Friday, 30 November 2007

Friday Post

No mileage last night
Was absolutely shattered last night with one thing and another - big run in the morning and then fast(er) run and longer row in the gym. So I just didn't get on the bike last night. Had a noggin of whisky or two for my cold - didn't work but had to try!!

Short 7 miler

Am aiming to complete the three gym sessions in the week goal tonight so that'll be good to tick off and mileage is currently standing at about 64 miles on the old bike computer.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Thursday Post - bugger, half a pound on

Did a gym session last night and tonight. Did 20 minutes at 10.5km/h on treadmill and have upped distance on rower to 2500m. Times good for rower I think and about 3.5km on the treadmill in 20 mins isn't too bad.

I got the running goal completed this morning with a 7 miler which wasn't bad as I didn't get out of bed til 5:20. Am thinking about upping the goal to 20 miles from next week but not sure as yet.

Slight Weight Gain
Got what I deserved again - don't know if I'm subconsciously fattening myself up for winter in some wierd way but have put half a pound on this week. Nothing to do with subconscious am just being damned lazy and out of control and am going to be back on track tomorrow. Will put stats up as well.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Wednesday Post

Didn't get to bed until late so had to drag myself out of bed at 5:20 this morning. Only got a lazy 12 miles done on slow but comfy bike. Am going to get poor old Giant into the repair shop on Saturday to get the rear derailleur looked at and then might use that to get a bit of extra pace next week. Only five weeks til new bike comes, wahey!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Tuesday Post - 14 miles easy route done.

Today's Cycling News
Just did quick run out on slow but comfy bike. Steady fourteen miles done.

Great Web Editor found
Found a really good freeware HTML editor called NVU which is utterly free and quite bloomin good. Their site is at -

Spreading The Blog Word
Went over to Westhills Stud Farm yesterday which is an enterprise run by my cousin Colin and his wife, Karen. Helped them out with a bit of HTML tuition which is a bit complicated because you need an understanding of HTML and also FTP to get files across, it also helps to know a bit about image sizing and compression and those kinds of things. So we muddled through and got the website updated but we needed a more cunning solution to the problem so what was the answer that lets Karen update the website with all manner of images and news about the Championship stallions she had???
Blogging of course, t'is the future!!
Main website (not my design) is at,
Blog is at

Monday, 26 November 2007

Monday Post 2 - Get Voting for the future!!!

Vote Sustrans Connect2!!! Have been on and cast my vote for Sustrans Connect2 project at

The lottery is wanting to use a load of money on a good cause and have chosen a reality-show sort of a format for selecting who should get the money.

So as Sustrans support walking and cycling as being sustainable transport for the future they’ve got my vote . You have to register, wait for one of those confirmation emails and then you can vote, but do make the effort to vote, as time goes on more folks will realise the benefits of cycling and walking on health, congestion and the environment and then we'll all want better trails and pathways away from the madding traffic!!

The blurb about is as follows:- Connect2 is a UK-wide project that aims to improve local travel in 79 communities by creating new walking and cycling routes for the local journeys we all make every day.
By building bridges and crossings over busy roads, rivers and railway lines, Connect2 will get people to the places they want to go. Each crossing will link to a network of walking and cycling routes, taking you to your schools, shops, work and green spaces. Connect2 will also bring people closer together, making journeys quicker and more convenient and leaving more time to spend with family and friends.
Benefits for everyone: Around 6 million people live within a mile of a Connect2 project. Each one will change the lives of people of all ages – from cyclists and leisure walkers to commuters and schoolchildren, as well as elderly people and wheelchair users – everyone will have a better quality of life thanks to Connect2.
Connect2 will improve local travel in ways that will benefit people’s health and the environment for generations to come. The projects cover cities, towns, villages, the countryside and the coastline. From the grandest bridge to the humblest road crossing, each project is inspirational in design but in keeping with the area’s character and the needs of the local community. Greener local travel

Connect2 answers the growing call for new ways of getting around. It will be a blueprint for reconnecting people to the places they want to go in a more environmentally-friendly way, transforming communities into places that people can take pride in. The project will make travel healthier, safer and more enjoyable for everyone. It will show how to develop sustainable local travel. The local environment will also benefit from attractive landscaping, seating and public art, to reflect the spirit and identity of the local community.

Monday Post 1 - Happy Mondays!

Ye gods, I do love Mondays. Reasons to be cheerful….

Bonus Ball is mine!!
We put 50p per bonus ball into a kitty every week at work and I’ve won three weeks worth of rollover!! Ha Ha. Only problem is Janette knows!

New Paul World Running Record
Did eight and half miles this morning which is my new world record – pace was down a little bit which is a bit surprising as I was going for it in places, was perfectly in time with a couple of MCR tunes off Black Parade (am going to look at pace though Okeover Park where I was bop on). Although in hindsight, my legs were all but done for at the end of it (funnily enough was listening to bits of Van Halen’s 1984 album in IPOD going round which features “Drop Dead Legs” and funnily enough was in danger of dropping dead (at least me legs were)). Still it’s pushing the boat out a little bit further every time. I reckon 10 miles by Christmas is well doable and so am well-pleased, really.

