Thursday, 2 August 2007

Thursday Early Doors - Mileage Done!

Thursday 7:21, why aye, it's 7:21 in the big brother household and Paul has completed his 100 mile target for the week with two days to spare.

Had a bloomin puncture on Tuesday (these tyres are supposed to be puncture protected - suspect sabotage from son number 1!) and chain locked up in the drive wheel or whatever the heck proper cyclists call the front lot of cogs that the pedal cranks attach to this morning so it's been fun and games and no mistake.
Have since found from my local technical exper Sean that it's correctly termed as a chain ring that the chain got jammed in, this morning. Thought I'd be walking from Mappleton which is about 2.5/3 miles so was mighty pleased to unjam it with a helpful tyre lever.
Am dropping the bike off at the repair shop on Saturday so heopfully they can have it sorted out for me in due course. Have suffered 1400 odd miles with the dodgy crank and bottom bracket (more technical terms but essentially meants that when I pedal the bike it makes a right old racket and jumps out of the higher gears with alarming regularity - a right old pain in the butt to summarise).

Good news, though is that I managed to complete the mileage so will be on time for 8:30 meeting this morning and have got my Avg MPH up to 13.1 so that's one mini target from last week met! Trip time was 7hrs 56 minutes so I might work out what the exact avg speed was as it was on 13.2 until the chain jammed up in Mappleton.

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