Friday, 24 August 2007

240807 A little late but better than never!!!

A little late in updating this morning. Got up a little late, changed my plans a bit after checking my email and got back from biking a little late after setting off a litte late!! Consequently this post will be done proper either lunchtime or at the end of the day!!!

Lunchtime catchup - only did about six and half miles this morning. I sell big hats on Ebay. Not the sort you see on lady's day at Ascot these are hats for people with big heads, the cranially endowed if you will - they're XXL or XXXL sized (size 8 in old money if you understand hat sizes in a modern 'one size fits all' world).

One of my xxl/xxxl baseball caps - for the cranially endowed brainboxes of this earth is how I markets 'em!!

Why? Because I couldn't get one that fit my big bonce for love or money in the UK but you can in the US. My head is 62cm in circumference which has caused me problems in the past - (donkey's years ago I was asked to do a spoof 'full monty' with some guys from work at a big do (and believe me it was a big do!) , so we had to get a sort of military uniform which meant the peaked military hat - could we get one to fit, could we eck!). Digression over.

One of my highly stylish bucket hats modeled by mesen on the hills of Costa Den Blanes, great sun protection if you got a big head!

So I import them in quantities of about 3 dozen which makes it worthwhile. If you buy just one or two of these hats singly from the U.S. it makes for very expensive hats and these aren't expensive hats you see (you wouldn't pay £20 for them), they're just baseball caps or the sun-protecting bucket hats that you may have seen a pictures of me in if you've looked at my blog before!

Paul cycling in red-hot Mallorca in XXL/XXXL Red Baseball cap

The ebay biz makes diddly-squat money after Ebay, Paypal, Customs and Excise have their cut, but does get me the odd hat for less and makes loads of people happy – check the feedback for folks who've never been able to get a hat that fits and now can.

It works well into my lifestyle now, in that I can use Royal Mail's brilliant online postage printing system to print the equivalent of stamps, package up the hat and then cycle up and post it off whether it's middle of the night or 6:30 in the morning. Am not reliant on Post Office being open and that's got to be a good thing - well done, Adam Crouzier - you might be seriously overpaid but you done good with Online Postage in my view.

I've got a little mailing list of folks who've bought hats off me or expressed an interest and when I've got a thousand of them I might buy in a bigger quantity and then maybe make a modest profit on the job!

Have a look at my High-Tech Mega Hat emporium(!) :

The cycle ride (short and sweet):

Royal Mail Postage Online:

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