Monday, 22 February 2010

Sunday 21-02-2010 to Saturday 27-02-2010

Saturday 27th Feb 2010
Up at 4:30, took Phil to work. Ran up town and back (quick 3 miler) to get papers. Golf at 9:30 lost 2-down but played okay'ish.

Friday 26th Feb 2010
Badminton with Lucy last night good fun as always; played some whipper-snapper called Luke and give him a run for his money, oh yes. Had to go sort out an oil leakage problem in missus' garage before going out running this morning so a little bit late in getting on the road so only a solid three miles done. Good run though.

Thursday 25th Feb 2010
The regular five miler again. Sort of habity now! Teeth killed me though when got back - going back to Dentist in May so will see what he says then if it stays manageable. 2lb off this week which is a bit more like it. If I see the same result next week I'll be happy am still not really food optimising properly. Silly really.

Wednesday 24th Feb 2010
Another five miler this morning, best run for a while.

Tuesday 23rd Feb 2010
Much happier with things today, a steady five miler, much less ice and snow about, quite a solid ten-minute miles performance for me.

Monday 22nd Feb 2010
Bloody ice now. 3 miles walking and running on road when no traffic about. Did a couple of miles walking in the evening too.

Sunday 21st Feb 2010
Bloody Snow. Nothing but sledging and clearing bloody snow. No big run this weekend.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Sunday 14th February to Saturday 20th 2010

Friday 19th February
2lbs on last night - not surprised been boozing all week. Just a steady three miles this morning - am going out at 5am tomorrow morning to get big one over and done with and then 18 holes of golf to kill me off!

Thursday 18th February
The usual five miler - bit tired this morning but ok.

Wednesday 17th February
Just a slow walk up town and back. Took Lucy to see Ponyo at Showcase Cinema in afternoon (we'd intended seeing The Princess and the Frog but Showcase only had one till open on Orange Wednesday in the kids' holidays - work that out?).

Tuesday 16th February
6.5 miles this morning. Not in office again today but am visiting the Dentist. Oh dear. Never mind.

Monday 15th February
Up early doors but felt like taking it easy so walked up town and back for three miles, then 13 holes of golf, then shopping in Derby with the missus. Everybody happyish. Dentist tomorrow though, Bugger.

Sunday 14th February
Valentine's day so what to do? Well got up at super silly o'clock, took Phil to work, then mooched a bit before going up to golf course! 18 holes later me and John manager to lose again to the last putt of the game - we were four down after 11 holes so to get it back to 1-down with a hole to play was not bad at all. Plus the Yawwy? Robertson had to sink a 12 footer at the last to win so it was proper match play stuff - I parred 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 15th, birdied 16th, and parred last hole so golf in some ways is on the up!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Sunday 7th to Saturday 13th February 2010

Saturday 13th February - Marathon Training Big Run Day - 15 and three quarter miles in just over 3 hours.
Dropped Phil off at work at 5:30am!!! Got home, got myself in the mood and then got the weekly big run done and dusted! That's the way to do it. Similiar sort of run to last week with 800ft of ascent and descent covering Thorpe, Tissington, Kniveton, Offcote and what have you. Enjoyed the run and love getting it out of the way at the start of the weekend! Pleased

Friday 12th February
Rest day today, big run tomorrow. Got up early but only had three miles to do so went nice and slow. Have to plan long run tomorrow, going to look back at last years runs.

Thursday 11th February
Snoozed twice, didn't get up til 5:40, got a slower than usual 5 miles done but least I did em. Ran well yesterday so bit disappointed. The disappointment just continues - only lost half a pound this week according to SW scales; felt it should be more but such is life. Badminton in the evening went okay, Lucy improving too.

Wednesday 10th February
Tired, this morning, up at 5:20 on road about 5:50, a good five miles in about 52 minutes. Apparently you don't run as good in the morning as you would in an afternoon I've read. Don't know whether it's true or not. Another pound gone on Wii fit.

Tuesday 9th February
Up at 5:30, another five miles ok. Wii fit says that two pounds is gone again! Good.
Derby County 3-0 Newcastle United
Coventry City 1-0 Notts Forest
Happy days indeed!

Monday 8th February
Up at 5:30, five more miles, not bad. Wii Fit says I've put two pounds on which isn't good. I'm going to get doing food optimising again proper this week ; definitely need to turn things round. Am also thinking of getting the bike out again and doing a few miles in the evening.

Sunday 7th February
Nothing good to report! Got whooped at golf again 4 down, at least we halved all the holes we survived on the back nine and didn't lose any more. We played Adie Blake and Jamie Robertson (I think I've got his name right). Jamie hits the ball a country mile and we couldn't live with that really, we didn't get any breaks either to be fair so that's the way it goes sometimes.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Sunday 31st January to Saturday 6th February 2009

Saturday 6th February Marathon Training
Got up at 6am, big run day. Set off at 6:45 got back about 9:20 and did a smudge under 14 miles over hilly terrain (see gradient profile below) not displeased, it's coming back

Friday 5th February
Up at 5:20, bit of a drag to get up but this is the path I have chosen. Anyway, fetched missus motor up from garage as usual (managed to put a tiny scratch on it last night which was a bit of a bugger - got to get some touchup paint sorted now). Anyway, got up this morning but it was persisting it down with rain so have left it to 6:10 to see if was going to stop, it wasn't so just did a short three miler straight up straight back to newsagents. Some folks have friday as a rest day when training for marathons so am going to look at it that way!!

Thursday 4th February (evening of)
Popped into Janet's group on the way home, quick weigh-in - just a pound this week which was a bit disappointing but such is life. Badminton at 7pm, an hour of punishment from the whipper-snappers but, and it's a good but, am getting something like and giving em a run for their money. Lost 21-20 to one of em but probably ought to have won.

Thursday 4th Feb
Another day another five miles. It's getting to be a forced habit. Badminton lessons tonight. All good.

Wednesday 3rd Feb
Couldn't get out of bed - totally knacked! Still did the daily five miles regardless - damned frosty this morn - gloves and hat stuff.

Tuesday 2nd Feb
Up early doors, another day another five miles.

Monday 1st Feb
Up at crack of dawn, five mile run as usual considering me legs are still aching from saturday I went like a seriously fast train.

Sunday 31st Jan
Nothing to write home about - thrashed at golf in v. wintry conditions, sorted garage out for missus big motor, talk lucy to badminton and they said it was the wrong day. Ho hum, off to bed for 9pm!

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