New Cycling Goal and New Cycling Route
Have decided that my cycling goal is no longer realistic with running and gym attendance goals added to the exercise regime so rather than try an kill myself with an unrealistic expectation have decided to lower the mileage goal to 70 miles which is just ten miles every day. To this end have also worked out a new route that is just a single lap through Mappleton and loads of criss-crossing of Ashbourne which works out more or less bang on 10 miles. Tried a version of it last night and it was dead good and have done something similiar tonight as well

Sid , a teacher? What next??
At work have trained a number of managers in using a GIS (geographical information systems) product we developed and have done coaching sessions with small teams in the past but someone’s asked me to teach her to play drums. So gave that a crack today. Tried to keep it simple and in all fairness the girl done good, but by crikey it's hard work - more to come when I get some progress in this newish field!!

Wahey Billy Davies Gone!
Doug rang me up this morning and asked if I’d heard Billy Davies’ had gone. Doug’s a bit upset at the news but I think it’s good. My only concern is us ending up with Steve McClaren but in fairness to him he did okay with Middlesborough even if watching England last week was a bit like watching Derby!!! New manager, bring it on, hopefully we’ll start playing two up front at home soon instead of negative 4-5-1’s!! I'm not sure whether Billy Davies wanted it on Saturday when he had a pop at the new chairman Adam Pearson or whether he was set up to do it as he knew he was going to get the chop. Whichever way you look at it though he's not done well this season and to moan about wanting money to buy in quality seems a bit rich with the club's most expensive signing not even getting an occasional full game but spending most of his time on the bench.

14st 7.5lbs
Weighed in this morning after the weekend and am 14st 7.5lbs so well pleased!! Am thinking about upping the running to three runs a week as I seem to do more exercise time if I run. This morning was a solid hour and a half of running for 8.5 miles which I think if it were cycling would probably have been fifteen minutes less.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Sunday Post - 4 out of 4 Winter League Golf Victory over a Legend

Long Overdue Exercise Stats

Have added basic exercise goals onto biking spreadsheet, not totally happy it's doing what I want but it's a start and now am thinking about how it should be. So next week it should be better. Good thing on stats is have done just over 3000 bike miles this year which is kind of cool!!

Me and John took on a pairing featuring Rams Legend Roger Davies today. Roger and his partner Carl (both nice folks, but then most golfers are) took us on in our fourth Winter League encounter of the season and guess what?? We won again and convincingly too! After the 12th we were 6-up with 6 to play so again in a position where we couldn't lose like last week. John made two great birdies in the front nine and I made a ruck of pars going round including another 25-footer on the tenth which is beginning to be my trademark. Roger and Carl won three holes I think including the thirteenth and fourteenth when we took our collective foot off the gas a bit again which is a habit we need to break I reckon, although in fairness Roger won the 14th with a birdie so no disgrace there. Anyway good stuff 100% record remaining intact. Next week it's the Christmas Fayre better-ball stableford so we'll probably play terrible with there being money on it!

Picture of 6'4" Rams Legend centre forward Roger Davies from 1972/73

Have been tidying "Slow but Comfy" up this afternoon as it was cakked up to the eyeballs with muck off Tissington Trail - not going to do it again til next summer I don't think. Am going for a
spin on the it in a bit after kids are bathed.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Saturday - Cycle goal missed but gave it best shot

Cycling 85% complete

Missed the 100 mile cycling goal but not through a lack of effort. Did damned near 30 miles today including 22 miles in the rain covered in cak after doing 11 miles up Tissington. Still two out of three goals ain't bad.

Derby Not Good Enough Again
Better performance from Derby but a case of same old, same old. Defence goes awol and we leak goals. Still 2-0 to Chelsea sounds a damned sight better than 5-0 to crappy West Ham.
Leacock, Miller and Jones all put in good performances today which was good to see and you couldn't fault em for effort in the second half. Performances gone our way at the bottom again especially with Sunderland getting hammered. Very good to see that!!!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Friday Post - Yesterday bad, today better.

Running Goal Done!

Did 7.5 miles this morning which finishes off this week's running goal in two sessions. Kept a steady pace of 5.7mph which is up on last weeks average and meets the same speed as I did earlier in the week. So well pleased

Sorted slow and comfy bike out last night as well. I work in I.T. and when anyone comes to me with a PC problem I always say "what was the last thing you installed/upgraded/changed on the computer" as invariably thats the thing that's caused the problem.

If only I'd followed my own advice with bikes!! - in an earlier post I mentioned the bike jumping out of gear after I fixed a puncture in the rear tyre. I messed about with the barrel connector on the rear derailleur, checked all the cables, had a fiddle with the shifters - all to no avail. Then as I freewheeled across the Leisure Centre Car Park I noticed the bike felt bumpy when there were no bumps in the surface for it to be bumpy! Rode back home and sure enough tyre was not seated properly so did the back wheel again and we're back in business.

