miles in 2.5 hours - too slow but knee is dodgy and need to be getting into some sort of shape.  6 Weeks countdown.  Grey and miserable day too.  At lunchtime we went to Cherry Tree Farm - a food pub near Burton - absolutely rammed it was.
Like this farm over towards Thorpe

Lovely treelined lane into Tissington Estate 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Monday 17th February 2014 to Sunday 23rd February 2014

Monday 17th February 2014
Up early.  Took Phil to work. Took dog out.  Got papers. Up in attic to finish it off - almost there.  Put another light up so it's got two 75 watt equivalent eco-saver bulbs going up there which if I leave em on by accident will only consume 28 watts!   Went a small run in the afternoon down to the lotty and back to do some measuring up for shelf in shed.

Tuesday 18th February 2014
Knackered.  Took Phil to work for 5am start.  Did some more work work on laptop waiting for Lucy to get up.  It's 10:37 and she's not up yet!  When bosskat came back from town went up to the allotment and made a cloche (is that the word?) and got some garlic planted, apparently Garlic needs a bit of a cold snap to get it going.  Hopefully birds won't get em. We'll see.

Did a bit more in the attic almost done now!

Just needs screwing down when the neighbours are out and then job done.

Wednesday 19th February 2014
Funny old day.  Up early, Phil delivered to work.  Pad back in hospital - missus in hot pursuit. Waited for Lucy to get up.  Out for a run.  6 miles of knee pain to so turned back rather than doing too much. Took Lucy to see 'Frozen' at the flicks - crikey that's two hours I'll never get back. Got back, fetched Phil.

Thursday 20th February 2014
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched. Phil delivered off to work, in office for 7.45.  Need to get out early doors. Back home for 5.10, fetched Phil from work. Did Lucy and Phil's tea, thought I did a damn good job too. Took wee dog a lil walk.  Bed about 10.20

Friday 21st February 2014
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Phil to work, me to work for just after 8am.  Lots to do, car in for a service, got to get away early too, hopefully. No run again - will have to do one tonight.

Saturday 22nd February 2014
Up early.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Off to that London with the bride.  Took her to see the Commitments Musical which is very highly reviewed but I felt a little bit shortchanged by it - particularly as it's the only musical I've seen that has about 20 minutes of encores - most peculiar.  Never mind, JAS loved it and that's what counts.  We went to the M+Ms place which the missus likes (Lord knows why - they're only yankee doodle dandy smarties when all is said and done.   Back to the hotel - nice dinner and off to bed.

Sunday 23rd February 2014
As usual woke up at silly o'clock.  Went back to bed and waited.  Up at about 6:30, showered and what have you then down for breakky about 7.40 - good job too got busy while we were sat down there.  About 9am we set off out.  Went to Green Park and walked back to Fortnum and Masons which is what the missus wanted to do. Found out it doesn't open until noon - internet diddled me.  So we went to Covent Garden where there's a market which the boss likes - what she don't like is using the stairs - mainly as there's 193 of them which is equivalent to 15 floors according to wikipedia!  Anyway all good stuff.   We left London about noon and got home for 3.30 so not bad time all things considered.  Took the dog a walk and then went a nine mile run at a right slow pace.  Need to get my knee working properly as it's getting on my nerves now.   Did anout a mile or so on the rec on grass and it was okay there so might do a session or two on grass to see if it strengthens it.    Drinking stops tomorrow - had a week of silliness need to get back on track big style!


Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday 10th Feb 2014 to Sunday 16th February 2014

Monday 10th Feb 2014
Woke tired and achy at 4.20am to make sure the boy got off to work. Back to bed til 5.30.  Then up and out with the dog.  Slightly longer walk as no run planned and didn't need to get the boss up in a hurry.  She was already up anyway as I'd not turned the alarm off properly.  Such is life!

Good day on the solar generation front.  5.69 kWh today is best we've had so far and it's only Feb!
Have been thinking about what to do with the attic space we've created.  Many options available - put a set of drums up there was one of my early thoughts.  Have a bit of a home office up there.  Ebay despatch room even.   Am thinking now though that a mini-gym area might be good.  Get an exercise bike and a weights bench up there perhaps?

