Monday, 28 January 2013

Sunday 27th January 2013 to Saturday 2nd February 2013

Sunday 27th January 2013
Up at 7:36!!!  Yikes am getting lazy.  Took Pooch out for about a mile up to Clifton cemetery and back have never seen so much water flowing along the road near the cemetery - the little stream had come over the top of  it's banks and was releasing water onto the road.  Never mind.  Took Lucy to see the Hobbit at Cineworld in Uttoxeter - half the price of seeing Life of Pi at Cineworld in Nottingham.  Film started bang on time too so well impressed with that.  Bought a new chair for computer which Phil had set up in no time when I took it home.   Over to me mum's for tea - very nice indeed.  Another weekend with no alcohol imbibed - can I make it habit? We'll have to see.

Got back for about 7:30 took pooch for a walk which ended up being about 3 miles as we had to avoid the flooded Watery Lane (which lived up to it'son the way back.

Monday 28th January 2012
Up at 5:45 - need to be getting up a bit earlier as didn't get back until 7:05 after taking the pooch out for about 3 miles.  Never mind, all good stuff.  Into work for a bit after 8:30.

After work, had tea and what have you.  Took pooch out but she didn't want to go any distance so came back, got changed and did a 5.5 mile run with added hills !  Pace was 10:22 with only one sub 10 min mile but was happy that that was the fifth mile so just feeling the slush run from the other day in my legs a bit.

Tuesday 29th January 2012
Up at 5:30 - this is the right time to get up I think.  Took pooch on the same 3 mile walk as yesterday but got back for 6:55am which is better.  Into the office for a bit after 8am all good.  Long day didn't get out the office til gone 7pm.  never mind.

Wednesday 30th January 2012
Up at 5:20.  Set off running but didn't set off Endomond until I'd already done half a mile.  Never mind.  Got the three miles done that the Asics Plan expected.  So was already a bit late when got back to take pooch out so me and the pooch did a run/walk up town and back and were back home before 7am to get the folks up - averaged 16:09 per mile which with the pipster is marvellous.  Went to group after work - some shenanigans when the laptop wouldn't work - turned out to be the power sockets not working but the lights were working so no-one thought anything of it.   Such is life.  Lost 2.5lbs which is better than nowt.

Pooch didn't want to go walk at 9pm which was a bad omen.  Sure enough at midnight had to get up and take the beggar out.  She then did a bit of barking at 3:30am and then 4:30am - think a lot of it's to do with the weather conditions and the noises you get when it's windy.  Such is life.

Thursday 31st January 2012
Up at 5:50, took pooch a two mile loop down Waterly Lane, along Mayfield Road, up, Carnation Way and then back along the Lichfield Road to home.  Back for about 6:50 which was okay as I'm knackered. Am supposed to be doing a 7.5 mile fast run tonight - we'll see.

Well got home, missus not feeling well so no tea ready which was ideal.  Got out for a run at 7:13 and got a good 8 miles done.  GPS wasn't right for first mile so it says 12 minutes when I'd actually run 1.15 miles at that point - never mind still finished strong with the last three miles being the best - MyAsics' target was 10:48 miles and I did 10:40 miles on average so all good even with a slower that it was first mile.

Friday 1st February 2013
Cripes where did January go, oh that's right most of it was rain snow and floods.  Marvellous, played golf all of once in January I think.   Such is life.  February starting off rubbish - took pooch out for a quarter of a mile this morning - she don't like rain but that's  Jack Russells for you - fairweather pooches.  Not too bothered after last nights run.  Broke the alcohol free fasting tonight - such is life back to plan next week!

Saturday 2nd February 2013
Got up early doors(ish). Took pooch out at 6:38 for a lil walkies.   Got a time down for golf at 1:54.  Went to homebase for a light fitting they didn't have in stock - typical - fashioned something out of a new fitting and the old fitting and we've got a light in the hallway again.  Quite pleased with that.  Golf at 1:54 just lost out to John but was quite pleased since had only played the once in January.  Only three holes closed on the course was quite impressive given the weather.


Monday, 21 January 2013

Sunday 20th January 2013 to Saturday January 2013

Sunday 20th January 2013
Nothing of significance to report.  A few walks with the pooch (including one at 2am when she wouldn't stop bleedin barking). Went to watch over Lucy sledging with the little 'uns - have never been so cold in my life as on top of that hill .  Did a ton of work with Web Content Extractor which is my new favouritest toy.   Bed early - with zero alcohol!

Monday 21st Janaury 2013
Up at 5:45 nice and early.  Lot of snow come down in night.  Took pooch for walk early doors. Set off for work at 7:15, took one hour twenty minutes to get in.  Have had enough of this snow and that's a fact.  Took pooch out for a little walk which didn't track.  Then went a walk on me tod for two miles. Went to bed a bit later than should have due to reading a new book - American Assassin.