Gym Session - 3 Attendances Goal Done

Did 30 mins on treadmill at 9.2 for ten minutes and 9.6 for the last twenty or so - not a big difference in distance but am upping the pace. I did 2300 metres on the rower in nine and half minutes which is over 10% more than I normally do - am thinking of going for time on the rower instead of distance from now on and upping it by a minute each time.

Was going to go out on the bike but my legs are cream crackered so am going to leave it until tomorrow I think. I can't see me getting a 100 miles done on the bike as there's only 55 on the clock at the mo but hey-ho two out of three ain't bad.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Thursday Post - Roadkill and other stories...

Not best Pleased!

Bit of a downer this morning. Not only do I find out that McClaren's not resigned (Missus said he had last night, the toadie) but also managed to run a rabbit over and kill it despite best efforts to avoid it on the bike. More things of a bad nature - couldn't sort the rear derailleur out on the Giant since falling off it yesterday and the slow but comfy Incognito that I went out on this morning is jumping out of gears since fixing puncture in rear tyre last week. All in all am not amused!!

And it was damned cold when it was supposed to be bloomin mild this morning!!.

Did two miles and then had to go back for a hat to go under me helmet. Still on the positive side I did 14 miles albeit slowly and didn't fall off today (old style pedals though!!).

Weigh-in Data Week 39 2lbs off!

Have managed to claw back 2lbs towards the 14st 7lbs mark which I'm definitely going to set as target now I've decided. Enough of this impossible dream of 13st 11lbs. Doctor said he'd be happy if I maintained current weight so if he's happy I'm happy.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Wednesday Post - all fall down....

Blimey found out about the pitfalls of clipless SPD pedals this morning alright! Out on the road at 5:35 which was good as overslept and only got up at 5:20. After about six miles I got to the end of the lane coming out of Okeover Park, about to turn onto Swinscoe hill when three lorries came round the corner down the hill so stopped but forgot my feet were locked into the pedals and timberrr….. slowly fell over onto my right side. No real damage except for a bang to the right knee and a bit of wounded pride and looking on the positive side the incident must have given a right laugh to the lorry drivers. No real damage to me should say, rear derailleur won't go beyond third gear now so am going to have to look at that tonight.

Anyway got fifteen miles done which considering I forgot to restart the Edge computer after leaving the paper shop should really be more but hey-ho will teach me to be more on my game.

Am off to gym shortly then home for tea and footie. If they don't win tonight McClaren should fall on his sword in my view, serious underachievement even if he was number two at Derby when we were in the premiership in the 90's.

Have done the gym again tonight. As knee is hurting have done less treadmill but am going to get back on the bike again tonight and do a few more miles.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Tuesday Post - good start

Monday Night Washout
Was a bit disappointed with not getting out last night because of the weather, this was on top of getting to the gym and realising I'd not loaded my gym bag up. So yesterdays exercise total was 15 miles on the bike and some pressups before early to bed.

In The Long Run
This morning though am quoting Eagles tunes again! Did another long run pushing the boat out a little further and running almost eight and a quarter miles which is probably the furthest I've ever run in my entire life (including school cross country runs!) so am well pleased with that. It means have only got to do another 7 miler to meet the weekly mileage target. What is almost more pleasing though is that have upped the average speed from around 5.2mph to 5.7mph which doesn't sound like much but is definitely progress in my view!! Am aiming to have run a ten miler by time I'm 40 which ain't long unfortunately!

Tuesday Night Gym Session

Did a steady 30 minutes on treadmill at 9.1km/h. No great problem but not as easy as in the morning. 8:34 mins to do 2000 metres on the rower and a few weights - 45 mins in total.

Bike Upgrade

Got some Shimano SPD clipless pedals off Ebay for £16. I wanted to bang em onto the Incognito (comfy but slow bike) but couldn't shift one of the pedals that were already on it to the extent that I bent the jaws of a spanner trying to get it off!! Nightmare. Anyway, in the end have put the pedals on the old Giant and took it for a spin tonight. Went like a little rocket - have no idea what average speed was but have got aches in a whole new set of muscles. You put power into the crank even as your backleg is coming up because you're foot is hooked into the pedal (using the inherited Specialized shoes). Only problem with this is that it can be a bit of a beggar to get your feet out of the pedals again - this resulted in a couple of flybys on the approach to home until I could shift my left foot out of the pedal. Hilarious - had considered giving the missus a call to come and help!!!

Shimano PD-M505 SPD clipless pedal - they're dinky and cheap but good as well!