Tuesday 11th Feb 2014
Up at the crack again.  Then up at 5:40.  Then walking the dog and fetching the papers.  Then getting changed and doing a lil three miler before going to work.  Got round in under 11 minute mile pace for the first time in a while -  I'm going to consider that progress!  Got into the office for 8:50 so not too bad all things considered!

Last day of dog training - Lily has progressed - okay, she's not a show dog standard but she's progressed and we've got a foundation to work on and I've got a bit more knowledge to fall back on.

Wednesday 12th February 2014
Up at 4.20am, Phil upped and off to work.  Back to bed for a bit.  Up at 5.40am.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Another three mile run.  Just a smidge under 11 minute miles - it'll do as my legs feel knackered after Sunday's exertions.  At least I'm ticking off the weekly runs requirement.  Long day at work then went to group.  Only lost a pound - miffed at that but what can you do.    Back home.  Tea. Dog Walked. Fixed an Advent Vega by putting the initial setup image on it.  Could only do it on son's Pc as the usb drivers only work on 32 bit operating systems.  Never mind, put the image on and it sprang to life again.  Very good.

Thursday 13th February 2014
Woke Phil up at 4.20, back to bed.  At 4:50 I'm woken up by someone in a hoodie in the bedroom.  Can you give me a lift to work dad, car battery's flat.  Marvellous - set off down Sides Mill Lane only to find a tree in the way so back half a mile and took a round trip through Snelston Village.  Got home about 5:15 so took dog walk and fetched papers.  Back home, first job find battery charger. Second job get flat battery out - would be easier if could find a socket ratchet but that would be way too easy.  Found something to do the job, got battery out - charged two hours, fetched Phil at 8am.  Put battery in sparked when connected terminals, flat as fart when he turned key and no spark when disconnected terminals.  Conclusion - knackered battery.  Took him to Shenton's Garage to get new battery - got to order one in.  Not to worry - this is how it's going.   Got to work for 9.45am  Marvellous - no run either due to no time at all.   Never mind - nice day so am sure we'll be generating nicely!

Friday 14th Februry 2014
Up again to take child to work.  Brillianr. Cards and stuff done and dusted.  Dog walked, papers fetched. Day off!   Bit on the allotment then off to Uttoxeter for lunch with the bride.  Back and onwards.  No run.

Saturday 15th February 2014
Up at the crack.  Dog walked. Papers fetched.  Bit of work in attic.  Phil car still rubbish, taking and fetching the boy.  All good stuff. A bit of tidying in the attic.  Six(!) holes of golf at lunchtime - could have done 10 but wind blowing a hoolie and mixed with lashings of rain I was happy to come off for a coffee.  Little 2 mile run to make sure I get the requisite number in for Jantastic.me!  Fish and chips night.  Bed early.  Oh yes, had a beer and a couple of whiskys after 6 weeks of nowt.  So what.

Sunday 16th February 2014
Up early.  Phil delivered to work.  Dog walked.  Breakfast. Did a bit in the attic.  Over to Uncle Peter's memorial took some tulip bulbs ready for spring - can't believe three years has passed.  Then nipped down to me mum and dads for a coffee, very nice.  Then back to Ashbourne to take Phil to work.  Then 8.5 mile slow run with loads of hills.

Unfortunately, it wasn't quite enough miles as I'd set the Jantastic target as a nine mile run each week, however had forgotten this and thought I only needed to do seven!!


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Monday 3rd February to Sunday 9th February 2014

Monday 3rd February 2014
Up at 5.40.  Dog walked, papers fetched, son woken and sent to work.  Off to work mesen stopping at Lidl on the way to get some printer cardridges. All good stuff.  Back from work at 6.30.  Tea.  Walked over to Claire and Stephens with the pooch to drop off a cat5 cable.  Back home.  Up into the attic to finish off the flooring (ish - not screwed down as bosskat gets mad if I make noises when the neighbours are in!).

Bit down at the far end that's a darker colour is from an old 4x2' panel as I couldn't be bothered in getting any more 8x2' panels up into the attic  -"enough already!"