Tuesday 22nd January 2013
Up at 5:30.  Took pooch out - it was always going to be a shortish walk cause I wanted to go a run this morning but pooch shortened it by not wanting to go any distance at all!   Then got home and went out for a run - MyAsic plan said three mile jog so that's what happened - the pace looks diabolical as that tool on Match of the Day would say but bear in mind there's a stop to get newspapers up town and that there's a lot of running in slippy snow so am not bovvered.

Left work bang on time.  Bosskat going to Ronan Keating in sunny Nottingham so no time to waste!   Set off at 6:10pm, picked up Boss's friend from Mayfield and we were parking up in Talbot Street car park by 7:15.  All running on rails no getting lost for once!   Me and Lucy went to watch Life of Pi, while the boss and her mate went to watch the folks from Westlifezone or whatever do their thing.

Back home for 11:45, took Pooch out to do her business.

Wednesday 23rd January 2013
Up at 5:45.  Knackered.  Took pooch up town and back, got papers and got back by 7am so all good so far.  Training all day which overran by an hour so had to hotfoot it down to Belper for Group - delivered a cable and 3 boxes of hifis as well. Lost half a pound, probably more than I deserved but in fairness to me I ain't had a drink for a week now!   Took pooch another walk and was supposed to do a five mile run but didn't fancy it.

Thursday 24th January 2013
Up at 5:30. Took pooch for a walk only half a mile or so but was as much as she wanted to do.  Then did the five mile run that was due yesterday.  Pretty much bang on 10 minute miles; 9:59, 9:52, 10:06, 9:54, 10:09 last mile was hard work with jumping off the road onto the pavement and back lots of times - pavements were still mega icy so tried to do as much as possible on the roads but as luck is the A515 coming into Ashbourne seems to be the busiest of the roads unfortunately and it's still the one with the most snow round it.  Such is life - good to be running again.
Took pooch out in the evening  - another 2 miles done - slow going as always!

Friday 25th January 2013
Was going to get up at 5:15 anyway but pooch barking at 5am fast tracked it a bit.  So took dog out for just short of 2 miles.   Got back, had half a cup of coffee, got Phil up then ran up town and back to get papers - 2.68 miles in 27mins 11secs so just over 10 min/mile pace on slippy pavements is acceptable I reckon.  Picked up two XL Sundridge waterproof jackets for fishing on way home, very quilted and very waterproof.  Then picked up a Zumba Fitness for Wii thing for Lucy, bargain I hope at £9.91.  Back home took pooch out for two walks testing out the new waterproofs in the pouring snow.

Saturday 26th January 2013
Up at 6:36!!! Took Pooch out, got back shifted some snow but it'll probable be all gone by teatime anyway - good riddance to it haven't played golf in yonks.  In fact, this is the nearest I've got to golf:
Never mind.  Did a 7.8 mile run in the slush and cak.  Very hard work but pleased at getting round with sub-11 minute miles overall but wasn't half tired in no time at all.


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday 13th January 2013 to Saturday 20th January 2013

Sunday 13th January 2013
Up early - Pip barking at 4am first then 6am so got up took pooch out for a walk.  Got back coffee and did my monthly report all good. Did a nine mile run - was only supposed to do 6 miles but as I'd missed a 3 mile jog yesterday I thought there was an opportunity to redeem mesen a bit!  Pace was 10:03 which felt was okay as had some hills thrown in for good measure!   Over to me mums for tea after watching Man Utd whoop Liverpool - took Pip a mini walk up the hill.  Took pip out for another walk as the snow started.

Monday 14th January 2013
Struggled to get up a bit this morning.  Took pip out for just short of a couple of miles.  An hour and a quarter to get to work.  Hacked off before day even starts! Back home a damn sight quicker than going to work was.  Took pooch a short walk as she didn't really want to go out, bless her.

Tuesday 15th January 2013
Up at 4am to take Phil to work, back at 5am, thought I'd get an hour's sleep but Pip barking so got up and took her a walk about 5ish.  Got some quiet jobs done then went up town to fetch papers with the pooch.  Back for 7am and in shower double-quick.  Off to work by 7:30 stuck in them traffic lights at Sawmills again, thought it might be quieter at 8am but no, will avoid it tomorrow for sure.

Wednesday 16th January 2013
Bloomin snow is stopping me doing anything.  Not best pleased.  Dog walking, group - half a pound on (grrr) - More dog walking.

Thursday 17th January 2013
Up early.  Dog walking. Work. Fetched some drumsticks from a chap in Shardlow! Back home dog walks.

Friday 18th January 2013
Woke up at 00:45am dog needs walk.  Dog walked back to bed.  Got up at 4am, took Phil to work.  Back to bed.   Up at 6am Dog walked (two walks in five sleeping hours pooch, get it together for heaven's sake).   Off to work.