Monday, 19 November 2007

Monday Post - Back on the road - Video Nightmare

Sunday written off, Monday back on the program!
Well Sunday was a washout exercise wise - did some pressups but that was it. Weather was just too nasty for cycling or running as it was cold and wet - see pic of Brassington above taken out of car Window - brrrrrr. This week's weather's been given out as more of the same but a bit warmer - got fifteen miles done on bike this morning so am back on the program, am also going to make more of an effort this week on the Food Optimising front.

Video from Friday - "500 miles" by Proclaimers butchered to an inch of it's life by Alan, David and me good self!!

Some more Pics from Friday

Paul, Alan and David - Banned in concert - dig those music stands eh!!!

Yes - they're a bit scary but we don't half raise a good bit of money!!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Sunday Post - t'is nippy out!

Ye gods, it's cold out this morning. Half past ten and have done zero exercise, On positive side have ordered missus' xmas present from John Lewis' so that's good. Went onto and got a £10 off promotional code which was good. In fact, I'd go so far as to highly recommend you check out voucher list before you buy anything online - you cut and paste a code into one of those promotional code boxes when you go through the payment checkout process and hey presto £10/20 whatever pounds off the price. Lovely jubbly.

Am still smiling about yesterday's golf result - 25 footer on the last - Ryder Cup stuff!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Saturday Post

8:30 am - Cycling

One goal done 101 miles on the clock. Had to do ten miles last night and fifteen this morning but at least it's done - need to look at my routine and work out where it's going wrong - have got golf at 11:51 so didn't really want to have to do an hour and a bit's worth of cycling really.

Garmin Training Center cycling record for week ending 17/11/07

Gym goal am not going to make as although I did 3 sessions I did say (and then forgot) that if it was less than 40 minutes it wouldn't count and on Thursday all I did was 35 miles on treadmill as had to go shopping. Never mind, it wasn't far off. Have got a mile or two of running to do to finish off the running goal and then that one's sorted.

11:52 Golf

Third Winter League match and thus far we have a 100% record. We played two brothers Vernon (18 handicap) and Peter (28 handicap). It was a to and fro sort of a match for much of it but John and myself managed to scrape to 3 up after the 13th hole only to get in to a bit of a fix with just being 1 up on the 17th tee. I sank a six footer to halve the 17th so we couldn't lose going down the 18th. We could however draw it which we didn''t really want to do. Peter the 28 handicapper had played really well for the whole round and hit his second shot to about 8 feet from 170 yards out!! Both John and myself made bad second shots and neither of us really put them under pressure after the third shots. I was about twenty-five feet past the hole which wasn't a whole lot of good. So it looked for all the world like we were going to lose the 100% win record and have to settle for a half (draw), but it ain't over 'til it's over and I drained the 25 footer - it must have gutted 'em!!! Peter didn't make the eight footer for birdie and we took home the bacon again!!! 100% record still intact, three out of three! Good stuff!

9.10 In the Long Run

Finished off the fifteen mile running target by doing a two-mile loop tonight. Total of 16 miles at an average of 5.2mph over 3hrs 4mins and a total of 2000 calories.

Been hard graft these targets this week. Not sure why it was so hard - needs a bit of better planning I reckon!!

Friday, 16 November 2007

Friday Post - Children in Need fund-raising and stuff.

Friday – funny old day all round!

Went to bed Thursday night with a list of things needed for today in my mind. Meself, David and Alan have been assigned a musical role in today’s Children in Need’ fund-raising at work so I had a ton of stuff to get in car. Amplifier for Alan to borrow (I got a 50w guitar combo for my electronic drums thing). I also loaded up with a bass drum, floor tom, rack tom, snare drum, hi-hats and a crash cymbal and associated hardware and sticks and what have you. Not to mention Gym kit, laptop (have forgotten it before now, let me tell you) and fruit to get me through the day.

Big old run for starters

As it was, I woke up at 4am but that was much too early so stayed in bed until 4:55. Which meant after brek was on the road running at 5:25. Got 7.47 miles done according to but was wary to make sure I was back home before 7am as we had our one and only ‘band reheasal’ at 8:30 this morning. Ran at a moving speed of 5.3mph (8.5kmh which was slightly up on the last run so all things getting better). And the truth is that it’s getting easier every time I do a proper run which is weird cause the gym run at 9.2km/h for thirty-three minutes (currently, 35 minutes next week) always feels like a trial. I thinks it’s because when you’re proper running you set your own pace rather than have to keep up with the machine. Image below or view motionbased page here.

We're putting the band together...

Considering we never played together before, and Alan and David not played in bands (to my knowledge) I reckon we did an okay job with the time we had to get ready! About an hour and we did about 6 or so songs - "500 miles", "When I'm 64", "Yellow Submarine", "Summer of 69", "Amarillo" and "Hi Ho Silver Lining" and not forgetting a wierd semi-instrumental version of "Hotel California". Anyway a video of the performance exists and am hoping to get a version of "500 miles" (possibly the least shambolical!!) onto Youtube or Myspace or something. Should be Monday or Tuesday I think!

