Saturday, 11 August 2007

Reasons to be cheerful are … at the very least three!

What a great day it’s been. First of all, have walked all the way from Palma Nova down to Portals, up the hill to Costa D’en Blanes and collected a mountain bike that I’ve got exclusive use for the next few days. How, you say? Read on my friend, all will be revealed (will be a day or so but let's just say an angel stepped in and made things happen for now - watch this space for more info in due course!!).

Yes, aluminium framed, 21 speed, thumb select shimano gears,the works - how cool is that???

Secondly, in the tourist hotspot that is Palma Nova I managed to track down bike pumps and bike locks for the afore-mentioned mountain bike which was not as easy as I expected but was not an insurmountable challenge for a DCFC fan.

Thirdly with mountain bike duly serviced with nicely inflated tyres and what have you I rode down the coast (eastwards I think) towards Palma City without being run over by any local crazies (report to follow, them local crazies had a go but were no match for reflexes honed in the badlands of Derbyshire(Jeez, Louise it's a good job no-one knows where you're from)) or tourists for that matter and visited Illetes which readers who know me will be aware was a place I visited last year with work. Pictures attached see if you can make sense of em.
Is that a classy hotel in the distance or what, you bet it is!

Reasons to be cheerful?, more than you can point a stick at matey!

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