Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Monday 28th September 2015 to Sunday 4th October 2015

Monday 28th September 2015
Up early. Dog walked, papers fetched, off to work.  Loads done in the office.  Back home 6.15ish.  Mum has been admitted to Callow so am rather worried about that but will go visit tomorrow.  Big walk with the dog, couldn't let her off the lead as much as the field was full of other folks' dogs but nevermind she got a big walk.

A bit of telly and then off to bed 10.20ish

Tuesday 29th September 2015
Kept waking up as Phil needed to be up at 5am.  Woke him up at 4.55 then went back to bed for a bit.  Took dog out at 5.55am.  Watered toms, brekko and off to work.  A good day - Dad's fetched mum home, they've found out what the problem is (what my dad said it was days ago).  Home for 6.15.  Tea. Dog walked. Dark.  Naff-all

Almost dark at 7pm

Wednesday 30th September 2015
Up at 5:55. Dog walked, papers fetched (well 66% of, Express wasn't in). Went to Lotty to water the new stuff, fetched a bag of beans at same time.  Into the office a bit later at 8:30 but still in before most folks so pleased with that.  Helped out with some interviewing at work then went to Aldi then went over to see me mum who is on the mend which is great.  Got home for a bit after 9pm in time to watch next episode of Midwinter of the Spirit which is proper wierd, it's wierd in as much as I think the female lead of it used to be a young girl on Brookside donkey's years ago?  Watched champions league highlights then bed about 11pm - way too late!

Thursday 1st October 2015
Phil's alarm went off at 5am, then 5:05, then 5:10 so I went and asked him to switch the bugger off.  Went back to bed and didn't wake until 6:20 so behind before I even start.  Dog walked and back home for a bit after 7pm, in the office by 8:20.  Not best pleased.  Have worked for Slimming World for 24 years today.  Got home about 6.15.  Took the pooch for a walk in Mappleton for a change - not sure if I'll go again.  Need the boss to drop me off and pick me up perhaps next time.   Watched Dodgeball (again) and bed a bit after 11pm again - way too late.

Friday 2nd October 2015
Got up at 5:30.  Papers, dog walk.  Toms watered.  Office for 8.15.  All good stuff.  Had to leave work early so bosskat could go and keep an eye on me mum.  Dog walks and telly.   Bosskat back for 11pm.

Saturday 3rd October 2015
Up early.  Dog walk. Papers fetched.  A couple of hours on the lotty weeding.  Back home fetched piccy B for me and Lucy.  11.20 catching bus to Derby for the Brentford game which we'd go on to win 2-0.

Flag-happy linesman was a bit of a pain to say the least. 
Back home for 6.15, plenty of time to walk the pooch and get ready for the disappointment that was Australia thrashing England at rugby.  Never mind, at least we got the ashes.

Bed about 10pm after a final quick dog walk.

Sunday 4th October 2015.
Up early. Dog walk. Loads of jobs in garden clearing away sunflowers, sweet peas, potatoes, planting daffodils and tulips.  Put a load of sweet peas in pots for next year.  All good stuff, late morning took the pooch for a big walk (well big for a dog with short legs anyway).  Saw geese flying west (not sure what that's all about).  Let dog off the lead for the most part which she loves, absolutely loves - still don't trust her 100% but it will come.

After walk went to Cross at Cauldon Lowe for lunch.  Very nice.  Back home we went down to lotty.  Strimmed and mowed.  Harvested a ton of runner beans, spuds, cabbage, the last (again) of the raspberries and butternut squashes.  Got some massive pumpkins ready just debating when to take them (before the first frost is the key);

Back home.  Lily gets second big walk of the day. 6pm and the sun really low.  Hate this time of year (it's rubbish).

Anyway, back home, polished shoes for tomorrow.  Did a few bits and bobs but went to bed at 9pm as was cream crackered.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Monday 21st September 2015 to Sunday 27th September 2015

Monday 21st September 2015
Up at 5:30am.  Walked dog and fetched papers.  Watered greenhouse.  Into office before 8am.  Straight-forward drive in.  All good. Got home about 6pmish.  Tea then took dog walk.  Then spent two and a bit more hours trying to get a firewall setup for a project in October.  Made very little progress but I do know that LAN goes in port 1, WAN in port 2 and WLAN in port 3.  Other than that a good waste of a couple of hours.   Derby managed a goal-less draw with third-placed Burnley so not end of World I suppose but glad I'd not spent a load of money on a 0-0 at home on a Monday night!

Tuesday 22nd September 2015
Up at 5.30.  Raining so went to bed for another 10 minutes or so,  Still raining so took dog out anyway.  Into office for just gone 8am.  Back home for 6pm, quick tea then off to football training with Lucy and the missus and the pooch.  Lily dog loves Osmaston Polo Ground.