Anyway there was lots of fund raising effort and Slimming World raided £1111.64 at Head Office today - more pictures to follow when I can get some.

El Gringo the Drummer.

Los Bandidos Guitarez

Does the Sombrero quite fit? I think not!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Thursday Post

Poxy Puncture
Was just thinking this morning that it's been ages since last had a puncture and what did I get after about 10 miles?? - bloomin puncture but not only that it had to be in the rear tyre so harder to fix. Not only that but it was perishing cold so as was only a mile or so away from home I decided to jog and push the beggar back. Still, got almost 12 miles done, so round about 75 miles on the clock for the week now.

Got another bit of good fortune in that Janette is going shopping later tonight so I can go to gym as well which will tick off the three attendances with an opportunity to still do Friday night as planned for four attendances again. Weigh in day as well and I'll admit things are not looking good for this week - will update this post later! Am planning to run 8 miles tomorrow morning to keep upping the distance. I reckon I'll need to be on the road for about 5:20am to do it!! But hell, it's a challenge isn't it and that's what life's about! Once have got that ticked off I can say with confidence that the fifteen mile running target is achievable in two sessions which will be great!

Alarming climb at the end - not good.

Worse reading for month - time to get back to work proper.

Another rotten weight-gain - 14st 10.5lbs
Well I was right about the weigh-in 2.5lbs on. Got what I deserved - drank and ate too much.

Quick Gym Session
As was in a rush I only managed 35 minutes in the gym. Had only time to run so did 5.20km on the runner and then got straight off for home. Have got to get drums ready for a "Children in need" thing at work tomorrow - which will be shambolic to say the least!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Wahey Christmas is back on!! Better than Eye Candy - Real Candy!!

Wish it could be Christmas every day.

After all my moaning about the bike shop I got a call from them today saying that while they couldn't do 2007 FCR1 at the web-advertised price they would do the 2008 FCR1 with the same discount - so hats off to Winstanley's of Wigan and shame on me for dissing them!

It's not actually coming until January so there's a while to wait but anticipation can be as good as having something sometimes!!!

Wenesday Post

Yog surprise for brek and then a solid fifteen miles, only pain in the backside was not getting back until 7:05, have changed alarm to get me up at 5:01am now rather than 5:09 am sure that will make all the difference!! 64 miles of cycling near as damnit on Training Center so well on target have decided that my weekly plan is gym on monday, wednesday and friday, will do running on a Tuesday morning and a Thursday night (although am thinking it might be better to run at night every time as lights are on in old railway tunnel - or could borrow Phil's light that goes on your head). We'll see.

Did another gym session tonight, two out of three completed, friday to finish. Added another minute to the runner did 5.15km at 9.2 for 33minutes. Hard work tonight - am going to bed early I reckon. Did quite a bit of weights but no rower.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Tuesday Post

Did a 7 mile run this morning on me little spindly legs. 5.2 mph average (8.36km/h) which ain’t overly fast but the important thing for me is that am making it a little bit longer each time and it ain’t walking – last week it was quarter marathon distance (6.5miles) now we’re up to 7.1miles which I reckon is dead good. If I can do one that covers 8 miles then that's my fifteen mile weekly running target met.

Am getting over disappointment of Bike Shop saying they can’t sell me the bike they advertised. £450 was a lot to spend on a bike anyway. So there you go. The potentially good thing is I found a thing that the goverment is pushing where your employer buys the employee (you) the bike, the employer then hires it to you for 12 months, the employee pays for the hire by a salary deduction which saves the employee n.i. and p.a.y.e on the deduction, the employer gets VAT back on purchase, saves employer n.i. contribution on the salary deduction and gets happier healthier employees (although potentially sweatier employees I suppose so not all good news). Goverment gets less clogged up roads, healthier less obese public, less load on NHS apart from the road traffic accidents! Anyway seems a good thing to me!
Finally (almost) went to Doctors this evening (appointment at 5:10, saw him at 5:55 - nipped into town and got me hair cut before going in - bonus!!). Anyway he was well impressed - blood pressure really in control 130/80 when he measured it, and according to his scales I was smidge over 14st which was good (if incorrect). His records say that I was 124KG in 2005 and now today was 90KG so a loss of over 5 stone from my worse ever weight, so he's chuffed to bits. Was talking about reducing medication I'm on next February if I can keep to same weight (he said it in a nice way but it was still a challenge I'm going to take)!!!
Finally (penultimate one), went out about an hour and a quarter on the slow but comfy bike got another fifteen mile done so a smidge under 50 miles on the clock for the week, 1 gym attended and almost a half of running target achieved.
Finally, finally, haven't mentioned have inherited some Specialized cycling shoes which cost a fortune as cousin and cousin's hubby are moving to France and leaving some stuff behind (just a shame he hasn't left his carbon fibre bike behind!!!). Anyway, if I manage to remember tomorrow morning am going to give em a try out. Take care.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Christmas is cancelled....

