Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday 30th August to Saturday 5th September

Saturday 5th September
Better round of golf today i.e. didn't lose any golf balls. Went round in 95 off the whites and that included some crappy putting to say the least (e.g. on in two on the 13th hole and then four-putted for a double-bogey). So progress there. After golf me and Lucy cycled up to Dobbin Horse lane and got a load of blackberries.

Friday 4th September
Cycled up town to get papers then walked miles round Alton Towers and ended coming home very wet indeed. Endless fun.

Thursday 3rd September
Went to bed last night and it was raining so bad I was looking in the yellow pages for Ark builders, got up this morning and it's only lightened off a bit so didn't do much this morning, 60 biceps curls with some heavy weights which is a start I suppose.

Got into Gym, thirty minutes on bike with nasty program selected then ten minutes on rower, was plenty. Progress!

Wednesday 2nd September
Cycled up town and back and that was all. Went back to work and it was okay if a bit fraught. Such is life. Chucked it down when I got home so nowt in the evening.

Tuesday 1st September
Cripes, September already - cycled up town and back with Lucy, stopped for a bite to eat at Busy Bees Cafe, got papers, rode back. Very civilised. Cleaned downstairs windows which as you'd expect brought on the rain. Excellent. Walked a couple of miles in evening after 'My name is Earl' finished.

Monday 31st Aug
Bank Holiday -cycling, lots of walking.

Sunday 30th August
Well, back from hols so on with business. Got up 7am and did a two mile run which was interrupted with some walking as am out of shape. Intend on doing this every day.

Sunday 23rd to Saturday 29th August

Been on hols. Anglesey again - gales and rain and some sunshine. Had a wetsuit on for first time in life - jeez are they hard work? Couldn't breather but better than not having one as sea was mighty cold!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Sunday 16th to Saturday 22nd

Thursday 20th
Back to work today ha ha. Got up at 5:45, early meeting so just whizzed up town and back on bike . Didn't do anything else last night although me and Lucy went on bikes to fetch some paint from Homebase and did a few trips to recycling centre to get rid of more junk. The missus is having a big tidy up at the moment bless her - just need to keep her away from me shed!

Wednesday 19th
Off work today ha ha. Got up at 8am!!! Been five miles on bike, going to see Ice Age 4 with Lucy this morning. Might hit a few golf balls in the afternoon (am considering giving it up quite seriously as have not had a single decent knock all year really).

Tuesday 18th
Better, ran up town and back - knee popped out on the way back which was a bit uncool so walked a few minutes then off again. Well wierd! Had a spin round on the bikes with Lucy then over to cousins to sort his Epson Sx105 out which had stopped working with new computer. Windows Vista incompatible with existing drivers, well done Mr Gates.

Monday 17th
Bloomin raining again. Five miles on bike in rain to fetch papers, it's a start. Me and the missus went a walk in the evening too, lovely sunny to start off with, streetlights on when we go back and it was under an hour, where's the summer gone??

Sunday 16th
Not much to report but a raging hangover. Went to see JB's band at Chesterfield, stayed over at brothers, drank too much. etc. Did a couple of miles on foot in the evening a bit of painting in the day, went over to mums for tea. Alright sort of a day

Monday, 10 August 2009

Sunday 9th August to Saturday 15th August

Saturday 15th August
Not much to report today. Me and Lucy cycled up town. Sorted out some stuff for upcoming hols. Bit of filling and painting Bit of taking stuff to the recycling centre. No golf - John not well and I'm not overly fussed. Thinking of packing it up at end of summer.

Friday 14th August
Just a bit of a walk up town and back. Decent session again in the gym. That's a bit better. Big software release at work 2.2 is finally in the wild.

Thursday 13th August
Phil is off with his mate Tom to Tom's grandparents all day so I set off a loaf for him to take - it looked like it'd be okay (20 minutes to go before I set off for work). I also fixed another puncture and rode up town and back so all in all not a bad start to the day, really. Did another 50 minutes in the gym which was good. Please make it a habit Siddall and stop ar**ing about.

Wednesday 12th August
Well it started off rainy and rubbish, but on positive side I got into the gym for the first time in nearly three weeks I reckon. Came away with blisters so I reckon I went at it plenty hard enough! Another two punctures to repair when I got home - 5 in a single week. School holidays.

Tuesday 11th August
Same again, ten miles on old heavy. Did five miles with Lucy last night as well which was cool. Even saw my Doctor on the way round (fortunately he didn't stop or am sure he'd have commented !).

Monday 10th August
Happy birthday bro. Not sure if he's still out at Anglesey but I bet he is! Did ten miles on old heavy bike this morning which was okay.

Sunday 9th August
Not much to report. Washed cars, put a new tip ring on Phil's fishing rod, sorted out line on big multiplier reel. Fixed 2 (two!) front tyre punctures, bit of a bike ride. Over to me mum and dads for tea. Bit of red wine and some good beer. Not the best of days from a fitness perspective!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Sunday 2nd August to Saturday 8th

Friday 7th
Ran up town and back, nice and steady. Not bad start.

Thursday 6th
Nothing in the morning but did nine rubbish holes of golf in between the rain in the evening.

Wednesday 5th
Better, still a bit drizzly but did a three miler up town and back. Not a bad start to the day.

Tuesday 4th
Nothing in the morning as it was chucking it down with rain but did two miles again last night when it stopped drizzling.

Monday 3rd
Shattered couldn't get me self out of bed til ten to seven so that ruled out a run or cycle. Into office for 8:10 though so I'll get cracking with the HR again. Last week was absolute rubbish so this week must be better.

Went running this evening only a couple of miles but it's better than nowt. Got back and watched 'We are Klang' on BBC3 - utter, utter genius.

Sunday 2nd
Got up early, did three hours of work on HR project which strangely pi**ed me off quite a bit. Shouldn't let mesen look at HR data as it gets me hackles up so it does.
Not done a great deal. Few holes of golf, mowed lawns (thank the Lord the rain stopped at last). Bike ride with Lucy. Watched a bit of the test on telly and the scottish lass win the Ladies Open (Catriona Matthews?).

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