Back home for 7:30ish - by crikey it drops dark quick.  Watched some telly - Mountain Goats seems to be TV of choice at the moment which is grand.   Bed for about 10:30

Wednesday 23rd September 2015
Woke about 4am got up proper at 5:50.  Dog walked, papers fetched. Into office for about 8am.  Everything on rails. Got home in good time.  Tea.  Dog walked. Down lotty in heavy drizzle brought a load of runner beans, a butternut squash and some raspberries back.  Did a load of work with the firewall project - definitely making progress but by crikey is it complicated!  Watcher Midwinter of The Spirit - which was good stuff - touches of True Detective series 1 about it but good all the same.  Bed about 10:30

Thursday 24th September 2015
Woke at 5am, got up at 5:50am!   Dog walked, papers fetched into the office for 8am.  More tidying up to do.

Friday 25th September 2015
Up early.  Dog walked.  Papers.  Work.  Nipped to Tesco at lunchtime got some twin packs of pringles with the Now TV vouchers on em.  So could watch the mighty Rams at some point (tomorrow technically!).

Saturday 26th September 2015 
Woke up at 7am!   Lie-in.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Piccy B.  Clearing the shed out until 11:30 for car boot merchandise.  11.50  getting computer working so could watch the mighty Rams take on MK Dons. After Derby won by a flattering 3-1 I did lawns and what have you.

Sunday 27th September 2015
Up early again.  Noone needing waking up apart from the boss of the world who was going car booting.  Dog walked twice.  Did sausage cobs for Lucy and Phil about 9am and then went to Alstonefield for the car boot.  Sold a couple of things while I minded the stall so boss-kat was happy.
Got back and washed the car, let dog out.

Lunch at the Grouse in Darley Dale.  Very nice, mum not very well at all though.  Back home, little dog very pleased to see us so talk her a big walk in the meadow - we've started letting her off the lead and she loves it - still worries me but she's a good wee girl really.

Pooch demonstrating that three feet on the ground is all you need.

A tiny dog in a massive field. 

After walk we went down lotty to get more beans and a couple of butternut squashes.  Brought raspberries and two butternut squashes back too - all good stuff.

Pumpkins pretty much ready - might get them before September's out. 

Went to bed at 9.45.  All good stuff woke up to have a look at the Blood Moon eclipse at 1:30 but couldn't find the moon and didn't have quite enough commitment to find it if I'm honest.  I reckon it was in the south and as we've not got a window that looks out that way I thought I'd better return to bed!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Monday 14th September 2015 to Sunday 20th September 2015

Monday 14th September 2015
Woke up at 4am, got up at 5.30.  Dog walked, papers fetched, greenhouse watered, into office for 7.45.   All on rails, pretty much. Back home for about 6pm.  Tea, dog walked. Soundbar sorted out (more or less).  Sorted Phil's tea.  Did a bit of work on a network install for October.

Sonicwall 2040 Firewall Switch - the dogs wotsits don't go far enough!!
Watched a bit of Doc Martin.  Bed before 10:30

Tuesday 15th September 2015
Up at 5.40.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Work for 8.30 and best part of a hour and a half to get into the office due to a lorry breaking down on J28 roundabout. Pain in the arse to start the day off.  Odd day in the office.  Home for about 6pm.   Tea, then got Phil to drop me off at Osmaston where missus had taken Lucy for football practice.  Walked the pooch and as I'd got the missus with me let the pooch off the lead to play fetch.  Great stuff.  Back home for about 8pm.  Listened to first half of Reading vs Derby, took pooch out at half time, listened to second half and Ince got the goal to give Derby second win on the road in successive games.  All good stuff, asleep by about 10;15 I reckon.

Wednesday 16th September 2015
Woke up at 3am.  Struggled back to sleep then got up late at 5.47.  Quick walk up town with pooch, papers fetched. Got Lucy up a bit earlier than usual.  Into office for 8am. Home a bit earlier.  Tea. Dog walk to cemetery and back.  Out on bike for first time in a while - need to make it a bit of a habit.  Watched Cradle to Grave then watched Later With Jools and saw Squeeze doing the theme tune which was good.  Then watched something about Brits fighting against Isis which was very sad. Bed about 11:30pm - way to late.

Thursday 17th September 2015
Up at 5:50, only just in time to take pooch out and get papers.  Got into to work for 8.10 after getting some juice on the way. Back home for about 6pm.  Tea then dog walk.  Then went with Phil to admire his hedge cutting work.  Marvellous.  Then out on bike again for second night running nine miles to Okeover Park and back - saw a barn owl for the second night running, there used to be one near Callow Hall which is in the vicinity but to see it two nights running is pretty good.  Bit of telly - Cradle to Grave then bed about 10:45pm.

