Monday, 27 August 2007

270807 Dovedale Ride in the Morning

Dovedale early in the morning

Am lucky to live right on the edge of some of the most beautiful landscapes anywhere. In about twenty minutes on the bike I can get to Dovedale, Ilam and Bloor which give you some of the very best views you'll see anywhere. I did a fourteen miler this morning after the usual yogurt surprise and black coffee for brek. Click on any of the pics below to get the original hi-res versions (note: you can do this on any pics on my blog). Have also posted the route onto which unlike don't deny you access to your contents when you have more than ten routes uploaded. Bloomin eck the makers if EveryTrail are already moving onto the next thing. is a GeoTagged photo thing of some cleverness (i.e. am not quite sure what the point of it is as yet but am going to keep an eye on it!!). So posted the route with some pics on their too. Link is here.

Paul at the real gateway to Dovedale! (Ashbourne has 'Gateway to Dovedale' on it's signage)

This windy hill looks sort of flat in the picture but it's a beast, honest!

A moody looking Dovedale - with a bit of fire that could be Mordor in the distance!!

This is the river dove that inspired Izaak Walton the author of 'Compleat Angler', there's a hotel nearby named after him.

I've been meaning to do a ride in and out of Dovedale for ages, simply because when I was in the band all those years ago (see got to get rhythm post) we camped in Dovedale and I thought it'd be nice to cover the old ground. We got chucked out of a pub somewhere round here which I think was the Dog and Partridge at Thorpe, the landlord took exception to being told his beer tasted like cow manure (nice one, Jonny!).

Check out Captain Grumpy at the top of the hill, ticker doing about 200 beats per minute and Ipod headphones not even plugged in properly!
Anyway, have got a load more pictures which I'm going to get posted up on's website when I get a moment. Link to

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