Got home to find an email from bike shop saying could not supply this bike as it has been discontinued, please contact our sale team to discuss an alternative. I knew it'd happen, said it was a misprice. So am not well-pleased at the minute but am resillient to setbacks!

It's have been too good for me anyway.

Did 12 miles on me old Giant this morning which was nice. Then did 55 minutes in gym, added another minute to running machine and did the 2000m rower challenge in 8min 28.3sec. Did some weights and then went to Darley to pick up bike from me mum and dads.

Met Slimming World man of the year Peter Toakes today, had a brief chat, a real nice bloke, lost 7 stone in about 10 months, he goes to a group in Sunderland run by Wendy George who remembers me somehow(?). I said something like "since August my weight loss hasn't done anything", she said "it's you who's not done anything" meaning (I think) look at what you're doing, sunshine - she's very direct and quite correct (and a nice lady too).

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Sunday Post

Well there was no comment on yesterday, was a wee bitt gutted at the time. Derby were just unbelievably poor, we made a very average West Ham side look like Chelsea or Man Utd which is a worry when we face Chelsea in a fortnight and Man U next month, am praying we avoid double figures. Am ashamed to say I walked out after West Ham scored their fourth, I was just mad as anything so stood up and walked out. Only problem was that I found myself outside Pride Park with 30 minutes to kill! So went into JJB sports store and bought some lights for the mountain bike, £15 reduced from £40 and some trackie bottoms for Phil. 5 bloomin nil, aaagh.

Anyway on the bright side, me and John won in Winter League golf again today, shook hands on fourteenth green 5-up!! Played a nice couple of fellas, Geoff and Terry from Langley Mill, we were never behind from the get-go and I finished the game of with a two on the par-3 fourteenth so things went well, 100% record, 2 out of the 8 wins needed to get through to the
finals stage.

So didn't get a full 18 holes of golf but about 1pm this afternoon set out on the bike to get over to me mum and dads. Janette was already over this way as Lucy was playing rugby against Bakewell and Phil had gone for a spin on the go-kart with me dad. Did a really good 22 miler, went anti-clockwise round Ballidon Quarry down something called Royston Lane. Saw this fine old building that looks like a chapel with no glass in the windows?

So even though Derby sucked am in a sort of a good mood.


Saturday, 10 November 2007

New Exercise Goal - New Stats - Running Added!

Well pleased - have mentioned this before but will mention it again - the Garmin Edge 205 is a great bit of kit that has more uses than it was ever intended for - have used it for cycling (which is it's primary raison d'etre), golf (don't think they expected it to be so but it's good for measuring driving distance etc) and now, fanfare and drum roll perlease, Running.

Have used it this morning to clock up another 6.5 (quarter of a marathon!!) miles at 5.4mph which is only 8.69km/h BUT it was raining and blowing a gale so quite acceptable if I do say so myself!

Yes have set myself up with a new exercise goal of running at least fifteen miles in the week and these have to be real miles, gym miles don't count (and anyway the machine works in km!). So have done it for first week. Full list of exercise goals are as follows:
  • 100 miles on bike
  • Attend gym at least three times never less than 40 minutes or attendance don't count
  • Fifteen miles road running
Am doing the killer bike ab exercise and the pushups at home but they're not as measurable and are a bit woolly so as long as I keep doing them as well they don't need adding to exercise goals.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Friday Post 100 miles done - late weight stats

Weight stats from yesterday. And 100 mile done this morning - 12 miles first thing into a right old wind.

Good eh!

Update: went to gym as well friday night - did 31mins on runner for 5km exactly and about 5ooKcal pretty much at 9.2 for all way but last five minutes at 11km/h. Did 2000m rower in 8:28 which was okay after running and some weights. Didn't go out on bike last night as it was a bit blowy and target had been met anyway - am going for a run in a bit (Saturday morning) hopefully although it's raining and blowing a gale at the mo!!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Week 37 Weighin - 1.5lb loss

Things going in the right direction 1.5lb off back to 14st 8.5lbs. Have been exercising harder than Daley Thompson so feel like the scales are rewarding my due dilligence! Have got 90+ miles on the bike so far this week - was going to go out for a spin tonight but it's blowing a darned gale so it'll have to wait til morning! Been to gym this evening did a few weights and another 30 minute 9.2km/h run but whooped it up to 12km/h for last four minutes which was good - still had some juice in the tank at the end which is promising. Got some new earbud headphone things for the Ipod and had Bruce Springsteen's new album on - quite good - sort of an indie sound on first tune with the snare drum compressed to hell and back but it's definitely growing on me. Graphs and what have you to follow...

Big pic of my 40th prez side on.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Support this - it makes sense

Sustrans promotes and works towards Sustainable Transport initiatives - they major on walking and biking and do everything they can to improve the networks and trails for cycling and walking. They've got a big one on the go that I saw on the Giant website that you can spend a minute registering your details on. Go here and they'll let you know what to do next:-
Giant's Website is at :

Single figure pounds feels sooo much better

Good news. Been on scales today and am weighing 14st 9lbs which feels sooo much better. Amazing how bad being in double figures for the pounds side feels when it’s 14st 10lbs it feels like it’s really 15st so to be back in single figures is grand.

