Monday, 27 July 2009

Sunday 26th July to Saturday 1st August!

Bobby Robson 1933-2009
How sad is the passing of a true gentleman who wasn't driven by money or glory but just a pure love of the game for the sake of the game? A total gent and possibly a last connection to when football wasn't a business but a passion. Rest in peace Bobby, you won't be forgotten.

Friday 31st July
Just a quick spin up town abnd back - tons to do today so need to get in office early.

Thursday 30th July
Quick three miler up town and back then getting off for a regular 8:30 meeting. Everything ticking over nicely. Checked weight and it's no different - am disappointed about that but I am turning myself round. Only one unit of alcohol since Friday which is good, good. Shame that Rich has given me a bottle of scotch but that's going to get left alone at least until we go away in August. Watched Kung Fu Panda with Lucy again last night - love some of the wisdom in it;

  • “One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it. ”
  • “There are no accidents”
  • “The mind is like water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear”
  • "There’s just news. No Good or Bad"
    "He will never fulfill his Destiny, nor you, yours; until you let go of the illusion of control."
  • “There’s no secret ingredient. To make something special, you just have to believe it’s Special"
All the clever stuff these days is aimed at primary school kids! Have you noticed that?

Wednesday 29th July
Early into office again - got a quick run done and then into office an 8:30 meeting.

Tuesday 28th July
Whizzed out on the bike early, got papers, got into office for 8am to work on some Order Processing problems - think we've largely fixed em now which is good. Another nightmare day at work but that's over now. Waited for the rain to end and then went a two mile run - bit wet out but glad I done something!

Monday 27th July
Rattling it down with rain again, British Summer Time (when does that start, exactly?). Anyway four miles on the big slow bike was a reasonable start given the weather. That was it really though - didn't leave office til late then had to sort out a friend's router (AOL is really good isn't it, not).

Sunday 26th July
Have sort of had a good Sunday had a glass of red wine at tea-time but no alcohol besides. Saturday was a totally dry day which is the first time in quite a while.

Weather was rubbish all day really so was pleased in some ways to get 7/8 miles done on bike, 4 of which with little Lucy which was good.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Sunday 19th July to Saturday 25th

Saturday 25th July
Got up early doors, did a two mile run. Did another coat of gloss in upstairs loo, went up town and back on bikes with Lucy. Four hours on the golf course in which I played to handicap on front nine and then blew it on back nine (ended up playing 9 shots over handicap which just shows how bad things are in the golf world!). Started off brilliant - nice drive, five iron to green everything tickety boo, par in the bag. Second hole same sort of thing resulting in a par five. Thereafter nowt worth reporting - nice par on the eight but pretty much rubbish.

Friday 24th July
Up at 6am, bit of work then out on on the bike for a bit. Nothing too strenuous, gym later. Didn't get to gym but went bike ride with Lucy and then did a few holes on golf course with new clubs I got.

Thursday 23rd July
Got up 6:00 (it's getting worse), did a bit of a job on the computer, then rode up town on big heavy bike and fetched papers and into office for 8:20 - so far so good.

Wednesday 22nd July
Not up quite as early - hit snooze twice but early enough to put another coat of gloss on skirting boards in bathroom and still have time to run up town and back to get papers. Well pleased so far.
Gym session after work - 30 mins on bike and 15mins on rower. One is quait pleased.

Tuesday 21st July
Got up early again - progress. Only did a three mile run as I did a bit of work first thing. But at least it's running.

Monday 20th July
Bit hacked off that Tom Watson managed to lose the Open at age 59 and with a one shot lead on the last tee. what a shame. Anyway, went to bed early Sunday night, got up early and did a four mile run this morning. Did a bit of a good turn on the way (although needs a bit more work yet) in fastening some wire mesh back on the old Nestle's site up town - it's been buggin me for yonks and as I noticed a couple of cable ties on the pavement I though 'I know where they'd go nicely'.

Did a cracking gym session 15 minutes on bike and 25 mins on rower. Knew about it when I'd finished. Got home had tea and then straight out on bike with Lucy. Maintained again this week which is okay considering I've had a fair bit of Stella of late.

Sunday 19th July
Phil's Birthday, got him a bike amongst other things so he's well chuffed. Not much exercise to report of, went on a couple of small bike rides with the kids and that's about it. Did a bit more gloss in the bathroom and that's starting to get close to final stages. Just need to get carpet fitted and that ones done. Am going to finish off the upstairs loo tonight and then that beggar's done as well.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday 12th July to Saturday 18th July.

Saturday 18th July
Me and Lucy rode bikes up town and back stopping for brekky at the Busy Bee cafe same as last Saturday. Bit better golf this week - 95 off the whites but putting let me down today, god knows how many three putts.

Friday 17th July
Up town and back first thing this morning after finishing off a bit of work for t'office.

Thursday 16th July
Solid three mile run in the morning, final performance of Noah at 6:30 in the evening.

Wednesday 15th July
Not much to report today. Two performances of Noah that went pretty well I thought.

Tuesday 14 July
Off work today - have first performance of Noah and his Floating Zoo today at 10am so have taken whole day off. It went okay and I got a ton of decorating done as well. Zero exercise though which wasn;t so good.

Monday 13 July
Got up right early, did a little bit of touching up before plumber comes to finish off bathroom, then a lil run up town and back. Have got no stamina at the minute which is irritating, fitness has definitely slipped since April. Solid 45 minutes in the gym - 20mins on rower and 25 on exercise bike.

Sunday 12th July
Spent most of day painting the bathroom which we've recently had done. Hours of fun, not.

Took drums up to church about 5:30. Am helping out Clifton CE Primary School with their production of Noah and his Floating Zoo providing percussive accompaniment to Mrs Prince's piano.

Watched a bit of cricket in gaps while waiting for paint to try. Awesome performance by Monty and Colly, them Aussies must be gutted!

Was going to do a bike ride with Lucy but as had a puncture in back tyre I ended up running along behind her (was I tired?, not half!!!)

Then did a few holes of golf before rain forshortened the job.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Sunday 5th July to Saturday 11th July

Saturday 11th July
Me and Lucy rode up town on bikes to fetch papers, got breakfast at Busy Bees cafe. Grand - used to do that with Phil a few years back.

Then played worse golf of my entire life ever. Have totally lost the plot with the old golf. Lost three balls on one hole, wierd. Need to work out what's going on or am going to be packing up golf!

Friday 10th July
3 mile run/walk.

Thursday 9th July
3 mile run/walk then a ton of cardio stuff in Gym - 20 mins rower, 15 mins treadmill, 15 mins bike. Short bike ride with Lucy at night - couple of miles tops.

Wednesday 8th July
3 mile run/walk with brolly this morning Did a load of filling ahead of plumber coming in to do upstairs loo. Steady hour in gym - weights, rower, bike, treadmill.

Tuesday 7th July
Bit wet but eight miles on bike again. Must get back to running soon. Painted upstairs loo then did a quick two mile run. Am out of shap for sure.

Monday 6th July
Eight miles on the bike in morning. Me and Lucy did three miles on bikes (down Green Lane, round past the farm and then up Greenacre). Eight holes of golf at 8:30 last night. 5lb lost since last monday (graph to follow after a month - embarassed about current weight!!!)

Sunday 5th July
Ran for three miles (turned back when rain got heavy). Did a good five miles on bike or so with Lucy.

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