Friday 18th September 2015
Woke up at 5am on the dot.  Went back to sleep and got up late at 6:05.  Dog walked, papers fetched into the office for just gone 8am.  Quite pleased - had the first Post-Fish Marillion album on in the car and it's still a good listen.  Went for a ride round on the bike - helped in rescuing a dog on the way up Mafield road.  Watched England's first match on telly - wasn't entirely impressed.

Saturday 19th September 2015
Up early, dog walked, papers fetched.  Serviced me fishing kit as that will be going on the shelf for Winter I reckon.

Did the greenhouse.   Subscribed for Times six-day - three months for the price of one and then £5 a week thereafter - will review whether I think it'll work in a month or so. Fetched Piccy B brekko for Lucy and meself.  Strimmed front and back then off for golf at 12.00am with John and Doug.  First half was a bit rubbish but played back nine quite well parred 10th, 13th, 14th,16th  and bogied the others apart from 15 where I lost a ball at the side of the green somewhere - crappy rough.
 Have started letting the pooch off when we walk her in the big field.  So far she's not let me down

Sunday 20th September 2015
Up early.  Dog walked - Geese flying South for the winter - it's a sign...

Down to Lotty on bike about 8am.  Cleared the raised bed that had peas in it.  Took a load of rubbish down to the tip.  Back for 10:10am to give the boy a lift to work.  Back for a bit after 11am.  Off to the Okeover Arms at Mappleton for Sylvira's do.  Back home.  Dog walk. Not much else done.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Monday 7th September 2015 to Sunday 13th September 2015

Monday 7th September 2015
Up really early.  Dog walked, papers, everything done, into office for 7:30am.  Got a ruddy ton done and away for 4.20pm so could take Lucy to training with ex England International Sue Smith.

Ashbourne Aztecs with Sue Smith of Doncaster Rovers and England Ladies' football fame

Dropped Lucy off at home and at 8pm in near darkness whizzed down Lotty to pick up spuds I'd left to dry, put em in trays and then into shed to dry further.  They will be going in bags in a day or two I reckon.

Spudulika City

Tuesday 8th September 2015
Up less early.  Dog walked, papers fetched.  Stuck in poxy traffic on the A52 for fifteen minutes.  Tesco for fuddle then into office for 8.20.  Pleased with that overall.  Busy day.  Home for about 6pm.  Tea then off walking and blackberrying with the bride and the small pooch - miserable dull day and almost dark when we got home about 7:30pm.  Saw some Canadian Geese in the fields below which was cool.    Watched New Tricks and some American Tat that Phil had on.   Spent some time looking for a book for Lucy.   Off to bed about 11pm!!  Way too late.

Wednesday 9th September 2015
Woke up a bit before 5am - way too early.  Got up proper at 5:50am.  Dog walked, papers fetched. Polished LuLu's shoes for School.  Got a 28w Double D bulb out of a light fitting in the bathroom - damn bulb needs replacing - got one from ScrewFixDirect.  Back home fitted it in five minutes - illumination again.   Spent half an hour trying to find some documentation for Phil to no avail but did find two old PPI documents.  Good stuff.  Reading in bed at 9pm as got a bit sick of watching Phil's American crap on telly or bake-off in the other room.

Thursday 10th September 2015
Awake at 5am, up at 5.40am.  Dog walked, papers fetched and back home by 6.30, in the office before 8am - everything on rails this morning.

Friday 11th September 2015
Off today.  Ha ha.  Up early anyway, dog walked, papers fetched.  Down lotty until 8:30.  Over to John Pye to fetch a soundbar that has something missing - lesson learned don't ever bid on something you've not had a bloody good look at. Never mind have ordered the missing bit for £14 bloody quid.  Took pooch out for a final walk then off to Wales.  Got there in 3 hours 15mins.  Bloody marvellous.  Settled into Cottage quick and beer o'clock time.   Fished the night tide in the rain not a bite.

Saturday 12th September 2015
Chucked it down all night but rain eased up about 8:15am.  Breakfast from the butty van.  Over to Amlwch, quick visit to Telboys for some weights and some bait.  Had a look at the breakwater and folks already in the best spot so we went to Llanbadrig where I had bites but caught nowt while our Andrew caught 3 Wrasse, 3 pollack, 1 mackerel.  Such is life.

Back to base.  Dug more bait for the evening.

Wild big tide coming in, fish not coming in.

Sunday 13th September 2015
Up about 6am went down to the beach and recovered one rig lost the previous night.

Church Bay on going home day

Heron still hunting in the same pools

Tidied up and car loaded ready for the drive home. Breakfast off the van.  Got home in under 3.5 hours - magic.

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