Am being dead good at the mo – going to gym tonight and am going to do a 9.3km/h run for thirty mins to test the resilience theory out! Looking at motionbased I went at a steadyish 9.3km/h last night for 6.5 miles so 9.4 shouldn’t be a problem for a shorter span of time.

Update: as it turned out I struggled at 9.4 and ended up stepping down to 9.2 after 14 minutes but I didn’t stop so that’s good. Also found am in silver club at gym for 11 appearances during October – not sure I 'll get to 15 for gold club in November as am thinking of just doing mon,wed and fri in gym from now on.

What have I gone and done now???

Have just ordered my 40th Birthday Present (probably 41st, 42nd and 43rd too!!) from Winstanley Bikes of Wigan. It seemed too good a deal to miss out on - Giant FCR1 55.5cm frame which in Giant's Compact Frame geometry is the right size for me. Anyway, £440 spent (couldn't find the FCR1 cheaper than about £550 anywhere else and most dealers have it at £600. See yesterdays post of a picture otherwise have a look at the link below.

After last night's run my legs were absolutely drained but got up this morning ever so slightly later and did 12 miles on the bike. Am listening to the 'Life of Pi' on the Ipod and it's taking a lot of getting into, I have to say. Have got a smidge short of 80 miles on the clock on a wednesday morning so am well pleased with that. And in a couple of months time I'll be going like a bloomin rock on carbon forks and aluminium compact geometry race developed technology as used in the tour de france. Well pleased!!!

Link for me new super-duper lemon-trooper bike:-

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Well pleased ran for over an hour!!

Am well-pleased to say the least. Ran for well over an hour and covered 6.5 miles, admittedly at my pace Paula Radcliffe's not going to lose much sleep but it's great just to get that amount of tarmac under my feet without stopping. And thinking about it, 6.5 miles is a quarter of a marathon so if I can do twice as much as tonight in say a month's time and then double it again in say, three month's time I'll be able to run a marathon!!! How easy is that!!!

Latest Eye Candy - Giant FCR1

The latest apple of my eye is the Giant FCR-1 which combines road bike technology with a comfy riding position. Have found one online, brand new for under £450 which is a bit cheaper than the Trek would have been (was following one on Ebay but it got bought from under me!).

It's described as follows:
This FCR 1 is Giant's Premier Cross Trainer, featuring an Excellent Fluid-Formed AluxX Frame. The T700 Carbon Forks are Lightweight & Strong, and absorb vibrations to reduce Rider Fatigue, with TruVativ Touro Cranks feeding Power to the Shimano 440/105 Gearing. Gear changes are Instant with the RapidFire Shifters and the Excellent Xero XSR-3 Wheelset is Lightweight & Strong for wherever your training takes you.

Tuesday Post

Went to gym last night - set runner at 9km/h - did 30 mins, 4.5km, 451kcals no problem. Thank heavens PJ said to use bike computer yesterday - I reckon I'd still be trying to go too fast, getting the chest pain and feeling like I was failing. When I go to gym tonight am going to set speed at 9.1km/h and keep pushing it up a notch every time until I'm doing 10km/h comfortably. I also did a little over 10 miles on the bike last night and another 14 plus this morning. Have got a solid 66 miles (two thirds of target out of the way already).

Not forgetting that I did some thirty push-ups (think they're called push-ups where you bring your chin off the floor by lifting your bodyweight with your arms??) and three reps of 20 of the killer bicycle ab exercise (which isn't killer anymore but I remember the days when it was!!). All going well with the exercise and fitness regime and am less bovvered (am I bovvered) about the weight not coming off while I'm feeling this good about stuff.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Biking bad, running good!!

Bloomin lights gave out on me again this morning so had to return to base with less than four miles on the clock which is a bit of a shame as the total for the new week is already 40 miles.

Not a problem, thought I – it’s an ideal day for a run! So ran uptown to fetch newspaper and back in a 3.5 mile loop same as I was doing on the bike earlier in the year. My little lad Phil was up (at 6am!) and being the practical sort he said why don’t you take your bike computer to track your time so I did – cracking idea young man I thought!