Saturday 19th January 2013
Bloody snow, no golf, no running.  Up early took Pooch out.  Another bigger walk in the afternoon. 

Bed early.  The only think to crow about is it's looking like a zero alcohol weekend.  That's a step in the right direction even if rest of it's rubbish!


Monday, 7 January 2013

Sunday 6th January 2013 to Saturday 12th January 2013

The Week Ahead:
This Week’s planned runs according to MyAsics along the top and along the bottom what I’m more likely to do/have done already!

Sun 6th
Mon 7th
Tue 8th
Wed 9th
Thu 10th
Fri 11th
Sat 12th
10 mile comfortable 12:51-11:55
3 mile jog 13:44 pace
5 mile fast 10:57 – 10:08
3 mile jog
More likely to do:
1.3 mile walk (morning)
11.71 miles of Grindleford Gallop averaging 12:20 pace (acceptable!)
3 mile walk in (morning), 
3 mile walk (morning)
3 mile walk  (morning)
5 mile under 10 min  pace
2 mile walk  (morning)
3 mile steady < 11:00
2 mile walk in (morning)
3 mile steady < 11:00
Walk and golf!

Tuesday will only have time to take dog out in the morning as will be in Cambridgeshire in the afternoon/evening.   Thursday and Friday seem daft days to rest on so will do something.  Saturday is golf day and everyone knows that so no three mile jog unless am very up for it (which I won't be cause I want to do a fast 6 miler on Sunday.

Sunday 6th January 2013
Was up a bit late again at 8am.  Took pooch out for a 1.3 mile walk.  Then got a few jobs done before going for a big run with my cousin Jonothan.  We did just over half of the Grindleford Gallop starting at Grindleford and running to Bakewell - I did it in normal running shoes as I normally do but swiftly realised that I need trail shoes so I ordered some of those too!!!  As well as having the right shoes Jonothan had one of those snazzy water things that goes on your back - I've got one somewhere but have never used it.  Will try it out soon I reckon.

Didn't realise but you can full screen Endomondo as well!  Duh!

Absolutely knackered after it but it was good fun sort of!  Took pooch out at night and that was me done for the day.   Considering the terrain I reckon the overall average of 12:20 is okay.

Monday 7th January 2013
Up at 5:45.  Took pooch out to fetch papers.  Got folks up.  Got to work for 8:20 all good so far.  Mentioned to JR that we should have stopped at the Crispin Inn at Great Longstone as I'd got a tenner in me pocket.   Had a look to see if they had a website and they have;

Even more ace if you can get more ace than that is that on their webpage they have Monsal Dale Trail video that has the spot underneath the waterfall from Water-cum-Jolly that we used to fish at back in the day - nostalgia on tap!
Bit of an epic fail in the evening - pooch didn't want to go and I thought it a bit cold so went to bed early but still woke up knackered.

Tuesday 8th January 2013
Up at 5:45 again but absolutely knackered.  Took pooch up town and back 2.6 miles and we ran a bit on the way back.  Then it all started going a bit awry - broke the cafetiere, hoovering up the glass bits the back wheel of the hoover fell off.  Okay, carry on.   Am in Cambridgeshire tonight so won't be running tonight short of a miracle!

Visited Ursula's St Neots group which was as impressive as ever.  Took a chap from the Warehouse team to see it, young Mihir nice chap even if he does support Leicester City.  Got back at 10:20 so didn't go running.

Wednesday 9th Janaury 2012
Got up at 5:45 - just.  Got up at 4am to make sure Phil got up as well - very tired now.  Took pip up town and back to get the papers.  Off to High Green to see Lindsay Gillot in a short while - everything on track so far.  Got to group after a lot of meetings at work (or at least the two of them felt like a lot of meetings) lost a pound and a half which means am still 4.5lbs heavier than mid December but have hit the booze a bit last weekend so only got self to blame.  Anyroad, we are where we are as some wise fella once said.  5 mile run at 10:22 pace to finish day (nearly finished me as well).

Thursday 10th January 2012
Could not get out of bed.  6:05 before got downstairs.  Took pooch on the mini-loop walk for a mile and a half.   Didn't Endomondo it but was half asleep in my defence.  Toaster blew up today - everything going wrong this week - very odd.

Night time - according to MyAsics it should have been a rest but I did a 3 miler at bang on 10min/mile pace which considering I was having a job to catch my breath with the cold I was pleased with.

Friday 11th January 2012
6am I got up.  Got lil Phil up at 4am first, though.  Took pooch for a walk but she wasn't having any - half a mile in total - too cold for pooches! Another walk in the evening, day done.

Saturday 12th January 2012
Up early. Pooch walked.  Took a load of cak to recycling centre. Hoovered.

Golf at noon - took the money - a lot less three putts this week.  Took Pip a walk in evening up to cemetery and back with Phil - all good.


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