Am thinking of putting the OWL leccy monitor on the grey generation feed from the inverter to see how much it's pumping out at any time. 

This last strip varies from 19cm wide at chimney end coming out to 23.5cm in the middle  before going back to 22.5cm at this end!  Marvellous! 

Tuesday 4th February 2014
Up at 5.40.  Right tired but never mind.  Dog walked, papers fetched and back home for 6:30.  Got changed and a slow 3 mile run.  Showered, changed again, breakfast and off to work. Just in for 9am with a lot to do today.  Got home by 6pm, tea, dog walked again then off to Belper for dog training.  Just us there this week the couple with the crazy labrador Willow dropped out this week and Lucinda and Gizmo haven't come for last two weeks!  Never mind 1-1 training will do.  We did some walking and "LEAVE"ing various objects the trainer Amanda Twine through down.  We did the stay drill with treats lined up on a chair -little beggar wouldn't sit though. We also went outside and stood by the road to see what could be done to stop Lily barking at cars.   Of course, the dog behaved impeccably and barely turned her head to traffic (made me look like a halfwit - nice one, Lily).  Anyway, have got a strategy for it - as cars/lorries approach pre-empt the barking with a "LEAVE" a click on the clicker and a reward for not barking. 
How to click and reward with just one-hand - that's got her attention. 

Wednesday 5th February 2014
Up at 5:30, up town dog walked and papers fetched.  Back before 6:30.  Changed and off for a run.  Another slow three miler.   Got back, showered, changed, breakfast and off to work.  Like a conveyor belt.

What's better today though (not quicker) is that it felt better which in a way made the time more disappointing but it is promising.   I got everything ready last night so the conveyor belt worked much better! Think this is what I need to do when there's a pooch that needs a walk - working quite well really. 

Got into the office for 8.40 and got a decent car park space so all's well that ends well.  Straight into brand protection work this morning.  All good stuff.   Back home for just before 7 after going to group - 3llbs off which rubbish really after a 2.5lb gain last week, never mind I suppose it's in the right direction. 

Back home - weather been rubbish all day and continued into the night - took dog out about 4 times but no distance just getting wetter each time.  Marvellous.  Did a bit of a reccy for next bit of loft work.  Bosskat wouldn't let me do any sawing though - suppose it was 10pm.  Never mind will get it tomorrow. 

Thursday 6th February 2014
Up at 5:35.  Dog walked and papers fetched.  Did some more clicker 'Leave' lorry anticipation training and almost got away with it but a single bark is not a bad result - we're definitely getting there!   Got back a bit after 6:30 - got Phil and the bosskat up.  Got changed and did another slow 3 mile run.  Still slow at 11:25 but hey-ho.   Into work for 8.40 which was okay all things considered.  Again, getting everything ready the night before makes things go much quicker.  Barely needed headtorch today which is promising!

Friday 7th February 2014
Up at the crack, Dog walked, son woken and sent on way.  No run - bosskat is off up the road to Pads.  In work for 8.40am all not too bad.  Lots of data work to finish off.  Home, tea then clearing out the dining room for laminate flooring.  Good job have put floor down in Attic so we've some space to put all the rammle (technical term from my mum).

Saturday 8th February 2014
Up at 6:30, bit of a lie-in.  Dog walked, papers fetched.   More moving ahead of laminate flooring coming in.  Bit of work in the attic and not much else to report.  By 6pm pretty much done courtesy of top man Richard.  Dog is not so sure about it though... 

Sunday 9th February 2014
Up early doors.  Dog walked.  Waited while boss went up to pads then  out for a run.  13.15 miles of a run too! Very slow - rain and wind coming in from the West meant getting wet through on my left side going out towards Tissington then on the other side coming back.   Ran down the trail for a couple of miles which worked well in terms of shelter - worth remembering next time I go out in the crappy rain. 

Did a little bit up in the attic, took the dog a couple of walks then over to me mum and dads for a top tea.  No Booze though only lashings of no added sugar fiery ginger beer.   5 weeks and 3 days now (not that I'm counting). 


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