So did a 3.5 mile ran which was a solid 37, almost 38 minutes worth of running which begs the question as to why I can’t guarantee getting to the end of a 30 minute run in the gym – maybe I get the pace wrong in the gym, in fact have looked on t’internet and 5.6mph is about 9km/h so maybe the 10-11km/h speed I run at in the gym is out of my comfort zone – might test that out tonight. On saying that am thinking about changing the focus in the gym to weights and away from cardio-vascular stuff – think will keep rower as an “all-over” sort of a workout exercise but might do less of the running. We’ll see. Weight is 14st 10.5lb this morning which is I suppose better than last Monday (14st 12lb) but still not good. More exercise required my man!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Sunday Post

Got up sort of early (for a Sunday) was on the road a bit before 7am and got back before 10am to take Lucy to rugby practice for 10:30. Did a solid 30 miles (almost exactly) at a pretty slow pace but then it was on the slow but comfy bike. Am seriously thinking about getting a Trek for best and riding to work next year Anyway, have got almost a third of the week's mileage target done today so I can mix things up a bit. Am going to do some road running as well as the gym work this week I've decided.

Took Lucy to rugby practice and it was glorious, lovely weather, had two black coffees (40p a pop) and Lucy had loads of fun, she even scored a try, bless her. You can't knock Ashbourne Rugby Club - they have a load of coaches giving up their free time and all the kit is there to allow them to really vary the activities. So today the kids start off with a run to get them going, they then did an obstacle course going over hurdles, round poles, running up those ladder things on the ground, knocking over one of those big inflatable sort of things before touching down and sprinting back to the start. They then played british bulldog before finishing off with touch rugby. For £2 you can't go wrong the kids love it (I'd guess there were 200 odd kids there). Hats off to Ashbourne Rugby Club you do a grand job!

Links: Big Sunday Morning Ride:
Ashbourne Rugby Club:-

Some pics from this weeks rides, one is from Okeover Park and is sort of as the day is dawning over Ashbourne. Rest of em are from this mornings spin and in the main continue my fascination with Minninglow (an ancient burial ground in Derbyshire which is raised and can be seen from all over the place) - am going to have to visit it some time there is something mystical about the place and the fact you can see it from all over the shop. Note: if you click on them the picture will zoom to the full size image.

Minninglow from the High Peak trail. Does the sun flare make it look even more mystical or is it just me!!

Okeover Park looking at edge of Ashbourne early monday or tuesday last week.

Derbyshire in the misty morning from Tissington Trail

Another shot of Derbyshire Hills from Tissington Trail

Minninglow in Distance from Tissington Trail

Another shot of Minninglow from High Peak Trail - you can see the embankment that the High Peak trail runs along in front of Minninglow.

New Eye Candy / Object of Desire

Am thinking about one of these for my 40th. £500 worth but it's best of both worlds - at home on trail or road, lightweight, fast, comfortable riding position. Highly nickable too I suppose but a thing of rare beauty anyway!

Trek 7.5fx Hybrid Bike


Saturday, 3 November 2007

Winter league golf starts!

Sign of the time of year! Winter league golf started today and my golfing partner John and me took on a pair who we've played a number of times in the past. First thing was that they didn't recognise me on the first tee - cool or what!!

Barry and Nick both played well but did they play good enough?? No they didnae. Me and John managed to beat em 2 and 1 shaking hands on the 17th which was a good start and in fairness to ourselves we were never behind and at one stage we were 3-up. It had gone a bit awry on the back nine when they got back to all square on the fourteenth. It went back our way when on the fifteenth I made par and Barry had a ten footer for birdie which he missed and then on the next hole both Barry and myself had putts for birdie I sunk mine and Barry didn't - back to 1-up. On the par-17th I manage to totally cock it up but John was still in the hole but in the bunker for three. After playing out of the bunker he had a big putt of maybe fifteen foot and made it. 2-up and thank you very much!!

Good start. Was going out on the bike again but stepped outside and it was freezin so came back in again - will do a big un in the morning if I get up early enough!!

Cycling Stats

100 miles could have been completed last night really but we went to an organised fireworks display on Ashbourne rec so didn't get back until 9pm so was not up for going out on bike. It also meant I missed getting a fifth session in the gym done but never mind - might go for it next week.

Anyhoo, got the mileage this morning, went for a quick 11 miler round Okeover park and what have you. Have done over 2,700 miles this year that I've recorded - well pleased!

Friday, 2 November 2007

Friday Post - Late Weight Record

Well, in the end the wreckage wasn't quite as bad as at start of the week although there was a 3.5lb gain! Weight is currently 14st 10lbs which is back to august when I was in Mallorca. Am a little miffed at it as am up to 93miles on the bike and have done 4 sessions in the gym. Did 8mins 19secs on the 2000m row last night so well-pleased with that. Need to get my head right again and the weight should come off.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Thursday post - still gutted!!!

Cripes, am killing myself this week with exercise and the weight doesn't seem to be moving - 14st 12lbs again this morning 5.5lbs on from last week - I know I was making poor choices at the weekend but no movement at all???

Have got 80 miles on the clock near as damnit (see above), been to the gym every night this week (although last night didn't manage the 30 mins run endurance goal I've set myself - had a break at about 20mins), I still got 4.5km done and did the 2000m row in under 8 and a half minutes which is pretty good for me, have upped the weights as well.

Which all leads to the question (as four non-blondes might say) - "what's going on??"

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